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the government has a responsibility to care for its people | Rest In Peace George Floyd

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@CharriseLane oh my god this gonna be my fastest ratio ever LMFAO @CharriseLane are u mad cuz he’s hot :/ @mentalascent how are u kind if u support wh*te supremacist ideologies, genuine questionyea the white supremacy is there but honestly a lot of tr*mp supporters just like being offensive, I don’t think th… day conservatism is built on a single goal: pissing people off. there’s no greater purpose or goal in mind t… @nhukeiznekem love these vibes @cutieseal3 Absolutely @icecofyhop @_ashlynwillis LMFAO also that’s deff a snail @WakeUpCakesUp surely masculinity cannot be that fragile eh @LilNasX ???? snapped!!!! @BNODesk no lib but holy shit??!?!!? @potato2potatoes wonderful @graveldeleted source: dude trust mei lowkey do wish george s*r*s actually paid leftists, i'm broke as hell run me my check for dunking on conservatives cmonobjectively a single above-average teacher has made more of a positive impact on the world than most billionares alive today @oshrjo man @magnoliaadelle tell morley i said sup @_ashlynwillis cute!!!! wait @icecofyhop dont u have a guinea pig too turn up @kss1544 i can just tell that man big as hell @yummyjeffbezos 2nd best timmy in the world behind shimmy @_reecespuff_ the tiger got me LMAO @KylePlantEmoji perfectly balanced, as all thngs should be @okiecorri cats are EXTREMELY welcome here too @SayItAintSloan the energy in the last pic wow @YandereDani this is fire @TamingMyImpala holy shit handsumy'all got dogs right? i'm down bad distract me wit pics of ur dogs NOWWWWnot sure if im addicted to social media or addicted to using social media to distract from the endless anxiety that… @avantnard big Ed 🦧
@latergatorhater hmmm aight imma see what's going on here @latergatorhater LETS GOOOOOOOOOOOOO @ReagansTweets yea bro sorry imma hit u next time @ReagansTweets i need the ig so I can go comment “heyyyyy twin 😝😝” and ruin their dayprance is really living his best life. i’m happy for him
Retweeted by first-mate prance @KylieJenner no cap why the dude in the back look just like us @TracyL0ne we got another brother 😭😭 @blakeslun i promise I won’t forget this @gayspyalex @ZmacZane it is what it is Alex 🤧was this really necessary ABOUT FUCKKKK NOOOOOO
Retweeted by first-mate prance @Quantum_King_ ratiod @SneakytheSnake @latergatorhater @nickil0deon The more Timmy on the tl the better queen :,) @latergatorhater did someone without blue or purple hair say sumn 🤔🤔 @Dawchestuh good job gus 🦍 @BurntWatermelon u did see the whole worked on this for 40 hrs right? work ethic was not the issue here lmao @BurntWatermelon SCHOOLyea so I bombed that lmao thanks for coming with me on this journey present over 40 hours of work LETS GOOOOOOO @BobberyM the class is called like advanced digital design so it’s a bit harder than architecture Ngl, it all sucks tho @BobberyM It is a computer architecture project we’re designing a cpu @nateandmufasa Yeah I had myself until computer too, anyways I’ll talk to y’all later don’t get too hornyonly ppl up rn are depressed bisexual former gifted kids who were popular loners in highschool and prance, on hr 31… @CrypticNoOnee @Valkyrae every selfie, every.single.selfie. @RandallOtisTV “there’s my African American over there” headassTrump poses with black people like he just caught a fish
Retweeted by first-mate prance @dmevns pls trigger warning next time whewww @KLoeffler @realDonaldTrump god why WHYYYY
all imma say about black celebrities deciding to support trump cuz they don’t want higher taxes is all that “pro bl… @KylePlantEmoji @aubviouslynot @yours_truly_bex @roxiqt @jasminericegirl @perfectsweeties @jbfan911 @jazz_inmypants @moonlitcommie @fvck12xo pick cali @ReagansTweets I can’t smh it’s due today, anyways I’ll see y’all at 2pm @KetamineEnema thank u Tom ❤️ @sonofbabypluto AN ENTIRE CPU the whole thing I’m down so bad @desukidesu i need to find where he lives and swing on him at this point @PallaviGunalan @justseekheIp i save my ratios for republicans and ppl with bad names, someone else can get Bobby
@sithnightsister @_reecespuff_ LMAO @latergatorhater nice @Quantum_King_ bro 😭😭😭DFKM 😭😭😭 and then the video
Retweeted by first-mate prance @ZmacZane i'm not listening to ur mixtape zane also see ya next week 👁️ @ZmacZane healthyremade my favorite album cover in honor of Frank Ocean’s birthday, happy glo day twin lol
Retweeted by first-mate prance @_reecespuff_ that’s literally why I’m in my major, money. No real passion or anything but that’s capitalism 👍 @hotchipliar @SAMOYEDCORE this is a dig at what happened to me yes? Lmao @SAMOYEDCORE feel like he should be robbing a train and not tweetingoh fuck yes. Oh Fuck Yes.
Retweeted by first-mate prance @JuanNotSoBot @thexionxtra @xionstruggles i expect this will be added to the pantheon, have a good morning y’all @thexionxtra where’s that miguel struggle tweets account @thexionxtra LMFAOOO @kendraaaleighh one month till I graduate (computer engineering 🙂) heyyyyy @thexionxtra gn dawg u know what the greatest predictor of financial success is?? being born rich. that’s it there u go, you have the secreteasily the most embarrassing thing about America is a large amount of the population truly believes they r a few lu… @CaucasianJames the blue checks on ur ass in the replies I would never do that to u. Also the merch is dope king
any coney barrett is fucking annoying as hell on her finsta smh
Retweeted by first-mate prance“for most people this is out of reach...however I am extremely wealthy so while u are stuck in ur tiny apartments I… is scary how out of touch the extremely wealthy are. normal and private island in the same sentence my god @joe_climbs LMAOOOO @joe_climbs if I were u I would’ve simply not done that and written my own language, I’m built different thoAn update to the info I’ve been sharing RE: #endsars including the Lekki Toll Gate Massacre. As always shoutout to…
Retweeted by first-mate prance @Nadrient_ We’re going backwards tho @codahall manone thing I kno is if this had been reversed and the republicans wanted to stop an appointment they would’ve done a… @SBJ_Personal I’m speechless what the fuck do they even do in dc except fundraisei’m frustrated man conservatives control the govt cuz they don’t give a shit about playing by the rules or being as… @tropicanapussy general strike sounds good to meit has becoming extremely obvious the Dems have no intentions of getting us out of this mess so it’s going to take… accidentally tweeted out what he was going to text his wife.
Retweeted by first-mate prance @lemjsunset I’m well aware, packing the court isn’t removing them it’s putting more justices @MollyNagle3 @JoeBiden Useless