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Bob Hudson @Bob__Hudson Durham City UK

Public policy academic, University of Kent. Sunderland AFC supporter. Regular Guardian blogger on health and social care policy. Inveterate Remainer.

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OH dear Sunderland. Down to 10 men and hanging on bravely for a point at home against the mighty Blackpool. My foot… @salutsunderland @davidbowman73 @huckfield @yvonneridley @gmur1973 @Hepworthclare @jibby_thoughts @PhilWilsonXMP glad I’m not there today 😮 is a repudiation of Corbynism. Labour needs to ditch the politics of the sect - blimey this is excoriating fro… @DailyMirror this is my photo but NOT my words. I was the Agent for @marykfoy who was the @UKLabour candidate…
Retweeted by Bob HudsonThank God that will all end on February 1st eh? 🙄 has more than a whiff of bunker culture about it doesn’t it? The captain will go down and by God he’s determin… @REWearmouth RLB as Leader and Burgon as Deputy - that doesn’t even bear thinking about 😮How Jeremy Corbyn lost the election – fascinating stuff from Paul Waugh. Corbyn's people knew a catastrophic defeat… @salutsunderland @yvonneridley @huckfield @davidbowman73 @gmur1973 @Hepworthclare @jibby_thoughts @PhilWilsonXMP @yvonneridley @huckfield @davidbowman73 @salutsunderland @gmur1973 @Hepworthclare @jibby_thoughts @PhilWilsonXMP @mroutled Not sure electability figured that high in their objectives really - polls showed a rapid decline for las… @yvonneridley @huckfield @davidbowman73 @salutsunderland @gmur1973 @Hepworthclare @jibby_thoughts @PhilWilsonXMP @mroutled Ah but the party is run by purists Martin - that's the main thing! @yvonneridley @davidbowman73 It gave you the courage and inspiration to enter dangerous and hostile environments across the globe! @yvonneridley It was a very good year... @davidbowman73 @yvonneridley Ah Sunderland Fabians! No slogans, no chanting, just two hours of detailed reflection… local CLP exec busy congratulating each other on Facebook about how great they are well look at this letter bel…
Retweeted by Bob Hudson @cynicalkind After 60+ years of avid support I've lost passion and now I'm even losing interest ☹️ @davidbowman73 @yvonneridley @guardian Both sadly passed away now - Brian just the other week. @yvonneridley @davidbowman73 Definitely Millfield. I was a councillor there along with the eminent sociologist Norm… I just point out that although this is me looking horrified at the #Sedgefield result our #Labour candidate in…
Retweeted by Bob Hudson @davidbowman73 @yvonneridley Ha! Glory days Dave, glory days! 😀Hays travel shop window in Durham City. Most big companies hide their owners away. For Hays it’s a selling point. M… @AlanRosenbach Still a fan of Gordon Brown myself but charisma not his strong suit! @yvonneridley Not many students would have such vivid memories 45 years after the event - you must have had fun! 😀 @DaveNewcyBrown @BootlegBeatles Lol! @IantheBee Possibly, but even factoring in some allowance for that leaves some scary statistics.Nasty shock looking at detailed GE results here in NE. Add votes for Brexit Party/Tories together and almost every… V Blackpool today. I'm off to see the @BootlegBeatles instead. Gave my ticket to a neighbour but he's gi… @sjames1132 @Massie68 @MarinaHyde Now that IS sad!And in victory Johnson proclaims 'Let the Healing Begin'... only victory was to take control of the party. He's determined not to lose it. @Massie68 @MarinaHyde No idea, I'm back to the 1960s with Tony Blackburn on #bbcr2. Sick of listening to thinly vei… to vox pops from Don Valley on #r4today (no thanks) and this brilliant assessment by @MarinaHyde on that pue… @michaelgove & @BBCPolitics Mary Foy here, the new MP for the City of Durham. Sorry to disappoint you and Boris…
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Not if the question was ‘Can you name two over-promoted politicians favoured by Corbyn?’ @twitchingphil Yes @marykfoy got a 5000+ majority in Durham City - aided by her indefatigable election agent @val_hudsonSo the message came across as too good to be true and the messenger as too bad to deliver it? a look at what ten years of austerity has done to Blyth Valley. Who gets the blame? The EU. Who gets rewarded?