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short dude from queens with the mid raps he//him 21 bi @contextualhell // @CXStwoswords pfp: @slavesofgods banner: @wonderrgraphics

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@JRcmxArtm he's just doing luigi a solid here @JRcmxArtm LOL his confidence is crazyThis is one of my favorite prompts so far
Retweeted by not phineas [sigma] @JRcmxtm getting eliminated first question on who wants to be a millionaire
Need it or keep it 🤔 ?
Retweeted by not phineas [sigma]slapper needs to read this
Retweeted by not phineas [sigma] @PR6STON i'm weak
@Dynamo_Gear yessir @ambiencreek noTell me your story
Retweeted by not phineas [sigma]ok now give me fanboy and chumchum and i'll be 100% satisfied i s2gand muhfuckin ROCKET POWERBACK AT THE BARNYARD? MR MEATY?? GARFIELD??? ROBOT AND MONSTER?!? THIS CAST KICKS ASS
@MasqButterfly vicariously reliving all my angsty teenage emotions thru Mineral LOL @thursdaysrain looks sick, will peep inna bit @ativhanna sick, thank you @thursdaysrain i love me some angst pand like At The Drive In LOLin quite possibly the least surprising plot twist of all time, i'm getting really into midwest emo @ativhanna can i steal this caption for a song title @justinmerrill0 galaxy note20 ultrasmosh wiki advanced stats team is going crazy will anthony's new favorite food be in food battle 2021 @pzer0lt phone let's me scroll at 120hz this shit is crazy @MasqButterfly yeah but i watched synchronized diving olympics event just now that shit was crazy i'm just saying you could do betterreal life marvin's room rn.... literally drinking rosé while scrolling thru my old phone (got new one today an am s…
@heavenly_momo that like light mint and dark navy luigi looks sick @phant0mpark a man with clear goals and the means to execute them
Retweeted by not phineas [sigma] @phant0mpark i respect the dedicationbeen sitting at my booth for 2 hours and this dude next to me has walked away, bought a burger and came back 4 diff…
they're playing the clean version of fade at work and they have to glitch out entire lines to censor them cuz theyres too many cursesperoxide
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@sensiblesasha thanks bestie 🤩🥰 @sensiblesasha @sensiblesasha i had the same phone background across like 5 years and only worked myself up to change it like 3 months ago @ambiencreek been drinking way more of those real juice monsters than usual and this is why @danajiru love sifl and olly @danajiru united states of whatever was incredibly influential//detrimental to my sense of humor as a middle schooler @CloudedHeroin nah this take is funny I'm on board @kevinabstract sat 1 ezwyd when the dude you're fighting pulls out the fork @omggilysm obv stuff doesn't have to be super professional sounding but the difference between a good mix & a subop… @omggilysm (sorry for wall of text) the last thing i've noticed is that the barrier for most people not directly in… @omggilysm like a well known example is cherry bomb (which I think most of the album is overhated in terms of mixin… @omggilysm also mixes don't have to be good but as a music listener if a mix is actively making a song worse or les… @omggilysm i understand what you're saying but when i make stuff i think the mix is like a direct extension of what… @aniggareallymad yea that makes sense ify @aniggareallymad *rural not royal lol @aniggareallymad cars are necessary for suburbs and royals cuz infrastructure is probably never gonna get there in… @aniggareallymad cars are sick, planning cities around them instead of public transport//walking areas is what has shit fucked upkanye subreddit is taking things well're in her DMs, im in her guest bedroom having a sleep deprived panic attack and knocking out for 13 hours we are not the same 💯
@omggilysm they got mike dean playing mystery block mod minecraft cops and robbers @omggilysm this is an ancient reference holy shit @omggilysm you're smoking weed #respectfully @omggilysm better than GHOST TOWN?ok i'm starting to get sick of none of these songs having drops. you can have the beat drop like ONCE or twiceBro said
Retweeted by not phineas [sigma] @CreditCardNumbr it's so much more put together than JIK these are like actual songs and he be cursing @miraiwillsaveus that shit was obscene i loved ithurricane FINALLY @CreditCardNumbr hater mentality @CreditCardNumbr if you think that travis keem song didn't go off you're smoking weedoh hey travis @omggilysm @miraiwillsaveus RealKANYE!!!!!!! BE CAREFUL DOING THE WIRES!!!!!!!
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@pzer0lt @negativefnnancy @R i wish Twitter let you use symbols so that someone could have @@ @pzer0lt @negativefnnancy holy shit imagine having @r that's such a powerful handle
@fartdysphoria oh hell yeah i love mcdonaldssplusstoon gumonguws #Splatoon2 #NintendoSwitch
Retweeted by not phineas [sigma] @traceybrakes congrats! @rokakakafruit i would push jello boy down multiple flights of stairs if given the opportunityholy shit just release a fucking virtual console already what the hell is this shit @StrayLambRei that's so sickNo one loves their game like the Melee community
Retweeted by not phineas [sigma]week 1. thursday night. L82DAPARTY w/ ramona star :]
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first song i've ever been on that hit 1k on spotify, can i get a pogchamp in the chat (please ignore that it's only… @theyaremallory i was ripping my bi-annual disposable vape (lemon mint myle mini this time around, pretty decent tb… @GIGGLECORP @12pmyes @aniggareallysad LOL @aniggareallysad holy shit 70k @iloveweedandass the mazda's so clean
@CloudedHeroin if i've got some shit for you i will @PR6STON yeah I might just have to this time @ViktorHarter I understand the sentiment but if you think I'm going to go commercial or a sterilized version of my… @calebcosmic LOL I feel that Anything helps @CanvasRecords thanks homie! @Mevaughnk thank you Big K @rubyspiral c'mon you know i would never do that FOUR times in a row hahahaha.... @bonitoraps 🤔🤔🤔 a tempting offer.... @realboneboy ofc man i gotchu @theyaremallory word @Dynamo_Gear 🤝🤝🤝hey if i actually make an album will y'all cop that shit on bandcamp cuz I'm beyond broke and jobs are not responding to my applications lol