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@DaveR_TF It's the quality of your followers that count not the quantity. Given that I'm one of them, that's not… VACCINE HAS NOT BEEN PUT THROUGH ‘TOO QUICKLY’. TONS OF MONEY WAS MADE AVAILABLE AND THE SAME NUMBERS OF PEOPL…
Retweeted by Bobito @johnredwood 1. Blue passports End of list @AbilityDrain @GlitterBroker Doctor Who and Mass Effect 3. Works for me. Omnitools and sonic screwdrivers! @Jacob_Rees_Mogg This a bare faced lie
@ChuckGarfien @ymercedes73 This is what Hawk would have sounded like if he'd been Dominican
Last time I saw @laurarobson5 play the BBC kept picking me out as the crazy, overexcited fan for the amusement of T… paths to the bone forest are blood red.
Retweeted by Bobito @kav_paul Also, the look Siouxie Sioux gave him when he tried to flirt with her was absolutely priceless. Then all hell broke loose 🤣 @kav_paul Grundy: What was that? Johnny Rotton: Nothing. Rude word. Never mind. Pretty sure John knew what he was doing when he said that. @kav_paul I have a friend who lives there and, trust me, it's not somewhere you want to go @msox12 @stevestone Especially if that run comes late in the game.
@Dragon_Age_Fans No and honestly I'm going to wait and see about DA4. The days when I would buy anything Bioware pu… far the best part of Obama's memoir comes 567 pages in, when he's being blamed by Republicans for not fixing BP'…
Retweeted by BobitoWow! Just Wow! @USSStellarDrift It's not Thane's death as such that makes me so emotional, even coming so soon on the back of Mord… @Dragon_Age_Fans @AlexandraPeel Kind of. It's a fantasy world so I make up a few. Thing is, if you make a word that… @USSStellarDrift Thane's deathbed scene in ME3 if your FemShep romanced him. Jennifer Hale is the only person who c… @USSStellarDrift No hate from me. He was an overgrown child. The best thing he did all game was die at the end.
@USSStellarDrift @Dragon_Age_Fans Female, city elf, rogue HoF, Varric, Velanna & Cassandra @GiulioGasparin Only people who are unqualified to meaningfully say one way or the other. The only opinions that ar… is absolutely wonderful from Russell
Retweeted by Bobito @i_am_peterpan_ @popalorena @gangstapp Kind of appropriate for the queen of the slice forehand @GuraKruor @ArtofYorugami Or maybe @billybass100 @ThatEricAlper I saw them live. They are incredible together. @bbcdoctorwho One of the best episodes of any TV show ever. Peter Capaldi is an incredible actor and this shows him at his best. @billybass100 @ThatEricAlper I'm going to say something that, as a big Etta James fan, I would have considered unth…
@greg_jenner To be fair the monarchy did become illegitimate only a few decades before Blackadder 1 was set (Edwrd… @Dragon_Age_Fans Only once each, like the gameBlessed. #AmyConeyBarrett #SCOTUS
Retweeted by BobitoAt a time of skyrocketing cases, fixing statutory sick pay can prevent the spread of the virus and ensure millions… can’t control coronavirus until everyone can afford to self-isolate. #SickPayForAll
Retweeted by Bobito @akkitwts @billybass100 @TeriRobins2 Not shocked at all about Clapton to be honest. The Rock Against Racism movement came abo… @Martina More a case of Trump requiring them to make themselves look like idiots on his behalf.What's really going on in the UK? Uber-rich guys, pretending not to be the elite, dismantling the state, our healt…
Retweeted by BobitoWe have something special for our biggest fan. RETWEET for a chance to win a White Sox Fan Prize Pack. No purch. n…
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@Abraxsys Why couldn't he have stuck to grabbing pussys?Flagons and Dragons page 43 in which our heroes' campsite receives a visitor. Catch up with the story so far at…
Can Twitter help us get a message to our landlady, the Queen, who has evicted us for charging our electric car at h…
Retweeted by BobitoThis New York Times letter to the editor is really disturbing. What an incredible, diabolical plot, the scale of wh…
Retweeted by Bobito @Dragon_Age_Fans @LiaraGaming @SarahJaneHunti1 I understand the legal system works different in the US than this si… @Dragon_Age_Fans @LiaraGaming @SarahJaneHunti1 If she sent them to her friend by email then that's likely all the proof she'll need. @starkmanalex3 Best? Gimme Shelter. My personal favourite? Let It Loose.
