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but doctor,
MORTON @KonasumiSR @_Keewy_ @AnimeFanFTW25 FOOTBALL ! @LackingSaint @nonstandardmcdMy Japanese copy of Doshin The Giant and a second JP KAR disc just came in the mail and it only cost me $20 for bot…
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Retweeted by thebluecosmonautwhen they resolve your cleverly placed mild misunderstanding @HailALE not sure if i want him to kiss me or shoot me but i would say Thank You in either casedon john: @HailALE holy shit thats powerfulnew guy just dropped @WakeUpSuper LOLSkin Deep Beacon 006: Power Plant
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Retweeted by thebluecosmonaut"in year 3000 every chair in the house will become a toilet"- ben franklin
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my mom telling a story
Retweeted by thebluecosmonautbut doctor i am this guy
Retweeted by thebluecosmonauthow are we in the same year as large boulder the size of a small boulder
Retweeted by thebluecosmonautYou probably already own The Alabaster Donut Farm. I don't care. buy it again! I fixed it! £1.50! A robot and a sp…
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Retweeted by thebluecosmonautthe doorknob was invented in 1877 people in 1876:
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where can i find him #tf2 workshop item! Shucked Sheathing - War Paint! Vote away!!
Retweeted by thebluecosmonauthappy thanksgiving to whoever edited this
Retweeted by thebluecosmonaut @WakeUpSuper reminder about this @tyronerodriguez guy and the freaks at @nicalis don't comment my code because that would require understanding it in the first place
Retweeted by thebluecosmonaut @proudspacealien literally will never say no @proudspacealien 1 episode per episode 👁️👄👁️ @proudspacealien bro @HexeteraX change da world. my final message @Zimmalicious got the robber baron drip"Cuno fucking knew it. This a sniper's nest, right? Fuckin' assassin action... Cuno *barely* understands what's hap…
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SHE @HailALE phlat stanley lookinand they say the baby shoes thing is the saddest six word story
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Retweeted by thebluecosmonautsome mobsters and a really old guy ride on a train @WakeUpSuper shoeboxes deserves a BIIIG KISS
Guy thinks he went to college with Spongebob
Retweeted by thebluecosmonaut @nickishandsome morton ground coldSkin Deep Beacon 005: Transmission Room
Retweeted by thebluecosmonautDue to popular demand and extreme duress, I have created the wholly unnecessary sequel, Yet Even More Boomer Shoote…
Retweeted by thebluecosmonautOVEN TWEET me, working from home means haphazardly veering between "completely dehydrated" and "drinking so much water I n…
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Retweeted by thebluecosmonauta spectre haunts over the ocean, a spectre lies over the sea @Pearstrike better or worse than a maga truck @DiscoExcerpt i really need to do an art cop playthrough huh @DrBourbonstein @MaxKriegerVG if you zero in just on missouri they unfortunately fall slightly behind Nelly @itskoob genndy tartakovsky doing castlevania though......
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@CarsThatDrive not yet @CarsThatDrive voltworbPost-traumatic stress disorder
Retweeted by thebluecosmonaut @LackingSaint get some good bbq for sure13.) another classic
Retweeted by thebluecosmonautNancy by Olivia Jaimes for Sun, 22 Nov 2020
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Retweeted by thebluecosmonaut @Birdboy_Zimm @FrostFire425 @makeupaguy yeahM̶͓̏̂̓Ȩ̸̋̌̐̍͜͝T̵͙̻͇̩̫̏̉̾̌̔͒̎̎̄Ŗ̸̨̧̟͔͖̟͓̈̐O̴͉̖̫̬͖̪̤͎͆͝͝͝Ṗ̶̨̨̳͕̖̣̍̀̆͘͝Ò̶̧̡̗̭͕̥͙̳̱͗̉̑̀͒͐͠L̵̲̪̻̗̱̀I̴̛̮͍̫̓̑̔̾̅͛…
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@bluecosmonaut You on Sundays
Retweeted by thebluecosmonaut @ElRowbut LOL @ElRowbut me all of 2020 Nighthawks with MagicaVoxel ☕ cool free program
Retweeted by thebluecosmonaut @OKthanksgames wow that ownsme every single second i’m on twitter
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Retweeted by thebluecosmonautwhy do they call it oven when you of in the cold food of out hot eat the food
Retweeted by thebluecosmonautback on the timeline gotta rt think about the way Record of Lodoss War looked a lot
Retweeted by thebluecosmonaut @Hal_clockwork what kind of angle does this sit at when on a flat surface? don't want to be hunching over looking at the display!
@Pearstrike missouris shithead governor in chiefpeople with money and power acting like literal children online will never stop being fucking hilarious @QMVG_ blast that little bastard man back to the stone agefuck mike parson all my homies hate mike parsondo not touch
Retweeted by thebluecosmonaut @AggroCrabGames Looking respectfully @SharkHero08 @WakeUpSuper yeah I have like six throw blankets and yes I've used them all at once @WakeUpSuper God I fucking love couchesit's her
happy "international men's day" or something?? to celebrate, you can play my free masculinity simulator HARD LADS f…
Retweeted by thebluecosmonautSome clouds!
Retweeted by thebluecosmonaut @MaxKriegerVG feel like shit just want them back @decafjedi hyper gross game studio ads are BACK IN BUSINESSgoing to start exclaiming "by the One!" when shocked so that newcomers to my fantasy world are subtly clued in on t…
Retweeted by thebluecosmonaut(Simply keep on non-existing)
Retweeted by thebluecosmonautI BROKE SPIDERMAN LMFAOOOOOOOOO
Retweeted by thebluecosmonautEl grandote (all about birds)
Retweeted by thebluecosmonaut @Jeff_in_3D The Real Monsters Were Here All Along is probably the moral of social media @Jeff_in_3D i have no fucking clue how Robert Movies managed to go from run of the mill quirky nerd critic to open… @_Keewy_ @gumpsterly pog and toad @mushbuh Wow, like the beer! Lol @_Keewy_ oh my god