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🇩🇪 Just a guy who likes, tweets & retweets stuff ( ^ - ^ ') Loves Art, Games, Youtube & Twitch Also creates Thumbnails for his friends Sometimes NSFW 🔞

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Miku & Rin Crabby jammin' :-D 🦀🏝️🦀🎵🦀🌊
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おでかけ子ザメ チューチューアイス
Retweeted by BlueZero1989Look at all these incredible people ♡
Retweeted by BlueZero1989 @Cerise_VT HELL YEAH WOOOGOING LIVE!!! Today we play a cute innocent dating sim full of cute girls. Nothing can go wrong right...right Fin…
Retweeted by BlueZero1989Just a morning message for everyone out there :) #VTuberEN #Vtuberuprising #Meziltv #ENVtuber
Retweeted by BlueZero1989 @isuzuvtuber Congrats!!^^ @Rei_Zayaki Funny! It's too early, but I want to drink
@GenuinelyEuphie I'm all ears if you want to talk =) I'm a good listener Euphie @isuzuvtuber You can do it!!!It's time to yeet Luigi off the stage again! Today I will return to the world of Super Mario 3D with @zerunus who h…
Retweeted by BlueZero1989Going live now with SMT: Nocturne! Our demon friends have been waiting for us so let's see which gods we can reject…
Retweeted by BlueZero1989A small PFP doodle for @sero_yoru 🙏🏻 Handsome boi he is. #Vtuber #VTuberEN #ENVtuber #art #pfp
Retweeted by BlueZero1989 @CivShep HELL YEAH!! Glad to hear that! @Cerise_VT Hype Hype HypeMorning streams will return next week <3
Retweeted by BlueZero1989🍪🐙 #inART #いなート
Retweeted by BlueZero1989 @Cerise_VT Good morning!!^^ Final Fantasy and work...XD
@NyxTheNeko @scrubtello brain can't take anymore punkin' so we are switching over to Final Fantasy XVI~ Time for roulettes and maybe som…
Retweeted by BlueZero1989Run otter, run! Today we play some more Dead by Daylight with @yuterian and try to survive~ 🔴 Live now~ #Vtuber
Retweeted by BlueZero1989Live with Scarlet Nexus! Let's dive back into this.. fairly confusing story~ Maybe we'll figure out whats going on…
Retweeted by BlueZero1989 @Hiya_Aya You missed the first thing... First you need to fill your wallet 🥲 @greyt_mr Maybe making a third game wasn't really planned before the f2p one @greyt_mr Nope o.o Bought the second one You think about Orcs Must Die! Unchained“A…awoo…” Art by: Udelart on fiverr #makemeawoo #Vtuber
Retweeted by BlueZero1989 @WolfieChiii More like awooooooga o///o Damn this is really pretty, cute and sexy Wolfie x,x
@Peaches_VT Peaches = Midna... MAKES TOTAL SENSE! =O @lopnuuy *nod nod* Understandable *nod nod*and I also made this🦈 #gawrt
Retweeted by BlueZero1989 @strawbebhenry @LaucianAshborne If it wouldn't have been a main would have been fineGrant us eyes, grant us eyes! @LaucianAshborne and me will return to the world of Bloodborne to spill some blood! M…
Retweeted by BlueZero1989[LIVE RIGHT NOW] Local Bard and Bot take on the streets of Yharnham and fight through Eldritch Horrors what will th…
Retweeted by BlueZero1989o.o I want it @LaucianAshborne There was never a Dead Space 3... @LaucianAshborne YES HELL YEAH! THEN WE NEED A REMAKE OF 2 ... A...AND THEN WE NEED DEAD SPACE 3! ....... <.< >.>Surprise stream~ Live with Pokemon Unite! Because we aren't obsessed or anything with this game ... Watch me her…
Retweeted by BlueZero1989 @Cerise_VT NO! FIGHT YOUR ADDICTIONS CERISE! ... Play whatever you want XD As long as you are having fun^^ @scrubtello @Sordidj1 Soooooooooo...her face is always like this? =P💙
Retweeted by BlueZero1989 @lynntsunami So good x//xshe waitin to go swimmin (nsfw vers. on my private accnt !)
Retweeted by BlueZero1989Die Geschichte um die verwobenen Schicksale von Samus und den Metroids kommt zu einem dramatischen Abschluss, wenn…
Retweeted by BlueZero1989 @Cerise_VT Morning!!
