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Friar Hoops. UConn is a football school. Secret @CapX15 Stan account

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@joshv2020 @ACicillini @CorenRichard And where are your sources on that @Kerns123 @CorenRichard You seem pretty damn insecure about that statement by seeking out Providence beat writers to proclaim thatHOOPSTA FROM 3...... BANG!!!!!!!
@BluffCityFriar Young men thrive under my leadership. It’s because we have the same intelligence and maturity level
Retweeted by BluffCityNever met a better leader of young men than Andy Piccirillo. Emphasis on young. @JpCarlesimo You know I respect you JP, and the CBB community is grasping for content right now, but Marquette’s be… @JpCarlesimo Well, Marquette King is a retired punter. Don’t know how him not playing would have any effect on the CBB season @andypic17 Duck FaytonIn honor of the late Tony Lewis: #Patriots fans singing The Outfield’s “Your Love” during the playoffs. Chills.
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@RecruitsAccess @JpCarlesimo @deencarrington ??? @JpCarlesimo Julian Champagnie is a dude. @CapIndustriesUS Couldn’t be me @nickhaIIII @JpCarlesimo I always knew you would become comfortable with your sexuality, Hall. @JpCarlesimo @nickhaIIII Utes* @JpCarlesimo @nickhaIIII Balls is who Hall should be stanning for. Just hate to see the youth making terrible decisions. @JpCarlesimo @nickhaIIII I shake my head every time I see a No Escalators tweet. Hot Balls is actually funny though. @JaySkippE @Arya7473 @rschnitzer23 @WeeChlo94 @55_Boots @Stocks_Gazer @Pistoltweet86 @realDonaldTrump @60Minutes It… @Arya7473 @rschnitzer23 @WeeChlo94 @55_Boots @Stocks_Gazer @Pistoltweet86 @realDonaldTrump @60Minutes You mean Bide…
@Zackaru10 @friarsfam @andypic17 @friarsfam @andypic17 Certainly can’t have the jerseys outshine the on-court performance. So the bar was set pretty… @jimmyillini24 @CorenRichard hung on the rim and pointed at the camera. You know what that tells me? UConn promotes technical fouls. Not a go…
Retweeted by BluffCity @andypic17 You just hate to see it.There’s only one right answer and it’s David Duke, Junior. @mtosc98 Congrats man! @andypic17 Bentil’s “foul” on Archy for looking at him the wrong way in the BET. @marcussmartsta1 This what Ainge though Yabu would be @AndyFSports @EmeraldRobinson You do realize that there was a service contract signed that stated if payment for se… @allstarsimmons @BryceHopkins👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀@BryceHopkins @CoachCooleyPC
@UconnDr @DFluckesFans Ma’am this is a Wendy’s drive-thru. @MisterHotBalls I can get behind this. @DFluckesFans @HuskiesFan99 A prick. @JHZax You look like a fucking Keebler’s elf.Pain. Hope I can at least trust Swift every week moving forward ucON fans You can admit that your team was horrendous from 2015-2020 AND still have won a national champions… @DropofFink @RealJamesWoods So if she claims to be the descendant of a slave driver but there’s no evidence that me… @andypic17 I could’ve sworn he was a woman... @mtosc98 @CapX15 Go....... can’t do it Toscano. I just can’t. @CapX15 More like it @CapX15 Muskies is too close to Huskies for me to say it.Minuscule DFS play today. Really not a fan of this slate so I’m not putting relatively any skin in the game. @simmy1210 @KevinMcNamara33 @KentuckyRivals @IlliniPulseRy @PCFriarsmbb That’s what the verdict is according to nat… @DFluckesFans I mean there’s not much to work with @CapX15 @ProvidenceCrier Hopefully neither of these two bozos @ashleyb48972948 Okay ashleyb48972948 I was waiting for your response @patlenehan14 5th in the AAC with 0 Q1 wins is what you hang your hat on?State school math @andypic17 Fuck. I knew itThey all decided to grow facial hair? I don’t get it @Licatacs Didn’t think I’d get a logical response back but I certainly expected more from you, Chris. @SonsOfNutmeg Umm.... there’s one school in the Big East that has Division 1 football.... sort of missing the mark there @Licatacs Remember when Drummond dunked and pointed at Dunn while he was sitting behind the PC bench in 2012, and t…
