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Programmer + Game Designer on @SuperSlimeArena. I make lots of stuff.

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Hey Mu Cartographer is still free for 2 weeks
Retweeted by BluShine Games @KitaruTC @MaxKriegerVG ESRB does not recruit new “laypeople”. It’s a dedicated group of full-time reviewers who wa…
@textfiles Is this an @zandravandra story? @isaias_v95 If you start counting different cover art, SKU, and other minor differences as new games, then you’d ne… @isaias_v95 There’s only 2 games in the series: Nintendogs and Nintendogs + Cats. Each version had multiple SKUs th… @danctheduck So you’re saying all I have to do is become hotter and louder? @whitequark @bascule Wouldn’t 2/4 “No Detection” for cotton and 1/4 “No Detection” for surgical would imply 50% and… @bascule @whitequark Their data seems to contradict their conclusion? Table shows that neither mask was 100% effect… @HTHRFLWRS Full face sci-fi helmet with LEDs and big antlers. @eevee Unity hassupport for this. But TBH, I still might just use Tiled and load the maps i…
@JadeRedbird Encouraging long playtime can be a design goal in itself. Look at 200-hour JRPGs, or MMOs with 1000s o… and @Anamanaguchi are headlining a COVID-19 relief music festival on Saturday. The venue is Mine…
Retweeted by BluShine GamesOpen Pit & @anamanaguchi present #NetherMeant Saturday, April 11 6PM EST performances by @americfootball
Retweeted by BluShine Games @MelYee14 Also, the situation is changing rapidly as new studies and data come in. Webpages can be updated with new… @MelYee14 Varsoy Healthcare seems like a shady pharma startup in India. I cannot find any sources for their the num…
@tanyaxshort It’s very similar to the events in AC Pocket Camp. Demands increased daily activity, slows your longe… set up the exercise area in my apartment!
Retweeted by BluShine Games @a_nice_frog Team Fortress 2 @PangYuWei1 You didn’t hear it from me, but AliExpress has some much cheaper “amiibo compatible” cards... @objkshn Check my recipts in my other reply. IMO, if you’re gonna make bold claims you should make it as easy as po… @TyWorth Tea + beer? Weird latte but ok.
@henriok2 Under the DMCA you have to appeal the claim first, then the claimant decides to reject or accept your app… @MaxKriegerVG Who is this fool and why do I need to see this cursed boomer content in my timeline? @objkshn @Constance8News Btw, here’s the recommended mask designs endorsed by 4 different medical facilities.… @objkshn @Constance8News Can you post the source, then? Anyone can write “A doctor said this, trust me” on an image. @objkshn @Constance8News Yes, this is better info. Would be even better if you could cite sources or articles inste… @objkshn @Constance8News This info is misleading. The “1/3rd effectiveness” study only tested 1 type of mask, more…
@icloud8391 You’re calling me an idiot so how about I sue you for defamation? Guess you should have signed a contra… @icloud8391 Sure, you can TRY to sue for any dumb shit. Some lawyers will gladly take your $$$$$ for bullshit cases… @icloud8391 A legal contract is only useful for producing legal consequences. It doesn’t sound like she wants to ta… @icloud8391 My dude, I’ve run a business, that’s not how this works. You can’t sue someone for saying mean things.… @icloud8391 You’re talking about work for hire. An RPG is generally a collaboration, not a contract gig. The GM and… you do
Retweeted by BluShine Gamesdo you like slimes
Retweeted by BluShine Games @icloud8391 I think it goes beyond just character development. The player had certain expectations about the conten… @icloud8391 @BMunise In theater/film, you get the script beforehand. If you don’t like what’s written, you can walk… @VikingVarnyx Why would anyone stay in a game when they aren’t having fun? There’s 10000 other GMs and games out th… @MathieuTheGrey Imagine you signed up for a “3rd level classic sword & sorcery D&D campaign”. You show up and the D… @MathieuTheGrey It’s about expectations and consent. If your character sheets have a “gunslinging” skill, you know… of an announcement: Red Desert Render now has an experimental ONLINE MULTIPLAYER mode! (press O to activate…
Retweeted by BluShine Games @Kabanaw My brain read this as ecmascript 6. That would be a very impressive accomplishment.Hey @itchio I wanna buy a bunch of $1-$3 games. Is there a way I can bundle all those transactions and minimize tra…
PSA: Stay Safe with Bryan and Nicky Dee
Retweeted by BluShine Games @SnapDrake @slimyswampghost Shout out to those wasps, TBH. Seems like a tough job, and we all got those Nook loans to pay off. @aurahack Inside of the bunny is a swarm of angry sentient wasps. Please do not unzip the costume. The wasps are do… @HTHRFLWRS It’s an ongoing dialogue. I know that the person I am deep down might not be perfect, but that person is… @FanbyteMedia SEO gods please bless this page and curse all the others lol.Oh wait, actually there's FOUR different pages, all of them seemingly incomplete.,… @FanbyteMedia, I wanna listen to your podcasts, but your website makes it really hard. The top 2 google results…
@Enichan Half the time I open any twitter link on mobile, the mobile site is just flat-out unusable because of uncl… you get detected in a stealth game and the base goes on alert.
