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@mranney I don't.
Oh no, she woke up and caught me watching @oliverpbeagle on YouTube. @pati_gallardo @troubalex Still does. They just abolished slavery as a legal status. @pati_gallardo @troubalex What replaced* slavery, I suppose. @mgattozzi That means "I know." @mgattozzi Tell him he looks sharp in that harness. @mgattozzi @mgattozzi Scritch delivered. She licked my hand. @mgattozzi If I can wait that long.I don't want to wake her but I also want to scritch that puppy fluff so much. @tlberglund It was a Haskell company, what can I say."We like that you're familiar with the conference curcuit, we'd like to start sponsoring some community conferences… to report Her Bark Majesty is in good spirits after her ordeal. I found her as I left her: working hard to ge…, got vaxxed, pretend I made a bad 5G joke. Hoping for some more interesting symptoms aka excuses to stay in bed this time.That Furbo is pure gold. I launched some treats out of it and she perked up and went browsing for them for a bit, t… no, the Furbo has her lying by the front door looking dejected. And here I thought she didn't notice when I left… @dave_newton She didn't even notice me leaving, which tends to help. If she did she'd be lain forlornly in front of… @tastapod Close. Lewisham.Please send your thoughts and prayers to the Bark Lord who is going to be home alone for a good 90 minutes while I… @a_busch I'm definitely not saying she's not a wild beast but that was for the camera.91 seconds of monch to improve your Wednesday afternoon.
@plaidfinch Looooool sob @ecbos_ @tabatkins @djspiewak 👆Hi internets, suppose I'd found some weird performance issues with Gecko (as in Mozilla), do I still know anyone kn… @steveklabnik @rit "Zucchini" as you yanqui would say. @OliverCaldwell Yeah, but not for long, it's really good and the beast doesn't know what she's missing.I bet Panko would eat my cooking. gave it my best culinary shot: beef and bone marrow in the pressure cooker for an hour, then slow cooked for anot… @mgattozzi Two views from my desk… @georgerball Definitely sharp enough.Next time you're itching to declare a well-meaning quote tweet fatwa on people on the internet, remember that wheth…
Retweeted by Bodil Stokke, Esq.Woke up this morning to find the Bark Lord curled up in my armpit looking for a cuddle. And by a cuddle I mean a bi…
There is no puppy. Only Zuul. @afcondon Good mlem too. @jesslynnrose It's a small price to pay for the embrace of her loving fangs. @jesslynnrose That's a lie. She would shred your hands regardless. @jesslynnrose You can if you don't mind that she will shred your hands in return. @piq9117 I really hope not, if she can fly her jaws can reach my face.Don't you wish your puppy had ears like these? hi, yes, I just woke up looking this handsome, it's such a hassle. @rsslldnphy If you're running lunix on bare metal, though, I'd recommend a lunix focused vendor like System76. ABSOLUTELY NO Dell or Lenovo. @rsslldnphy Surprisingly, yes, but you may need a patched kernel. I generally prefer WSL. @rsslldnphy Honestly, I haven't been paying much attention to the Chromebook market since Google stopped making the… @mgattozzi She's fine, it took her only half an hour to calm down and return to trying to bite my face off.
@ScribblingOn I mean, I'm sure they're good dogs, but it's not about how good they are, it's about how the other do… @hotelzululima Yeah, the Bark Lord is basically that but 10lb, she'll start the fights but she's not going to win them.Sometimes I think you should need to get a licence to have a dog, and if you ever say "don't worry, he's friendly"… met a big dog with a stupid owner in the lobby tonight, and nearly got into a dogfight. The Bark Lord obviously… @durumcrustulum @heathercmiller @krismicinski Oh my, is that how much fur they grow? I'm going to need a bigger vacuum cleaner. @heathercmiller @krismicinski This is how you internet. @dave_newton I think it could be.Who's this handsome boy making your Sunday better? @JulianBirch @ejblackburn Don't think I said that. Got to agree with you both, though, and I say this as a Rust sta…
@SeanTAllen @tef You may address her as "Bark Lord" or "please don't bite me."Pet Munchies taster pack pupdate: the Bark Lord is enthusiastically into the duck training treats. The sushi treats… the pub with @tef_ebooks and his fancy camera. (Which was able to capture Her Bark Majesty's scritchy face per… @Indu_alagarsamy Because, well, Pet Munchies taster pack.Scritch here to engage Weekend Mode. believable.
Retweeted by Bodil Stokke, Esq.Me: Looks like the mailman just delivered your Pet Munchies taster pack, do you want to go check it out? It's getting rather late, do you maybe want to get out of bed? The Bark Lord: @zkat__ Oh wait, it's out? Guess I now have plans for the day. @tef One has to appreciate your optimism, at least.
Playin Hard pt 2: Slep Harder @studoot House Pembroke is all about the perky ear gene. @mynameisharry I can't deny it.Oh wait, she's moved into her preferred position., best of all, she's now fast asleep digesting it next to my UPS. (It's a miracle she's shown absolutely zero in… @georgerball I'm sure Royal Canin will be pleased to hear it. @bitshiftmask Raw puppy food, or did you wait until adulthood? I feed the Bark Lord mostly her kibble just so I'm s… most successful recipe so far: turkey breast, apple and cheddar cheese mixed with kibble soaked in low salt chic… very sleepy but couldn't allow the primate to go to the bathroom unsupervised. you would kindly boop the Pankorial snoot. @DessixMachina Ugh, another great example of the problems with the current state of GATs...
@SeanTAllen P fancy. @SeanTAllen How fancy are we talking?You're not fooling anyone, ape, I can smell the cheese treats and it would be better for everyone if you just hande… @yifan_xing_e Is it weird that one of the biggest reasons I got a dog is so I can cook for her?This is my sage and objective advice. Obviously I'm still going to implement the entire functor hierarchy with a st… said, when it lands in stable, of course, a million abstract monad crates will bloom, and I honestly think one…, HKTs are always going to be useful and necessary in certain cases, and now Rust is about to get them, those cas… is just as well, because, frankly, Rust's type system is… not great at them, the way it's designed currently.… out Rust's iterator design is extremely well suited for its job inside Rust's programming paradigm. The optim… themselves are fine, monads are fine but abstracting them doesn't necessarily add a lot. Applicatives? Pas…'s not because Rust's HKT implementation is particularly lacking (though imo it's pretty user hostile in its curr…, this is something like my third implementation of the functor hierarchy for Rust, and even though this one… @Fish_CTO Aargh, yes, Rust does NOT like this approach, I think my Applicative definition might need a bit more tho… @Fish_CTO Ok, just let me get back to my computer and I'll see if I can finish it. @Fish_CTO Got to say, though, if you got that far you do actually know a fair amount of Rust. 😁 @utsl42 Don't need GATs for that. My Monoid definition works fine on stable. @mgattozzi Now look what you made me do. anyone wants to fill in the Traversable impl for Vec, I should be much obliged, it was too much braining for a…'s a new Rust release today and instead of doing my usual "no HKTs yet" gag I went and implemented Foldable/Tr… @mgattozzi WHAT @mgattozzi You'll be telling me Duke Nukem Forever is coming this year next. @mgattozzi @mgattozzi Still no higher kinded types so idk.Excuse me, is it possible to get some service here? I've been waiting for my treat for half an hour.…