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@NotLucFN that’s crazy
@Lpoapoa hopefully the new album drop this week @wtfsaucy yea when i seen yo original tweet on yo old acc it was kinda like the beginning to all this 4 me
@Lpoapoa just do the job ur self pussy @Lpoapoa so whatre u waiting for @opalftw hard
@Lpoapoa i told you already
@BHSpry @TeamBH_ @staticwtf @Lpoapoa @stat7x c’mon guys why is everyone talking about me here😂😂👀🤷‍♂️👀😂💀😅 @Lpoapoa bro😭 rich people literally say that. if that was the case then there wouldn’t be instances where people ha… @Lpoapoa with that mindset you’ll just find an excuse to spend money on useless shit and little by little it’ll sta… @Lpoapoa it’s actually dumb asf if ur getting it w ur own money it literally makes no sense and doing shit like tha…
@Trickie_ good shit bro keep it up big difference @mscharwie what have u watchedalright it’s beef jerky time guys and gatorade time tooi still have a long way to go but damn like i’m so excited for the journey and appreciative of every day that’s led up to this momentit’s all thanks to Jesus im at where i’m at mentally now and working towards where i want to be physically so thank…’s crazy what some simple working out can do bro like this shit has me trying to change my whole life around for… @Lpoapoa doesn’t stream labs capture whatever your monitor displays, shouldn’t you just have to switch the input on… @z_ho94 it’s actually so beautiful tho @Lppoaa @Lpoapoa @Lpoapoa am i a friend who tells you the truth
@luc16s f slurHoly fuckin smokes I got my money uppppp😭🌪
Retweeted by jose @ItsWayzy oh ic i can’t do online cuz ion do shit at all if it’s online @ItsWayzy u drop out of school or sum
@staticwtf @Lpoapoa FIYTB‼️ @Lpoapoa and that’s it😭 JUST fortnite ALL DAY😭😭😭😭 @KickerFN nah nightmares suck so bad but the relief you get when you wake up is crazy @Lppoaathis be lpoa on facetime
@vegaaTF @stat7x onb just cut that fortnite shit out it’s a waste of time, if you really wanted to get somewhere w… @stat7x if u wanna talk im be on tmr if not uon got to but im gts gn @stat7x im glad that you been working out keep it up n you’ll see progress soon not jus physically but mentally too… @stat7x like i told you bro even if it’s little by little at least you doing something, work towards being a better… @stat7x like me and lpoa was in your ass for how long pushing you and trying to get you to workout but you don’t wa… @stat7x bro you don’t do shit that’s why start doing shit
2021 @SpazFaym guys the video game that he will play it is starts with a (“pub”) but end with a letter like “(g)”😉😉😉 DM… @BHSpry risky reels original locations 😳 @z_ho94 nah cuz imagine they replaced “racist” with “black” that would be funny😂😂😂😂💀💀💀😭 @Lpoapoa how i be walkin @deleteszn i like starting w core because it’s kind of like a warm up
@z_ho94 hey happy birthday fuck
@lsaiaz hbd bro😁 @ItsWayzy what specs
@jjwaytougly how about shut up i hate you and get away from me and shut up @0Shypez2 how about shut the fuck up @xerxify love brodi ❤️pull up fresh as fucc m i high as fuck i am i MIGHT BE😭😭😭😭💯💯💯💯 thankful to Jesus he literally give me super powers damnslept 6 hours in total the past 2 days n i been up since 2 am n i still ran through that fucking workout i’m a beast @mscharwie twinzies 😆
@quicksprivate i hope errybody jus send they 1’s under this tweet😭 those mochas fye tho @quicksprivate they the 2.0 @Skivixx they really are. i laced them hoes up good but i kinda fw white laces better than black in these @ezkyz oh yuh @0Shypez2 nah idk who they belong to i found them on a porch in a box just sitting there😂😂💀uh huhhh @staticwtf what the hell is this man
@Lpoapoa this is gonna be a big part of our lives when we start grinding content again, especially because you’ll b… @stat7x get lsd
@SpazFaym yes and also i enjoyed your recent video thats the omegle one it was Good. @tidwtf
@adinross bro shut the fuck up😂😂😂 @helo00061548 @z_ho94 LMFAAOOOOO @z_ho94 @z_ho94 yea i’m racist Racist Aracist Cracist Iracist Sracist Tracist @tidwtf please god whatever you do DO NOT give me a daughter🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 @tidwtf i would love to see what her parents think about her twitter 😭 @Dentrazz frog in a dvd playee @luc16s now i know it is clean because you know about @‘s so thank you for this onerate the new instagram is it fresh or no p.s (don tbe mean) @staticwtf u dress nice too bad those trophy rooms r fucking reps😭 L border hopper @Lpoapoa what the hell is this supposed to meanconvo’s w lpoa😍😍😍🔥
@BHSpry that moment when you realize you’re a dumbass idiot @deleteszn yo back was transforming at the end😭
@Lpoapoa imagine a hot girl asks you for help and then you shit yourself and projectile vomit and cum @Lpoapoa hope you get fired on your first day @deleteszn 😭😭😭a little TOO aggressive bro… @deleteszn just be really aggressive and straight forward 💯 @z_ho94 awww they’re so baby
@stat7x no way… :( rest in peace❤️ @adinross u really thought this triple 7 was finna getchu a band😭😭😭😭 L beaner @adinross 777 @staticwtf sn it’s cum😭😭😭😭😭😭😭💀💀☁️☁️💦💦💦💦 @staticwtf that’s protein powder and when i be dry scooping gfuel n shit @SpazFaym ofn😭💀💯this soulja x adin stream finna go viral bruh fr nice asl w freestyles😭
@BHSpry that moment when you realize and you look but that moment when and you realize but then you realize that yo… @z_ho94 @BHReload lookin good bro💯 @daofficialjay0 what grade @Laufnem wait watchu mean @z_ho94 gn lukey pookiebro i swear if they do an immediate rematch this will actually be entertaining as fuck @lsaiaz come on Isaiah 😭😭😭😭 @z_ho94 he finna call out a retired taekwondo fighter @Laufnem the amount of times i’ve seen this tweet