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@CouRageJD @LudwigAhgren would English Degree his way out of the fight by confusing you with words you didn’t know existed @SavinTheBees Maybe goat animation in fights I’ve ever seen @scump @ROKKR We are witnessing a breakdown
@CouRageJD NEEDED YOU ON THE CALL FOR THAT ONELAMAR ABEDI WHAT IN THE FUCK @AccuracyLA @BarstoolHubbs It’s not Domingo and that’s what matters @ethanarnold OH2-1'd the COD org. Disappointed we lost a map this tournament, we'll do better next time.
Retweeted by Bob @Jared_Carrabis Never been happier to see someone on my own team fail, close second is Chapman though @99sloth @100T_Esports I mean damn man I’m in plat not sure that would be the play, but dry peaking somewhere you k… @99sloth @100T_Esports What was the plan on that last round so stupid😂Wtf was that peak from Ethan in the last round of OT @Kuavo Great run Kylo! @Drazah_ Great run man @100T_Esports @Asunaa Man something about us vs envy on Bind @Crimsix GOATPOV: You just witnessed the first no-hitter in @Padres history.
Retweeted by Bob @WorldsBedford @LAThieves So they’re gonna get to the finals and then sat down by simp again😂 @nyporchsport He makes it too easyPlease give me LAT v OpticHoly shit LAT
@JoeBanner13 No I’ve definitely also heard his score brought up on sports talk shows by draft analysts can’t rememb… @AthleticsRants He knows As fans hate fiers too right?
@Sydeon @Valkyrae Now wait a minute... @dn_charles @YoyotheGiant @GeeDee215 I’m a son of an Indian-White mixed race marriage and I thank my mom all the ti… @DrGuru_ Who said this, who has ever said this @Moe40 @FNATIC @LiquidValorant
@TheKevinRice Baylor and Sixer fan here, I’d cry. I’d actually cry. @benrodriguez_ @AstrosRants They’re probably not gonna be great, but it will be fun to watch either way😂 @benrodriguez_ @AstrosRants Narrator again: I have no fucking clue what version of that team is going to be on the field any given day @BogartBrandoMAV @LerwickLuke @ArriznMelchr @Jm151 @NBA @JoelEmbiid @sixers Joker isn’t as physical so he’s not gon… saw this young man buying an engagement ring and decided to pay for it 👏 (via @shaqfu_radio)
Retweeted by Bob @Coach_AB3 TELL EM COACHI won’t respond directly but I see a few comments about my lawn not being cut. I was on the road for 27 days and we…
Retweeted by Bob @livvalice Thank you so much for coming forward. All of Philly is behind you❤️ @3partyBoston @MMA53355530 @nocandefend1998 @NinjaBands He can’t defend either😂
We are all Vijay Singh watching Bryson DeChambeau on the practice range.
Retweeted by Bob @KyleNeubeck Explain @awf4hf @Jkosik2010 @GottliebShow Agreed about kispert, especially when you watched the natty dude STINKS, again I… @awf4hf @Jkosik2010 @GottliebShow Idk if I see him THAT high mostly because of his age, but I think he’s about that good @AeroViro It makes me sad game was so fun in the beginning and I spent quite a bit of money on it tbh, had a lot of… @THERealN8SNAKE @geraldturk @GottliebShow Aight Doug calm down @NotNuzu I agree the original roster got wrecked too fast. And ken was using AR on every map so it’s not much chang… @NotNuzu Is it weird I like Kenny to main AR? And I think Austin needs time off could always come back, ken was rig… @ScooterMagruder (Insert Baylor guard) IS A GROWN MAN @kcmarino77 @BrVaillancourt @BarstoolBigCat Don’t see what that has to do with refs tho, Baylor played aggressive a… @Kuavo Oh shit he’s back @TheHoopCentral Davion Mitchell in a few months @Jkosik2010 @GottliebShow Bro... Mitchell has been talked about as a lottery pick the whole tournament and was cons… @Jkosik2010 @GottliebShow 2 of them will be first round picks and Mitchell will go lottery? @JMorSUSD_Area3 @GottliebShow Butler and Mitchell are both first round picks Teague has a shot in the league too great shooter and finishedBaylor Just Dominated, Pummeled, Humiliated And Completely Kicked Gonzaga's Ass For 40 Minutes…
Retweeted by Bob @stoolbenchmob I’m having a great time @josestude @CBSSports Yeah and they had a million first half fouls, not gonna call everything man @nitr0 Agreed but you gotta love icebox down nick come on
