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Interdisciplinary Artist/ Keep a serpent n a devil in the trunk- hi cotton

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@LittleCharlesTV @AfroJediii House of Lanvin... 🔥🔥🔥
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Now playing Ahya SIMONE- Frostbite.mp3Jada pinkett deserves better than this moment... so lame @rxmsxy Nah I never did get tested .. I don’t think I did, I think my asthma was flaring but this healthcare system… @rxmsxy Yea except I knew I was gonna get a bill so I ain’t go but I couldn’t even breathe right for a few days in March- waking up chokingBitch this world is TOAST 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬 this was me ate that toilet is my happy place it’s so comfortable there
Retweeted by Blu Bonewhy y’all gagging so
Retweeted by Blu BoneAmazing ppl rlly email inquiring about labor and service without mentioning money lol...junk .. junky folkThis shit was hard... said she wrapped her in a leaf wit the fluids still drippin off her to be left for the bats.. @howtobegroovy They so aggy n bored📍 @LordeBarrington This is .... hugeI wanna make a group honestlyShe’s been slandered plenty .. @iTerryTommy QuicklyMISSING: The Memphis Police Department is searching for Tonja Conley who was last seen at her aunt's house on Spoon…
Retweeted by Blu BoneDamn Scott appreciation tweet.
Retweeted by Blu BoneThis peep show for Ricky ... yo they really made this work.. @datalkinbook This is so cuteLmao lord Alex having the NB convo .. I cannahLmao Wade convo wit his daddy 🤣🤣🤣🤣😫Yo Noah and Alex chemistry is too cute and giving me all the nostalgia lmaoooThis show was crazy lmao @Cameoecho I’m bored Ima just watch the new showUPDATE: claimed to be spotted about 30 minutes ago with “a white guy that had a blue pickup truck. Kansas tag: prt…
Retweeted by Blu BoneThe Malis are demanding ✊🏿🇲🇱 - No French troops on their soil. - Full control of their rich mineral sources loote…
Retweeted by Blu BoneWatching Noah arc reunion... Chance bad af😫 Wade ain’t aged ...We thank God yourself to court since everybody judge Judy, Mathis, n Tolurrr in this mf. It give dramatics wit y’all. It is… @craigjosephh O she don’t play.. she a stern sweet set... but I see it for u loving the girls- u got the rythym @craigjosephh That’s fab for youProtect your partner. Protect your privacy. Protect your peace.
Retweeted by Blu Bone @howtobegroovy Very thatIf August, Jada, and Will were not conventionally attractive....y’all would literally give zero fucks. And that’s j…
Retweeted by Blu Bone @junaudaalma Virgo moon 🤦🏿‍♂️Ooo get u a piece.. it takes language that before let me watch this August interview because the way y’all calling for Jada head ... @howtobegroovy Also .. mind your business2020 R&B landscape
Ova... the elderly storm wouldn’t even have to leave her chair not her sleep... she’d be able to weather the storms… is such a good feeling ... so soft.. @sovrennn 🤩2020 @SalemkillS Bless you! This really make me cryWe listen to it every day ❤️❤️
Retweeted by Blu BoneGive the babies what they deserve!!!
Retweeted by Blu BoneI’ve taken 3 shits already I’m very tired @sirdeeboyd 🙏🏿💙😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Retweeted by Blu Bone2020 SOUND ONThis is such a beautiful song .... stained bluuuuu feels like succes rn... this is exactly why I made this and here it is working! Amen! Asé O! This had my heart…
Retweeted by Blu BoneBlu Bone, honees!!!!
Retweeted by Blu Bone @AarynLang Same here💙 @kenyonfarrow We do that for eachother 🤎 @Blu_bone @chrisalexander_ I wish I had that energy while watching tv!
Retweeted by Blu BoneMy affection 🥵🥵🥵ughhhhhh ... distant reverberating FQ squeal* 🤟🏿Such a careless sound- but that’s the point and it works.. I live... all u need is to feel a way and her shit instantly sink in.. SWV 😌Vibey love she start this ep wit guitar ... @AfroJediii No it’s insane... that’s process.. and the show feels like it!Baby that wave shakovah pilots? 😳’m sore af @TheeBodyy Nope ...only one was ovahness head to toe.. the other part of the cat.. only one looked rich.. and the t… @TheeBodyy And the other house looked not rich at all .. sound like a chop to meAnd he’ll whoop any of em there! Work BQ sista delivert n all this to a black baby or elder in yo life feels like succes rn... this is exactly why I made this and here it is working! Amen! Asé O! This had my heart… balmain ate the production for the finale ns @howtobegroovy Mess @silvestr3y You probably don’t know what to watch for @howtobegroovy Kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii lmaoooooooooDashaun n leiomy performance was flyThat was late af now where the blunt lmaooShout out to the house of gorgeous gucci for giving it to the judges wit a tude ... very on the floor anticLagorgeous ate fashion ..: law told balscada to pick them fake coins up... exactlylaw roach not ballroom and his outfits be late canoodle but he be giving ballroom lmaoooooYo Tamar a fuckin ki..-aunti faggah
@_blackboyshine I live for shy too and myDeDe @howtobegroovy I be overrrrrrrrr it lmaooo .. just drink n reading they assMy style is reverting back to my high school days with a way more refined taste and a bigger budget for sicker exec…
Retweeted by Blu BoneThe Show and the star clermonts played in they own face @asheeejoy 🥰😌🤗