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@DougCollinsUX check out this out. Google announces 100,000 scholarships for online certificates in data analytics,… what?!?!?! #UXDesign #ProjectManagement and #Analytics Thanks @Google @DougCollinsUX They use the internet/products and may just have a good idea on how to improve something. Like, I wi… @bmliving/CPASocieties FREE WHITE PAPER Demystifying Artificial Intelligence (#AI). A #tax pro’s guide to cut throu… @RebekahRadice Doh! You're right. I have seen them. Didn't know they had a name. ThanksHashtags are a blessing and a curse. Are you using them correctly? @hootsuite #MarketingTips #DigitalMarketing#CPAs struggling with #ContentDevelopment time, effort, + energy? Here are our best tips for 2020.…
Retweeted by Becky Livingston @RebekahRadice Oh, what's a twitter thread? @rebeccasreynoso Do what makes you feel fabulous. Been home for 10+ years. Took me almost 8 before I'd wear shorts… @RebekahRadice Silence. Sometimes taking a walk to think about things. A notebook by the bedside for those amazing… @DougCollinsUX No matter how I sound it out in my head, it's still confusing.6 #Facebook Ad Mistakes That Can Sink Your #Marketing Budget (and How to Avoid Them)
Twitter Chats Keep on Giving – Participate in a Twitter chat and you’ll quickly see how willing people are to share… to increase your #B2B Facebook ad engagement? 8 Dos and Don’ts of Using Emojis @semrush @DigitalMktr Great info!There are several reasons why you need good lead magnets: 🧲They are engaging 🧲They generate quality leads 🧲They pro…
Retweeted by Becky Livingston @seocharge_ @yoast @CoSchedule @optinmonster @semrush I prefer All In One SEO over Yoast. It's much more effective.… you use daily hashtags (e.g., #FridayFunday #MarketingMonday, etc.)? If so, which are your fav?Heck yeah! #EmailMarketing 9 steps you need to crush Content #Marketing #MarketingTips you a Modern Unicorn Marketer? Download this #infographic and see. #MarketingMonday @PRisUs @LinkedIn Thanks for sharing Michelle. I appreciate it.Stumped for video content? Consider bullet-point answers to client questions. @PRisUs @PRisUs I have felt that way for like 8 years. snoooozzzzeeee @PRisUs Here's the link @RebekahRadice That's a great branding article. Thanks.Time is 🏃‍♀️out! #AAMKT is offering a free-trial membership for #accounting #marketing pros. Join by 7/17 and get…
@PRisUs Your chat is one of my top three. In fact I just wrote about it on LinkedIn. @RebekahRadice Is that graphic on your website? Teaching a branding class this fall and I love that one. Please share link to graphic. Thx @justinmilleresq Turning off my computer!
Looking for a super-charged lunch-and-learn session? Try a Twitter chat. Here are my three favs.… couldn't miss this day. #AllAmericanPetPhotoDay Who was/is your favorite pet?
User-generated content is your friend! Learn 23 cool things from the @HubSpot blog! #MarketingTips #SocialMedia#Google explains how #YouTube Search works - read it before you shoot your next vid! this Disaster Planning Checklist before the storm hits/you lose power. Store the information in a cloud da… is here and she brings hazardous winds and flash flooding. Prepare now for power outages. Charge…
Retweeted by Becky Livingston @BeckmannCollab Thanks for sharing and for the kind words. 😀Does my content always need a form before someone can read it? Not always. Use this infographic to help you decide.… @IntuitAccts Wow 21% say social media 👏 @DougCollinsUX balance - so you eye has a good place to "land" but also a place to rest.
