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Vai ter track minha tocando no Late Junction da Verity Sharp na BBC radio hoje. O programa começa às 23h lá(20h aqu…
Retweeted by Blue TapesA reconfortante nova música de Cadu Tenório
Retweeted by Blue Tapes
2019, Burnsy, Cheeks, Morty, Ricey & Josh - truly the Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich of the Brexit eraAquele momento meio lúdico "mããe, tô na BBC", rs. "Elsewhere Verity plays the French cellist Leila Bordreuil who c…
Retweeted by Blue TapesInteresting analysis of public bathrooms as civil rights battlegrounds here in segregated America used the exact same argument against civil rights - that integration would give… make magical Christmas presents Buy ours at @Teru_Kurihara Mille Plateaux!!! @CookeLouise @DanKaszeta @davidallengreen Yeah, probably not a city
@DanKaszeta @CookeLouise @davidallengreen How about a cathedral? @BlueTapesUK 2017: Dutch put out another album, A-Lister, with @J_Loewenstein on drums, and it's pretty good, some…
Retweeted by Blue TapesIf you want to hear music I made between the ages of 19 and 24, here's most of it:
Retweeted by Blue Tapes @Faycebuk @CookeLouise @DanKaszeta @davidallengreen Does it have a university? @albertawhite1 @davidallengreen Yes this one. In the second series of Glow one of the characters was wearing an iro… @ImpulsiveTyping @BloxhamTapes Interesting. I actually didn't listen back to this 320 mp3 version, so could be. @shhhaneparishhh She has 👌 taste @chickenf1sh advance of the first album by my new project dropping on @BloxhamTapes, here is a little palate cleanser. A 36-m… @HarrySword @naylor_tony @morningad It is bilge.Leeds tonight. Start at 21.30.
Retweeted by Blue Tapes @capgrasman @Keplacuts I guess the writers individual end of year columns are one way of doing this - and the guest… @capgrasman @Keplacuts Ie, the stuff that makes the list is stuff that everyone knows and likes 'a bit' - rather th… @capgrasman @Keplacuts Sure, this infuriates me about all UK/US music related coverage tbh. People have narrow hori…! I’m playing my singer-songwriter set opening for the Messthetics (Fugazi rhythm section + Anthony Pirog on…
Retweeted by Blue TapesWe’ll be at the always fiendish @Cafeoto Xmas Fayre this Sunday, alongside some brilliant labels and artists. Our…
Retweeted by Blue TapesHaving been praised by Pitchfork, The Guardian & many more, we're super excited for tonight's show at @HPBCLeeds wi…
Retweeted by Blue Tapes @rach0907 @agirlcalledlina Straight-talking Boris Johnson and 'man of the people' Tony Blair are all that protects… @capgrasman @Keplacuts I haven't seen the Wire list but 75 Dollar Bill are amazing and it's great to see them finally get some attention. @Scarborough_GB @bbcquestiontime @JamesCleverly @JonAshworth @IBlackfordSNP @EdwardJDavey @TiceRichard I think Mich… @tristan_bath Yeah it's not really an either/or. Streaming is great for making playlists and checking stuff out. So…
Is it just me or is this clip pure sex
Retweeted by Blue Tapes @tristan_bath It just gets better and better @GiantGiantSwan @stephenjbuckley @ImpulseArray @frontandfollow @hattiecooke @SpunOutSounds @lighghtmusic
Retweeted by Blue Tapes @GiantGiantSwan @stephenjbuckley @ImpulseArray @frontandfollow @hattiecooke @SpunOutSounds @lighghtmusic
Retweeted by Blue Tapes @tristan_bath Well, what do Suicide know anyway tapes tapes tapes tapes tapes blue thirty-two: Thank You Merciless Onlookers live at @Cafeoto / Helen and Ga…
先日 Threshold Vol.8 のライブでルーパーに録音していたギターをもとに曲を作りました。曖昧なメロディーが少しずつと溶け合ってひとつの空気を作り上げるイメージ。ここ最近の中でいちばん理想にちかい音像が出来てとても気に入…
Retweeted by Blue Tapes @enceedubya He probably doesn't know who Van Halen are either @BloxhamTapes @Bandcloud YOU'RE AMAZING @amycutler1985 Reggae @Marcissist @thewiremagazine Lana Del Ray? @barbapple @faisalislam @BoogieWoogie2 Yes it's less of an electoral issue in some ways and more an inevitable symptom of brexit.Composed and performed by: @mitchberghini @knarfnaideel @Teru_Kurihara Wild Anima Me Lisa Jayne (Map 71) Maste… is BACK @Bandcloud Beautiful work from Luke on the design too.Want to feel old? This is what Kevin McCallister looks like now.
