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We make nightmares come true. #BlackChristmas in theaters Friday, December 13th

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@JoshuaV3308845 Aw. I miss sitting at the kids' table.It's the last Friday the 13th of the decade. Great time to hex somebody, just in time for the holidays.It’s the most wonderful time for fear. #BlackChristmas is now playing in theaters. Get tickets:… the night before Black Christmas, and in the Mu Kappa house, a killer was creeping, quiet as a mouse… Get tick…
These are the Winchester rave vibes of a woman who wants to haunt your children. If you go to @BlackChristmas and w…
Retweeted by BlumhouseListen to @AWolfeful, co-writer of #BlackChristmas, who switches seats and becomes a guest on her own show,…, death bells will ring! Check out this EXCLUSIVE first look at a killer retro poster from @Blumhouse's newe…
Retweeted by Blumhouse#BlackChristmas grinding its way into theaters tonight. Get tickets now at: is in theaters tonight. Get tickets:
What had you on the edge of your seat last night? #ThePurgeTV ⚡️ “Episode 209 Recap” by @ThePurgeTV 35 of 35 On #BodySwap.... A fucking ride & dream come true. I can’t thank @creetureshow enough. What a mentor a…
Retweeted by BlumhouseThis is amazing. Anybody else doing a gingerbread horror house this year?
Retweeted by BlumhouseIT'S WEDNESDAY!! Love this GIF of #CULTURESHOCK SO EXCITED for Vancouver to see my feature debut at the coolest th…
Retweeted by BlumhouseOnly 2 more sleeps until the nightmare begins. #BlackChristmas is in theaters —Friday the 13th. Get tickets:…
Welcome back, James Sandin. is on a mission. Catch her on an all-new episode of #ThePurgeTV, tonight at 9/8c on @USA_Network. shook with fear. Only 3 days ‘til #BlackChristmas is in theaters. Get tickets now:
Death bells will be ringing. See #BlackChristmas in theaters this Friday the 13th. Get tickets now:… PRANKED! Sorry sister!!! 😂💕 Get a mask like this at the @blumhouse shop and get some Gigi Collection of cloth…
Retweeted by BlumhouseWATCH THIS 💀"Ready? Set? HUNT!" Tuesday airs my Directorial TV debut!! With CRASHES, GORE, ACTION AND MORE! This i…
Retweeted by BlumhouseVancouver! After you watch @HorrorGuerrero's episode of #ThePurgeTV, catch her at @RioTheatre Wednesday at 9pm for…
5 days ‘til #BlackChristmas. Get tickets:
Get ready for a killer holiday. See #BlackChristmas in theaters Friday the 13th of December. Get tickets now:…’m just a boy... Standing in front of a girl... Masking you to love @blumhouse’s #IntoTheDark: A Nasty Piece Of Wo…
Retweeted by Blumhouse @wolfriderxangel @Naughty_Pooka @vigalondo @hulu @Naughty_Pooka check you out. This rules.Wishing everyone good cheer this Holiday Season. Please love one another. @hulu @blumhouse #IntoTheDark: A Nasty Pi…
Retweeted by BlumhouseIn one week: #BlackChristmas. Get tickets now: @hulu GIMME THAT POOKA BADDIE!!!!!!!!!
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Love revisiting all my favorite bops at the end of the year @bfrye26 @HorrorGuerrero @ThePurgeTV Yes! In black and white. @kylemccordd Promise you will not be disappointed when it drops.Only 8 days ‘til #BlackChristmas is here… chop chop. Get tickets now: wanna get nasty with me this Friday in @blumhouse’s #IntoTheDark: A Nasty Piece of Work? Then just strea…
Retweeted by BlumhouseNice work on #ThePurgeTV design, @horrorguerrero! Check it out:
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If you want Purge Night accessories that go beyond masks, @HorrorGuerrero and @blumhouse have you covered:…
Retweeted by BlumhouseAMIGOS THE TIME IS HERE!!! I am officially a clothing designer?! LOL!! @blumhouse and I are pumped to share…
Retweeted by BlumhouseYou've got the urge to Purge and we've got the perfect way to show all your Purge Night Feels. Apparel, notebooks… Gigi Saul Guerrero & Blumhouse Partner on Exclusive Merch Inspired by THE PURGE -
Retweeted by BlumhouseSlashing the stockings with scares. Only 9 more days ‘til #BlackChristmas. Get tickets:
Purge Night comes but once a year... and the crew is ready😈 Are you? Another Purge Night begins on an all-new episo… #GivingTuesday Blumhouse and @FacebookWatch's Sacred Lies: The Singing Bones is teaming up with the… Kelen's message for help too little too late? Find out by watching the latest episode of #ThePurgeTV, online o…
Retweeted by BlumhouseThis Friday watch A Nasty Piece of Work on @Hulu! It’s a demented Christmas movie I directed for @blumhouse written…
Retweeted by BlumhouseSomething scary is cooking. Only 10 days ‘til Black Christmas. Get tickets:🎼Slashing through the snow. Killers gonna slay. Experience #BlackChristmas in theaters Friday the 13th of December.…
It's almost time to cue the sirens. Set your DVRs for an all-new episode of #ThePurgeTV, TOMORROW at 9/8c on…
Retweeted by Blumhouse @hulu @Queerty DYING of anticipation 🍾✨EXCLUSIVE: Here’s a first look at Hulu’s new gay horror film ‘Midnight Kiss’
Retweeted by Blumhouse11 more days ‘til #BlackChristmas. Get tickets now: Blum, 'Big Short' Writer Tackling WeWork Drama
