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short dude from queens with the mid raps (i edit sometimes too.) he//him 21 bi @contextualhell // @CXStwoswords // @CXSsigma // @stillsigma pfp: @lovemaxultra

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carti has to wait a week i need this to drop @theyaremallory
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discussing baby names in call @vicveents @flamethony @bobhobobstudios I could write an essay trying to figure out what message you were trying to convey
Retweeted by not phineas [sigma] @rokakakafruit the mcrib is back december 2nd nationw idethe mcrib returns to mcdonalds stores nationwide this wednesday, december 2nd #ad @flamethony leaving 20 seconds of blank space at the end to make you think about the time you just wastedthis stopped being funny to me like halfway through making it @justinmerrill0 🗣️🗣️🗣️
Retweeted by not phineas [sigma]Spring Grasses update! disappearing act 🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟 🌱 📗 🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟
Retweeted by not phineas [sigma]statistically speaking, there's no way that literally EVERYONE loves Magical Trevor @roachparties L @YOUNGDE4TH you gotta be careful what you speak into existence, even if it's just sarcasm or self-deprication that… @unikhroma also applies to anyone who has had a hetalia pfp at any point in their life. sorry but your opinion will never be validdo not speak to me if you haven't written your sophomore year thesis about huck finn yethave decided to not give a fuck what 15 year old Twitter stans think is morally right or wrongI recently saw an argument where someone said they found typing quirks triggering and the other person in the argum…
Retweeted by not phineas [sigma] @unikhroma No @ramzokazooie i'm just fuckin around don't actually lol
@KeebyAstrokat the new video really changed my mind @CreditCardCVC no more nagging wifeLETS FUCKIN GOOOOO'm down horriblesomeone let me hold twenty bucks so i can buy supermega merch @bobhobobstudios I will literally PAY for graphic design and an essay rn
Retweeted by not phineas [sigma] @rokakakafruit LOL @rokakakafruit i will LITERALLY pay someone to write this essay for mesmh turning off replies for just this tweet you outplayed me
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@_frosty_boy_ thats probably what that horse was thinking tbh he's looking dapper in those jeans @_frosty_boy_ LOLthat one dude at the back of the party @wowthatshiphop TRUE @wowthatshiphop Huuuuuuuge W @randombrownkid_ huge dub tbh @evisufiend True.
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Don't strike out!!! 🔥⚾️🧢 The Baseball Series continues as Phin and Steven dredge the depths of Nintendo canon to se…
Retweeted by not phineas [sigma] @Dynamo_Gear 🙄🙄🙄 ok... sure dudeconsidering a hatereading of ready player one but i don't know if i'm strong enoughi'm a simple man hardstuck in the tito's tax bracket just tryna work my way up to grey goose7 STREAMERS 7 BOXES 7 DAYS STARTING DECEMBER 7 AT 4PM PST INTRODUCING POKEMON WEEK OPENING $235,000 WORTH OF POK…
Retweeted by not phineas [sigma] @bartleszcz1 not swag enoughwho wanna be my pokemon rivali have made a purchase
@theyaremallory word. hxh is goated so i think you'll enjoy it a lot, esp if you're already into the early episodes… @theyaremallory damn you haven't seen HxH before?MATHMAN PLAYABLE THIS IS FUCKING HYPETWEWY 2 LETS FUCKING GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
@chryseuswitch wb boss13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim (PS4) is $29.99 at GameStop
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@willycrooks work or chicago
Retweeted by not phineas [sigma]I've finished making a free, OPEN SOURCE Among Us proximity voice chat application. No custom server required. DOW…
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"it would not be appropriate if we treated people who did something based on affection for Nintendo, as criminals."…
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#FreeMeleeY’all remember when Hungrybox won last summit and asked Nintendo to support the competitive scene, in a kind and re…
Retweeted by not phineas [sigma]Absolute PR bullshit. Slippi does not require illegally obtained versions of the game to function. Backing up games…
Retweeted by not phineas [sigma] @KanyePodcast huh? copy of SA2 that crashed 6 stages into hero story >>>>i think it's cuz we were dead broke and my dad's friend knew how to pirate dreamcast games EZsomehow I was a 4 @Krinios let's fuckin go @LEVELSWASTAKEN put me in coach
The time has finally arrived! Get ready for #Fraymakers, the infinitely replayable indie platform fighter, now live…
Retweeted by not phineas [sigma] @PR6STON @PeroxideHeroin i wish we'd get a bit more high energy stuff his really doe feature is still nuts and it m… @ModestCube used to absolutely crush celery back in the day
Retweeted by not phineas [sigma] @PR6STON why every social media trying to be snap i don't get it @PR6STON isn't it literally just snap stories @PR6STON i still haven't gotten em @unikhroma yeah i feel u @unikhroma please stop mistaking the stupidity of young teens as purposeful humor @unikhroma *discourse not discord @unikhroma they weren't i had to suffer thru discord posts on the TL about it and the race thing was like a month… @riskierjester good luck! @Dynamo_Gear @Mevaughnk lol when he sees this he will shir bricks... @unikhroma genders that are just a character you kin, genders that just describe one aspect of your personality, pe… we go again :D #dorohedoro #drhdr
Retweeted by not phineas [sigma]either way i think you should respect people's chosen pronouns, just some of the more extreme stuff i see is really… those unaquainted'll respect and use your xenogenders//neopronouns, i just have the gut feeling that this is gonna end up like 2016… @hunter_hhhh wtf....
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Retweeted by not phineas [sigma] @PR6STON literally spits btw like saliva @PR6STON man this doesn't even keep in the part where he spits on beatSome more 3am somnium scrawls because.. sighs
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Retweeted by not phineas [sigma] @shoegazesucks fuckIt's been an entire year of #PokemonSwordShield!! A mere year ago at midnight, I brought a few real-life Pokemon it…
Retweeted by not phineas [sigma] @Dynamo_Gear get to that aesop rock album tho it's fantasticcant believe i went and listened to my good friend's music before the new aesop rock album you should too
Retweeted by not phineas [sigma] @PeroxideHeroin preston's idol fr