Retweeted by Blue Tapes @timburrows @Jenn1fer_A "Oh such a poifect day" - Dr John @Bandcloud Yes but better since I got Fire-Toolz to do some mixing on it! @kerryjeanlister I think, like Kiss, you had to be American to like Van Halen.Very proud to announce that I have joined the Bloxham Tapes family (as a musician!), who will be launching my new p… @outonbluesix Eyes Wide Shut @BouTEAca @TwitterSupport No it isn't. This is though.
@HilltopHare No? @PhyllBilis Do you think telling somebody whose son was murdered that it was their own fault falls within Twitter's code of conduct?You earn £82k per year. You pay £9 per month for Spotify, £10 for Netflix And £8.33 per month in your subscriptio…
Retweeted by Blue TapesNot going to retweet his bullshit but I have reported Godfrey Bloom's tweet about Jack Merritt and would urge other… The 405. Was never much of a reader but must thank them, they named the @BlueTapesUK BC mix as one of the best…
Retweeted by Blue Tapes @JahDuran Lots to check out. I'd never even heard of Lorraine James... @Bandcloud They did?! That was also Fact mix of the week I seem to remember...
@JahDuran @DarkCityDeadMan Are they as good as mcluskyWinterthur tonight. Start at 22.
Retweeted by Blue Tapes @JahDuran Thanks! @JahDuran I've still never heard this band and am only halfway certain that they ever existed @cowsarejustfood Ah I used to have that. I dont think it's ever been reissued?
Trupa Trupa: the Polish post-punk band confronting the Holocaust
Retweeted by Blue Tapes“We have to really fight with our own dark sides. If we can do that, then the world really will be a bit better” -…
Retweeted by Blue TapesI think about this tweet a lot @byhut @GarethMain of feel Peter Dinklage should play Jack in the inevitable Twitter movie @noisepunx We did record it, but the member who recorded refused to do any work mixing it because it was so bad, so… Trupa: the Polish post-punk band confronting the Holocaust
Retweeted by Blue Tapes @noisepunx A band I was in once tried to hone a 30 minute psych rock jam of Boys of SummerHarry Potter and the Midlife Crisis Tape Label @kountrotttula It was a lot less exhaustingMy upcoming weekend’s musical excursions: duets with drummer Will Younts at Sovereign Kava, Saturday Nov 30, 9-midn…
Retweeted by Blue Tapes!!!! @guardian
Retweeted by Blue Tapes @ArachnidiscsBuy on tape or download for free here don't often feel satisfied with things I make, but I thought this thing was P cool. Props to @angelbbgrrl420 for… @josephcorcoran @theQuietus My apologies, The D4 were in fact kiwis. @josephcorcoran @theQuietus Ha, did that include The D4 and The Vines?Also please buy some records KNOW THESE GUYS @theQuietus NAM. New Acoustic Movement.Great piece about a great band
Retweeted by Blue Tapes @Arachnidiscs Did he ride into each class on a Harley? @DawnHFoster
"What does it sound like? Like I Wanna Be Your Dog being eaten from the inside out by nanobots. Like Enya collabora… @pgofton Carrier bag of Broken Flag tapes just out of shot @hugeshark @bingandruth I can hear it.Saviour's Day by Prince and The New Power Generation @xTallMortyx @KateFlood ExactlyTonight we play in La Parpenthese - a 2000 years old venue built by the Romans. Start at 22.00!
Retweeted by Blue TapesEulagisca gigantea is a bizarre polychaete worm that grows to 30cm & can evert its mouthparts! (Photo: JC Mendoza)
Retweeted by Blue TapesBoundary-crossing vocalists Cucina Povera, @ianwilliamcraig, @kgsounds, @soyjuanamolina all billed for #Rewire2020,…
Retweeted by Blue TapesTonight @closeupcentre I’ll be talking psychemagic and psychic surgery before a screening of Alejandro Jodorowsky’s…
Retweeted by Blue Tapes @Jenn1fer_A @therourke It just isn't a song you can fade out though ☹