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talent & organizational development accelerator, black & white photography instructor & fan of craft beer, underwater photo & scuba. Occasional runner.

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lots of helicopters - what is happening?
@MollyJongFast People in NJ know how to protest, too!
Retweeted by blueoceanview @MollyJongFast @gtconway3d For the love of God, he is the most self-centered person on this planetShocking animal cruelty – Marblehead Police and the Animal Control Department need your help after two animals were…
Retweeted by blueoceanview @MMcFaddenTV @mjfree Where and when did this happen? @blakesmustache Wait! Susan Collins actually did some thing?!If you want to defeat Lindsey Graham watch this and retweet it far and wide. Absolutely devastating.
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@Dist_5 @GOPChairwoman @realDonaldTrump and now to defeat his GOP replacement! @GOPChairwoman @realDonaldTrump uhhhhh.... duh. You're not very smart, are you? @davidfrum this is all designed to insight fear. @johnlray Now to defeat his GOP replacement... @davidmweissman distraction campaign because Admin can't bring about REAL change and practical solutions @pammyess @stonecold2050 @JasonLaCanfora Your response is offensive, Pam. Please show some compassion. @tedcruz Shut up, Ted. @alama34704472 @Acyn she's an automaton @StephenKing Best Man StandingI miss Obama
@bexxy41 Right?!!!? @Sanity_Pod Don’t forget that it’s pure Cubic Zirconia! @sizynski Don’t forget that it’s pure Cubic Zirconia! @DeAnna4Congress Girl you’re crazy! Now you’re bringing deformation to the church? You should be thrown in a loony binThank you for being a sane voice in these insane times
Letter today in @thetimes from green NGOs worried that 🇬🇧 refuses to commit to #sustainable fishing in accordance w…
Retweeted by blueoceanview @chrismasterson I am so glad that when I interviewed with them, they treated me really poorly and I decided it wasn…
@DevinCow trade you four quarters for a dollar...
@realDonaldTrump @USDOT @RideMCTS #pandering @realDonaldTrump ANTARTICA!
103-year-old Mass. woman celebrates victory over COVID-19 with cold beer
Retweeted by blueoceanview @GOPLeader Could you please provide a reputable source for your news? @realDonaldTrump BORING
@charliekirk11 You are very dishonorable, Charlie @Vinnie77194685 @IvankaTrump Trump trying to extort governors. Just another day in land of the Grifter in Chief @ThePinkyPrince2 @tonyposnanski @IvankaTrump What’s a “hon”? @IvankaTrump You’re babbling again. Take your meds and go to bed @WilliamJoy @VP Trump trying to extort governors. Just another day in land of the Grifter in Chief and Minion-Mike @VP @russellberman Trump trying to extort governors. Just another day in land of the Grifter in Chief @AndySpecht Trump trying to extort governors. Just another day in land if the Grifter in Chief @FOX46News @NC_Governor @POTUS Trump trying to extort governors. Just another day in land if the Grifter in Chief @jaketapper I’m watching the special tonight on the Pandemic and the President. I’m curious if there is any data ar…
@scottdstone @potterybarn And this is what you’re upset about? This is what you have to spend your energy tweeting… @H_MitchellPhoto The wrong person war that “I don’t care” jacket#WorldTurtleDay. Six of seven species of sea turtle are now classified as @IUCNRedList threatened, with three speci…
Retweeted by blueoceanviewThis one might cause a tantrum.... 😂😂😂😂😂
Retweeted by blueoceanview @mattbendure @heather_reese_ @mom_musing @CNN By your logic all of the wife beaters are practicing religion? @davidmweissman @MeghanMcCain Or that I couldn’t give a flying rats ass who is which is which?! @LeoRobertWills Follow me to a new era without trump @tonyposnanski @HelenTheShark!! @LouRaguse @keithellison @kare11 So if I get sick can I sue all of those people that are in the crowd not social distancing? @EnglishTeach07 The vanity to rush out and get your nails done, your hair colored and cut just astounds meThe world needs more lightworkers like you in this time of darkness. Thanks to everyone at @WCKitchen and…
