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Meg Syv @BluDragonGal Los Angeles, CA

Storyboard Artist | WB, Universal, Nick | BFA Graphic Design | Author+Artist of Daughter of the Lilies | No Politics

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@BaraWithUs seems like we got ourselves a standoff here on you if you followed me for animation/animaniacs stuff bc I just draw my OCs being sweet on each other insaney #Animaniacs
Retweeted by Meg Syv @GenevieveTsai Can't wait to tell people that most of the boards I did just stole concepts you dropped in the margi… @karl_hadrika They look so good, Karl! The bit with the tablet came out so well!!So excited to share our latest #Animaniacs trailer!!
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Did you see... the new page....AAAAAND we're back with a new DotL page! 💐READ IT HERE: 💐START AT THE BEGINNING HERE:… @glitchritual are you kidding meIf you're not reading @Nuclearpasta1's 10ESB, be less stupid. The meticulously-designed action choreography is trul…
Retweeted by Meg SyvFINALLY had to put up my hands and step away from my station like a contestant on a cooking show and shipped this o… end-of-year sale is here! Use code EARLYHOLIDAY2020 to take 20% off your entire order. Shop our collection of c…
Retweeted by Meg Syv @whipodcast @Nytrinhia Thank you for the glowing recommendation, Liz!!
@khinton94 Haha! I'm so glad, thank you! I'll keep working hard! @thantos1991 @Lentendo YOU tell ME, dude!!!!!!!!! @CeciliusGreed LOL OH NO I AM THE WRONG PERSON TO ASK ABOUT COLOR THEORY, let's hit up @Nytrinhia together thoAre there any specific requests anyone has for an Art Tip?This tweet is dedicated to all the Scholars who are upset that the Animaniacs reboot is "computer animated." RIP @optimusscotto @GenevieveTsai @WB_Animation WHOOOAAAAA!!!! THAT'S AMAZING, CONGRATS, @GenevieveTsai!!!!
@JenesisArt There are just a lot of """experts""" appearing in the replies to my tweets!!!! I just wanna tweet about OCs webcomics T_T @JessiSheron k.....keess????!!?!?!!!!?フィギュアコマ撮り『本気のレッド』 #ポケモン #Pokemon #figma
Retweeted by Meg Syv @Sketchmazoid @T0nyTheArtist ..............CRAP @T0nyTheArtist it exists in the same space as animating a computer @MarlyHG YES! Even the distinction between "2D/3D" feel too broad!! There are so many subsets of each!!!PSA: literally all Animation is now computer animation! The terms you are looking for are "2D" and "3D"!Um...I voice Dr. Sattler in #Animaniacs!! I cannot describe in words what it feels like to be a part of this franc…
Retweeted by Meg Syv @kgCannarile EXCELLENT, that makes me SO HAPPY, what a compliment! @Thaneses goodAdding the new logo to the cover, and taking care of some last little things here and there. Hoping to get all of t…
@AbbyTrott You did such a fantastic job!!! @LakeFama Forwarding this information to the interested parties @LaserSinger Maybe this is TMI but flip this and then yes. @LakeFama ....................or at least send a professional invite to this professional presentation. @LakeFama Lake. ......Lake. ............ I have several people I want to introduce you to.This old drawing is dedicated to all the people who want Brent to go shirtless to woo Thistle:
Retweeted by Meg Syv @potatofarmgirl @potatofarmgirl I HAVE!!! ASCENDED!!!!!!!!!!! @BluDragonGal for meeting all your kickstarter dreams for "Daughter of the Lillies". Here's that draw req…
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@universoul_star Update: you again to everyone who made the DotL Book 1 Kickstarter such a huge success! And to @Hiveworks for organiz… @16bit_Nek0 you're the right kind of rebel @BeatriceBlue_ @Catcoconutart @Hoppety1 nah @potatofarmgirl gonna need the harpy gee equivalent of this STAT brianne @ElishkaCat ME TOOYou spend enough time drawing a character and eventually you're out here drawing semi real humans with Yakko Warner…
