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@Kza just started, looks like a fun game tbh, not sure where this is goinglike the Astros and the Dynamo, the Houston Rollerball jerseys are orange🩳👑 John Garfield to the list of short kings @brendanowicz One of the many reasons I have so much hope for the future. @brendanowicz happy birthday!lots of people who can't read are insisting it is the language that is wrong @Srirachachau The chapo book and the vote! dress, too good
introducing a night of old '10s and '20s asmr videos on tcm in 2054 @bmrow barely seen any chabrol...just The Butcher, Betty, and L'enfer I thinkhow have I seen so many John Ford movies and not seen so many John Ford moviescurrently within the 12-hour window framed by two separate airings of Gilda on TCM, anything could happen
this week's Bomba sucks...third one in a row with the same "charging lion" rear projection....doesn't reward true fans @dylmdav Watching after Twin Peaks season 2 is a little jarring, but after Wild at Heart it couldn't be more normal @fuckedthisup I love America (Ferrera's early work)desperate @JeremyMonjo it's turned me into an "it was a hit" conspiracy theorist @GraceAlt more wisdom than a lot of these takes, that's for sure.@SenSchumer if you aren't a coward you will bash mitch mcconnell's brains out on the senate floor live on cspan
Retweeted by Brandon 🚷 @rosalindchao @ed_solomon nooo Rosalind Chao! nobody deserves this future and blaming it on the young is, among oth… @ed_solomon eat shitbasically the entire United States government is illegitimate anyway. just start over and try something different imo
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it'll be a sad day when "Losing My Religion" comes on the radio and I don't picture the dancing Tisch deanHedy Lamarr looks in The Conspirators consider myself the cliff wife guy of ello @ClassicMike_ happy birthday! @jondauthor words on everyone's lips "when are we gonna get more Bomba!"almost the weekend, you know what that means: another Bomba film on TCMwhat harm reduction?
@orbis_quintus it certainly seems ritzy/touristy to me nowadays but more than one of my very favorite restaurants a… @orbis_quintus you are speaking my language! every summer we used to road trip to the SW. I'd love to move to Santa Fe someday @orbis_quintus I had never heard of it despite family there and multiple visits over my entire life, looks like a fun timeA few weeks ago my grandma was telling me about the burning of Zozobra in Santa Fe every year, and since then I've… "local" parson and his wife waving off the newlyweds after masterminding the match: "I hope we did the right th… enjoyed this--careful with geography & process & the strange social arrangement of a recent widower buying (… account that only posts screencaps of classic works of Renaissance art with captions like WHO DID THIS? and…
Retweeted by Brandon 🚷watching Rachel and the Stranger mistake for Trump to keep trying to lower debate expectations for Biden..... Biden's got a Reverse Michigan J F…
Retweeted by Brandon 🚷Watch TCM disabling my access "we saw your paul newman screenshots"four movies you're pretty sure you like more than anyone else
Retweeted by Brandon 🚷 @jsdtweets oh man I gotta follow IraMarina Sirtis comes on here to berate Bernie Bros and Michelle Forbes comes on here to post heroic leftist dissent,…
They keep showing this clip on TCM and it's better than most of the movies no offense TCM Newman zone: Somebody Up There Likes Me, Sweet Bird of Youth, The Prize @rocdisjoint Yeah, and that is what I was talking about, the name change. @rocdisjoint It's already happened. Paramount+ is the new name.I support the change from CBS All Access to Paramount+ because Paramount is Star Trek and CBS isn't. @GemOfAmara @trappedinazorb @GrahamB47 Twin Peaks season 3 episode 1 @GemOfAmara @GrahamB47 Grace watch Manhattan @GrahamB47 someone will say the killing but that pilot sucked. That said, I was and remain a big believer in the po… kind of amazing how liberals modulate how horrified they are by the camps. its a pressing issue when a new horr…
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@reverendtoller Happy birthday Dori! @jondauthor @VK_HM I'm never very good at this, but I am now thinking of Timothy Omundson in Galavant as a bit of a Frasier. @joncicoski Fair enough. @joncicoski And then what happens? We find out that "you" refers to another closeted gay boy. It's not wrong to say…
@aliarikan"He never had friends growing up, or after. Remember your 50th birthday?" Can't remember if that's straight from Re…'m Thinking of Endings Things: Imagining someone's inner life is not just for authors of fiction. For instance, it…
Vote! @noelrk I hope they add it to Watch TCM so I can screencap the "Vote!" pillow in their bedroomlooooved Crichton's Coma on TCM just now
Tonight's Tab: The Girl He Left Behind, kind of the Dobie Gillis version of Jarhead, with a very upfront subplot ab… Steel Helmet vs The Girl He Left Behind @smilingcobra LA Times of course ignored the giant Bernie rallies in LA. That's the cherry on top.
making a time capsule movie about our era set on the day The Auteurs became Mubielizabeth --> libby equizabeth --> quibiCecil B DeMille was a real connoisseur of "physique pictorial" types, the Zack Snyder of his day
looking for more on John Farrow brought me to this richly detailed survey by @NickPinkerton, which puts me in mind… @smilingcobra Source fyi (I actually did get it for the articles) @smilingcobra That was the catalyst for the round table interview I excerpted, but I always see '50s tv-makers talk… @faceyouhate @bmrow another late work I haven't seen--had no idea that's what it was about either @faceyouhate @bmrow I didn't know! I also didn't know the film adaptation starred Uta Hagen (and Diana Muldaur, equ… @bmrow I haven't either, but I have seen I Married a Monster from Outer Space @bmrow beefcake homosexualist Tom TryonThe Unholy Wife--TV soap (originally a Climax) about untouchable Diana Dors vs huggable Rod Steiger, with lots to a… Bob-WoodwardSeen very little TV of note pre-1955--your Lucys, your Death Valley Days, your shirtless Paul Newman anthology dram… grass is always browner... @kai_incognito I have to get back to hating our culture. A noble, principled anti-everything-going-on-right-now stance. @jondauthor if Disney's smart they're already eyeing a Savage Land theme park in the actual Antarctic, this could be huge for them
@DieAnotherDave Dunston comes with Jason Alexander, but I can't speak to the co-stars of the other ones... @giltcomplex yeah she doesn't seem extraordinarily tall in this but tell it to the poster people @djbeema oh I don't pit talented women against one another, not until there's a bracketlearning about Raquel Welch, a Megan Draper inspiration and some say the original tall girl didn't either but now you got me thinking about it... @postposting1 Just saw someone say yesIt's time to ask what oscar bloggers can do for you, i.e. tell us what nominees (from the past 20 years?) would hav… scale of the disaster the United States has inflicted on the world — through three war on terror presidencies —…
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You’re thinking of ending things? Oh that’s cute. I’m thinking about the fate of our democracy and the character of our virtues. And voting!
Retweeted by Brandon 🚷 @bmrow Not usually, Jean Renoir endowed him with hotnessTwo age-related tidbits from Jean Renoir's The Southerner: 1) Beulah Bondi (Granny Tucker) was 56 2) Norman Lloyd… Scott in The Southerner, who knew keeps trying to find common ground, and he barely gives an inch. "I'm with you on that" "Well here's the problem..."Tonight's Cavett: Shirley Temple Black performs some UN ambassador patter. Then walks out futurist Robert Theobald… to see really but here's Jupiter
(L) Soviet satire of US capitalism in 1947 (R) Actual US capitalism in 2020
Retweeted by Brandon 🚷 @InfernalDante58 Wow, that'd be a different show