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@negroprogrammer @regynald hm @CaitCamelia almost 4000 likes bruh why lmao @blakeslun i be yellin out stop the count cuz i cant do math 🚶🚶They made the DaBaby slide down a semen mountain, mistakes been made.
Retweeted by first-mate prance @indiespicee LMFAOOOOOOOO @dumbbitch570 overwhelmingly yea @kyle_clukey looks like it @onyekaorise imma have some free time this summer...soon cometwitter s*sp*nded half the tl oh wowGOOSE NO
Retweeted by first-mate prancejoe biden getting real comfy in that white house for someone who owes me $2000, like i will pull up to your crib rn$120B for 50 percent of childhood poverty? this whole time that was the price tag?
Retweeted by first-mate prance @yedoye_ LMFAOOOOO
trying REALLY hard not to get banned rn
Retweeted by first-mate prance @indiespicee @CaitCamelia ANOTHER ONE?!?!?How it started vs How it’s going
Retweeted by first-mate prance @memetazaa yep never said this @mayaisfiya literally none of those ppl were me @murroyi @memetazaa @mayaisfiya the slander @CaitCamelia ... @justky1018 Wtf @JackWilliamRtF WHATHe incited the what?
Retweeted by first-mate prancey’all think jeff bezos watches a bug’s life and roots for the grasshoppers?
Retweeted by first-mate pranceright b4 she went to bed mom told me not to make anymore jokes about my brother drinking in his elementary school..… when hillary clinton said no one likes bernie sanders n he was like “my wife likes me”
Retweeted by first-mate prance @RobertDowneyJ5 now what is going on hereeee
@TheHyyyype all i want is for my dear boy to go serve american imperialist interests overseas at an extremely young… @perfectsweeties bored...why not yknono one can knock back a 40 like him I love him so much ❤️was walking my 8yr old brother to school today and we saw a car with a Biden sticker so he said out-loud “it’s real… already do this whenever we have a new war to fight or bank bailout so fuck itsince they're no longer in power republicans are suddenly going to start caring about the budget again so friendly… @CaucasianJames @rudy_betrayed @FLOTUS my bad king had one too many twisted tea's and started talking reckless, won't happen again @CaucasianJames @rudy_betrayed @FLOTUS she verified tho
@IrritatingBoyTy im afraid most ppl seeing this don’t know I’m kidding...which is worrying @steelerdave89 @cmaddenn wow way to double down on the racism lmfao @dylanminnette so true king, can u make Ok part 2 🤞 @mayaisfiya I guarantee that is not what I’m spending my money onok soooo about that $2000that should be enough to pay for next months rent? @DNCthis inauguration is just like when Harry Potter defeated thanos at the end of Hamilton and it’s awesome to see a p… @Jayb93999049 damn legend in country music that's like being the best player on the ymca basketball team congratsthis man trash, u telling me beyonce woulda turned it down??? @datboulyg right? i was like is that q????who tf is garth brooks and why is he performing amazing grace??? bro get migos up it still happening???one thing about liberals they gonna make u laugh by doing the most ridiculous shit everLMFAOOOOO j-lo just ad-libbed in the middle of this land is your land im sobbingomg wtf why they asking kamala "darksins or lightskins" this is out of pocketi cannot believe they're refusing to swear biden in until he answers "gay son or thot daughter" this is ridiculousI’m so glad Instagram stories didn’t exist during Kony 2012
Retweeted by first-mate pranceladies and gentlemen.... the President of the United States
Retweeted by first-mate prancei’m always like i should unfriend ppl from middle school and their parents but then days like today it’s so worth itoh brother look what just popped up on my fb lmfao do we have wealth caps for disabled people but not for billionaires? One of these two groups need the wealth ca…
Retweeted by first-mate pranceinvest in the prance securities fundyou will lose all ur money but the vibes...the vibes will be tremendous @AndrewsNotFunny @FBI white man snitching to the feds...are we surprisedy'all gonna be watching the inaugaration...imma be starting my LLC and committing fraud while the federal governmen…
Retweeted by first-mate prance“Just a few bad apples” 🥴
Retweeted by first-mate prance @curvypope idk I think it would’ve worked but I’m prob just dumbimagine if it was Bernie being sworn in tmrw tho...u think there’s a universe out there where that’s happening?? wh… is lowkey historic tho...the United States of America is getting its first white president, who could’ve ever imagined manTesla is hiring a full-time position to handle people talking shit about @elonmusk online
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Lebron has always been good at keeping up w new music but the way he never knows any of the lyrics when he’s rappin…
Retweeted by first-mate prance @pissb4g LMFAOOif kaepernick kneeling made you uncomfortable, hate to break it to ya but you wouldn't have liked this mlk guy
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“The time has come for an all-out world war against poverty. The rich nations must use their vast resources of weal…
Retweeted by first-mate prance @lilmsawkward wit a picture of trump too lmfaoreal excited for whatever MLK quote he or his family decide to post today about “unity” or “communication” i just k… thread of Dr. King in color, as we commemorate his 92nd birthday. #MLK #CorettaScottKing #BelovedCommunity
Retweeted by first-mate prance @ToughNCuddly absolutely, ive met plenty of ppl in my life who had a black friend/partner etc who were still racist it’s not super rare imoOn May 8, 1967, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. granted an interview to veteran NBC News correspondent Sander Vanocur an…
Retweeted by first-mate prance @thexionxtra how does he do it (and how do we get him to stop) @dumbbitch570 i only watched three episodes of this show but they eating u alive in the quote tweets damn @Sammy_MoMo two...adopted black kids??? get em outta there damn @Oliveb22 u think if i had let him have the last mountain dew he would've not become a white supremacist 😔 @OwlFWGKTA i was literally trying to find an old pic of myself and clicked his profile tryna see what he been up to...LMFAOOOOO whew @dumbbitch570 LMFAOOO his parents were ok tbh i never had a bad experience wit em, one time my brother got called a… @dumbbitch570 i dont live there anymore lmfaoooo i moved im good trust meme like 30 seconds ago lmfaooo to middle school in the deep south is cool cuz u can log onto facebook 1 day and find out one of ur best frie…
These companies waited 5 years to no longer endorse and cut ties with him.
Retweeted by first-mate pranceit's weird cuz when we hear a ceo got a $10 million bonus no one's like "is my cheeseburger gonna become more expen… @mayaisfiya oh really @Kroniebits @mayaisfiya whewww @shizzlecizzle @mayaisfiya Hmpeople don't like the idea of servers, janitors, etc. making higher than a certain amount because then they wouldn't feel superior to them
Retweeted by first-mate prance @blakeslun speak on it twin @mayaisfiya ?? u cant just decide to beef wit me smh u offered me a tiara @ie_smooth biden is saying its gonna happenand i use "labor" very lightly when it comes to billionaires lmaoyall out here asking why everyone deserves atleast $15 for their labor and not why a single person deserves 100 bil… @CaitCamelia i think they messed wit my pipe system aint shit trickle down to me yet @sushipregnancy ohhhh ok this actually makes sense we should not raise it who am i to get in the way of republicans and their kinksas we all know in california where the minimum wage is almost $15/hr a cheeseburger costs $80 and also they kick yo… announced the $15 minimum wage and every conservative somehow became an economics professor
one of the reasons the US ruling class has been so hostile to universal healthcare is bc they've adopted the tying…
Retweeted by first-mate prancehappy birthday to mlk jr. anti-capitalist, anti-war, cut down in the prime of his life like so many others. he told…
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