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@imbabyfr YOOOOhow do I become a news anchor with zero experience or a college degree
I wanna go back to playing minecraft in my moms basement listening to 2007 rap so badratiod way I tweeted this and immediately came up with an idea and wrote two pages 🧍🏼‍♂️ my brain is just empty I can only write sketchesI have GOT to write a pilot do I know if this is a cavity, wisdom tooth, or I’m dying
I am starting to believe it is actually impossible for me to be a good personlifting to thundercat I’m about to start levitatingI’m having a hard time eating 150g of protein a day, and I just read an article that said the best gains and optima…
who wanna facetime me on chest dayI need a gym friend so mf badX stans are insane like the mental gymnastics they do surpass olympians
do ppl still use vsco
should I buy Red Dead 2 for $40 rn?? I couldn’t get into it on xbox but I have a PC now so maybe i’ll like it @tyler01010101 your wolf of wall street era @KovacsSzornyu @joshwildcat9 you should contact their customer support, there’s a few threads on reddit of people s… me achieve my dream 💸 got 3 robinhood referrals in 10 mins of posting that link I’m about to become the first ethical trillionairebro this omegle shit is so crazy like there are human beings out there living full lives that speak 5 languages and… like courage the cowardly dog asking where the roofing nails areI asked a retail employee where something was and they turned around and it was my ex and I straight up did not know what to say LOLabby shapiro bad asfno bc it felt like I was just at a bar or something but it was just strangers on omegle like it felt like real life socializing @PLDroneOperator one nation, under ape @h0neybltch I met an persian rapper and were mutuals nowi be binge eating the pussy they starting to think it’s a disorder
Retweeted by bobby teriyakijust went on omegle for 7 hours
got the urge to build something I’m in my manly era @bewaremypowers hmm ok @SweetBabyTayz it’s annoying I got my first one like immediately and now it feels like everyone got theirs but mehas anybody else still not gotten their stimulus?I just gotta accept that I am easily hateable personminecraft pickaxe @BigTucsonDad LMFAOOOis taylor swift on the right’m a grower my shit on shrimpo mode before the blood start flowingI will simply never be comfortable with showing anyone my fully soft meatfrom scratch LMFAOOOOOOO about every stupid thing I’ve ever done whilst drunk and contemplating whether or not I deserve oxygennot me hemorrhaging followers on this accthen leaving multiple assault rifles unattended is so crazy
hate that I can’t play Many Men on stream whenever something bad happens to TrumpI get actually upset when my TL is covered in sports I do not care that the Cleveland Jelqers just scored a touchdo… if I told you eating 2 wendy’s spicy chicken sandwiches every day in order to meet my protein goals is actually very healthy delphine gotta have at least 10M in the bank she could fr just dip out of the public eye and be set for life… @srslysxy okay this is terrifying because I’ve done that and they did urine/blood tests and said they found nothing… got married at 19 if I married my then-gf when I was 19 I’d be 6 feet under my godthe fact that she might’ve seen this tweet is so funny to me watched multiple videos on the vastness of space and now I’m terrified of everythingI’m so terrified of cancer like what if I have a minor symptom i’m ignoring and I go for a checkup and I have stage… motivation era begins tomorrow
comethazine had me wanting to take a man’s life when this shit dropped y’all understand how good that song is to be to holding this man in relevancy for an entire decade tay-k he ain’t do nothinis it toxic to tell your bf he can’t do workout programs with a female trainer
Retweeted by bobby teriyakiTHAT AINT DABABY THAT GUYS GOT RABIESif he follows barstool thats a red flagthat clip about to make me replay GTA Vyeah I gotta shave this my jawline is completely unseenbeard check (it’s pussy juice) watched There Will Be Blood daniel day lewis is an amazing actoris The Irishman worth watching like that shit is 4 hours long it better be top 10 films of all time @tyler01010101 yeah you’re probably right but also if u got a memorial tattoo of a cat that died in 1992 ur crazy as hell LMAOOlike that’s literally what u sign up for when u get a pet like if you’re gonna be sad for years after your pet pass… if I’m a sociopath or I just accepted death from a young age but idgi when ppl are like crazy attached to pets,…
Many men wish meat upon me cum in my eye dawg and I can’t see @IHateItHere___ his hair LMAO @politicalscandy I mean it’s an amazing movie it’s just very sadlike I don’t know if I’m gonna recover holy shit I am so sad rn @CdyRnkn @eswein19 LMFAOOgrave of the fireflies gotta be the most depressing movie I’ve ever seen in my life my god
like idc if u believe in it but I had a person who literally wouldn’t speak to me cuz I said I was an aries like she was dead serious lolastrology is a fun thing to like talk about and make jokes about or whatever but if ur actually emotionally connect… off doesn’t hit the samea candle but instead of candle wax it’s just my cumI know the 5 followers her who play runescape loving this contentbeating my meat between farm runslife just keep gettin worse got damnfuck a spotify playlist I need my girl to send me porn playlist 💯I’m watching bart simpson vapor wave edits on youtube I’m down horrendousI’m about to buy a $750 fleshlight @IHateItHere___ this is literally uno research, no critical thought, just outrage and vibesthis is the worst take on twitter I see it every week omfg
this feels the same as this fuck it is so hard to get protein without eating meat I was full all day and i’m still sitting here at 4am eat…
just remembered MF DOOM has a bar where he says “innit?” nobody text @mygfreal yoooo @HogSlinger LMFAOOOOmy economics teacher put me in a breakout room with my ex and my side girl i had to pretend there was a house fire
Retweeted by bobby teriyakiI miss my gf but she mad at mewait my swole era is upon usI have GOT to go to therapyppl talk about 90s hip hop like it’s objective “Dr. Dre is the greatest producer of all time, no debate” bro music… just noticed my chest getting bigger... and I’ve never had chest muscles in my life... LETS FUCKING GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO