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@chessmartinez Barely been a whisper of this story in the National media. @JoeRRyle This is a horrifying and yet entirely predictable account of the mountain that those working for a Labour… @HackneyAbbott @UKLabour Absolutely. The context was clear as day.There never was a ‘cult of Corbyn’. Just millions of people that appreciated what he stood for :- social and racia…
@LauraSmithCrewe ‘Chaos is a ladder’Still baffling that the leaders of the free world, the most powerful nation on earth, are giving people a choice of… @britainelects @IpsosMORI Lots of centrists drop their coffee cup, Usual Suspects style, as they realise that Corby… @LizKershawDJ Erm, yes. @Nigel_Farage Human beings being shown a bit of dignity and kindness? Frankly I’m appalled.Many of the multi million pound pandemic contracts dished out by the govt would appear not to be able to stand up t… the sake of people’s mental and financial health. For the environment, and for the long term benefit to the na…
@KirstieMAllsopp @MikeJ_C Don’t worry Kirstie, your job of looking at Right Move and plumping up cushions will be safe. @johnmcternan @PolProfSteve Those that wanted to see that would always see it. A much larger majority - the actual… @johnmcternan @PolProfSteve That was the issue was it? Wow. That is some reach. @johnmcternan @PolProfSteve Senior Labour members slagging Corbyn off does not boost Labour’s polling figures. They… @JenWilliamsMEN God help us all coping without lobby briefings @TanDhesi @WorldCup_of_MPs I’m blocked too.The govt pandemic response has been a series of poor decisions, late decisions, neglect, contradictions and dodgy c…
@TomLondon6 @TheCanaryUK @GuidoFawkes Very true. How many genuinely left wing voices are regularly given airtime?… @JamesEFoster Corbyn’s fault thatChanging multi millionaire Jeremy Hunts’ lunch bill won’t save the economy. Changing his tax bill would. @skynewsniall And yet you have failed to find anything interesting about his views or reaction. @possiblynotel I normally just call Michael Gove a cunt when I’m struggling. @ClientJournoExp They are a limp bunchThe poor paid the price for a decade of austerity. Let the super rich pay for the pandemic.
There is a very strong argument that the governments Covid response has been the worst of any nation in the entire…
Conservatives: 🔹February - Herd Immunity will see us through 🔹March - The rest of Europe are overreacting, we wil… fact that Meghan Markle gets a tougher press than Prince Andrew rather neatly tells you everything you need to… @GeeLedger Was really some of the centrists I had in mind @jgcon I’m not sure you read the tweet properly @wattomeister Why what have I missed?We aren’t better off under Johnson than we would have been under Corbyn. And people should have the balls to start admitting it.
@TheMendozaWoman @0Calamity 100% agree.Rishi Sunak isn’t Superman. The Conservatives aren’t superheroes. honours list 🤮. The moneyed elite do whatever they like in this country. Nothing but a corrupt private members…
1. UK Government Coronavirus failings- a thread-This doc I made is simply a factual, non-deniable, list of some of…
Retweeted by Guy Fawkes @Roadwarrior29 @onafi Sorry yes, in England.The lockdown rules have turned into a complete shambles. They took the daily briefings away as the scientists could… day Ash Sarkar responds to racist abuse with a grace and humour that I could certainly never muster. How ofte… Conservatives strangled the economy for a decade but convinced enough people they had saved their jobs. They…
@Nigel_Farage People have paid for you to stay in posh hotels abroad for years.I was wondering if there was anything as distasteful as Annunziata Rees-Mogg telling poor people how to eat..… @TPointUK This isn’t going as well as you think it is
@craigta80510373 @Independent Seemed pertinent but it was a cheap shot, you are right. @lewis_goodall @ScarlettBarter @AlexRitchieMM The fatigue argument is just madness as an earlier lockdown would hav… @Ariana_Activist @PeterStefanovi2 @JohnEdwards33 @IGOTABITCH @edwardpoole1975 @JamesEFoster Happy Birthday, and I’m… @AaronBastani Absolutely no doubt about itIf you have a spokesman to speak for you, a chief adviser to think for you, and civil servants to act for you, are… @0Calamity Sometimes the good guys prevail xWe did it! ❤️🌹 Thank you to every single one of you who has supported me over the past months. It has been quite…
Retweeted by Guy FawkesNEW: A damning report from Public Accounts Committee accuses government of "throwing care homes to the wolves" duri…
Retweeted by Guy Fawkes
@JimMFelton That news line does read like the start of a synopsis of a Jason Statham film @christopherhope ‘We took the right steps at the right time. It’s not our fault. Look over there at those antisemites’ Do I get the job? @Independent I’m not sure I’m taking lessons on obesity from a man who has turned into a beef tomato.If Quarantining those now returning from Spain is important.. Why on Earth were people allowed to return freely fro…
@HasVulcan You are a Lib Dem @JohnRob92251513 Haha! No worries. @JohnRob92251513 Can you explain why you have just called me an arsehole?Twitter would be an infinitely better place without any racism. It’s also a slightly better place without any hypo… a selfie of yourself in a supermarket without a mask does not make you Bruce Willis in Die Hard.
@istanbul0505 Yes! I’m sure I had a point somewhere! @jimbo094 I’m glad someone understands what I was trying to get at! @DanCardenMP Always strange when people say - ‘name a country where a socialist govt has worked’ Er, this one.As my friend, Jeremy Corbyn, gets on with job of being an incredibly hard working local MP & throwing himself into…
Retweeted by Guy FawkesBoris Johnson’s 2 minute challenge video, full of lies, spin, smoke & mirrors just passed a million views. Let’s se…
Retweeted by Guy FawkesUpon booking a flight, you are told you have been upgraded to first class. Result! When you arrive you realise eve… @HarrydBastard I’ll try again with Richman.. @Neil_Youngson @leopardthinks1 I totally need to get this @stoddart_martin She’s a huge talent IMO. @JonathanCraddo3 So chilled this @MsShiny97 Ah it’s devastating. Tracy Thorn said it ‘elevated her to tears’ (rather than reduced to tears) and I c… @NicholaW79 @TheBluetones A britpop classic that @NathanielBayard Is this the best introduction to Rush? @whistler179 @_Chloe_51 Heart and soul... @MrNatterjack Yes! @MsShiny97 His last album is stunning @MarkEva50153788 A favourite of mine @RobertGEdge Worth a listen yeah? @Kat41414 Been plenty I have! First one I hadn’t was a Tom waits album @tvtenterhooks Lovely @Stephen14945784 I’d forgotten about these
@QSuzy64 Was such a shame about Stuart @Xspuddy_spudX I have this somewhere, will dig it out ta @izzybbb @embrace La la la la la la la la la la ❤️ @nickycash Super chilled @amozoomdar Not heard this in ages @ArmisAl63 Yeah, my favourite Stevie album I think @rob_northern Not seen any suggestions for these yet I’m glad to say! @Thewhitesoulman Think this was his first, should get this. @VProtheroe Think they headlined Glastonbury soon after @BrendanGlover2 Classic @ronanmaenardo Excellent. Early Mick Head, lovely. @HarlandTony @IanSkelly1 I’ve not heard his solo stuff, will give it a listen ta @marsdinon One of the last bands I saw before lockdown! @QSuzy64 Underrated @KevinBTurner They were huge for a while @Fertweetssake1 Will check it out @HarlandTony Instant follow for a Shack album @Nolliag66 Great album that. A film soundtrack without the film @magnuspc I love Big Star