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This shall too pass away.

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@ConciousVegan @Veganella_ Walking worked well for me. WJKF Everyone! In hopes of keeping Gurmat Sangeet Maryada alive in generations to come, Dr. Gurnam Singh Ji…
Retweeted by djPigs are SO smart. #veganlife #Zessoo Credit @Veganella_
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@learn_n_share @googlechrome @learn_n_share @googlechrome @bigbasket_com Thank you so much! Your customer care executive called me within 10 minutes and assured that a refu… @bigbasket_com rotten n spoilt, fungus ridden food delivered. Zucchini n orange. Also, mushrooms were never deliver…
@CodePen @codesandbox @znck0 How stable is it for general use?
In defense of India however, while our tests per million are rightfully very very low, India still is at distant 3r… pop into your head? Need to get to the Pen Editor ASAP? Just type into URL bar and yo…
Retweeted by djToday I learned you can use the `-m` flag for `git commit` several times to add separated paragraphs to the commit…
Retweeted by dj @veganhippiesol Made sense to me.My brother #JagtarSinghJohal, a Scottish national, travels to India in Oct 2017 to get married, marriage takes plac…
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We want Muslims to be treated fairly in west but we kill a Christian when he buys a house in our neighborhd. We wa…
Retweeted by dj @sseraphini @reactjs Boo hooks you think you're above everyone else!? @bleedmaroon9 @MoHFW_INDIA @WHO @PMOIndia @drharshvardhan @AshwiniKChoubey @PIB_India @PIBHomeAffairs @mygovindia @bleedmaroon9 @MoHFW_INDIA @WHO @PMOIndia @drharshvardhan @AshwiniKChoubey @PIB_India @PIBHomeAffairs @mygovindia @rajes_ali @MoHFW_INDIA @WHO @PMOIndia @drharshvardhan @AshwiniKChoubey @PIB_India @PIBHomeAffairs @mygovindia @MoHFW_INDIA @WHO @PMOIndia @drharshvardhan @AshwiniKChoubey @PIB_India @PIBHomeAffairs @mygovindia @COVIDNewsByMIB per million population amongst the lowest in the world. Tests per million population ALSO amongst the lowest… @MoHFW_INDIA @WHO @PMOIndia @drharshvardhan @AshwiniKChoubey @PIB_India @PIBHomeAffairs @mygovindia @COVIDNewsByMIB
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𝙁𝙞𝙡𝙗𝙚𝙧𝙩 🖌️ A lightweight(~1kb🔥) CSS-in-JS framework. - Nested Selector ✅ - Pseudo Selector ✅ - Prop base style…
Retweeted by dj @jvalaaa Kindle version 🙈
2020 Cognitive dissonance amplifies. @HappyGuy103 @AKSantalii Woosh?
@_anothercoder @_kamlesh_ @shubhniksingh Beautiful 😍Thanks a lot! I was trying to loop through gradient color arra…
@carolstran Haha that's cool, even I do the same. Thanks! I guess we all just need more discipline. @carolstran Congratulations I guess? 😁 How do you stay motivated to work on something that isn't straightforward (… feature you may not know of: You can combine PDFs or convert images into single PDF via dragging and dropp… @sanketsahu @Apple Preview app is truly amazing. I also learned few months ago that you can convert images to PDF s… @Apple should purchase all first party *.app domains lol.TIL about Signatures in of macOS. So cool! @runhappylife OmniScript#ReactNative folks, I need your help with Animating LinearGradient using `Animated` in order to create a skeleton s… @kbrshah @webflow Congratulations Kabir!
@erinfoox So, did you find how? @indermann1_ @mansibhatia_ Thanks for this thread!Really excited to share — Hare - Tab manager for browsers. Have too many tabs open? Increase productivity by quic…
Retweeted by dj4 July 1955, Indian police invaded Harimandir Sahib, Amritsar and arrested several Akali Dal leaders. The attack wa…
Retweeted by dj“They killed him and then kept his three year old grandson on his body. The child’s clothes are soaked with his gra…
Retweeted by dj @geekyants @sanketsahu @pratiksahu is not an ethnicity.
Retweeted by dj @migitadcruz @rizvansays Wait for Dushera and Diwali when the heat from crackers will kill the community spread of Corona.Why, all Indians are white and Sikhs break into bhangra when you greet them.
Will @PMOIndia care to return the money to @TikTok_IN ?
