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B.Nicole @bnicole_lewis Los Angeles, CA

Hey, I'm Britt! Black, 24, she/her Illustrator, Character Designer & Vis Developer #BlackCardMembers Head of Social Media

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@SA1NTCAKE Hiwatch out im about to start minecraft posting!!! i started a server with @judie_thai @mirukukyandi @applewifey
Retweeted by B.Nicolemodern kappa mikey!
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Retweeted by B.NicoleGente terminei o bulinho de chá (demorou anos mas amo)
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Looks like its gonna be DND OCS!!! Keep an eye out for my Spring Commissions opening 👀
Hi #PortfolioDay ! I'm Britt/B. Nicole, an L.A. based illustrator and story teller in love with vibrant color and B…  Im Dawn/Jay! I’m a black illustrator with a knack for poc fantasy. Also the creator of ‘Wolf & I’ wh…
Retweeted by B.NicoleWhat's happening #PortfolioDay , I'm a Latinx storyboard artist and illustrator looking for animation work!
Retweeted by B.NicoleI hope I have time to do more environment studies this year 🏙
Retweeted by B.NicoleUTADA HIKARU — PASSION (2005)
Retweeted by B.Nicoletried doing some more greyscale coloring. Have an Eve. #NoStraightRoads
Retweeted by B.NicoleREGISTER Y'ALL!! THIS EVENT IS GONNA BE SO FUN!! bottom two are quite old ah!! i dont use much green but i do enjoy it a lot :) tagging anyone who wants 2 do…
Retweeted by B.Nicolelightning rapier
Retweeted by B.NicoleWhen I open Spring Commissions, what should I offer?
@LostBlueJay It looks like this person literally just looked at the show wiki, saw the ref images, and assumed that… @_TEB2_ I couldn't even finish watching this, chile Whose womans is this and Keshaun sparring, time I start practicing storyboarding and chasing my dream 🕺🏾✨
Retweeted by B.NicoleOkay so this week has been chaotic to say the least but I’m beyond excited to say helping out with Unicorn warrior…
Retweeted by B.NicoleRight down to the wire, even through the fire
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WOOO DAY TWO! OPEN SERVER INVITE WEEKEND! (Day 2/3) Wanna join us and hear more about the Gala before it starts?…
Retweeted by B.NicoleCactus Beauty 🌵
Retweeted by B.NicoleHmmmm, what could these be 👀 @BratzTreatz #wip
Retweeted by B.NicoleOh yeah this is my new pfp ⭐️ Made some time for a quick profile change!
Retweeted by B.Nicole @Raxhelii As you should be! This slaps!!Just finished this and like...damn. I’m proud of myself 🌞
Retweeted by B.NicoleIt's that time AGAIN!!! OPEN SERVER INVITE WEEKEND! (Day 1/3) Wanna join us and hear more about the Gala before it…
Retweeted by B.NicoleHmmmm, what could these be 👀 @BratzTreatz #wip I almost missed my January promo,, Here are some of the links to support me this year: ☕…
Retweeted by B.NicoleFirst time painting hydrangeas! 😳💕
Retweeted by B.Nicolehere's a ref sheet of my OC kimi ^_^ they are a retired assassin and currently a (low key) vampire hunter for some…
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And you thought "Taking A Knee" was too much!?!
Retweeted by B.NicoleI fucking HATE how ACTUAL protesters during the blm events were killed, injured, and/or physically disabled because…
Retweeted by B.NicoleStop calling them "protestors"“Within Our Elements” is Done 💯
Retweeted by B.NicoleLooks like I can finally share my big news... I'll see you all in 2024. 🚀💫
Retweeted by B.NicoleI call it: “The One Left”
Retweeted by B.Nicole[rts💕] MY SHOP IS LIVE BABYYY link in the replies!! Today we welcome 5 more members of the Soul Eater squad to the…
Retweeted by B.Nicole @RomeloVsSkrvie Best. Song. In the movie.Excited for the Gala? How about becoming a VIP? For the low price of $12 (+shipping & tax) YOU can become a VIP fo…
Retweeted by B.NicoleTwo more paintings I did for Wonderful World of Mickey Mouse! These ones were for Keep on Rollin'. Background desig…
Retweeted by B.NicoleLohikäärme (the Finnish word for dragon that translates to "salmon snake") Ugly watermark because stickers maybe 👁️
Retweeted by B.NicoleMy silly-cute #artvsartist to start the year! A year full of love and art to all of you 💛
Retweeted by B.NicoleWho's your favourite Bratz girl? 💕 WIP for the @BratzTreatz zine!!!
