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talent & organizational development accelerator, black & white photography instructor & fan of craft beer, underwater photo & scuba. Occasional runner.

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@RepStefanik @HouseIntel Um... and who are you? Funny you hit the spotlight NOW @RepMarkMeadows Keep on believing that, Mark. Do you have something to think about while you’re also in jailSusan Rice: Lindsey Graham is "a piece of shit"
Retweeted by blueoceanviewGive him the cookies back. @POTUS @FLOTUS @AOC Are you so scared of Elizabeth one that you’re going to make a deal with the Russians to prevent that from happening? @joncoopertweets @TheDemCoalition @foxandfriends @realDonaldTrump The problem is he’ll go so bat shit crazy, he’ll… @AccidentalDread @Newsweek Was he with Rosanne Barr?! @Newsweek Go away you twisted shame for excuse for a human. Sexist misogynistic pigHere’s a male seahorse giving birth. You’re welcome.
Retweeted by blueoceanview @VP @realDonaldTrump @IngrahamAngle You lie. @GeekCadet What does it look like if you have veryvery light hair and barely any brows? @BravoTV @Kate_Chastain He’s arrogant AFMy #sato from Puerto Rico es mi corazon #MakeADogsDay @Amy_Siskind Because it’s a family and an administration full of grifters @BostonTweet Best news of the day! @tim10bob @TheTNHoller @SevierCounty The real issue is that there were so many people who clapped and applauded his…
Trump is considering replacing Mulvaney as Chief of Staff with either Kellyanne or Mnuchin, who are currently touri…
Retweeted by blueoceanview @SenatorCollins I’m- yeah but you love Trump. Your words mean nothing Your actions speak volumes.
What a mess #MBTA
@GOPLeader We are fixated on the truth. @SteveScalise @realDonaldTrump You are a giant sheep @RepDougCollins Today is Sunday. Go to church and repent for your sins @Mr_Jahnke @ulieroyers @RepThomasMassie @mattgaetz Can you educate me what it means then? I’m asking because I am sincerely curious @TristramLennard @DearAuntCrabby Ditto. I do not prove my self worth by those who follow me on Twitter, rather who…
@Mr_Jahnke @ulieroyers @RepThomasMassie @mattgaetz Also I am asking because I am genuinely curious. Your profile sa… @Mr_Jahnke @ulieroyers @RepThomasMassie @mattgaetz And if the current admin has its way, we will be MORE th an allies w Russia @TulsiGabbard When the shoe fits...
@Jardinami_Diane @VVFriedman @VVFriedman Fall/Winter 2019PRICES Louis Vuitton Dauphine MM Pop Print Bag$3,450.00 (USD). That could pay for a lot… @C5Ksports we need a statue like this one! @peltzmadeline Why is she wearing the same suit as she did the night before? @SteveScalise @realDonaldTrump But she is doing the people’s business because we all hate Trump @Mr_Jahnke @ulieroyers @RepThomasMassie @mattgaetz Read your history @SteveScalise @realDonaldTrump STFU. Have fun in jail @ETTalkShow @MarshaBlackburn @UrBeautyByCarol @realDonaldTrump And the Emoluments? @MarshaBlackburn @realDonaldTrump Marsha Marshmallow Marsha @NydiaVelazquez ¡¡Estupendo!! ¡Gracias! @sophie_dugal She looks stonedEvelin in looks high as a kite on the Tell All Part 1 #90dayfiancetheotherway #Evelin #EvelinVillagasWhat a coincidence. Corey has $1,500 and Evelin just happens to need $1,499 to buy limes for the bar.…
Retweeted by blueoceanview @Vonbrandwolf @tonyposnanski @realDonaldTrump Erwin- who are you even? @SpeakerPelosi Was this really on Fox News? Pigs must be flying today. Wonder how cold it is in HellWas this really on Fox News? Pigs must be flying today. Wonder how cold it is in Hell @RepKClark @Judgenap @FoxNews Was this really on Fox News? Pigs must be flying today. Wonder how cold it is in Hell
@StephenKing Thank you for the best laugh of the week! “Jesus Shined-up Christ on a trailer hitch” Listening to…
@mccaffreyr3 That dutch family that just came out of the cellar after waiting for the world to end will think that…
Retweeted by blueoceanview @PopRelics @trish_regan @realDonaldTrump @POTUS You win. @trish_regan @realDonaldTrump @POTUS Did a 5 yr old write this?
