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Musician, X-ray tech, stunt driver, lion tamer, chainsaw juggler, and astronaut. Expect a weird mix of Braves baseball, RPGs, astronomy, absurdity, and politics

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We're lucky David Bowie used his powers of precognition for good--to write kickass music that always felt ahead of… baseball they should use actual bats 🦇
Retweeted by John. Just is just a bunch of dudes riding around on knives and smacking chewing tobacco packages around with spatulas
Retweeted by John. Just is much better when you're with your friends and they brought beers and cigars and music and instead of being…
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2020 statement on Justin Turner: Boy done fucked up.Drowning grass vaginoplasty Uh @BathysphereHat A huge manta ray. Like 5 foot wingspan. Scared the hell out of 14 yr old me and I got away as fast… YANKEES DID NOT WIN THE WORLD SERIES!!!!!!! WE DID IT!!!!!!! Another successful season everybody! See you next year!!!
Retweeted by John. Just John. @JimmyJenkins But locating a supplier who can prepare weed, instead of phenobarbital, so you can make plans to get… 2 weeks of multiple health screens and asking everyone to quarantine, I surprised my closest inner circle wit…
@grantmcauley could have started Baker Mayfield over Andy Dalton and I still wouldn't have cracked 100 points and would have still lost by almost 40.
In and out in 10 minutes. I consider myself one of the lucky ones.'m not sure that Muncy home run has landed yet. @lifeofchesleigh 🔥🔥🔥🔥29
@BathysphereHat I'm pretty sure that's a backward squid. @BravesAmerica I hate this so much. @lifeofchesleigh @bradmondonyc Window. The view is always too cool.
@DuckyHornet @scottydidit_420 @Shazamatazz1 @julesprom @Chinchillazllla @GOP The optometrist is right. Eye masks ar… Stop trying to be clever. The replies here are insane and mostly boil down to "Mookie because Trout isn't go… @sometacolady This tweet asks more questions than it answers. @julesprom @Chinchillazllla @GOP How else do we get the Incredible Hulk? Did you ever think of that?
Swell. @ProtossTheHero @Chinchillazllla @GOP And if they drop everything else they're doing to focus on THAT. @Chinchillazllla @GOP I'm thinking he didn't consult NASA on this. When he promised to just *visit* the Moon by 202… @BravesSwearJar It's like Manfred was like, "that runner on 2nd in extras rule really pissed off the purists, so I'… @TheHyyyype @Ygrene Jack Jorts is always stylin' though.Help 'em out. The Elder Gods won't forgive you if you don't. @JDunnah The trick is to set the bar so low with your first impression that you have nowhere to go but up.FACT CHECK: Every moment is a precious gift and watching this debate is how you’re choosing to spend it
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I mean... @katiewhiskey [sound up for the full experience] @MaxW391 @BathysphereHat I bet it looked like a giant lizardy seal. Just a massive torpedo with flippers and teeth. @MaxW391 @BathysphereHat Penguin: 0% neck Penguin skeleton: literally 50% made of neck Plesiosaur: literally 50% ma… @BathysphereHat Imagine what a brachiosaurus could have looked like if dinosaurs followed the same rules. 🙃 guitar. Can't argue with that. @keithlaw No take too hot, I see. @wtfdeannatroi Uber Eats is iffering free delivery on them during the pandemic. @AP_Sports @ronaldblum Why can't we have a commissioner that likes baseball? Both of those rules suck, and that's n…
@LilShady182 Being able to throw lots of money at payroll does help weather mistakes caused by throwing lots of mon… @LilShady182 And look how every. single. one. of those truly massive contracts hamstrings the team for the last few… @LilShady182 Hard disagree. Team owners would *love* a cap since it would only work to depress player salaries. It'…
At least we can cheer when Freeman wins the MVP and we can hold a permanent grudge when Fried gets robbed of the Cy Young. @AllevaCox @Adam_S_Lister But you're still a fan of music in general. If someone plays D&D consistently for years,… @AllevaCox @Adam_S_Lister I'll add that *any* tabletop experience is only as good as you make it. The rules only pr… @AllevaCox @Adam_S_Lister That feels a little gatekeeper-y to me. Just because someone starts with d&d and enjoys i… @DHornGames How often do you hear: "I wanna try D&D" vs "I wanna try Rolemaster" You hear Metallica first and d… @DHornGames It's a lot of peoples' gateway game just by virtue of name recognition, and it does a good job setting… GO RAYS! @RaysBaseballI hate sports. All of them.Redemption possibility here, Mr. Riley.The Braves need to win this just to stop the announcers from talking about Mookie Betts for 5 fucking seconds.I wish I didn't have a team in this game. least tie it up. Keep it going.I am no longer enjoying this game.Stop it. Don't Barve out.Aaaaaaaaagh noooooooHAY GUYZ THE ANNOUNCERS JUST TOLD ME ABOUT A GUY NAMED MOOKIE BETTS DID YOU KNOW ABOUT MOOKIE BETTS?? @PitchingNinja While the Fox announcers have it backwards: they want robo players and not robo umps. @BravesAmerica @MLBUA Robo umps now.[World Series, game 7, Braves-Rays] Announcer: Have we pointed out how Mookie Betts is a really good glove guy? Le…'ve had about enough of Mookie Betts this series.What the hell was that?Pache walk bat flip. I'm here for this.DANNNNNNNNNSBAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYGood start. Get out ahead early. @braves
It feels weird to say this, but I think I feel better about the pitching than the offense tonight. If Anderson can… @GailSimone Every time I ate anything that had chocolate chips AND raisins in it. @RileysRakes @JeremyCom I see right through you. @politvidchannel NOT GOOD ENOUGHMOST WHOLESOME THING EVER TWEETED
2020 is "Gemini Man" not sponsoring the NLCS after that Will Smith vs Will Smith showdown
Retweeted by John. Just John. @LilShady182 I dunno. He threw more pitches than he ever had in one outing as a pro. I'd rather pull him too early than too late.OK guys. Score 6 runs this inning and make me feel better. @12tonevideos You can definitely get by with "because it sounded good," but it helps to know *why* it sounded good… shredding the dodgers lineup. @braves @SassyFNP In order: Major League, the Sandlot, A League of Their Own, Eight Men Out Hot take: Most baseball movies… @LilShady182 I'm not one, but it doesn't seem consistent that a Libertarian would vote for Trump.
Sorry, @Dodgers, but the @Braves got this.
Look, they had a lot of runs that were waiting to be given up. We exercised the demons. WE GOT THIS. @BravesUnpopular idea: start Kyle Wright again today. Mulligan. Dude CAN be a monster. It's not like he's spent after yesterday.
#Braves #MixItUp #ForTheA
Retweeted by John. Just John. @ChopOnCorey The Dodgers are 0-2 in the NLCS, and I don't know if the Braves can overcome such a deficit. @JDunnah It's game 7 of the World Series, Braves vs Rays. [Announcer] These teams haven't quite convinced me they'… @JDunnah Really hoping today's rubber game can get us to 3-0.In this game, the @braves more than doubled the number of runs they'd allowed all postseason. Let's stop there. @braves made it interesting in the 9th, but wew ladTHERE WE GONo no no no no no noStop scaring me, @braves. Now.One more. compliance officer
The goal of voter suppression in GA isn't only to win elections. They also don't want certain groups of people to h… yeeeeeah let's do it