@Cerise_VT Whatever form you choose.. You will always be the cutie Cerise <3And as I told you before.. here is the mentioned surprise.. it is time to show you guys the real me~ You all fell…
Retweeted by BlueZero1989🔴LIVE🔴HENRY STICKMAN IT HAS STICK IT AS MAN LETS GO. > < #twitch #TwitchAffliate #VTuber #VTuberEN #ENVtuber
Retweeted by BlueZero1989Going live with some Apex Legends! It's been a while since we murdered people in this way so I think it's time to h…
Retweeted by BlueZero1989Crop 😳
Retweeted by BlueZero1989I think at this point @lightossan is just used to me being there wherever he goes and whatever he does :D @/nanase…
Retweeted by BlueZero1989 @Sordidj1 @SousukePhantom Guess you don't need @scrubtello as your door anymore XD @Cerise_VT Hopefully I get some more sleep later XD☀️
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@Cerise_VT Sleep and have some sweet dreams!GOING LIVE!!! Today I do the one thing I haven't done IRL... Get a life...Maybe @Hiya_Aya See how well I do at t…
Retweeted by BlueZero1989🔴LIVE ON TWITCH The one thing I fear... Life GAME OF LIFE 2 ||FT. @SalavoreButler JOIN THE STICKS for this wild R…
Retweeted by BlueZero1989there’s some kind of joke here about being punished for trying to jam to the mammal song as an insect
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Retweeted by BlueZero1989Alright! Today we will do some legendary bird hunt and chill Pokémon collecting for the shiny charm~ Followed by S…
Retweeted by BlueZero1989Live with Final Fantasy XIV! Going to start the shadowbringers story today~ God I am in love with this game again…
Retweeted by BlueZero1989 @0Chi_VT .....welp....sorry no thumbnail x.x' Have to work... But I hope you have fun^^''
Retweeted by BlueZero1989 @Peaches_VT Okay..who is brave enough giving her tummy rubs? .... I don't want to lose my hand...XD @Cerise_VT Will I die first? Probably XDHey, with some friends we decided to do a little telephone art game together 😳 We made two teams and started from…
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Going live nyan! Time to woo some catboys and make our cafe a huge success! Today we try the newest vn from the fa…
Retweeted by BlueZero1989 @Hiya_Aya Aya is Aya And that is the most important thing^^ @kogayis And I have to go to work ;_;うわあああああトロンさまあああ!
Retweeted by BlueZero1989 @KokoDreamsComfy Gooood morning^^Reminder that all my playthroughs will be uploaded on my youtube channel~ So don't worry if you miss a stream!
Retweeted by BlueZero1989 @SalavoreButler Hope you mispronounce "TikTok" next time DickDock @Cerise_VT Sleepy^^' But at least I could sleep for once XDThe new schedule is in <3 This week I'll be doing longer streams on the weekend~ #Vtuber #VtuberEN #ENVtuber
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おでかけ子ザメ 押しボタン式
Retweeted by BlueZero1989 @kaynimatic ELITE! @GenuinelyEuphie Bird people are the best imoNow there's two flavours of froot 👀
Retweeted by BlueZero1989If we hit 400 followers on twitch within the next 2 months. I’ll do a song cover. Someone remind me in OCT. if…
Retweeted by BlueZero1989GOING LIVE !!! Today we work as a team to!... Let's be real, me, @scrubtello, and @0Chi_VT are gonna mess with an…
Retweeted by BlueZero1989Let's goooo~ fall hard on our faces today! Human fall flat time with @scrubtello and @SalavoreButler 💕 🔴 Live now~…
Retweeted by BlueZero1989Going live with Cerise! We going to fight all the things! Skeletons, monsters, and dragons maybe?! Dungeon runs? Wh…
Retweeted by BlueZero1989 @greyt_mr These games have so many...SO MANY sexual innuendos I mean..just how you recharge your sword... @Hiya_Aya Pretty sure @SalavoreButler 's hands can hold a liter(女体化)ラムネと♀すす
Retweeted by BlueZero1989 @Hiya_Aya Wait a minute.. Need to start a company...XDCome to Aya's streams if you want to have a good time! It's always so funny there! ^^‼️💥👹 HIYA ITS AYA. It’s a me- posting the schedule for this upcoming week! All times are in PST. Come check me…
Retweeted by BlueZero1989 @Hiya_Aya Guess it was a stream filled with energy drinks and hands @GenuinelyEuphie Oh no...the ship... This is so sad.. despacito...XD @GenuinelyEuphie Yarrrrr! And what a fine doggo it is! @Cerise_VT Yeah me neither
@CivShep @Twitch are twash @PlayWarframe FINALLY! YES! AHHHHHHHPlay anywhere. With anyone. Cross Play and Cross Save are coming to #Warframe on all platforms, including mobile.…
Retweeted by BlueZero1989柴犬の場合🐶
Retweeted by BlueZero1989 @VTubeStudio Mr. Stark...I don't feel so good...a rigged system
Retweeted by BlueZero1989 @PlayWarframe @AMDRyzen @AMDGaming @xidaxpcs #Warframe Oh my god....yes please x.xGet ready for The New War with the ultimate #TennoCon giveaway. 💓 Like and RT 📢 Reply with #Warframe Enter here:…
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