me: :( the ocean: * 🐙 * . 🦐 * . 🌊 * . * 🐋 🦑 . 🦀 * . =•♠️•= * . *🦈 .🐠 * 🐬…
Retweeted by blueoceanview @todd3644 @tonyposnanski @PressSec @POTUS @realDonaldTrump Todd- As a parent you should be frightened by the mass s… @PressSec @POTUS @realDonaldTrump I doubt your honesty. I reject your sincerity.Hey Trump Voters Guess where your Trump campaign donations are going. Into his pockets. He’s paying himself with…
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@WhySharksMatter @scubadivingmag We’ll see what the expects say. I am hoping for a good balanced plan and not one… @bowes_colleen @MBTA It’s a holiday. @RepDougCollins @realDonaldTrump On a corrupt administration that promotes mass shootings? Sure. @LindseyGrahamSC @realDonaldTrump Do you applaud his silence on the Kingsman video and his supporters playing at national conventions? @PressSec @POTUS @realDonaldTrump This is a national security threat with people overly threatening the lives of fe… @yashar Why is this not considered to be a terroristic threat? Why isn’t the Secret Service all over anyone who had… The withdrawal of troops in Syria makes me sad for #Avery and #Omar #SyriaWithdrawal
@EricTrump @realDonaldTrump Creepy photo
@jsidman @united Yet they will kick a woman off because they consider her shirt too revealing? @Seasaver Stop eating sushi, people! @Seasaver Why is this ok?!?! They entered UK waters with illegal bycatch? @pastorlocke @KamalaHarris That’s rich coming from a suppose and Pastor and Cristian like you claim to be
@DaveOrrick They don’t think the rules apply. #GrifterInChief
"We're the party that doesn't understand women's bodies and therefore wants to control them."…
Retweeted by blueoceanview @cden4 @StreetsBoston @SomervilleCity @JoeCurtatone @noisecapella Here are mixed claims and the city of Somerville… @realDonaldTrump @FoxNews YOU suckThis is likely the only intelligent thing is falling out of this little turd’s mouth @LindseyGrahamSC This is probably the only intelligent thing that’s ever fallen out of your mouth @LindseyGrahamSC All you care about is Israel?!?? Dongenocide and human rights factor into ANY of your thinking. You’re horrid @NerdVet The entire USA should be ashamed. @AynRandPaulRyan @iam_seanbond @TheOnion You forgot the word “off”
@Jim_Jordan Read. The. Constitution.Piggy Dix Stain @realDonaldTrump You could never be on the same level as Champions such as @SteveKerr & Popovich e…
Retweeted by blueoceanview @MichaelRapaport @realDonaldTrump @SteveKerr @iamrapaport @MichaelRapaport I have your voice in my head saying this. F-ing omg brilliant @FLOTUS Private space for the First Grifter Family
@parscale @Jacob_Frey @realDonaldTrump Have you paid your bills from previous events? Show us the receipts. Then his taxes.2/ BACKSTORY: Trump campaign has repeatedly refused to pay public safety bills that various municipalities have sen…
Retweeted by blueoceanview @StreetsBoston @SomervilleCity @JoeCurtatone @noisecapella The city of Cambridge said Inman Square was the most dan… @StreetsBoston @SomervilleCity @JoeCurtatone @noisecapella It removes the 91 bus from parts of Somerville without a… @LindseyGrahamSC Who let you on Twitter today? @BettyBowers @LindseyGrahamSC Ouch @LindseyGrahamSC Are you off your history meds again?Do-nothing Democrats? Your signature “accomplishment” is the #GOPTaxScam. 83% of the benefits went to the wealthi…
Retweeted by blueoceanview @JohnCornyn You are a crackpot
@SGTHarleyDaveK @BoriquaGoddess @ThePeoplesCube @JackPosobiec @realDonaldTrump Oooohhhh! Secret codes!
@TankMenzies @JohnCornyn @HMDatMI @WSJ Hey @JohnCornyn If you continue to allow mass shootings to happen, there won… @TeamCornyn @JohnCornyn If you continue to allow mass shootings to happen, there won’t be anybody to vote for you @Jim_Jordan @RepAdamSchiff So it would be ok to call YOU out for your lack of action? @WillTweat What is your national / racial origin? @renato_mariotti It’s a ruse to deflect away from #45’s illegal activity @realDonaldTrump Love them? They are Grifters #GrifterFamily @realDonaldTrump #SticksandStones @RealOmarNavarro @realDonaldTrump Yeah - no thanks, Omar. @realDonaldTrump Uh huh...... Love them? They are Grifters #GrifterFamily @DrDenaGrayson @GOP Until it happens to them. @GOPLeader help your party grow a spine. Course since you don’t have… @Morning_Joe @ScottShugart @EllenLWeintraub @WillieGeist #GrifterFamily @kylegriffin1 And owning voting booth patents. #GrifterFamilyAfter watching the truly most embarrassing moment yet with @SenRonJohnson on @MeetThePress this morning, it is impo…
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