The most important part of your #socialmedia strategy? Empathy. What else? #MarketingTips #Marketing Challenge – Video. A 7-step process you cannot live without. What wi… @thesmmhub @MattNavarra What's next for B2B social for engagement, sales, leads, etc.? @emjwrites Strange. My account's not changed yet. @dottotech Switzerland - it's super clean, the water and air are amazing, the ppl are fantastic. Hello...the Alps! 🌄Confused by #AI? Get an intro to #ArtificialIntelligence #DigitalMarketingTips @jes_scholz @sejournal
📣 BIG NEWS! Google's adding free retail listings to #Google Search #DigitalMarketing #MarketingTips @WeRSM✅ Create personalized content ✅ Predict campaign performance ✅ Up your customer service Implementing #AI in your n… @Adweek A4) It would be great to help people with elevator pitches. In 6 seconds or less...go! #AdweekChat @Adweek A1) Struggle - Clothing retail and Tik Tok. Thrive - grocery delivery, overnight shipping, in-home entertainment #AdweekChat @Adweek Hey there! Marketing pro for 25+ years. The NFL team...hmmm... The Wide Retrievers 😄 @Adweek @Vistaprint A3) Contests for most original mask (non-adult content) and ways kids can get involved are popping up. #AdWeek @marketing_masha @donCliq254 @lyn_muthoni @MoktadirP @markbrozz @GailNow @JFritzPR @kushlani_ds @RBaranger @lyn_muthoni @marketing_masha @donCliq254 @MoktadirP @markbrozz @GailNow @JFritzPR @kushlani_ds @RBaranger to use #AI & machine learning to make #socialmedia #marketing decisions #DigitalMarketing @MarTechSeriesWhat #CPA firms can learn from treehouse builders @AccountingToday #accountingDoes your brand lack personality? It can cost you customers. #Socialmedia mistakes to avoid @bmliving/Influencers helpful new Google ads tools
Retweeted by Becky Livingston8 practical tips to boost your affiliate marketing sales in 2020 via @shoutmeloud 1. Use call to action buttons: 2…
Retweeted by Becky LivingstonLet's Get Personal. It may seem counter-intuitive, but #artificialintelligence can help your #business create a per…
New Research Identifies 8 Ways #Marketing Is Changing Due To Covid-19 @Forbes #CMOWhy Content #Marketing is More Important Than Ever for #B2B Brands #DigitalMarketing @toprankThe Best 5 #ContentDevelopment Tips for 2020 #Digitalmarketing #MarketingTips your Instagram posts to be seen by more people? ✨ Are you using Instagram tags effectively? 🏷️ Instagram mar…
Retweeted by Becky Livingston#ArtificialIntelligence is like Lego; to build something nice, you need to combine the right pieces in the right wa… boy #ppp
How to Measure Link Building #ROI @sejournal #DigitalMarketing #SEORaise your hand 🖐️ if you’re tired of your own boring content! Here are some ways to spruce things up.… #marketing fundamentals that are completely unchanged in the new times. What would you add? @ColoradoBizMagYouTube's Working on a New #Analytics Overview Summary to Help Creators Maximize Performance… WHITE PAPER Demystifying Artificial Intelligence (#AI). A #tax pro’s guide to cut through the noise.… Signs #PPP Extension Bill—Giving #SmallBusinesses Another 5 Weeks @Forbes @HSatterley @QuickBooks @IntuitAccts Thanks for the share Heather. 💜 Hope you are well.8 #ContentDevelopment ideas that require little effort / writing. Which will you use to engage fans this summer?…
@olesosocial Disinterest @DougCollinsUX Mapping. All kindsWishing you a wonderful Independence Day full of a little sparkle. #July4th
Even #B2B Audiences Want Emotion in Their Content Here's what B2B brands can do. #Branding Content Isn’t Going Anywhere (and What That Means for Your Strategy) @Moz more about the people who keep you in business with these 10 #GetToKnowYourCustomersDay tips… @actPRHannah Tons of business. I work with cpas @IAmAlisonBall @LinkedIn 😯😢 @RebekahRadice Stay for the 💰
How to Grow Your #Email Subscribers With a Facebook Messenger Giveaway @SMExaminer #MarketingTips #DigitalMarketingHow to run smarter ads on #Instagram @SMExaminer #SMM @AAMKQ Love the new digital Growth Strategies online booklet. #AAMKTWhich Type of Influencer is Right for Your Brand? #MarketingTips #InfluencerMarketing #SMM @StartGrowthHackPssst! I'll let you in on a little-known secret #AAMKT is offering a free-trial membership for #accounting @PRisUs Social media and digital marketing pro who builds marketing muscle for CPAs and small business owners.… @PRisUs Time for a break that's for sure. @DustinWStout SEM and Website development for a few clients right now. U?Twitter testing "Fleets" that disappear after 24 hours. Good or bad? #ContentDevelopment #MarketingTips July 15 #IRS tax filing and payment deadline is approaching. Some should plan on scheduling multiple payments n…
Retweeted by Becky LivingstonWhat does @TomHood like/dislike about working from home? Find out in this podcast from @NjCPA #Accounting #CPA @DustinWStout 1⃣ my health 2⃣ family 3⃣ my clients and their needs @jeremy_linaburg All the above plus stuff I see in life. @DougCollinsUX @uxnewsmag You will rock the #UX community. We look to you for so much and you give, give, give. Thanks Doug! @DougCollinsUX @uxnewsmag I was laid off about 10 years ago. Ironically I had planned to leave 2 weeks later anyway…