Retweeted by Blumhouse @NotDylanSann It's pretty new! @hulu If you're good maybe @Naughty_Pooka will have a surprise under the tree for you...Funko Pops, Purge Masks, Pooka hoodies and more: Use discount code CYBERMONDAY for 20% off sitewide. Ends 12/4 at 3…
🎼Do you want to torch a snowman? The 13 Days of #BlackChristmas starts now. See Black Christmas in theaters Friday…
Black Friday? How about #BlackChristmas in theaters Friday the 13th of December. In case you FORGOT. I hope y…
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Black Friday? Bring it. #BlackChristmas in theaters Friday the 13th of December Black Friday sale starts now. 15% off sitewide using the discount code BLACKFRIDAY through 12/2 at 3am ET.…
Give thanks it’s not Christmas. See @BlackChristmas in theaters Friday the 13th of December. 🦃🔪 Time to get everyone together and stream your new favorite family film, #IntoTheDark: Pilgr…
We've got #BlackFriday discounts starting 11/29 at 6am ET through 12/2 at 3am ET for 15% off site-wide. Check bac… you have your cutlery ready for the holidays? @BlackChristmas in theaters Friday the 13th of December.…
Spoke with always delightful @sophiathecolest about her hopefully horrifying Black Christmas remake @AWolfeful
Retweeted by BlumhouseThe part from MA where she says "Don't make me drink alone!" on repeat for 97 minutes. and ready to try to take down the NFFA. Get your DVRs ready for an all-new episode of #ThePurgeTV, TONIG…
Retweeted by BlumhouseDare you serve this at Thanksgiving and then have your family watch #IntoTheDark: Pilgrim. Great recipe,…
Mexican Power on the set of @ThePurgeTV for @blumhouse 🇲🇽🎬 @PaolaNunez que chido trabajar juntas! My episode is co…
Retweeted by BlumhouseIf you were Marcus, you'd be paranoid too. Don't miss an all-new episode of #ThePurgeTV, TOMORROW at 9/8c on… to warm your cold heart this Monday.
You messed with the wrong sisters. See #BlackChristmas in theaters Friday the 13th of December. @BlackChristmas @QuinCunning Oops
Gonna tell my kids this is Rudolph better be careful. She's officially public enemy number one. Catch up on the latest episode of #ThePurgeTV, o…
Retweeted by BlumhouseLast night, Ryan and Esme teamed up, Marcus confronted Sam, and Kelen found out the truth about Ben. We’ve got your…
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This Christmas, a little hard work never killed anybody. #IntoTheDark: A Nasty Piece of Work hits @hulu December 6.⬇️ COVER REVEAL OF ISSUE #6. ⬇️ Put it on your coffee table and let that Yuletide cheer of VFW, DANIEL ISN’T REAL,…
Retweeted by BlumhouseThe new trailer for @hulu's 'Into the Dark' Christmas episode shows a company holiday party gone terribly wrong
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Tonight, my first episode of tv, @ThePurgeTV for @blumhouse airs on @USA_Network Check out this article to see ho…
Retweeted by BlumhouseWhy is Esme seeking out Ryan? Here's a sneak peek at tonight's all-new episode of #ThePurgeTV before it airs toni… NFFA is on the hunt for Esme. Catch an all-new episode of #ThePurgeTV tomorrow at 9/8c on @USA_Network. Mulroney is a hate-spewing talk radio host in clip from The Purge TV show
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@Teedeee_ Thanks, Tee 🖤💀💕I come home and @blumhouse sent me a little reminder that them and I got something COOL coming your way! STAY TU…
Retweeted by BlumhouseIt's Monday the 18th... AGAIN! Which means you have to watch #HappyDeathDay or #HDD2U tonight, those are the rules.
@pyrategurl77 @BDisgusting @hulu @jason_blum Streaming now on @hulu!
Did you catch these cameos in #TheGallowsActII?"Into the Dark" Film 'Pilgrim' is the Crazy Thanksgiving Horror Movie We've Been Waiting For…
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Got the urge to Purge? New @OriginalFunko Pop! Purge figures now on our store."I can get purged because of what you did." Tensions are rising on #ThePurgeTV. Watch the latest episode online or… adore @ZoeListerJones. And I’m so grateful she’s my current writer/director (so side note, thank you @blumhouse f…
Retweeted by BlumhouseOne of our own executive assistants, Noah Feinberg, not only wrote #IntoTheDark: Pilgrim, he LIVED IT (kind of). Ch…
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Stranger: *barely brushes my shoulder on a busy sidewalk* Me:
The fans inspired this season of @ThePurgeTV, which explores the other 364 days of the year. @dalmatianjaws and… 3 weeks I witnessed people working hard to give fans of @blumhouse a fresh, unique & special take on the slashe…
Retweeted by Blumhouse.@Fantasy_Island trailer out now! In theaters Valentine's Day #NeverComingHome @lucyhale @maggieq @portiaDd
#SacredLies: The Singing Bones. Coming February 2020 to @FacebookWatch. you see it? More on Monday 🏝️ @Fantasy_Island
Holy shit. They actually made an invisible emoji for #TheInvisibleMan!! 😂😂😂
Retweeted by BlumhouseIf you can't see him, and you can't hear him, is he really there? Watch the official #TheInvisibleMan trailer now.… this movie Wildin 😂😂😂
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