Retweeted by BobI loooove this trailer. So excited. #Loki
Retweeted by Bob @Rashfordinhooo @INTELCallofDuty He’s been really good since then people say one game wonder but he’s been really g… @INTELCallofDuty Everyone’s freaking over Kenny being main AR dudes been closer and closer to main AR since WW2, we…
Retweeted by Bob @Bxpacino_ @korsakov97 @TheTacticalRab Absolutely, ken and Austin work we KNOW that they just need good supporting… @KianisKoolFx @LAThieves Honestly I think kens been pulling towards AR since WW2 ended so I’m hoping he’ll make it… @Bxpacino_ @korsakov97 @TheTacticalRab I think Kenny would, but I doubt it was his decision he loves Austin, it say… @KianisKoolFx @LAThieves I actually like it? If Kenny can play AR I think it might work ok, Drazah deserves a chang… wasn’t playing nearly up to his potential this game, I think this change is good if Kenny can main AR well.… @KianisKoolFx @LAThieves Well that whole benching slasher thing took effect sooner than I thought @Kuavo Time for team captain Kenny to take over, you’re getting the opportunity to lead a team and I know you’ll ta… @Lennyoffill2 @LAThieves @CODLeague @Kuavo @TJHaLy @Vxnxm @Drazah_ Kenny has been learning from Austin for 3 years… @LAThieves @Kuavo @TJHaLy @Vxnxm @Drazah_ Austin clearly needed some time off, hopefully he comes back just like we know he can, @CesarSkyz @TJHaLy @Valkyrae My name is Cesar Skyz and I invested in @TJHaLy
This is @scumps best game in a LONG time @AstrosbangURgf @AthleticsRants Dudes great @KianisKoolFx @LAThieves Don’t hate the gamble either temp has a ceiling, Venxms floor is much lower tho. Just wish… @KianisKoolFx @LAThieves Of course LAT gets the one rookie who isn’t coming in and breathing fire, not saying he can’t turn it around tho @KianisKoolFx @LAThieves Based off what we’ve seen he has to be dudes nasty at every game and he has the right work… @KianisKoolFx @LAThieves LAT needs to build around Kenny though, that much is obvious. @KianisKoolFx @LAThieves I def agree about TJ I don’t think there’s any better options currently, and Zinni isn’t a… @KianisKoolFx @LAThieves True I guess I was tainted by them getting ran the last 3 maps. They genuinely looked bett… @LAThieves Why was this the best series you played all weekWhy was this LA thieves most competitive match of the week tho @AstrosRants Narrator: The pitching would not hold up @JakeSucky 3 majors in a row for Astralis and liquid grand slam run have to be up there @bdetrick Kispert Timme or both @sixringsofsteeI Davion better than a lot of these guys if he was younger he’d be right there
@Will_Rucker3_AD As a Baylor and sixers fan it hurts SO much
Retweeted by Bob @TFF_Fantasy You need BOTH lmao @TFF_Fantasy Ok I see it from that perspective thats fair. Personally I like Slater better from a safety perspectiv… @kyle_ramkumar @TFF_Fantasy I guess but Sewell isn’t even the best oline when it comes to technique Slater is, Pitts is just THAT good @TFF_Fantasy Meaning he’s entirely safe? Or he’s the best player? I think Pitts has him beat in both personally
@pmcross35 @blakrain_ @TorreySmithWR Oooh brother this guys an idiot @finlaynufc20 @ColosseumCrew @CODLeague @ATLFaZe Agreed, do think they have the chance to have the most dominating…
@SankhaOSRS @Zacry18 @lilkVal @ScreaM_ Dude we know the other guys other than Jammpi aren’t up to par @ScreaM_ Liquid and attack name a worse duoGame 1 vs Cleveland Indians- Boyd dealt, Miggy went bridge, and 8,000 freezing Tigers fans went home happy!
Retweeted by Bob @SWAGGERNAU7 Wait no please do this I have a problem @Goaf1 @HoldenCantor @AdamSchefter @minakimes But she’d love that @cgrahamophone He also just got his best recruiting class ever and Baylor seems like a perfect personality fit. I a… @jimmyk12682692 @SuperiorNBA Dude is ass, imagine they have to play Philly in the finals embiid gonna tear his shit… appropriate stuff to shout at a cop who was in the process of killing someone, actually.
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