Retweeted by Meg Syvit's okay i needed to revamp my portfolio site anyway do me a favor and interact directly with the original tweet and not my Quote-Retweet this creator deserves… @AshMcGivern ash i'm crying at "yakko free zone" @Nytrinhia They are!! I was yelling at my pest self a little bit. So sloppy! @fioremusharna You just fixed the thing that has been driving me insane ever since I made this thing in less than 30 words. Such power...... @maggruber @pikarar *through gritted teeth* I should get paid to fix it but if I have to work with it through the… criminal...'s Art Tip is: keep an eye on your eyelines! -Tell viewers where to look! -Characters in conversation should… @pikarar People who don't get this video have never experienced a client sending them an .eps of their logo that's… @pikarar go directly to design jaili literally cannot BREATHE you are a MONSTER Site: Store: Kickstarter Page [COMPLETED]: IS FINISHED Thank you SO MUCH for absolutely KILLING it, guys!! I can't believe this!!! We're going to get to…✨✨ FIVE MINUTES!!! ✨✨ @JustJimWillDo You joke but models make serious bank @cloudysunflowrs @saranev Yo, your colors are INCREDIBLE @Nightwolfwriter Don't forget your sunglasses(buddy you're doing GREAT)This old drawing is dedicated to all the people who want Brent to go shirtless to woo Thistle: @Nightwolfwriter Squeakin in at the very last second!!! Like an action hero!!! @FeretStudios YOU GUYS DID THIS @y2jenn *pounds table* ninety ninety ninety✨💐 60 MINUTES REMAIN 💐✨ @y2jenn 💘 JENN!!!!! 💘I started a private account somewhere to have a place to dump all the autobio comics I think to make about my mom a… @sirtalen This is the best way I've ever seen anyone blow the Talent VS Hard Work argument apart. Dang.💐 2 HOURS LEFT! 💐
childhood playgrounds💥
Retweeted by Meg Syv @LtsTalkCartoons @BluDragonGal The gif in good quality is about 9MB while the .mp4 is 660 KB.
Retweeted by Meg SyvMan, I'm just really happy with this. I can't wait to see it on the COVER OF THE BOOK with GOLD FOIL??!!?!??? WHAT IS MY LIFE. @Ethereal_Throne All this being said, it is absolutely possible to validate a person's experiences while also valui… @Ethereal_Throne Another example: "Oh, well, at least you were able to turn this trauma into something beautiful!"… @Ethereal_Throne That's not really the heart of the issue here, so please let me clarify: the "Suffering Artist" is… @GNPodcastsLiz @whipodcast @Ladyfox7oaks Whoops, sorry about that! It's 292 pages! If there's any other conflicting information, default to th… HOURS! The Kickstarter for Daughter of the Lilies Book 1 ends TONIGHT at midnight EST. Don't miss your chance…
Retweeted by Meg Syv @GNPodcastsLiz @whipodcast @Omniminimal NOT ABOUT THE THINGS THAT ARE IMPORTANT @Catcoconutart Everything you make is beautiful and worth the wait.
@jamesphobos @TheWonderfulDoo "How can I hate [XXX] if I personally KNOW someone who is [XXX]?!! Take THAT!" @jburli66 @Dullahan2490 YES!!! EVERYONE'S mental health matters, not just artists!! NO ONE SHOULD SUFFER! WOW you'r… @jburli66 @Dullahan2490 YES! And you're absolutely right, we need better systems in place to support them and addre… @jburli66 YES! NO PIECE OF ART IS WORTH THAT AMOUNT OF PAIN AND SUFFERING! I'm so glad you get it. @Dullahan2490 @jburli66 SUFFERING DOESN'T MAKE ART BETTER IT JUST MAKES LIFE WORSE is so metal and please can I mak… @kgCannarile rip in peace my brother 🙏 @AlliDrawsComics IT'S LITERALLY THEIR PINNED TWEET @GirishManuel @FromHappyRock yikesi'm not doing #inktober this year but here are some highlights of 31 inked bats from the last time I did!
Retweeted by Meg SyvFirst image of our show!! Big Nate lookin real nice in CG! Our approach to styling Nate is not what I'v…
Retweeted by Meg Syv @kgCannarile Oh wow Kevin that sounds so hard I'm so sorry but at least it means you're gonna make some SICK art fo… deep