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Bob Hudson @Bob__Hudson Durham City UK

Public policy academic, University of Kent. Sunderland AFC supporter. Regular Guardian blogger on health and social care policy. Inveterate Remainer.

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Covid? Brexit? No worries, ‘something will turn up’. We are ruled by amateurs and shysters spawning a political Mic… dear, another 60s icon gone. Always particularly liked Pamela Pamela. RIP Wayne Fontana @etihwv Indeed!Another 98 deaths, mostly in England, barely registering a political ripple. Nothing like US in scale but we do see… heard from Johnson? my Sunderland - who got a 46,000 crowd last Boxing Day - have to operate at the same salary level as Accrington… through timeline of @LiamFox for some mention of how his personal email account containing documents marked… is very revealing from @colinrtalbot on the untimely death of 'public administration' as a field of study in t… rid of the stranglehold of Brussels 'red tape'...'A lot of people have come up and said thank you Sir'... there's one thing Labour is very good at its being its own worst enemy! look over there! The nation is at risk from a handful of migrants in small boats. Send in the navy! 🙄 God! What sort of fantasy and false hope is this? Second wave pandemic + No Deal Brexit will have the economy… Cummings effect has never gone away has it? He's poisonous! chief defends his company’s failing contract tracing system by saying Nightingale hospitals and ventilator su… to #r4today report saying some care homes are facing legal charges of negligence in the wake of Covid deaths…'s not a foregone conclusion 😳
Man who overturned officials advice and bypassed planning guidelines in order to benefit a Tory Party donor asks us… on at 8.10 to sell his proposed scrapping of planning laws. Any chance he'll be asked about his own corrupt… new investment, ending local investment deals, scrapping affordable housing requirements. This will do nothing f… to this latest scandal👇being discussed on #r4today. Every day another story of sleaze, corruption and incomp…
Seriously? Test and trace staff make only a handful of calls, fill their time with BBQs and quizzes - and this is l… family home in 1920s, 153 sq metres, today 96.8. Coming your way next, rabbit hutch living. This isn't prog… @David_Chippa Little Darren gets schooled. Again!Thank you. The part I’ll play is to campaign to rejoin the EU. Stop embarrassing yourself with this nonsense. infamous policy-implementation gap! abuse, assault, criminal damage by a ‘test and trace’ employee. Tremendous screening of applicants for a hig… still rising and now deaths too - 65 deaths no longer seem worthy of attention, just Covid wallpaper. Da… @theousherwood @mrjamesob In similar vein, was chatting to a friend who is signed up as an NHS Volunteer. He's been… @pwhittingham88 @GdnSocialCare We've been round the doors on this one *so* many times haven't we Pete?Only one world leader jumps to the conclusion there was a bomb in Lebanon. No prizes! the architect of this chaos - George Osborne - quietly gets on with his pleasant life. How come once politician…, hear! Every day we hear public health directors lamenting the lack of data and follow-up, followed by Dido Ha… to @YvetteCooperMP on #r4today saying her committe could 'find no scientific basis' for lethal open border p…
Said to be desperately needed for the first wave but lay unused. Said to be desperately needed for a second wave -… @SallyYo55351645 Thanks Sally!Apologies @Bob__Hudson for just seeing this now. Brilliant exposition of why social care should not be transferred…
Retweeted by Bob Hudson @colinrtalbot In Trump's case quite possibly the delusion of ignorance. For the advisors the crime of collusion with his ignorance.Lead researcher on this study on #r4today saying our only hope of avoiding a second wave is a much better T&T syste… 1) T&T is diagnosing 4000 cases a week 2) ONS estimates there are c30,000 cases a week 3) Research reckons 87% o… morning! Take a deep breath and take a look at this...😳
Pretty much every day another squalid scandal - and never a peep from the Committee on Standards in Public Life. Do… we go, immunity passports... all know not to hand over our account details - but Liam Fox fell for it. And now he wants to run the WTO. after day they send up these crazy political kites to see what happens to them. It's crass and irresponsible go…'Free Honour For Every Reader's Brother'! Even the Star is ridiculing Johnson. risk to medical supplies with No Deal Brexit. Government just tells somebody else to sort it out. It's pitifu… much respect today for John Hume and the Herculean struggle to forge the GFA - a landmark achievement now regard… know we’re used to this sort of stuff but honestly, it’s cringingly embarrassing 😳 low (all of them in England), worrying