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@CouRageJD What the heck is this @LuluLuvelyPHASMOPHOBIA on VR SPOOOOKY
@DisguisedToast @BarackObama please @Mendo 👋 @pokimanelol das a big number 🙀 congrats!! 🥳🤍 @Ska @Valkyrae you got this 🤍🤍🤍 @Ohmwrecker Same here!! We can get a group goon soon @ElspethEastman Yay that would be super fun! We gotta get a group together and play soon @peterparkTV PogU @NeytiriTV omg why are you so hot 🥵 @AOC @IlhanMN @pokimanelol @hasanthehun @DisguisedToast @mxmtoon @Jack_Septic_Eye @Hbomberguy @DrLupo @Valkyrae @ChicaLive @jordanfisher @pokimanelol it was amazing to watch!! you killed it... literally heheheh 😏🥰 @ChicaLive Wanna play sometime 🤓
👀 @SintillaGames I haven't gotten one (yet) but I'm curious, is there a place you can check for claims in your dashbo…'m in this tweet and I don't like it 😔✊ @LuluLuvely Too relatableyo @AnthonyKongphan let's get a group this week if you're free :D i'm ready to get murdered first 🥲 @AnneMunition AWWW she's getting big, so cute!I miss playing among us 🥺 invite me pls @DisguisedToast What the @LuluLuvely @Electra @brookeab same LOL let's do it :D @TSM_Myth @brookeab 🥺👉👈servers have been dOWN FOR AN HOURADKDJFJSSKDplaying VR phasmophobia w/ @shroud @TwitchPluto @iiTzTimmy Monka
click me if you like kitties @jasonsulli Pog squad, ur funny af to watch playing among us @LuluLuvely @souljaboy Vouch @hasanthehun @AOC yesss I love this @AOC Please yes, I promise to do all my tasks 🥺new video up! 🎯 lots of crazy snipes in the call of duty cold war beta
@AvaGG @CohhCarnage Be careful with plug in diffusers though, they can burn and cause a fire in the house. I’d say…
DnD time. "The Herald's Call" - Ep 1 @shroud @alexiaraye @ShannonZKiller @jordanfisher @Sacriel @GloriousArcadum @39daph too pretty
homies ONLY @chandlerriggs let’s gooooo chandler @dakotaz @Svenosss this is freaking hilarious 😂im bill dipperly im bill dipperly im bill dipperly im bill dipperly
click @QuarterJade those people —> 🤡
today is a apex + valo + probably more apex kinda day @just9n Happy birthday! @Jonsandman Pog
rise and shine gamers :) @RockyOnTwitch @H2ODelirious LOL this is great @TSM_Myth im hiding all the shovels next time 😤 @Ohmwrecker it's really fun, tons of story and people/things to interact with. also based on 5e if you're into DnD.…'m gonna take the night off to work on my new DnD character and play some baldur's gate 3 off stream early stream… so, six new heroes take a chance and roll the dice. @shroud @bnans @jordanfisher @alexiaraye @Sacriel
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@ItsSpinachee @shroud i gotchu @jakenbakeLIVE @shroud we drove right out of the parking lot and into VR games for a few hours after you left 🤦‍♀️I’m excited to reveal the gaming experts joining me and @AnneMunition on the #ATTUnlockedGames Showcase! This team… @TheNo1Alex @shroud I loooove blueberry pancakes. I still gotta try that chick fil a breakfast thoughwe just ended our streams and as promised here are the homemade blueberry pancakes night gamer 🙃 @AvaGG @MiltonTPike1 @LEGIQN I need to watch this 😂
@starsmitten_ i solo q a lot and it can be pretty overwhelming :/ sometimes you may get a really wholesome team who… @WTFmoses what if you got the photo commissioned into art, so it captures the moment but helps the blurry issue :) I think she’d love it! @SesoHQ @skipper HANNAHHHH NOOOO @bnans
Retweeted by bnans @AnneMunition Ily Anne 🤍 @MrGrimmmmz LMAOO oh nooo @peterparkTV HAPPY BDAY!!! 🥳ghost bustin makes me feel good phasmophobia w/ @shroud @Ska and @itsWiKeD @AutumnRhodess yes please 🤍🤍🤍🤍are u todays date because ur 10/10
@AutumnRhodess Valorant queeeeen @LuluLuvely Ily2 and SOOOOON 😍 @TannerSlays happy birthday tsm water boy 🥳 hope ya have a great day @LuluLuvely happy birthday bb girl 🤍 @Valkyrae @fuslie ^^THIS and plus it sooo much fun to watch your stream and how you use the notepad. pls don’t stop… @Valkyrae what anime tho :3
Live playing @PlayApex :) Need some ranked gamers 🥺👉👈 @fuslie i have it open on my computer at all times 😳 i always feel prepared for anything 🥳Just started playing turn-based strategy games and they may be my new favorite genre a little apex :)
#ad It’s time!! Playing in the @WD_Black Valorant Challenge at Western Digital released th…! gonna play some valorant warm ups with @juliensolomita before the tournament today this mouse feels so *~*me*~* Thank you @LogitechG for sending the new Limited Edition OP PRO Wireless 💛… @NeytiriTV yes ma’am anything you want @lululemon 🤍🤍🤍 @bnans XOXO—your secret admirer.
Retweeted by bnans @iiTzTimmy cute :3When your crush sends you a gift of all of your favorite things 😳 Thank you @lululemon for the care package 🥰 (+so…
@WickedLux out of maybe 2-3 (or more) thumbs from the last 20 mins or whatever. just random thoughts ^-^ @WickedLux fair, I wonder how often thumbnails are updated though. most the time I click a stream it’s old content… @_Spectrolyte ooo I said the same thing @Galadriex i get that since it’s live content :3 since it’s a job for most of us and getting someone to click is o… @AnthonyKongphan 10/10 would click every timeNEW video! .• ඞ 。 .• played a fun new slow mode in AMONG US and won as IMPOSTER ▶️ @Lachlan_Poke maybe the uploads are per category and go through an approval process like emotes or you just pick f… @Agnt0022 maybe, the choice of generated thumbnails could work well though :3 @_arjayh I watched on crunchyroll :3 @randomuser132 crunchyroll! I think I heard it’s on hulu too?