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short dude from queens with the mid raps (i edit sometimes too.) he//him 21 bi @contextualhell // @CXStwoswords // @CXSsigma // @stillsigma pfp: @lovemaxultra

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Retweeted by not phineas [sigma]nineishuman - hunter schafer (unreleased 2021)***]
Retweeted by not phineas [sigma] @BLOODGRUV0 you went Plus Ultra on this tweet man ‼️from like, a structural perspectivesome of the coolest storytelling I've seen in a minutethis game is so fucking sick bro if you've got 60 bucks to kill please buy this game13 sentinels is raw so far
Hey @FallGuysGame as excited as I am for Fall Guys season 2 I conjured this little guy up yesterday and now I can't…
Retweeted by not phineas [sigma] @rokakakafruit yessirhe wouldnt sit up on the slide
Retweeted by not phineas [sigma] @airospvce YOOOOOOOO FINALLYPre-save my new single "Sailor Moon" on Spotify:
Retweeted by not phineas [sigma]Here's my full, completely unhinged *and* incredibly insightful interview with @Uchikoshi_Eng of 999/VLR fame about…
Retweeted by not phineas [sigma] A full, high-quality restoration of Wario Land 4's Hurry Up track, done using manually res…
Retweeted by not phineas [sigma]This dogshit podcast managed to accidentally create my favorite podcast moment ever
Retweeted by not phineas [sigma] @Yetiapocalypse congrats!!!I BECAME PARTNER LETS GOOOOOOOOO
Retweeted by not phineas [sigma]
Retweeted by not phineas [sigma] @CurvishSundown it's true. @JRcmxtm yeah I'm just not swag enough so I eat shit on hexagone every time fell off the side of the map last time I played @JRcmxtm i think if you can get the timing down that one is the easiest. hex a gone is too competitive for me and f…
Retweeted by not phineas [sigma] @rokakakafruit ikr? @JRcmxtm Jump Showdown!Oh no no no no, Stadians...we're in trouble...
Retweeted by not phineas [sigma] @konataform downloading and inputting enormous strings of unique text so each chunk knows the exact progress you've… @CurvishSundown next stop: beat spelunky 2i can't fucking believe this shitSame Voice Actor. (ENG Dub) crown. #PS4share
@geoffkeighley @glaiv3 this rules @PeroxideHeroin u watch steins gate yet?The replies with 14 year olds not knowing the usage of the word "upset" kinda explains how people can develop a gif…
Retweeted by not phineas [sigma]posted in the whip bumping Blackboard Collaborate Ultra - MCM 30 07 Lecture Now OpenUX Designers and Accessibility (#a11y) advocates, please pay attention to what YouTube has done to the deaf communi…
Retweeted by not phineas [sigma] @CreditCardNumbr ion even die no more if i hit 2 hearts in 1-1 i just instant resetin good news i can actually feel myself improving at spelunky 2 regularly getting to 1-4 now and even got to 2-1 a… to be up in 3 hours for spanish what the hell was i thinking when i designed this scheduleI wanna make a movie but should I
Retweeted by not phineas [sigma]I‘M SO SORRY #PS4share #Spelunky2 @deathbombarc @ANGRYBLACKMEN_ yoooooo when did ABM get on deathbomb? thats sick
@inkopolis juzo boys stay winning @JRcmxtm I am the landlord of comedy @JRcmxtm Anything @video____game all the kids i knew that took that shit seriously ended up as honor students or drug dealers, no in-between @video____game i think in elementary school we still sold chocolate bars, but it was pretty pointless cuz every kid… my first stab at this idea. it needs more clips so please inform me of any other "jerma gets scared of video…
Retweeted by not phineas [sigma] @thursdaysrain bet lemme instant transmission over
@flamethony see this is why you get good at a character that sucks shit so you can have fun and compete but also ge… so many epic action scenes with high stakes you can cram into 10 episodes before the viewer starts to get fatigued manwatched the alicization finale. kind of weird ending but was cool nonetheless. excited for whatever unital ring is… @carsonkingyt the progressive novels have been fantastic so far so I'm hyped they're getting a proper anime adaptation @CreditCardNumbr LET'S GOOfuck this game #PS4share #Spelunky2 @bartleszcz1 @bartleszcz1 I'm out @bartleszcz1 fuuuuck we gotta get some fall guys in then @bartleszcz1 cop on ps4 it's got online multiplayer @bartleszcz1 dropped early on ps4 @bartleszcz1 everything is harder, it expects you to have already played the first game @p0lt_ yeah i think that nintendo didn't realize the first line of amiibos were successful cuz of smash and just made way too manu @CreditCardNumbr yes.... @CreditCardNumbr can we make a Fan Made ill mind of hopsin @CreditCardNumbr not actually I'm not home rn but in theory @CreditCardNumbr me waiting for you to hop on Spelunky 2 @p0lt_ i used to comb five below for amiibo cards cuz they were the only place that still sold 'em post switch laun… @CreditCardNumbr @CreditCardNumbr satsu it has online playseriously this game rules so fargetting my fucking ass kicked at spelunky 2. only pain and suffering. it's exactly what i wanted
@PeroxideHeroin // blood crumb was the imposter
Retweeted by not phineas [sigma] @rokakakafruit komaeda eating cheetosFINAL DANGANRONPA MAINLINE CHARACTER TIER LIST (AFTER FINISHING THE SERIES) VOD ON YOUTUBE SOON…
Retweeted by not phineas [sigma] @fraxiommusic this one goes so hard man
Retweeted by not phineas [sigma]Happy One Year Anniversary to AI: THE SOMNIUM FILES! As you all know, that game was a huge opportunity for me and I…
Retweeted by not phineas [sigma]no idea who made this but
Retweeted by not phineas [sigma] @CreditCardNumbr maybe you should've stopped working a job and started working on xxxtentacion type beats for the C… @CreditCardNumbr me when the unemployment stops hitting @CreditCardNumbr swear 2 god never working retail again if i can help it @CreditCardNumbr this one was forced @CreditCardNumbr hurricane harvey hurried, camen went with harv'ly any damage, we gon stay open for those mfers dri… @CreditCardNumbr could be a world ending asteroid headed for earth and if that shit hitting somewhere in europe waf… @CreditCardNumbr that's real shit bro waffle houses just don't fuckin close ever @CreditCardNumbr crazy that it actually works thoughAI: THE SOMNIUM FILES released one year ago today, so we're opening orders for the leftover items + misprints from…
Retweeted by not phineas [sigma]NO MAN
Retweeted by not phineas [sigma]Celebrating the release of World’s End Club on Apple Arcade! Win a clear file set signed b…
Retweeted by not phineas [sigma]might buy some melatonin gummies when the unemployment hits cuz there's no reason for me to be this booted up 18 hours removed from sleepsometimes it feels like my bodyclock is actively fighting against being fixed @konataform all good man dwai obviously the situation runs deeper than i know i just got nostalgic for a bitfrustrated on all levels @Regaulity I was inspired
Retweeted by not phineas [sigma] @its__Sarahh first season is great but this one blows it out of the water, man it's phenomenal
nevermind i guess it's actually coming out that's sick i remember popping off whenever i saw an update on the game in my email. really hope the game comes out in some form eventuallythis is seriously one of my favorite songs ever