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Ten 👻 ACAB @BlueIris04 Colorado, USA

She/They Trans • Horror • Producer • Musician • Polyam • Trantifa • Vegan • • Private for homies: @SheIsAWitchToo #BLACKLIVESMATTER

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@avianxflame So cute !!!!!💜 @chrissycat712 Thank youu
I appreciate everyone buying stuff or even sharing this around! It’s like a birthday present to me. Anyway thanks!! shit myself when he said this in the movie
Retweeted by Ten 👻 ACAB @jennibme2 Love you too!Is this cuties 26th birthday today @BlueIris04 love you ❤️
Retweeted by Ten 👻 ACAB @BriannaDelhaye Thankssssss💜 @shlbybby Thank youuuI will only be selling these for a short time so get them while you can! @britalin I can’t even listen to the music video version wet and gushy @b_rollbanshee FIRST WATC H 💀Even if someone gave me billions of dollars i would never consider being this stupid and vein. Capitalism is a plag… had the absolute pleasure of designing this tee for my friend @BlueIris04's birthday! It's available for $15 or $…
Retweeted by Ten 👻 ACAB @gnomecrossing Thank you! 😊💜oh man, this design I made for my dear friend's birthday is out and (not to toot my own horn, but) IT LOOKS SICK!
Retweeted by Ten 👻 ACAB @Mistress_Moira_ Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuIt’s also my birthday today so pls support me💜❤️ @replicantmemory 💜❤️ @StefaniaNight Thank youuu @poolparty666 Appreciate it! @jessicaitisnot @Karwackaflocka Thankss❤️This brand new Pabst Blue Iris tee shirt design from @geminiasis is available for $15 or $25 in the anniversary bun… limited edition 8x8 glossy art prints are presented without album text and will be signed by both myself and… celebrate the 1 year anniversary of Life VS Art I have a brand new merch bundle up on my site! For a limited tim… someone unfollows you just remember its because you are too funny for them
Retweeted by Ten 👻 ACAB @ndotreed Thank youuLove you!! Thank you! Also WOW a year on hormones has done a lot for me 😅 @Bummercamp666 @Karwackaflocka Thank you!💜 @Karwackaflocka @Bummercamp666 Love you too!!Thank you for the support tonight! I had so much fun! Huge shoutout to @Bummercamp666 and @Karwackaflocka for perfo… @b_rollbanshee You are the best thank you!!💜❤️Tonight I got to hear @BlueIris04 play her entire album 'Life Vs Art' and it was an amazing show, as it always is.…
Retweeted by Ten 👻 ACAB @slaymastafaye Thank yiuuu @ebonrook_film Thank youuu @eylig_podcast 💜❤️ @moxiepiefu Thank youuuRIGHT NOW! long now! Everyone hit up Ten for a link and check out her birthday show!
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@moxiepiefu Tomorrow!!💜❤️Birthday show tonight!!
Retweeted by Ten 👻 ACAB @b_rollbanshee YasssTonight!!!
Retweeted by Ten 👻 ACAB @Mistress_Moira_ @SheIsAWitchToo It’s tomorrow but i’m celebrating a bit tonight at the show 🙌🏻WOW!’d be pretty dope if trans women didn’t constantly have to know more than therapists and doctors who are supposed to help us
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Wow! My friends made this! Also i did the music! Also it’s gay! Check it out! @geminiasis No youu @2skoopy 😘😘Come hang tmrw night!!!
Retweeted by Ten 👻 ACAB @Redeyes02789579 Thanks!💜❤️ @ShockaholicYT Appreciate it! @JasontheScott Thank you!! @b_rollbanshee lyfe watching GIRL ON THE THIRD FLOOR for the first time with @BlueIris04 🤘
Retweeted by Ten 👻 ACABToo many to fit in one screenshot.
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Celebrating @BlueIris04’s birthday early by having a small giallo watch party! With, @b_rollbanshee @AveryNessie
Retweeted by Ten 👻 ACAB @Jfcdoomblade If fact, I did. I too spend every waking moment thinking of how I may best please our cishet overlords.
Retweeted by Ten 👻 ACAB @ebonrook_film @b_rollbanshee @AveryNessie Actually just googled it cause dani messaged me and i guess only the r w… @bjcolangelo Emiliooooo @AdamFrazier Hell yeahIn ONE YEAR, I’ll know where to find you. #ScreamMovie 1.14.22
Retweeted by Ten 👻 ACAB @ebonrook_film @b_rollbanshee @AveryNessie Assuming you watched the unrated instead of the R @ebonrook_film @b_rollbanshee @AveryNessie The constipation scene stuck with me @b_rollbanshee @ebonrook_film @AveryNessie Classic imo @Jfcdoomblade On the real though, OP is high key a reddit bigotLIVE MUSIC THIS SATURDAY! Come hang out and listen to music while sending little emojis and gifs in the chat. Also…
Retweeted by Ten 👻 ACAB @Jfcdoomblade I actually think the original take might be worse than this oneAnd now, an announcement from our CEO.
Retweeted by Ten 👻 ACABI’m actually just trans for clout @Jfcdoomblade Throw up in my mouth everytime i read it @Jfcdoomblade I blocked them @geminiasis Amazing @AdamFrazier I love george romero and dawn of the dead is up there for me so when i saw the french poster at a flea…’s Got A New Spell
Retweeted by Ten 👻 ACABAnd if you hate me you can listen to @Karwackaflocka and @Bummercamp666 and just leave before i play (this is sort… MUSIC THIS SATURDAY! Come hang out and listen to music while sending little emojis and gifs in the chat. Also… fact: It was shot almost entirely in an airplane hanger in Sherman Oaks, CA.
Retweeted by Ten 👻 ACAB @allysa_etain So cute omg! @AveryNessie Thank youu @b_rollbanshee 😜💜’s Got A New Spell miss playing shows lol EvErYoNe CaN gO vEgAn tHo
Retweeted by Ten 👻 ACABThank you bisexual cis woman for speaking on behave of the trans community
Retweeted by Ten 👻 ACABI'd impeach him a third time if I could.
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@Karwackaflocka Meant to vote more than a feeling @vivigutless @Karwackaflocka That’s funny! I had already been to quite a few and had played some shows at that poin… that film or tv or books or music or anything ever talks about gender it’s always only cis men and women an…
Retweeted by Ten 👻 ACAB @ebonrook_film @VinegarSyndrome I’ve never been disappointed w an order from them @ebonrook_film @VinegarSyndrome Solid choices @vivigutless @Karwackaflocka I saw them on their Black Ice tour in 2008 and i was 13 and went with my mom. We took… Birthday, @hannahmayfilm! People, if you don’t already follow her and @monstrous_femme, you should do so no…
Retweeted by Ten 👻 ACAB @Karwackaflocka Without Malcom? I feel like they should have stopped after that loss.Missing a few but damn that’s wild. to be a sleepy cow being serenaded and kissed gently on the forehead
Retweeted by Ten 👻 ACAB @ebonrook_film @JohnnyPHreak It’s no dawn or day but it is the ORIGINAL! Also it started all the cliches. Iconic.