@BravesAshland I'm not sure other passengers would appreciate me removing my pants to take a nap on the train @ChiSoxFanMike @GeorgeSpringer I'm guessing he would probably be able to buy his own with what it would cost to bring him here @USSStellarDrift Hugely underrated player. @ryanfagan As a Brit who only discovered baseball later in life, it would have to be the cricketer Barry Richards.… soon we'll be at a 9/11 death count every single day. That's largely a tragic choice. I could not be more…
Retweeted by Bobito @USSStellarDrift @naboonights Let me see Boba Fett? Bib Fortuna? BB-8? No, must be able to do better than that. 🤔…
@CourtneyMania @_irenka23_ @CourtneyMania It's a fair comment. Seriously, anyone who could lose THAT tie-break and then win the 5th set... @holland_tom This my favourite piece of ancient art I think. @USSStellarDrift Whut? I'm booking the day off work so I can watch it live. @DaveR_TF @miffedmax No, aboot is Scottish. @DaveR_TF @miffedmax Aboat time @DaveR_TF @miffedmax 2/2 Max: That's why my ancestors fought in a revolution, so we could spell words sensibly. Me… @DaveR_TF I once had the following exchange with @miffedmax on the subject: Max: It's gray not grey. Me: Poor use o… @DaveR_TF You hate words being spelled correctly? 🤔 Do you also hate people who think 2+2=4 and stamp your feet ins… @RebeccaRideal @greg_jenner It's actually a really great format that maximises both the entertainment and education… long as it passes medical scrutiny and is safe and effective, it's irrelevant what vaccine to take, it's not a c…
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@matthias1978 @alessiagostinis On the subject of Doctor Who... clip discussing potential Christmas restrictions/easing. Extra restrictions to bring down cases after a Ch…
Retweeted by Bobito @matthias1978 @alessiagostinis Matt Smith had the best supporting cast of all the Doctors, lucky bastard. @BaraStrycova Wait so you got to a Wimbledon SF and won the doubles when you could barely see? The other girls migh… @JosephCshnDavis @SeekerCat5500 In defence of tribbles, they at least allowed us to see Dax in an original series u… @DaveR_TF @AlysonStoner Only up until the point when they can legally purchase alcohol @JosephCshnDavis @SeekerCat5500 A tribble is for life, not just for ChristmasThese are cracking me up too much I just had to post them 😂😂😂
Retweeted by Bobito @SeekerCat5500 @N7Stryder One of my favourite lines is when Garek tries to sell the sisters silk lingerie. B'etor:… @N7Stryder @SeekerCat5500 B'etor was hot and I don't care how weird that makes me 😍 @DaveR_TF @iloveeverydoggy @chipfranklin Leave him alone. He's already been robbed of his dinner by that cruel bast… @alessiagostinis They have their own 12 episode audio series available from Big Finish you know. @alessiagostinis We know who the real stars of the show are though, don't we? one of the great bluesmen. @kingsrush Am I the only one feeling sorry for the poor alligator going hungry? @ianmcque They look cool but I'd be very nervous about stepping aboard.No Garek? Nope, not buying. 😠 Secret Blog of Dominic Cummings, aged 13¾ Nov 24th I went to Michael Gove’s house on my chopper and demande…
Retweeted by BobitoJUST ONE GRAPH IN THE DAILY MAIL - a thread.
Retweeted by BobitoHS2 worker filmed 'kneeling on protester's neck for four minutes . . . so presumably he/she will be dismissed by…
Retweeted by BobitoThe Knuckler! Hoyt Wilhelm showing his grip w @whitesox in the 1960s. The Hall of Famer was the 1st pitcher to app…
Retweeted by Bobito @kathryniveyy Thank you doesn't even come closeHow it started How it's going
Retweeted by BobitoListening to Home To You by @pogirl for the first time in a while. I'd forgotten just how beautiful this album is…
@USSStellarDrift @Dragon_Age_Fans Let's be honest here, Choirboy wouldn't get two steps through the door before thr… @yelnats_eel @DanOffTheRadio Many years ago I was a clerical dogs-body at the Health & Safety Executive. We had a p… @Number10cat We need form a square around the LarrsterI've always found Larry to be courteous. Being the no. 10 cat is a difficult job and requires hard choices. Sometim… @Emma_Vakarian Grunt sitting outside in the rain, somewhat worse for wear on ryncol, had me cackling. Been there. @RebeccaRideal @SicktoDeathUK Vaccines and antibiotics must be the most important milestones in the history of medi…
Retweeted by BobitoImpressive, but she's no Nancy Faust @played41 deserved @pcgamer Loved Mass Effect trilogy, my favourite games ever. But there's already been one ME game too many. No more for me thanks. @USSStellarDrift @Elle_Enasalin Liara & co with Cassandra Shepard (named after the character from the Iliad, years…
Trump appears to be skipping a side-event at the G20 virtual summit focused on pandemic preparedness. The President…
Retweeted by BobitoDjokovic encourages Zverev to stay strong amidst domestic violence allegations - a blog by @CMurray234
Retweeted by BobitoBoris Johnson 'tried and failed to get investigator to water down' Patel bullying report This is serious
Retweeted by BobitoWoman who thinks anger towards Priti Patel is bullying actually
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