Retweeted by blueoceanview @HireACoach @catrinawilamina @GOPLeader I don’t pay him to play golf nor should my taxes contribute to the shenanigans
Hit retweet if you are having trouble sleeping at night (going for a million retweets here)
Retweeted by blueoceanviewThis is why you should adopt not shop. I don’t really care about your ego. This is the result of your selfishness… #ClassOf2020, you made it!! 🎓🎉
Retweeted by blueoceanview @OurOcean Lizard fish or some of my favorite @TMMC This makes me very happyI came across your photography work and absolutely love your environmental portraits! @EdmundFountain - You're a v…
@StandUpAmerica @Elee912 Didn’t take her very long to turn into a lying sycophant @andylassner Swamp grifter @CBSEveningNews @CBSNews @nancycordes Pompeo’s argument bring snow week. He is a very decisive individual and if hi… @BillKristol I wish people would stop giving the sky air time. He’s just an attention grabbing buffoon @dspencer121073 @EW How would you possibly know what her intentions are? Your assumptions are nothing more than tha… @briantylercohen Cryyyyy. I wonder if she’s a crisis actress @RichHReports @TewksburyMonkey @bear_burlington Do you definitely have to add in the Boston peacock @WCVB What a treasure and such an honorable newscaster! I had the pleasure of meeting him briefly in person several… @brianstelter Pence would be in charge.....I don’t know if that’s any better @frfrankpavone @latimes I do not believe you @LLfromnyc @QuadCityPat Yes! He was with Ivana Tinkle @QuadCityPat Was Ivana Tinkle Homecoming Queen?This absolutely made my day @QuadCityPat I friggin love that whole stream of prank calls @elonjames Grosss @elonjames He’s not a sheep, he’s a cow#GrifterInChief What’s the quickest way to lose 300 pounds of ugly fat? A: The 25th Amendment. #PresidentPlump
Retweeted by blueoceanview @CBSNews Omg they will ruin the environment for a buckThousands of National Guard Troops service is being ended by Trump, just one day short of qualifying for educationa…
Retweeted by blueoceanview @kroger please respond to this otherwise you will have a massive boycot on your hands to deal with @mattgaetz You’re right. He should be in there for at least a decade
@GeorgeTakei You mean he couldn’t let us out of a WET paper bag. Credit to my mom for that phraseI just deleted my @Grubhub app. I knew that they were charging a fee but I didn’t realize that they were this decep… year ago today, the House passed the #EqualityAct to protect the #LGBTQIA community from discrimination. On…
Retweeted by blueoceanviewIt’s #SimpsonsSunday ! Back by popular demand it’s #2minutestorytime w/ #lisasimpson 📖⏱.Today’s selection: the insp…
Retweeted by blueoceanview @sam_vinograd She’s as lackluster as they come. Of course there won’t be any action coming out of her because @SenatorCollins is a lame duck @CharlesMBlow You’re sad @MarkDice @realDonaldTrump Of course you are because you’re just a made-up character @real_defender @realDonaldTrump You and your orange cheese will stand alone @realDonaldTrump 25 Amendment @helpstupidpeopl @SSkrojus @OfficialJonZal @BarackObama This video doesn’t have anything to do with the commencement speech. Try again @GerryCallahan Your list is a misrepresentation of the truth. They were elected to represent an entire county, and… @Hal71496139 @OnlyInBOS This is the intelligence of a typical Trump voter @Hal71496139 @OnlyInBOS @Hal71496139 @OnlyInBOS Uhhh what? I don’t recall him being elected in the 90s @GinaChev Grow up, Gina. Go study some science and go back to high school @GinaChev @OnlyInBOS And your point is? @DonaldJTrumpJr Oh Donnie what about all of your sissies patents on voting machines in China? @cel1999 @SoIndianagator @IAmJohnAles That’s a follow @SoIndianagator @IAmJohnAles You’re a real asshole @geist_rina @Miriam2626 *Rina. Tina is actually a lovely person @geist_rina @Miriam2626 Tina- You’re all brave until it’s your mother, your father or your grandmother that dies. T…