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@byhut Baby mothra @ashtraynav Truly a renaissance man @JamieBowman77 @michaelhogan Another factor is that prisons are currently overfilled and understaffed as no one wan… @tristan_bath Gregorian Funk!Is Banksy ok ??
Retweeted by Blue Tapes @theQuietus @JenniferLAllan I want a hurdy gurdy
@tcstcstcstcstcs They're small and hide easilyYeah course lol @Stevenbrown442 @Hey_Lauri @mwh3rd @Justin12393LEE @realDonaldTrump @BubbaWallace Yes, proportionally Trump has pla… @Stevenbrown442 @Hey_Lauri @mwh3rd @Justin12393LEE @realDonaldTrump @BubbaWallace Obama served two terms.The ratio... it burns @theQuietus Have heard: Bulbils, Laura Cannell, Katie Gately.@NPR's #TinyDesk home concerts payed a visit to #Poland with an online stream of basement performance by the rock…
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Giant anteater with his huge tongue!
Retweeted by Blue TapesI mean, I can sort of understand the hankering for a proper draught pint after drinking bottles for a few months, b…
Retweeted by Blue TapesWe need not go back to normal. Normal was the problem. We need to do better and make a just, healthy, fulfilling,…
Retweeted by Blue TapesI found this text I got from my daughter some years back >>
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@Olivia_Hansen @MosesSumney @thekillers I've got toast but I'm not a toaster @tabsout Feel like this tweet was practically tailor made for @DaveedDiggsJust realised the Karma Police video is a direct reference of a scene from John Carpenter's Christine.@trupatrupaband are just terrific (make sure to check out their albums and EPs)—and they sound great on this…
Retweeted by Blue TapesNew Library of Babel album, "Sing to Me of..." is out July 3 on @hypnicjerkjams & Red Eft Records (my new label!)…
Retweeted by Blue Tapeswe made it folks
Retweeted by Blue TapesDRAWING. 電脳して連結し合う思考から生まれる念は、我々の潜在意識になにを残すのか。
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@EM0TI0NWAVE Can, Liquid Liquid, Oneida, Babatunde Olatunji“Introducing NPR Music's Tiny Desk (home) concerts, bringing you performances from across the country and the world…
Retweeted by Blue TapesArtists/Labels @raster_raster @torch2424 / @PacificPlazaRec @BlueTapesUK / Fractal Meat…
Retweeted by Blue TapesLooking for a mask that will keep my community safe while letting them know that I enjoy dark ambient, fluxus, dada…
Retweeted by Blue TapesWe are happy to share with you our Tiny Desk home concert from our dark studio in Gdańsk. Thank you @BobBoilen an…
Retweeted by Blue Tapes @ForestofDark @hattiecooke Everyone in this thread is stoned
All proceeds go to social justice and environmental causes: release by The Blue Tapes House Band. One of our best, I think. much nailing "summer dad"
Retweeted by Blue Tapessending a tape from the uk to us like From: Besinald Crumbglitch Plumpton on Wain 17 Derbyshire East Passlewinking…
Retweeted by Blue Tapes @thewiremagazine "GAK also admitted engaging in this illegal conduct with Yamaha, which resulted in a fine of more… @mypandashallfly Or nearly as good as a CD, at least! @mypandashallfly I bet this thing makes your tape sound like choirs of angels£4k for this one incredible unicorn mantis. (Photo: Diaz José Miguel)
Retweeted by Blue TapesRegret giving away the lovely Technics deck I bought for a fiver when I started the labelGosh via @eBay_UK @theQuietus Mother Sky is the banger @theQuietus @mypandashallfly'Illogical and uncanny virtual sonatas with piano notes hanging for an impossibly long time, and melodies appearing…
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@evilrobotbill @Bob_Fischer @COI_Music They were an astonishingly weird choice to hype as the future of music @evilrobotbill @Bob_Fischer @COI_Music @Bob_Fischer @evilrobotbill @COI_Music Oh yeah! I had that. Also: GYBE, Quasi, Leila, Royal Trux etc. @JahDuran @mountain_goats 33 1/3 on Master of RealityMy release on @BlueTapesUK is now available to buy on cassette! 💙 #tape #circuitbent #electronics
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2020 前作で得た「生物の根底にある念を造形する」というイメージを掘り下げようと思ったとき、「電脳」と「縛れる思考」という言葉が浮かびました。 ここにどんな脈絡があるのか、今作を描きながら考えていきたいと思います。
Retweeted by Blue Tapes @YOUandTH A sort of 'herd immunity' of the artsThe spitfire caterpillar. (Photo: Mark Ridgway)
Retweeted by Blue Tapes @thirdkindtapes Actually I lived Hanover for a while - that was BN2 I think. @thirdkindtapes Ah ok I mostly lived BN1. @thirdkindtapes Which part of Brighton is BN2? I've lived in N17, no crime when I was there but the Tottenham riot was on my doorstep.Free jazz cat @commanderwhitby @thomasragsmusic @Toydrumofficial @Bandcloud It's funny watching her in this stuff, and then seein…'s extremely funny that Harry Potter is now the Burzum of YA fiction
Retweeted by Blue Tapes @harrisonjbrock Truth 😟
@Padraigh_ I wonder who got the official Twitter account in the divorce @tristan_bath I think the latter comes at the expense of the former @Bob_Fischer At work we needed to buy some stock music for a video we're working on. Long story short version: turn… name or favourite word in a brutal style @dizzytigerstu The London Boys died?! @shaqfudareturn @ryleywalker I'd never heard of either of these covers, but having viewed them both on YouTube this… @hattiecooke Would this lady really want you to slow it down? the studio 🍊
Retweeted by Blue Tapes @mypandashallfly 3.5 inch floppy disk - the next format to be revived!Completed! 完成!
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@Bandcloud Ha we just finished watching that @evilrobotbill I was thinking mostly of the newer trend of splatter vinyl etc. Its all pretty bleh.Dear pop stars, what is preventing you from looking like this? multi-coloured vinyl looks bad @AshLauryn313 Bots and burner accounts. Not worth engaging with.listen Lord Discogsio COVID is still real as shit your record will be shipping a lil later than usual
Retweeted by Blue Tapes @orangemilkrecs @machin3gir1 Gadzooksthis is one of the funniest things i’ve ever read
Retweeted by Blue TapesPeople will be like "i dont know a single person IRL who has had covid" and believe its not possible to get. Meanwh…
Retweeted by Blue TapesI’m working on it. 完成にむけて。
Retweeted by Blue TapesRecording clarinet today
@byhut @CitizenMeh I always thought they wussed out by having gaps in it. NONSTOP OR NOTHING.My old school want me to talk to their pupils about what being a writer is like. I’ve asked them all to send me the…
Retweeted by Blue Tapes @JahDuran The Richard X album is the real one that's missing here @mitchberghini Shocked @JahDuran Justified was 2002 it turns out!Its Boy in Da Corner but Melt-Banana fam where were you??I’m performing a new audio-visual project for this BrokenSonics weekender 🖤
Retweeted by Blue Tapes @YOUandTH @glastonbury AmazingLots of cool music and video art steaming here over the weekend at @in_further. I’m performing a new A/V project I…
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this propaganda won’t work. we remember what you did.
Retweeted by Blue Tapes @evilrobotbill Let's stay 39 this year I reckon @evilrobotbill I'm 40 on the 21st! Shit! 😬omg. there are guys in there
Retweeted by Blue Tapes @MagicRealismBot find myself returning to this year a lot.Best album of 2003Buy on download or tape here