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Ben Acker @bnacker Hollywood, Los Angeles

Writer as hell. Creator of @thrillingadv, @KidMidnight1. TV, a movie. Comics, podcasts. NO PUNS, NO ACTUALLYs. Follow me if you want to live, like really live.

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People keep finding this tweet. I assume they’re periodically searching twitter for myrrh mentions @Oliver_Vaquer ?
Writer, producer creator of Thrilling Adventure Hour and also I punch holes in the scripts. fanfic was that one first tweet in this thread. I nailed it.I guess that universe is this universe!I’m writing fanfic about a shared universe between all the people doing character video montages on twitter. @Supercommas Oh honey! @Akelaa Well I assume that people will have funny rebukes @Akelaa Right. So I’m establishing this as a safe space to respond for others without making anyone feel bad. @Akelaa No they’re, like, riffing @RealChrisCal He’s not a jacket boy. He just runs hot a little.Me: I like mine better.You tweet some funny twitter business and then someone does a less funny alt at you. What do you wish you were allo… @RealChrisCal I am rooting for this guy to be comfortably temperatured!REY: Anyway. I’m Rey. Rey Lucas. OLD WOMAN: Yeah okay. REY: That ought to make everyone happy, right? OLD WOMAN:… Just kidding. It’s Stanz OLD WOMAN: Rey Stanz? Rey stares off into the old woman’s face expectantly OLD WOMAN… WOMAN: Who are you? REY: Rey. OLD WOMAN: But Rey what though? REY: Rey tcon. INCEPTION HORNSOLD WOMAN: I just have to ask. What’s your name? You know? REY: Rey. OLD WOMAN: Nice to meet you Rey. I’m Deb. C…’d be funny if Cats turned out to be a Star Wars planet
This is probably an oversimplification @KimmyMonte this book because Tyler is so damn good. in the SanFrancisco airport: someone here is wearing too much cologne.Oh no. We’re delayed ten minutes! I think you mean we’re leaving a full hour before my hour delay. It’s cool, pilot… diary, Woke up too early. Got to the airport on time. Flight delayed an hour. People coughing everywhere but… @rreed @joshgondelman “Have you ever dined with us before?” They’re about to explain how their menu goes small to big. @kevinseccia @hatethedrake Where is this other jacket now? How come I cannot see these jackets? What use the intern… @erinandtrev Wait. When is everything?Baby Yoda: @kevinseccia @hatethedrake With. I never mean sith, idiot. @kevinseccia @hatethedrake Off topic maybe but whatever happened sith that jacket? Does it have an insta account yet or @RealChrisCal I mean we should try it.
@RealChrisCal Apocryphal @RealChrisCal What the hell, anyone who sees it here gets to die too - why not?I’m in a lobby awaiting a meeting. My lobby enemy is fully engaged with their phone but has it set to ping and whistle anyway. @blue439 I read that he took special care not to portray any specific illness so as to be equally sensitive or inse… friend ⁦@johnmoe⁩ has heart and vision and stuff to say, sometimes via Smurfs. I got to help and it landed us on… @slack2thefuture @LadyKateBond Dude. Fuck a math! @jessiepridemore Snubbed as hell this awards season. @MorganicInk "That's m'plan." Love it. @matthewfederman Presumptuous and megalo. @NellSco She’s running @myqkaplan Same.
Got a lovely little mention on a lovely little podcast called @bestpickpod today @jacksonpublick is it okay if I tell people that you called Emperor Palpatine “basically a witch” or no? @ArielleDesirayD To the credit of all involved there have been no replies. I’m the only one roasting meI got plenty to do, thanks. @GabeDiani Points. @RobotJQ Holy crap dude. So good. @hallublin The regular reasons."What we need is more stories about popes!" - Hollywood @hallublin Nobody knows what you're talking about, Hal.Had so much fun directing this! Thank you @bnacker and @BenBlacker for bringing me on to this insanely funny projec…
Retweeted by Ben Acker @chadsanders Nah. Google it. It’s right.I just accidentally reply all'd and I've never been so fucken mortified. @juicyfishtaco They’re all good tweets, Brent @juicyfishtaco You're a good tweet! @41Strange Andrew Lloyd Weber, you've done it again!As long as it’s official. @happierman Teachable moment for the crossword. Big day for Shortz @happierman Yeah. It’s some archaic shit @happierman I just said.“Just deserts?” @Roxanne_Mckee What’s it... uh. What’s it stand for?Morbius is already nominated for a Pulitzer Prize.I did a lot of work today you guys. It’s like they put something in the water. It’s me. I put coffee in it. @pookharvey The arch-frenemy of Puss in Boots! @living_marble EVERYONE: IT SUCKS DISNEY: I know.
@tarynoneill AmenDo you people who have a spread at your Oscar parties full of movie title puns for the food call the whole thing Os…“Stuffy nose” is the cutest expression. @dannyjunior @AdamGertler She can take a number @IvanBrandon Wedding Crashers is Taxi Driver. @IvanBrandon The Hangover is basically After Hours. @itsjessregan Still best friends though! @itsjessregan I wonder what award I will receive for that sick tweet @jennyjaffe No. @itsjessregan Right? Scorsese has been ripping off Scorsese for so long he’s unsurpassable! @philiplord What Joe Rogan movie is this? @Planetpinto got nominated as hell? Fuckin’ Electoral College! @JayFaerber When I see WIP I don’t think “work in progress,” so much as a cute tombstone. West in Peace.It’s the closest we’ll ever get to Lovecraftian horrorCats has defied the capacity to comment on Cats. Every second of Cats is so bananas that really all you can do is r…
What page of The World According to Garp are you? @hellotybeeren Cool. Have two drinks and let’s go! @hellotybeeren Still doing this? @hellotybeeren Where we doing this? @LATimesTVLloyd Exactly my context for goat initially. I vastly prefer it."GOAT" is the worst acronym of all time. @MickeyFisher73 @BenBlacker Little Women's Room @MickeyFisher73 A crash test dummy inhabited by the spirit of an ancient evil sorcerer was the ultimate villain in…
@IfyNwadiwe Perpetual Grace Ltd @kidblue I think they miscounted their Christs
@SamMaggs @BlairBroon I thought it was Tush. Please name your dog Tush. Thank you. @MickeyFisher73 Thank you Mickey. It IS cool! @MaggieLevin GLITTER NIGHTMARE!When did the name Fleance go out of style? @davidiserson Maybe if it were unclear and labored