rise in infections. Thanks as ever to @LawrenceGilder for his work on… @DavidBehan15 David, there's an unholy row brewing up over HC-One's new strict interpretation of visiting. Are you aware of it?If you're interested in cultural regeneration - and Sunderland in particular - you'll love this piece by… @michele_paule @MelanieHenwood @HC_One That’s exactly our dilemma Michele. None of this is personalised, just top-d… discussion below on new arrangements for care home visiting. Hundreds of thousands of people will be huge… @CSIMarketIntel In our case its the size of three tennis courts. You could socially distance a football team. @MelanieHenwood @val_hudson @HC_One Perhaps @HC_One would care to publicly explain why it is taking such a stern li… @MelanieHenwood @HC_One Yes quite. One at a time is reasonable, only the same visitor every time is not. What's the… @MelanieHenwood @HC_One It's getting me narked! No warning, no rationale, no consultation, no flexibility. It will… @MelanieHenwood Expressed reservations to @HC_One - been informed that this restriction is a 'stipulation'... @twitchingphil I definitely couldn't cope with being visitor for all 60 residents! @neilmcrowther @sfhosali @SteveBroach Indeed! No consultation, no prior warning, no stated rationale. In this case… been informed by care home that visits (even in the garden) will be confined to one sole (ie: continuous) visi… @ros_hutchinson Parallel universe! @salutsunderland Indeed!One day it's sunny optimism about a 'normal Christmas', the next it's an ageist dystopia. Our political leaders are… more small print Brexit stuff - everything about it is pointless and damaging but on and on it rolls. Crazy! to the voice of Len McCluskey on #r4today saying his members expect him not to 'use money recklessly' by sup… the big day in the US election calendar won't be November 3rd but November 4th? This is terrifying!'s worse here - unwell oaf having a night on the drink or absence of TTI contact with publican? we go again, setting up an 'independent inquiry' chaired by someone favourable to the government view. Same on…
Hmm...overweight over 50s with other problems (eg: recovering from Covid) could be told to stay at home. At last a…'Starmer is on a warning...' The usual suspects respond to the new leader turning a 26 point deficit in the polls t… enjoyable game to watch. No Premiership egos needed. Pleased for Harrogate Town but I’m afraid we want Jack…’s pitiful to watch the political leaders of your own country actively turn it into a global pariah isn’t it? dead cats go this is on the inconsequential side isn’t it?’way Harrogate Town! @TeresaC123 TBH it’s reached the point where the voices of Johnson, Hancock, Patel, Jenrick et al instantly enrage… lurch from apparent ‘world beating’ success to second wave lockdown scenarios with these buffoons in government.… I’m finding it hard to take advice from politicians who inhabit an ethics-free zone. Why is Jenrick stil… @MariaDuggan @chrisgreybrexit Big step Maria but perfectly understandable. It’s dreadful to feel trapped like a hos… @JanOBrien20 @timesradio @doctor_oxford @ShelaghFogarty Indeed.Listening to care home leaders on @timesradio going apeshit about this. Still smarting about Johnson blaming *them*… @duncan_tree I'm sure @annaturley will be astonished to learn McCluskey is furious about his members money being us… anyone have confidence in Johnson making decisions about their lives? His credibility is zero. prolonged period of silence from McCluskey would be very welcome..'Rather than admit mistakes, ministers have blamed the public'. And Brexit problems are blamed on Brussels, austeri…👇1) Regular testing in care homes abandoned 2) Serco/Sitel only reaching 52% of contacts - effectiveness needs 80%.… tells his chief public health official he doesn't understand Covid-19 then heads off for his 283rd visit to a…
Products needing to be urgently recalled due to safety risks - can we add the UK government to the list? @PrfChrisPainter Ha, yes that seems to have escaped Bannon's attention doesn't it? @Gerry_McGregor @gwilliams7JZ As long as the majority lasts out...😟Not to mention Botham, Lebedev, Philip May etc. As with the Cummings debacle, Johnson happily sticks two fingers up… Town v Notts County, the fledging nobodies v theoldest club in England. *Far* more interesting than Arsen… a twat! Reckons Cummings is 'brilliant' and that Tommy Robinson is 'the backbone of Britain'.
Just caught up #BBCPanorama. Johnson, Hancock, Whatley et al should be locked in a room and forced to watch it on a… @CaroGlendinning Thanks Caroline!A Russian, a relative, a cricketer, all awarded legislative powers to shape your life. Johnson is shameless as well… rising, infections rising - official figure of 880 new infections way below @ONS estimate of 4000+++ daily c… @jpthompson Yes he blotted his copybook years ago.Embarrassing!