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Amanda hugging Milo in Cake 'Splosion renewed my faith in Ducky Momo. Also, the Caven-Puss is Bae

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My son Luke loves that we named our children after Star Wars characters. My daughter Chewbacca not so much.
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I find it ironic how the PnF fandom focuses on phineas’s biodad and nobody mentions ferb’s biomom, even tho we all…
Retweeted by ThirtyYearsOfBobCan't say I blame Apocalymon. I'd probably want to destroy the world too if I was denied pizza and left with only t…
Retweeted by ThirtyYearsOfBobTell me what's making you jump like that?
I've got people asking me if I'm scared of the virus while at work, of course I'm scared, I work the drive thru, ba…
@AcunaAndrew well he still lived somewhere in jefferson county
I still work @pfmmlnews Pretty sure you meant toe-in, everyone knows toes make the best bookmarks
fuck all u assholes that talk shit on fast food workers when u guys are the only ones coming through drive thru!!!!!
Retweeted by ThirtyYearsOfBobGovernment “let’s stop the spread and close all non-essential businesses “ Fast Food Workers “finally we can feel s…
Retweeted by ThirtyYearsOfBobY’all swore up and down retail and fast food didn’t deserve at least $15 an hour but these are the essentials work…
Retweeted by ThirtyYearsOfBob @t3rr3z they’re deemed “essential workers” by the government rn but they can’t afford to pay them over $7.15 an hr.…
Retweeted by ThirtyYearsOfBobAfter COVID-19 is over, I better NEVER hear anyone trash "low end" workers again. Those people at the grocery store…
Retweeted by ThirtyYearsOfBob @GovWhitmer You’re awful. Why is fast food considered essential service? I work for 10.69 an hour and it’s taken me…
Retweeted by ThirtyYearsOfBobApparently as a fast food worker I’m essential? Fuck this!!! And they’re making profit off this so it doesn’t matte…
Retweeted by ThirtyYearsOfBobNot only does that make us essential it makes us stressed beyond belief to be having to still go to work when so ma…
Retweeted by ThirtyYearsOfBobI’m sorry but if people such as fast food and grocery store workers are considered to be “essential workers” during…
Retweeted by ThirtyYearsOfBob @GovWhitmer If fast food is considered essential. I should not be making 10.69 an hour (hired in at minimum and hav…
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@bobtherandomguy say no more #MiloMurphysLaw
Retweeted by ThirtyYearsOfBobthe dark truth of Phineas & Ferb! Phineas was originally drawn on a napkin and Ferb was named after a friend of Dan & Swampy. Yep that's it
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I wanna see that yellow batsuit in the comic #Subscribetowatchtowerdatabase
So since yesterday was my birthday my father had a lot of pictures from my childhood Can we just all say Grade Sch…ラスエボ関連の絵これしかなかった。時間出来たら何か描きたいな
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I've been teaching myself to juggle clocks. People are saying I’ve got too much time on my hands.
Retweeted by ThirtyYearsOfBobWell hopefully Connie shows up in at least a few episodes of these final set @EspeonElegant Thanks @bloodmoonbobby Naked ShuppetWhat’s the difference between bird flu and swine flu? Bird flu requires tweetment; swine flu requires oinkment.
Retweeted by ThirtyYearsOfBobWell I'm thirty This seems anticlimacticWaiter: Do you wanna box for your leftover food? Dad: No thanks, but I’ll wrestle you for them.
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Retweeted by ThirtyYearsOfBobIn the middle of the night I had a Google security alert of suspicious activity and now I have to change my passwor…
@nachiopistachio #BringBackBalloony Just imagine it a Balloony/Scott team up "When Balloony met Baloney"
Retweeted by ThirtyYearsOfBob @carlybella_ @joncoltonbarry Good to see you again ColinAfter months in hiding, balloony has shown his face back in Fantastic Sams @joncoltonbarry
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I've been a beekeeper for years and when my crush said "It's me or it's those nasty insects, make up your mind", at…
Retweeted by ThirtyYearsOfBob @VinMan17 well he's a politician, they don't do muchshow respect to my president on president’s day
Retweeted by ThirtyYearsOfBobI want someone to write the adventures of Kevin and Francis on Ao3 or I'll be force to write it myself @HogwartsMystery Personally I like Penny's outfit better but Merula is my girl今日のステイシー。
Retweeted by ThirtyYearsOfBobI was just happy to find Kyle Menke's original art prop, not start a whole "thing," but here's my Instagram post if…
Retweeted by ThirtyYearsOfBobWhether today’s video was your first, or you’ve been here since the beginning, please be sure to hit that big red 🔴…
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Retweeted by ThirtyYearsOfBob @nachiopistachio So who did bad things happen to for the Candace's...Candaci to reset time to save? Jeremy? Stacy?… Blind-A fan who insists their favorite work is flawless and perfect and anyone who says otherwise is WRON…
Retweeted by ThirtyYearsOfBobThe Warmonger-A fan who frequently and passionately engages in Fandom Rivalry, using the thing they like as a weapo…
Retweeted by ThirtyYearsOfBobUnpleasable Fan-A fan who always finds something to complain about and is rarely content.
Retweeted by ThirtyYearsOfBobUndesired Champion-A self-appointed guardian who will defend their precious work or fandom from any criticism and a…
Retweeted by ThirtyYearsOfBobTheocrat-A fan who expects everyone to adhere to Word of God to the exact letter (even in media where canon is kept ambiguous).
