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The official New York Rangers podcast of @TheAthletic Account run by Greg. #NYR #LGR #NYRangers…

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@KKurzNHL Buddy you are BURNT @MBucklaw You and me both, bro. It’s because I’m 🎶helplesssssss🎶
Jeff Gorton about to be The Joker breaking a pool stick over his knee, telling Strome and DeAngelo there's only roo… goes for MLB Opening Day as well, since everything is getting announced all at once.Officially in the 'believe it when I see it' camp, so apologies about not getting excited about anything anymore.Don't know if it was all the MLB negotiations or what, but I can't bring myself to be even 5% excited about the CBA… of Harper v. Papelbon deals are more guidelines than they are contracts @SternScouting Looking back requires it to end, right?I don't think we spend enough time talking about Jeremy Renner's performance in 'The Town'. @JLazzy23 @JLazzy23 Every time? So including like an airport bathroom?So Tebow DID report to summer camp?**Yoenis Cespedes takes part in 1 simulated game** Mets fans: @brianedwardmay @_Ceyzey Fair. The benefit of the doubt exists, even if I don’t think it’s totally warranted. @brianedwardmay @_Ceyzey Brian how is that different from what I said. @_Ceyzey Said Clemson football players might’ve intentionally been getting COVID so they’d be ready for the season.Between Boomer and now Monzo, banner week for ol’ WFAN @FitzGSN_ The beauty of it is you look from every angle and it’s just as stupid. @FitzGSN_ I always knew he was a big Ol’ dumb person but that just...outdid himself.You know what, if hurricanes were inherently racist, we should push to rename that team, too. Until then, though, NHL Insiders attempting to tweet through whatever email they all got JF Berube trade now a stroke of genius
Lotta people want to get in on horse racing. beat Man City, who beat Liverpool. Southampton now the champs these are the laws. @Drews_Way Wow @SternScouting starts following BSB and suddenly gets snapped up by a team. Can’t be coincidence and… @TheRealMelGuar @mattspendley @FitzGSN_ 👋 @mattspendley @FitzGSN_ @Kaps_Locked Good that account STINKS @mattspendley @FitzGSN_ Who are the 8 people you guys blocked??? @catmsilverman Henrik Lundqvist’s bone structure allows me to see beautiful in everything.The Oakland Athletics. @bradyskjeidy Probably should’ve had a spy cam in the room so the people could see me grooving in an empty apartmen… I am now cultured
Alright let's see what all this Hamilton hubbub is about.When you jokingly pick a 38/1 horse, but don’t put any money on said horse, and then said horse wins is what Mike Piazza did to stay in shape during the baseball strike, apparently
Retweeted by Blueshirts Breakaway @SaraCivian @hayyyshayyy Honestly the silks took this over the top. I’m putting an irresponsible amount of money on… this 4th of July, let it be known that I have gotten @hayyyshayyy in on the ponies. Specifically, Race 1 at Bel… @BLBlueShirts26 I thought so. @brianedwardmay Hockey, baseball, horse racing and CT stereotypesIt's like writers understood the Fairfield County stereotype, but didn't have the money to throw around Greenwich/W… Van Wilder for the first time in years. Am I supposed to believe that Van's dad, such a successful bus… @HockeyStatMiner That account blocked me and I wonder which Uncle Daddy joke did it
@HockeyStatMiner @steambo85208529 @FitzGSN_ I'll never compete on the pure NYR Twitter level, which is why I've fin… the holiday, but don’t be an idiot. Be safe, mask up. today that my washing machine runs for exactly 1 hour and 9 minutes when I do my sheets.Took my sister and brother-in-law to Rangers-Avalanche in Denver. Last game the Rangers ever played in front of hum…