… bloody we have this Wetherspoon buffoon, Tim Martin, on @BBCPM declaring 'there's no inequality and a… @salutsunderland A wise move mate.Here's 2020 - the real opposition will be the EU not HM Opposition.! Doing my best to take a breather from politics but listening to Johnson on @BBCPM repeating his lies and makin… I will never - ever- be reconciled to Brexit. on earth do these folk think Johnson's Government will deliver for them? reform - never more needed, never less likely. @blimeysimon It's not fatalism it's realism. The sector has shown willingness to engage for decades - think of the… @annaturley Anna, so sorry to see you go xNo prizes for guessing which way this will go Simon. Any change in the sector will have to be locally driven - tric… @Hall1973John Not going tomorrow - off to see @BootlegBeatles. Badly in need of a bit of entertainment... @Hall1973John See you there. We can talk football 😟Well OK but we still have in place a process for selecting a leader that favours his anointed successor don't we? T…'How does a desert island sound to you?' asks the continuity announcer just now on @BBCRadio4. It sounds perfect! ☹️Thatcher brought them to their knees. New Labour brought some improvements. Osborne removed these improvements and…'Electoral victory was secondary'. Excoriating stuff from @pollytoynbee. Labour needs a credible messenger, not ano… maybe the catastrophe for Labour wasn't ALL about Brexit then...? lies have started already. Just heard Michael Gove say the next Durham Miners Gala will be held in a Conservati… to hear Ian Lavery on @bbcnewcastle telling me this catastrophe for the party has nothing to do with Jeremy Corbyn. No siree...! 🙄Well, don’t think I can take any more. The only silver lining is that Johnson and the Tories will now have to own t… the excellent @JulieElliottMP is back in Sunderland but it’s only by a squeak.👇Currently fixated on the first of these but soon we’ll be moving on to the others. Shit all round!
@dermotor @ChiOnwurah @bphillipsonMP Yes the future is too dreadful to contemplate.👇Yup! had leadership unexpectedly thrust upon him, totally unsuited to the job description. @salutsunderland Once we stop talking about how hapless Corbyn has been we’ll turn our attention to how dangerous Johnson is going to be. @andromedababe Staggering!My God! Blyth Valley goes Tory!Well at least that’s a cracking victory for @ChiOnwurah in Newcastle Central, followed by @bphillipsonMP hanging on… @PatMGlass @jeremycorbyn And that’s where Ronnie Campbell has bleated on about the desirability of Brexit - made no difference did it?Somehow the most humiliating of defeats is a sign of success!?’s staggering isn’t it? A torrent of nastiness, duplicity and incompetence is handsomely rewarded. @bevclack It’s been coming since 2010 leadership debacle 😟 @bevclack Absolutely! The previous Parliament could still be sitting and amending the WAB. Trying (and failing) to… reeling from Labour’s performance but soon we’ll be even more aghast at Johnson. @d_smark60 It’s close mate, very close! @CommunityLd We were f****d from the day Ed was foisted on the MPs and members by the unions. It’s been one long car crash ever since IMO. @d_smark60 God knows! The party is falling apart more quickly than Sunderland AFC.Watching @johnmcdonnellMP looking and sounding devastated - still in denial about Corbyn’s role. Blames everything… @d_smark60 Yup! Corbyn will go but he’s achieved his objective - control of the party. @andy_mcgill Totally! @oldtrotter @MelanieHenwood Can I have my first ‘I told you so’?Don’t think I can bear to stay up and hear the roll call of decent MPs losing their seats. This is disastrous!Jesus! shit! Is there a German word for ‘I told you so’. Will be needing to use it a lot for the next five years 😢Braced...! 😮 I'll probably settle for this ....🙂👇Wonderful supply of suitable responses below this tweet from a patronising bully 👇 out to vote for @marykfoy in Durham City. She would be a fine MP. Best of luck Mary! a nutshell! an attack on Johnson promoting racism now this - warming to @GNev2 @andy_mcgill Lock him in the fridge at Henderson's! 🙂There will be huge quantities of political blood spilt on the floor tomorrow. Resignations, recriminations, retribu… @matthud59 @MishalHusain Read a couple of selected headlines. We parted company when they had a slot on @KimKardashian 🙄Bloody freezing here in Durham City. Today I'll vote, do some delivering for @UKLabour (because I like most of thei… GEs - indeed our politics - have become 'presidentialised'. We need a total constitutional reboot. in the same hiding place as Rees Mogg, McVey, Patel and sundry other dangerous and notorious escapees. @twitchingphil @MishalHusain Settled for an old Tony Blackburn 'Sounds of the 60s' on @BBCSounds. The decade when we had hope...No politics allowed today but still plenty of big stories from @BBCNews 🙄 to news of a 17thC shipwreck in the Solent on #r4today. @MishalHusain trying to sound fascinated. This bar o…