Retweeted by ThirtyYearsOfBobRoyal Customer-A fan who feels entitled to special treatment and priority because he owns lots of merchandise from…
Retweeted by ThirtyYearsOfBobPerfectionist-A fan who has a preferred way to experience a work and doesn't enjoy it otherwise. Purist-A fan who…
Retweeted by ThirtyYearsOfBobThe Monomaniac-The classic Fan Dumb variant: a fan whose life revolves around the franchise and nothing else. Old…
Retweeted by ThirtyYearsOfBobMainstream Militant-Someone who only sees fans as those within the demographic of the franchise and thinks that "ou…
Retweeted by ThirtyYearsOfBobMad Scholar-A fan who demands that every gap or ambiguity in canon be explained, even if it was supposed to be ambiguous.
Retweeted by ThirtyYearsOfBobLoyalist Complainer-Someone who claims to be a fan despite having only negative comments for the work. Mad Matchma…
Retweeted by ThirtyYearsOfBobHipster Fan-Someone who associates with a work, but only because it's cool or because a reviewer praised it, not be…
Retweeted by ThirtyYearsOfBobThe Follower-A fan who complains and praises about things in their fanbase only because others are doing the same.…
Retweeted by ThirtyYearsOfBobElitist-The cliché hipsters of a fandom. Genwunner-A fan who thinks the original entry in a series is the only goo…
Retweeted by ThirtyYearsOfBobCulture Alien-Fans outside the franchise's demographic who complain because the franchise isn't being directed at t…
Retweeted by ThirtyYearsOfBobThe Character Lover-A fan whose mania revolves around a character or a few specific characters more than the work a…
Retweeted by ThirtyYearsOfBobFrom TV Trope's fandumb page there are categories that fit probably nearly everyone in nearly every fandom ever so…
Retweeted by ThirtyYearsOfBob @nedlingtonnymph Originally I had thoughts like "he was adopted" since he doesn't really look like Candace or Jerem…
Retweeted by ThirtyYearsOfBobXavier Flynn-Johnson was named after Xavier Onassis because Candace first heard his name on the day Jeremy told her…
Retweeted by ThirtyYearsOfBob"Kevin" didn't get her name changed to Candace until she was three months old but she wasn't going to make that mistake herself!
Retweeted by ThirtyYearsOfBobLinda and "Mr. Flynn" we're so certain they were having a son that they only picked out the name Kevin.
Retweeted by ThirtyYearsOfBobthe reason Candace knew even at fifteen what she wanted to name both a son and a daughter was because
Retweeted by ThirtyYearsOfBobFrancis inspired Kevin's plan to set fire to the sun Kevin served as the best man when Francis married Mamagram He…
i dont know why i made this
Retweeted by ThirtyYearsOfBobマイアマバレンタイン💝 #バレンタインデー
Retweeted by ThirtyYearsOfBob @AustinNebbia @DanPovenmire @mmonogram @VinMan17 @ErrigoVoice Well they don't do much @nachiopistachio @pfmmlnews they do have teal platypi AND llamas! what more could you want
Retweeted by ThirtyYearsOfBobStrange But True By Samantha Weaver, Remind Magazine March 2020"In Babylon 4,000 Years ago, it was accepted practice that for a month after the wedding, the bride's father would… and ferb invented kylo ren before kylo ren
Retweeted by ThirtyYearsOfBobひえー大遅刻すみません 雪の日はホットコーヒー #フィニファわんどろ
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Retweeted by ThirtyYearsOfBob初恋 #デジモン #タケル #パタモン
Retweeted by ThirtyYearsOfBobI am Bob, the Leader of the Clones Bob clones, well now that has terrifying implications'm gonna try and pull an all-nighter, haven't done that in many a year, and if it fails...well my tablet will prob… but
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"Living the dream" should also be added to this list.
Retweeted by ThirtyYearsOfBobdigimon tamers trio! I love these three a lot 🌟
Retweeted by ThirtyYearsOfBob @nachiopistachio Course he does, me and ducky Momo eat pizza together every Friday nightElmo loves you Ducky Momo hates you But even Ducky Momo loves Elmo He's not a monster after all Elmo funnily enough is but hes a swell chappsa to all 12-15 year olds: when you get a little older and become completely embarrassed by all the stuff you did,…
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Listing the top 3 midwesterner talents: 1. ability to smell a storm before it comes is our sixth sense 2. drivin…
Retweeted by ThirtyYearsOfBob @nachiopistachio Who approved of this!?!Happy Valentine♡♡
Retweeted by ThirtyYearsOfBob @dcauwatchtower That second one is really sweet, I wonder why the girl wouldn't like it @dcauwatchtower I can only imagine what a Valentine's card with a glowing green skeleton man would sayToday is Valentine's day, so horay for anyone in love, real or fictional Of course my noncanon OTP from way back i… im 19 and still have my wisdom teeth! You think I’m gonna let the fucking government STEAL MY WISDOM, bitch no…
Retweeted by ThirtyYearsOfBobWait is Candace in Candace Against the Universe, first Phineas and Ferb then Milo Murphy now this 😠😡🤬Every day with you is super. 💐
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She really is a gorgeous human being, shame it didn't work out for Barry But at least he'll get back with Lainey in ten-ish years or soMother Nature: you cannot have -46 wind chills Thursday and then 42 degrees on Saturday, that’s an 88 degree differ…
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