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@AniketSMK You might want to look into vegan alternatives to dairy and meat. Vegan food has 0 cholesterol in itself… @indermann1_ Funny how you say Jesus Christ lol.
Maybe this is the reason spike in cases in Bengaluru despite no increase in testing. We've gone from 100 per day to 800 per day in last 3 days.
Reply or quote with #JusticeforJayarajandBennicks amplify the fuck out of it set to lose ~55,000 trees, 185 ha of pristine Western Ghats forest to a highway, railway and power line, with s…
Retweeted by dj @jvalaaa @amanmadra Any plans to get your book on Kindle Store?
@TejasKumar_ @FirefoxDevTools any plans to implement this? @nshntarora @chatsidhartha That's awful news. So sorry for the loss. ☹️ @jsngr Can you explain how does it work? Does it look for children tree elements and generates their placeholder ve…
@QaurJasleen I think that's the Imposter syndrome talking which pretty much everyone feels at some point or other.… @sanketsahu It also frees developers from having to reside near office in choked cities, which also would've impact… @QaurJasleen What exactly makes you feel nervous? Is it like stage fright? Is it being heard by a group of folks th…
PSA: If someone isn't comfortable turning their camera on during a call, asking them to turn it on and/or why they'…
Retweeted by dj @znck0 Awful to hear. I hope it gets better @NammaBESCOM @WeAreHSRLayout I've sent a DM. @mindthiskapoor Join BJPRetweet if you get it. #DarkNetflix
Retweeted by dj @NammaBESCOM no power in @WeAreHSRLayout sector 3 for last 3 hours.#COVID19: #Bengaluru now has 458 active #ContainmentZones as notified by BBMP. Sharing details of such zones (war…
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Another thing is to define work hours - 10 AM to 6:30 PM. Last week I had meetings till 8 PM, but now I have a hard…
Retweeted by dj @pd0llazz Learning English isn't enough to get rid of Pendu Patriarchal thoughts.
I miss metro UI on my old lumia so much. This reminds me of WP live tiles more than android widgets. @QaurJasleen Makes sense. India does need a way around stray and abandoned animals if it plans to improve its cities and villages. @QaurJasleen Not to mention how their feces and ticks spread diseases and reduce city hygiene by idk 10 fold. We ar… anyone even listening to Afghan Sikhs?
Retweeted by dj @QaurJasleen Other countries can just slaughter them after their prime milking years or young calves are killed for… @QaurJasleen They're side effect of heavy dairy industry & beef ban in India. They're either abandoned cows that ca… wish father's day to my mom every year. My dad left my mom when she was pregnant with me. She never made me feel…
Retweeted by dj @NirantK I'm sorry I don't use Google Plus @Shehla_Rashid Pics or it didn't happen @AniketSMK I think being in 👇🏾 situation makes people put up with companies like that
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@_kamlesh_ Android has @getwalnutapp, not sure for iOS due to SMS reading restrictions.In life, seek feedback or perspectives from someone to improve. Not approval or validation. Don't give the keys t…
Retweeted by djListening to kirtan is the best vibe I know of🥺💞
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@cyanramblings @AbbakkaHypatia That's where they're wrong maybe? They've reduced testing since national travel ban… @deathadder24 Can you share the parts of manifesto where he claimed he'll make the country a Hindu rashtra? @vbansal027 Given how Pakistan, India and China have their own maps for disputed areas, I doubt it'll happen sudden… @Daniel15 @judicael_andria @erikras @hswolff to the rescue Over last few years they've be… great thing is that now there's less of Indian map for students to study. @checkbobber @hellonehha Would be great if you could share some press conferences same.To date we've seen only one press conference with Modi jee, where he smartly dodged questions and relayed them to A… was their defence during demonetisation, GST regulations, kashmir lockdown, Delhi violence, showering flowers… are bhakts going to ask Modi jee "sarhad par jawaan mar rahe hai aur tum ab sarhad hi bhula rahe ho"? @judicael_andria @erikras I export and name prop properly as there are times when you need to refer it instead of d… @judicael_andria @erikras This but with `function` declaration. export interface ThingProps { ... } function Th…
Arranged Marriage
Retweeted by dj @QaurJasleen Today's women care too much for money. It's not like their gender has a long history of financial depe… @kuldeepkeshwar Dev mode is twice as fun
@ANI So we'll ban crackers too then?
@aviaryan123 @tanaypratap So true. IAP and buying apps on Android/iOS is almost rare here.