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Spreadin love and positivity on the TL like.... ❣️♥️🥰♥️💘New video later today ❣️♥️🥰♥️💘
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This short clip speaks volumes man. Honestly.
Retweeted by Bobdunga(2/2) Trevor on George Floyd and the Minneapolis protests: “If you felt unease watching that Target being looted,…
Retweeted by BobdungaThrowback to this androgynous elven warrior cosplay-- i could definitely steal your lady of the north, i lay it d o… @eddyburback Thank you Eddy @kwiztenREYNA /// Mexico "What hope do these criaturas have?" #VALORANT
Retweeted by BobdungaSeeing people using their platform to donate and raise money warms my heart. Be good to each other❤❤❤❤2020 giving off series finale vibes
Retweeted by BobdungaThis is Mrs. Fannie Lou Hamer talking about the history of racial terror lynchings of Black people and how some Bla…
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Look at her!!!
Retweeted by Bobdunga @thatguychris93 @ThatPolitics @antdude92 @NitroRad @billiamthies This exactly, please dont use my post to drag othe… @electricmastro5 How about firing all the corrupt cops and holding them accountable for their corruption would be a… @ThatPolitics @antdude92 @NitroRad I understand the concern, but its not really other content creators duties to be… @LuxieGames @MNFreedomFund ❤❤❤Black lives matter❤ There's a reason its being said Lets end the disproportional amount of police brutality poc's h… To Hamtaro For My Patrons is now LIVE! Like and RT to spread that joy 🥰♥️💘🥰♥️
Retweeted by BobdungaGod Bless this woman and her future endeavors. 🤞🏽💕
Retweeted by BobdungaDancing To Hamtaro For My Patrons is now LIVE! Like and RT to spread that joy 🥰♥️💘🥰♥️ @AurumVG listenmy friend just sent me this video we did in 2014 and im FUCKIN SCREAMING WSRFTRETYKIULIJTRERTY
Retweeted by BobdungaSilence is oppression and I'm sorry for being silent for so long. These issues do not affect me directly, so I ne…
Retweeted by Bobdunga @KiddFennik LMAOStolen target goods have been turned into a place for protests to get items/help.
Retweeted by Bobdungato my fellow YT creators who care about this shit and stay silent for fear of alienating members of your audience,…
Retweeted by Bobdungaliterally all im hearing right now what the fuck is 2020 @Octopimp Happy birthday buddy!! Hope you have a great day!!my friend just sent me this video we did in 2014 and im FUCKIN SCREAMING WSRFTRETYKIULIJTRERTY love and positivity on the TL like.... ❣️♥️🥰♥️💘New video later today ❣️♥️🥰♥️💘 love on the tl
Retweeted by Bobdungaimportant announcement from isabelle 😳 #BlackLivesMatter
Retweeted by Bobdunga @darksloane this mans attractiveness is shocking @darksloane 👀spreadin love on the tl @skipper SLOANE LMAO*MLK has left the chat* *Malcolm X has joined the chat*
Retweeted by BobdungaQuarantine has been so boring i been working out everyday.😝 Here is a before and after picture. 🥺 Home workouts h…
Retweeted by Bobdungadidnt i tell yall greek was sexy @Greekgodx DADDYYou may not see me or other black people around you screaming from the rooftops about these latest incidents. Not b…
Retweeted by BobdungaBROOKAGO FAM! We have a VERY DOPE show tonight. We'll be talking all things Black America tonight with @vicious696
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Retweeted by Bobdungaim fucking screaming did egirl makeup and it was the best mistake i ever made
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Retweeted by BobdungaAccidentally did egirl makeup and it was the best mistake i ever made
I made this meme
Retweeted by Bobdunga @Octopimp I greatly dislike you for this *rts*
@goingonajournie @HugS86 are you telling me Hugo's never seen The Little Mermaid, ill fuckin scream @billiamthies YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASSS DUDE!!! <3 @Emery6393 if you dont enjoy her content, you dont have to watch. me simply stating i like her videos shouldnt lead… @Emery6393 i never said it was an excuse, i said the internet tends to focus on arguably less important issues in a…
Retweeted by Bobdunga @Mike_Matei good ol Pacman @Emery6393 people on the internet live off outrage and as a result fail to highlight issues that are actually impor… SUPPORT KINGS😤
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Retweeted by Bobdunga @Prof_Kaiju_101 i put her streams on in the background as i work, very cozy haha @SethEverman suddenly im into bald men.i like pokimaneyou can say what you wanna say without being disrespectful.
Retweeted by BobdungaI have waited for this day @2gay2lift 👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀 @johnblueriggs Or was it little boys i have no idea LOL @johnblueriggs That little girls song avwjsvskscmssmsbsn
@SidraWayfarer @Panwaffle36 @Punkthulhu @JaidenAnimation @ChronoKatie @SuperButterBuns ❤😊If you want to have your mind blown: John Cena and Jackson from Hannah Montana are the exact same age
Retweeted by BobdungaI realized that when I accomplish stuff that are big, I literally just check it off a list like its a game achievem…
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@sleepykokiri 🥺❤❤❤new patch notes already
Retweeted by BobdungaAlso big thanks to @Saberspark for the little voice cameo during the intro skit!FAKE Newspaper Publications In Video Games is now LIVE!! Thanks for your patience loves! Go check it out! :) Likes… dont care that you broke your elbow
Retweeted by Bobdunga @DisguisedToast i feel you @ghoulrunnings THISSS idk if this is pertaining to anything recent but, when people do this about anything non rela…, I vote to be put in the Offline house🖐️🖐️🖐️🖐️ I got indian, black and spanish so I can check some of those… has quickly became my favorite villager on my island. He is not allowed to leave..... ever.
Retweeted by Bobdunga @sleepykokiri VIBE VIBE VIBEnot everyone needs to be an ig baddie... sometimes a goth moment just hits different 😈
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Retweeted by Bobdunga @Schaffrillas Listen,adults in anime: teens in anime
Retweeted by Bobdunga @ArtistIzzy @RebelTaxi @NolanTrashZone @JimmFORCEIm streaming tonight after the video goes up, my brain feels so much more clear than it has the last week bsbsvsjscsvsksnsvsbsjsns @GeekRemix OK IM GETTING SICK OF THESE LITTLE SHITS AND I KILLED ONE TWO NIGHTS AGO AND SINCE THEN HAVENT HAD A GOOD NIGHTS SLEEP @THESHINOBIEST sw GDGJNHDLFGJ DTRRYHW TGDsocial climber used leech seed not very effectiveAir nomads said gay rights 😏
Retweeted by Bobdunga @MatttGFX ADhdujhgifvaspf'sof;yooo do you remember this ad @billiamthies⭐️💫Newspaper Publications In Video Games💫⭐️ Goes LIVE at 6pm EST tonight!!! Issa gonna be an informative one around in a onesie part 2
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Retweeted by BobdungaIdk who needs to hear this but unclench your jaw
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