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@hitxne @AsianNoobs @charlieINTEL The snipers yes but the rest dont play multiplayer anymore lol @AsianNoobs @charlieINTEL Wz gets alot of vieuws and its just a beta so not much to do they also never stream mw mu…
@TorontoUltra @Treyarch And let us disable tdm and kc @AshleyRenn_ @aBeZy @ZooMaa Mp5 is cracked @hitchariide so refreshing to have a cod with good pubs again
@JPKrez @Call_Her_Mara @NuFo Happy birthdayyy🥳🥳🥳 @eUnited Black ops 2 @FiOSFreezer @FormaL @Huntsmen Last 2 days should be free for everyone @GreatWhiteFK8 @brookeab @CouRageJD By speaking out about stuff like this you help others that are dealing with shi… @GreatWhiteFK8 @brookeab @CouRageJD She posts this to helps others and let her followers know she has been goung thru a tough time
@poptartbites @BurningChaos1 @JSTwix @txwy_ewan @NoahJ456 Now lets hope we get it early and that its a good ranked and not like bo4 or bo3 @NoahJ456 Thats called a ranked playlist plzzz can we get a ranked playlist @HarryWren6 @DexertoIntel @shroud Lots of possitives but its a beta so the more we talk about the negatives the bet… @Beats_is_life_ @R3APER_IV @BabaQkz @DEXB0T @DexertoIntel @shroud I play dom and hp and every game i see multiple w… @AshleyRenn_ Old fortnite was great i loved hopping on and having fun without having to build a 3 story building mid fight
@CouRageJD @Treyarch hope we get a dom+hp playlist i dont want to play kcf and tdm
@NataaGataa The real big dick energy is respecting a woman 💪🏼 @Enable what time does it start? @R3APER_IV @Mattieb5895 @DexertoIntel Fucking facts bro the blackout map was so much better because you didnt have… @sj_452 @DiscussingFilm @itskeyon @gameinformer @Pamaj Mw2 was better for sniping but bo2 was a better cod overall @JoeDeLuca Here come all the mw lovers defending it because thats how a slug shotguns works in real life🤡🤡
@t_banksy @Arcitys Lol my movement is not stiff in mw or cold war, if you think the movement feels stiff you are th… @t_banksy @Arcitys "Movement feels stiff"????????? Have you seen the slide in the game how tf is that shit stiff???? @CrewsAidan @CouRageJD By liking your own tweets? @CrewsAidan @CouRageJD
@KeviSkillz 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 @Call_Her_Mara @UndisputedNeal I didnt come up with it tho lmao miami is shit il say that its a camp fest but carter is a fun map… @UndisputedNeal Not really i like to run around with the uzi and have fun lmao stay on modern campfare lolll mw dev… @UndisputedNeal @Masitchh Miami sucks the rest are good mw maps are made for corner campers lol @SEMobster And i wouldnt mind if they put the bottom 25% of the players in their own lobbys and mix the rest, its n… @SEMobster The game changes every year lol so the only thing you wil get better at over the time you play different… @Laylaloves I know its the right thing to go to bed rn but im here watching netflix
@SEMobster Lol how is it any different? I still got stomped in those games but i kept playing it and got better by… @Call_Her_Mara good morning queen hope its gonna be a great day @Weems_Sauce @BrandonEsty1 @CouRageJD i dont need to win or go double positive all the time whan im relaxing but i… @Rub3nmw3 @TheJokkkerr @BrandonEsty1 @CouRageJD the devs claimed that there was sbmm but super toned down so top pl… @Weems_Sauce @BrandonEsty1 @CouRageJD And thats why i wouldnt mind a sbmm that puts the bottom 20/30% in own lobbys… @cellkraktech @SynnChronicle @TheJokkkerr @BrandonEsty1 @CouRageJD If sbmm was like that in these games thats fine… @BrandonEsty1 @Weems_Sauce @CouRageJD Its not the only down side lmao i cant get on the game and have a fun game of… @BrandonEsty1 @CouRageJD Well you dont need sbmm to get better lmao i grew up playing mw2 and got stomped every gam… @wolfdeerbra @CouRageJD All ima say is i got good without sbmm✊🏽❤
@StellurSZN @ACHES No he just wants a slower style game where you cant slide cancel every 2 seconds and get bullshitted in gunsights @Call_Her_Mara
@TooManyBirds37 @Envy "Lets have a fun time playing cod today" is what we cant say because every lobby is filled wi… @Jrmvh @INTELCallofDuty Atleast we got a ranked cant say that about iw games @ACHES @ParisLegion @Sinporas @Attach @INTELCallofDuty @6dodger_ Well the cdl tweeted out "controll is back" so why would they tweet that? @xMikey98 @NadeWurks @Attach @INTELCallofDuty @6dodger_ @TheFallenPrimes @RecordsCOD @INTELCallofDuty @6dodger_ They arent playing dom this year lol cdl tweeted control is back @triiixsta_ @charlieINTEL Yea i see it the cap goes up tomorrow lol @triiixsta_ @charlieINTEL The lvl goes up to 25 when the open beta start for ps4 @charlieINTEL I really hope i can just play dom i hate tdm or kcf @Call_Her_Mara Wel i hope you have a wonderfull day and happy birthdayy 🥳🥳🥳 @Call_Her_Mara Is it your birthday? @AsiaVsTheWorld Now he should drive you somewhere to do something for you right? @silly702 @ZForceHawkeye @RoyalRavens The cdl gave pros codes but seth got asked on stream if he had codes to give away and he didnt so @OrenSchutz @AngelMelly @AztrendSZN @ACHES @AtomicX0 @AccuracyLA Most players would chall so yea
@Clayster @Treyarch They actually care about comp so cant wait for the season to start @Clayster @BNellyNelson I mean 2 rings arent bad are they? So we could call you the 5v5 goat right? @Rallied @itz_loop @DustinLabit @DexertoIntel Yea i love that they listen to the feetback i think it wil be alot better but… @itz_loop @DustinLabit @DexertoIntel The problem is it isnt fully silent @CouRageJD @H3CZ Would you try one of the throwback tourneys? @KxnGary @scump Got to love auto correct @lcfc96_s @Envy @Treyarch Do you understand the meme? @NoxZon @Lakers @KingJames @Whiteshadowboy1 @AcrMw3 @DavidVonderhaar If they just put a sbmm for the bottom 15% of players and the rest get pu… @Whiteshadowboy1 @AcrMw3 @DavidVonderhaar So because worse players dont want to play against good players every oth… @vic38450474 @LegardeHD @dxzon @CallofDuty Same i couldnt stand the playstyle in pubs and the cdl playlist was just… @Randall07740504 @CallofDuty @Activision Only digital pre orders get the early acces beta if you pre ordered a phys… @KBarker360 @CallofDuty Then dont buy it and keep playing mw with its animations and graphics lmao the gameplay is… @Whiteshadowboy1 @AcrMw3 @DavidVonderhaar Sbmm makes the game sweaty for good players it removes the fun and relaxi…
@Call_Her_Mara @Arcitys @BobaFett316
@TheRealOzkar @therealbcain @Treyarch Go take care of your kids instead of getting angry on twitter dude @Cjharlinn @RunTheFUTMarket Honestly your midfield and defence is great i would upgrade your attack dont think you can get goals with them @DraftBuff Bo2 Bo3 Bo1 Bo4 @TheRealOzkar @therealbcain @Treyarch Wel i actually tried to help you by letting you knwo only digital preorders g… @therealbcain @TheRealOzkar @Treyarch Calm down bro hes a father of 2 getting mad on twitter hes not worth talking to @scump @FormaL i mean the ghost tourney is almost here @TheRealOzkar @Treyarch im just telling you that you only get a code if you pre order digitaly so dont get mad at me im not activistion @OfficialDeeTV @TheHeroicHulk @RSproductions10 @Treyarch No need to argue with you my friend because thats straight facts @TheRealOzkar @Treyarch Only digital pre orders get early beta access @HDRavens @ScumbagMichael @KGWsh0rt @RuthlessKeiko @Treyarch Never hated a thing about mw2 mw3 bo2 and bo3 still love the game. @117Kreme @paniofPS @Treyarch @ROKKR YES @iLLeYYY Wise words from the pope @Ampdlify @iTankid @RaidAway Lol why? I bet you dont even know how to slide cancel or bunny hop or dropshot a corne…
@Ampdlify @iTankid @RaidAway Fr? I hate the fking game because its so slow i wanna run around but i feel like a fuc… @Ampdlify @iTankid @RaidAway I cant really enjoy a game where u can just slidecancel or bunny hop and get a free gu… @Ampdlify @iTankid @RaidAway And they didnt even care about the good playerd/comp they only cared about little timm… @Ampdlify @iTankid @RaidAway Ok il stop talking lmao ww2 was boring asf and the movement was so fking slow, mw was… @Ampdlify @iTankid @RaidAway Mw is by far the worst and it isnt close than ww2, bo4 is a decent game iw is the wors…