@eigenbom I imagine it’s the same reason why you rarely see the games press talking about Roblox or Minecraft mods.… @monarobot goblins.Procedural animations and pixel art. This 6-legged beast animates smoothly on almost any terrain. #pixelart
Retweeted by BluShine Gamesdaily bump: all my paid games are on sale in a special 4-games-for-$2 bundle until (?date unknown?). now's the time…
Retweeted by BluShine GamesIf you have any questions for @DarrenKorb, the composer of Bastion, Transistor, Pyre, or Hades, drop in at…
Retweeted by BluShine Games @SimplyRagny Yes. For at least a year, maybe longer. @apawhite I see a lot less RTs than the one I linked. Perhaps the hyperbole was lost on them? @EnnexTheFox @_Ninji The animal crossing planet is a very very long torus. @plumtreechloe I’ve seen similar things (for D&D), but it’s framed as “downtime”, and I don’t like how that tends t… @plumtreechloe I’m into it. I’d also be really interested in some guidelines for how to handle the interplay betwe… @DSAArchaeology By far my most expensive die!
@DSAArchaeology Pictured: big dice pile, Irondie d6s, Thorn d20 by CeramicWombat, assorted unusual-numbered dice. @AlexandraErin You sure about that? I’m seeing a lot of support for this guy. @bfod Bombardier’s Guild. A steampunk space artillery game where you try to find complex orbital paths through a fi… @bfod 100 Rogues was one of the best roguelikes on the platform. It had the classic elements you want from a tradit… thread of my favorite games that were iOS exclusive, now no longer available on any platform (for various reasons…
Retweeted by BluShine Games @Peskilanim @plumtreechloe @bigstuffedcat When a bear enters a room in the gingerbread house, place an index card t…
In 2007, disabled gamer Mike Phillips released a video showing amazing technology that allowed him to play using ON…
Retweeted by BluShine Games @Wintydunno Is Garchomp from Pokken Kirito?
@WildernessBasin Unfortunately, it’s the same all across the country. CDC and the media has been telling people tha… @eevee Widespread mask use has been very effective in Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea, Vietnam, and the Cz… @jrzeee Check the previous tweet. proud to announce a shiny new, alternative & experimental 'Now Play This at Home' taking place next weekend.…
Retweeted by BluShine Games @unormal I think North Korea might have some travel restrictions tho. @giantrobotbee @eevee It’s Allston Christmas in Animal Crossing! April 3rd - May 4th The year is 2020. A global pandemic has canceled all sports around the…
Retweeted by BluShine GamesJust refunded Half Life: Alyx because I don’t have enough ram to play it. 8GB has been enough to play every other V… @unormal Chat roulette but only for cats.
@AlexBurby Samba De Amigo VR. @Potatoaf1 @GrantWTrent Lead has been a common additive to glass and pottery glazes for more than a thousand years.…'m a big fan of @AAS_News's plugins. Strum is quite cool (analog modeled guitar). Pair it with a guitar tone plugi…
Retweeted by BluShine Games @Vahn16 A sleep study can help diagnose any underlying sleep issues. Even mild amounts of sleep deprivation can hav… @Vahn16 Sleep deprivation can cause a very wide variety of hallucinations, dissociation, paranoia, memory loss, and…
@mtrc @tanyaxshort I think it’s hard to consider mechanics a “spoiler” when it’s part of the marketing material. S… @RanarifSC @slimyswampghost Me and the squad playing Mon Hun. @zerstoerer I haven’t gotten comments like this and I can’t tell if it’s because my influences are too obscure or just because my work is 💩 @plumtreechloe I tried to do something like this before, but it fell apart pretty quickly. I feel like it’s hard to…✨ ANNOUNCEMENT ✨ Radical Solitaire goes live on Steam in less than 24 hours! Wishlist no…
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@FogleBird Yeah, triplanar is probably what you want. Use a smooth texture for the top plane, and a layer lines tex… @FogleBird Triplanar sould work well for most cases, especially if you tweak the blending algorithms, and itms easy… @BooDooPerson It’s undetectable after 2-3 days max on plastic surfaces at room temp. Dies even faster at warmer tem… @alixnovosi @BooDooPerson Short-term reinfection is considered extremely unlikely. There were early some reports of… @SilverChangling Has anyone made a game about this yet? You’re a supreme magical being, and you have an app that no… @phi6 You can also check local facebook/reddit/etc. groups. I’ve seen lots of folks on my local pages offering to d… @MaxKriegerVG
@wavingpeople I tried to get one but it was pretty much impossible unless you wanna pay $500+ to ebay scalpers. Pro…
Everyone working remotely: ZOOM monitors the activity on your computer and collects data on the programs running a…
Retweeted by BluShine Games @MaxKriegerVG Honestly, I wouldn't mind seeing it go the other way, too. Advance Wars Days Of Ruin 2. @bengrue It has elements of Stardew and The Sims. It's focused less on farming, crafting, or economic systems. More…