@mtosc98 Toscano, you’re a class act. Unfortunately I can’t say the same for 99.7% of the UConn fan base. @DFluckesFans @andypic17 And to continue, they’re 45 mins away from Providence, UConn was little brother until ‘97,… @DFluckesFans @andypic17 Providence fans have a very differing point of view. Providence threw them a life raft at… @DFluckesFans @andypic17 @andypic17 @DFluckesFans They haven’t come for Xavier yet. When they do, you’ll understand @DFluckesFans @andypic17 Very weird school to start a beef with. I’ve yet to meet an asshole Jays fan. But UCONN fa… @SamanthaLEllin4 @cnnbrk Connected with “voters?” How about “former staffers.” You know, because there were two for… @FTWJohnnies @cnnbrk Also everybody knows what to expect from Trump, and they knew Guthrie was going to give him bu… @FTWJohnnies They’ll be top-5 and get an at-large on talent alone. There’s no denying they’re talented. But as PC f… @UConnReport I seem to recall Providence has been ranked in the top 10 more recently than UConn has had a 20-win season. But go off @UConnReport No, losers who think they’re winners SUCK.This is EXACTLY why nobody likes ucONN @UConnReport 5th in the AAC is pretty goodUniversity of UCONN: Where the years 2015-2020 didn’t happen ™️This is a stupid and quite frankly an ignorant take. @dwalter425 @LavErrTee @UConnNOS @JonRothstein I’m 26 and I’ve seen PC have zero APR violations nor Level 1 violati… @FTWJohnnies Someone blocked me and now it won’t let anyone add me back @DFluckesFans They couldn’t handle my honest opinion. They fucked up. @tnhusky1 They don’t wanna see us hornify TwitterFree @BluffCityFriar
Retweeted by BluffCity @tnhusky1 😢 @tnhusky1 The frig? @CapX15 Wow @tnhusky1 hey add me back it removed me from group chat @BPCooper211 @steveyd121 @marchmadness @PCFriarsmbb @TheAndyKatz @BIGEASTMBB @NovaMBB @BluejayMBB @UConnMBB @BPCooper211 @steveyd121 @marchmadness @PCFriarsmbb @TheAndyKatz @BIGEASTMBB @NovaMBB @BluejayMBB @UConnMBB @BPCooper211 @steveyd121 @marchmadness @PCFriarsmbb @TheAndyKatz @BIGEASTMBB @NovaMBB @BluejayMBB @UConnMBB @BPCooper211 @steveyd121 @marchmadness @PCFriarsmbb @TheAndyKatz @BIGEASTMBB @NovaMBB @BluejayMBB @UConnMBB @BPCooper211 @steveyd121 @marchmadness @PCFriarsmbb @TheAndyKatz @BIGEASTMBB @NovaMBB @BluejayMBB @UConnMBB @BPCooper211 @steveyd121 @marchmadness @PCFriarsmbb @TheAndyKatz @BIGEASTMBB @NovaMBB @BluejayMBB @UConnMBB @tnhusky1 @steveyd121 I’m really not. @BPCooper211 @steveyd121 @marchmadness @PCFriarsmbb @TheAndyKatz @BIGEASTMBB @NovaMBB @BluejayMBB @UConnMBB @BPCooper211 @steveyd121 @marchmadness @PCFriarsmbb @TheAndyKatz @BIGEASTMBB @NovaMBB @BluejayMBB @UConnMBB @tnhusky1 Nah if @steveyd121 says it, I wouldn’t bet against it. @tnhusky1 Stevey D is a sharp. I wouldn’t fade him.
@cbb_crow @M_Agnello17 @DukeMBB @CoachBillSelf Bias? @cbb_crow @M_Agnello17 @DukeMBB @CoachBillSelf That’s apples to oranges. Obviously LSU and Kansas need to be dealt… @cbb_crow @M_Agnello17 @DukeMBB @CoachBillSelf Ehh... Matt McCall looks like a descendant from the Pitino/Calipari greasebag association.Wow. So, you’re telling me Matt McCall was cheating? No way. to have received an offer from Providence College! 🖤🤍 #GoFriars
Retweeted by BluffCity @thepantiman @NovaCountVillan BluffCity can moderate! I’d fit well into the Steve Scully role @JpCarlesimo @CapX15 @andypic17 Nah, Andy’s the one in his feelings. I just get amusement from it @CapX15 @andypic17 Make-up show coming soon