Retweeted by B.NicoleToday’s the big day! Stella’s Stellar Hair is finally out in the world! It’s Stella’s book birthday!🎉✨ It’s been…
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I’d like to start a thread for black/ POC artist grants, fellowships and opportunities in 2021. Let’s step into…
Retweeted by B.Nicole @surenliciousart Thanks! I'm slowly getting better at having more than one person in frame 😊💫💫And ANOTHER!! Big thank you to @mtheydee! Your bard brothers are such a delight! #commissions #artistsontwitter
Retweeted by B.NicoleHave some traditional art from me 💧🌱
Retweeted by B.Nicolestarting the year with some dress studies! ✨
Retweeted by B.NicoleForget-me-not 🌸✨
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Retweeted by B.NicoleHAPPY BIRTHDAY @kuraimichii‼️ - hope ya enjoy my gift 🍓🎸💖
Retweeted by B.NicoleAnd ANOTHER!! Big thank you to @mtheydee! Your bard brothers are such a delight! #commissions #artistsontwitter GOT THEM CANVAS PRINTED!!! 24x36 CANVASES!! THEY LOOK AMAZING WOW 😭😭😭💕💕💕💕 will be up in 25 min! we'll he playing hades tonight!
Retweeted by B.Nicole. ✨ ✨. ✨. . ✨. . . ✨ ✨…
Retweeted by B.NicoleThis didn’t come out the way I planned it, they can’t all be perfect.
Retweeted by B.NicoleDear Art Directors~ In 2021 you gotta to get over whatever old guard toxic rules have been instilled in you~~ you’…
Retweeted by B.NicoleIT'S DONE! I finished rewriting my novel Jade Kingdoms! ✨🌸👑 It took me a while but the whole gig has been given a b…
Retweeted by B.Nicolehappy new year!!~ ⛩
Retweeted by INPRNT shop now is live! ✨🌸 I made a selection out of my favorite pieces to start out with. 💕 Link down…
Retweeted by B.Nicole @danulmao Top 3 right here @melters_ Hello Melty, thank you for the art share! My name is Lux and I'm an illustrator! I recently got a new ta…
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Ayo come check out my Warframe stream. Sk_theaveragegamer I'm hunting for Prime junk while leveling up my Zeni we…
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It me! Dressed as one of my fave game characters!
Retweeted by B.Nicole @FoolBrew 👀👀👀👀HAPPY NEW YEAR Here's Bedelia to greet you 😌💕
Retweeted by B.Nicolenew icon for the new year!✨
Retweeted by B.Nicole @LexyRCarson @melaninsiren @Btrillaaa Its the bayaang
HAPPY NEW YEAR!! WE MADE IT!! @davonspace Maannnn i hope not 😫Happy new year everyone!! i ended off 2020 with a lot of hard work and slept through the start of 2021 ☺️ passed ou…
Retweeted by B.Nicole✨2020 Artist Journey: Animation / Illustration✨
Retweeted by B.NicoleA'ight I'm headin out! Bye 2020!'s my #summaryofart2020 I grew so much this year 😌💕
Retweeted by B.Nicole♥️ you did it! ♥️
Retweeted by B.Nicoleлюбимые штуки 2020🔫
Retweeted by B.NicoleI really did all of these in one year... #Top4of2020
Retweeted by B.Nicole @boxfulthoughts Do iiiitIn 2020, I graduated and finished my senior project! It was a fantasy retelling of "Nujum Pak Belalang" by P.Ramlee…
Retweeted by B.Nicole#artsummary2020 This year was a a year of many firsts for me. This was the first time I opened commissions, partici…
Retweeted by B.NicoleHappy #BlackNewYear !! 💖💖💖
Retweeted by B.Nicole @RomeloVsSkrvie 🤣🤣🤣💀💀💀🥳🥳🥳
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2020 pieces that i liked 🗓️
Retweeted by B.NicoleHave you signed up for the Gala yet? Registration/Admission is free!
Retweeted by B.Nicole @InkPlash You took OFF this year!! Your work is just so lovely!!My first art summary!! 2020 was the year I finally started making digital art and it’s been a wild ride ever since✨
Retweeted by B.Nicolemy summary!
Retweeted by B.NicoleThank you for the tag Abeeha! I'm an illustrator + colorist making cute art and silly comics🖍️✨ tagging @Jaymajaym
Retweeted by B.Nicole @_TEB2_ Puff jacket and legs. An underrated fit.MmmmmmmHM 👀 Toph! ✨
Retweeted by B.Nicole @CarrieeeeC Addams Family: Keep Christina RicciSummon
Retweeted by B.NicolePersonal faves this year. Thank you for continuing to support me this year 💖 #artph
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