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@kenjfuj someone's watching me is so goodmarch was so long, biden died merely 2 weeks agoremember joseph biden? ripI have started Grim Fandango, over 20 years since I first saw the cover of it and wanted to play it @CJRoy89 it was maybe 2 hours on top of finishing the campaignwhy doesn't she just give them the doll, christwatching wait until dark which is utterly preposterous so far. what if panic room but crap @swen_ryan @LingoUnbound i went by willingness to have affairs[opening credits] "based on the play..." me: oh no 🙁I love banjo kazooie @trappedinazorb @CJRoy89 fair @CJRoy89 @trappedinazorb I'm essentially one of these on hererip to this dude and his wicked hair @nosex_nosex I just started ftl @EstherOnFilm estherthan @fivepoisonskid @therealaaronk yeah this and three women @LingoUnbound I don't really remember the movienever: alice rarely: ted sometimes: carol always: bobpc games are overwhelming. too many mechanics I'm scaredI think this was the plot of up in the airpay me $100 and I will make animal crossing villagers you dislike leave so you don't feel guilty @7NewsAustralia hey fuck youstarting video games is harder than starting movies but finishing movies is harder than finishing games. this has b… the nest coming to vod @daniel_fidler hahahanope it's upthese here united states"these united states" has always been so funny to methis bitch gave 4.5 stars to rise of skywalker @a_sleepykisser she will precisely because they've told her not to @art__haus I thought it was second tier lubitsch which is better than most movies. top tier wilder who I don't really care for @DJSharpeCheddar I only like the gray. the chazelle is fucking terrible. high life ehhhhseen exactly 0 april fools jokes and a dozen tweets threatening death upon hypothetical covid april fools jokes @art__haus funny moviepeople are being gay who have never been gay beforethis + lockdown could kill it, fingers crossedso...edgar we put it out there and, well...they hate it wright: who does everyone @coopercooperco @erspamer_matt I just assumed physical sales had been dead for years? @erspamer_matt genuinely don't understand why it'd be beneficial to release it latersaw a cute guy at the supermarket. please keep me in your thoughts @ianbarr damn lol @DJSharpeCheddar 2016 sorta did this except you could barely rotate and pan across the map @woahitsjuanito again, im rightthere should be a law that says we don't have to watch movieswas he eating cheetos with his feet @DJSharpeCheddar the 2016 map was painfulthat famous chequered flooring just want my kids back @DJSharpeCheddar wow, way smallerI still prefer it to extinction and don't think final chapter is much better. final chapter's second half, apart fr…'m weirdly defensive of re apocalypse. let him live @DJSharpeCheddar is the file size as mammoth as doom 2016's was? @JoannaDiMattia kinda looks like a young bernie sanders
where's this april psn sale. prob tomorrow @CJRoy89 @pogform it happens @SlayerofCis it's called edging alyssachanging the bg colour of my avatar to the liz warren mint @SlayerofCis a particularly good milla I would say!! @bwestcineaste when This is all over, I shall @SlayerofCis it's a riot @trappedinazorb yeah you could have a coffee or actual chocolate instead. like pick a lane??? @bwestcineaste I'll admit I haven't tried it. but I did say "tends to" to cover myselfwater or milk, hot chocolate tends to taste weak af either wayclymer? I definitely wouldn'tmarch games log: 1) god hand (7/10) 2) phoenix wright: ace attorney (7/10) 3) splinter cell: pandora tomorrow (6/1… gyllenhaal incredibly hot @nicksgoodtweets start of return @LingoUnbound this sounds like complete shite @nicksgoodtweets he'll get an honorary oscar for mocap work soon enough @skeltonia @faceyouhate herd communityany and all animals that take over while we're shut up in our homes should be allowed to continue to rule once this is over. just my opinion @ShelleyBFarmer did you... look closer at the pictures?!resi evil 3 remake reviews merely ok. sounds way too short to pay at full price, not that I wouldfinally finished god handgreat episode overall!new saul ep best looking ep in agesremember apple tv?I could very easily stfu but I choose not to, for the fans 😌 @FilmBart thought the same thing hah @trashmatsuit jansen's swell but keller is like the ultimate rn for me 😬 @realdaveimboden romanians, v hot people @trashmatsuit lol he's literally what spurred this. I personally got over it because he's just a huge dumbass who t… your fav porn star voted for trump, would you still crank it to em. this is an easy yes absolutely for mehe voted for trump for one thingstop me from downloading 30GB of colby keller porn @erspamer_matt uhhh are you aware that's the name of the show @SupeMatheson hope your dad and step mum get through it too :) @SupeMatheson she'll be working on and off with covid patients, they rotate. not sure about equipment but she said… to all the people who didn't notice mamma mia's eyesore green screen backgrounds. teach me your ways!!thinking about #crafting a movie listgodhand ironically really hurts my hand to playwhat do canadians have against jane campionthe only thing preventing me from losing it is knowing she has an impeccable immune system, almost never seen her g… update on my mum working at the hospital: they currently have 6 patients with covid on her ward 🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃 @tnyfrontrow the uk got a blu for utamaro at leastdamn I really want a surface neo. might start savingrealised the only good way to troll animal crossing fans at this point would be to buy it and play it with themhas anyone else been hearing a ton of low flying planes and helicopters since this began?