@FitzGSN_ nah man come on I want to hear your horse racing opinions.🎙Today on Blueshirts Breakaway→ A recap of '94 ECF Games 5 (4-1 L, BOY did it stink) & 6 (Messier said some things.…
Retweeted by Blueshirts BreakawayHockey-wise, Claude Giroux I think. Mostly because the Rangers simply could've, you know, had him. @cerrig Idk how you guys survived lolEvery day, I despise myself for how much I enjoy Freddie Freeman. thought: if @TheAthletic ever wanted to launch a horse racing podcast, I'm already under contract. Just saying.I understand the career Jeff Kent went on to have, but...I'm totally fine he wasn't a Met for very long? '94 Rewatch continues on BSB OT! - Game 5 (4-1 L, and boy was it bad) - Game 6 (someone threw down a guarantee… latest Sharknado movie looks nuts🗣️NOTHING SPECIAL ABOUT TREVOR HOFFMAN @JPW_NBCSports Should’ve had Ings on there twice.BSB OT is now up for everyone! The boys recap the '94 ECF Games 5 (4-1 L and BOY did it stink) and 6 (Messier said…
@ishaantharoor @HockeyStatMiner Also all I know is the Mets are Everton. - clear second-banana franchise in their o… @ishaantharoor @HockeyStatMiner - "They did get him!" #NYR #PlayLikeANewYorker
Retweeted by Blueshirts Breakaway @mattspendley Zuko with the most gradual character development in TV in the last 20 years.This field is LOADED and none of you will appreciate this but I'm RTing it anyone. @AlisonL The only way I can get 215 up on the bench is when I'm 6 shots deepDo sharks play the harmonica like this or this
Retweeted by Blueshirts BreakawayFinished Avatar: The Last Airbender last night. I'd take 6 more seasons with those characters. @EmmaVigeland I needed this GIF in my life much sooner.Tony Gwynn faced Greg Maddux more than any other pitcher in his career (107 ABs) He hit .415/.476/.521 against Mad… my next trick, @Ankaman616 @Ankaman616 I’m starting to take some things personally, Carl. 7/1 movement clauses have officially kicked in for Trouba and Kreider until @HockeyStatMiner tells me otherwise.Gary Bettman had a 2-month lead on baseball and he just might blow it. Mets are going about the JT Realmuto recruitment in the wrong way.
Good lord I think Jeff Beukeboom killed a man.Sitting down for Game 5 of the ‘94 ECF. Seeing the graphic that said Leetch played a whopping 13 minutes in Game 4,…, taxes, only US city that would make sense is NYC/Newark. No idea if NY even put together a bid, since they weren't in… is the only vote that matters so the awards are now final., I'm all for this aggressive drafting strategy Brodie is employing. But you know what would be better than Ba… you want to assume Miller, Lundkvist and Kravtsov are on the Rangers roster full-time by then, it becomes about… @Mcbearcat7557 You're not going to get a Top 15ish pick you'll need to get Askarov in a deal for Georgiev.Reminder that while the Rangers have a tantalizing $45M in theoretical cap space heading into the 21-22 season, tha… @TRCSPN 👍 @TRCSPN It also only drops by $4.5M, since we're getting particular. @TRCSPN I know, that's part of the math.It still makes sense to trade Georgiev, given he's going to be no better than second banana to Igor at any point, b… buyout adds $1.5M to the 21-22 ledger, a year where the Rangers need to extend Buch, Igor, Chytil, Lindgren, Gaut… don't know what the Rangers do re: Hank for the 20-21 season. A Hank-approved trade is an option, but not s… Smith also isn't a buyout candidate. As @HockeyStatMiner has wisely pointed out, his actual salary will onl…, that takes Hank off the buyout block. His buyout in normal fashion just doesn't create any significant room t… @OhRyanMead @WojNYR @HockeyStatMiner @hayyyshayyy @artemiypanarin @JoeFortunatoBSB Me during this entire campaign @vasdrimalitis Hey every fun Mets team needs their own Aaron Altherr. He's just filling a role. @SensProspects @CudmoreColin