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@CharlesSchwab How will my 401(k) perform under a fascist dictatorship?Breaking character: If our democracy falls (and it's in 1-in-5 it will), the people (other than Mitch and Trump) mo…
Retweeted by Greg Boggis @LindseyGrahamSC Congratulations on your bigly death toll.A company part-owned by Hunter Biden got $3.5 million from a Russian billionaire while he had no political job. A…
Retweeted by Greg BoggisA President announcing that he will not peacefully comply with results of an election is grounds for removal from office.
Retweeted by Greg Boggis @MittRomney He is banking on a corrupt Justice to keep in in office illegitimately.It is unforgivable. is criminal.
@mtaibbi Trump won’t commit to a peaceful transfer of power but Matt is busy with this absurd propaganda. @thedailybeast He must be flushed out in a landslide.Republicans and conservatives react quite differently about law enforcement killing someone in their home when the… @fredman_a @MohamedBinZayed I’m told the North Korean’s have nothing but admiration for Dear Leader also.Today I sent a letter to nearly 6,000 elections officials and county commissioners in states formerly covered by Vo…
Retweeted by Greg Boggis @MollyJongFast Gun thugs. @JohnJHarwood Lack of values voters. @philipaklein The Washington Examiner is declaring Mormonism a weird religious cult. @adamcarolla Is Dennis Praeger your new joke writer? @AdamSchefter Dr. Rand Paul? @ProjectLincoln @jenny_weyler Death-Cult Donald. @TeaPainUSA Fuck Ed Rollins, though. @adamcarolla But you will always be unfunny. @atrupar Rand Paul (R)-Eugenics @lachlan My bet is they think they have the tools in place to steal a second election. @PerkinsJanie @EricaJong Especially the male rightwing dictators and authoritarians. @atrupar Just like that the lives of 200,000 American’s were declared non existent. @ProjectLincoln NRA’s Polite Society Award winner of the week. @CourtneyHagle @jaredlholt Brown Shirts, great for democracy. Fight me. @2111015 Orwell’s extended mix: Hour and 20 minutes of Hate. @dlippman Shocked that the woman who destroyed torture tapes would be an unethical assistant to the monster in the Oval Office. @john_sipher Gangster globalist. @revrrlewis @owillis Ailes-cam initiated. @JRTurgeon13 @MollyJongFast Almost as many as Trump has personally paid for. @hughhewitt @realDonaldTrump Have any Democrats called for a complete shutdown of Catholics until we get this all figured out? @mtaibbi The President is just short of openly calling for the murder of journalists and this is Taibbi’s latest hill to die on. @djrothkopf She made the torture tapes disappear. @mtaibbi Critical analysis equals cancellation for the sensitive intellectual dark webbers. @CNN Axis of Douchebags.Has Bill Barr declared a tuna melt as terrorist/anarchist paraphernalia yet? @adamcarolla This endless bit is ready for the glue factory. Now go get Praeger’s shine box. @AP Bill Barr is catching his death by government stride. @nypost What a jerk. @NRA From your manicured, soft hands... @ThePlumLineGS He is announcing his corrupt bargain. @DavidAFrench Has any Democrat called for a complete shutdown of all Catholics until we get this figured out?a lot of y'all clearly still do not get it. They have wanted this for DECADES. These motherfuckers want to reliti…
Retweeted by Greg Boggis @GlennAC14 @JRubinBlogger Always the victim. @marklevinshow Mark Levin is an anagram for Unhinged Shitheel. @StollmeyerEU @petehoekstra Get this dirtbag out of your country before the Nazi virus spreads. @ddale8 I hope people understand how much worse this will all get if he is allowed to steal a second election. @NBCNews Palmetto Cheese, made by crackers. @ddale8 Believe me is the lie tell. Believe me. @ddale8 Maybe Kushner shouldn’t have cynically kept New Yorkers from getting PPE. @RawStory Conservative affirmative action participation trophy grift.
@JuddApatow Kapo-ye. @RandyEBarnett Lol. @KazePlays_JC The same people who rail against the rich elites who are entrenched in Washington and line their pockets with money.Do this. @MaryMargOlohan The folks behind the guy calling for a total shutdown of Muslims are now upset about religious bigotry? @bryanbehar Trump says It’s a hoax, only 6% mortality, also Trump has saved millions of lives including Roger Stone… @drvox I wonder if the ghosts of any of the 200,000 Covid-19 dead have started visiting Zucker in his sleep? @eclecticbrotha The language of genocide. @JoePalana Sounds like this story is from a Scrooged script that took place in Gloucester. @jaketapper @robertjeffress Pro life conservative... @owillis He likes a good wine and a chortle around a fireplace though... @adamslily Trump, card carrying member of the global dictator’s club. @m07p07 @chrislhayes That is the fruit of this poisonous tree. When the supposed punishment of mere social disappro… @jonathanchait Gangster globalism. @sbg1 Party of life. @KyleKulinski Only an amoral monster would be helping Trump right now. @JoeMyGod Get this fact up on the air in Florida. @vplus @jonathanchait Globalism among dictators. @SenatorRomney Mitt sends the white horse to the glue factory.Moments of joy. @dave_brown24 The fact that these milquetoasts are charged with defending America is not confidence inspiring. @joshgondelman To think I used to like you. @LOLGOP The weeping Mrs. Alito grievance is icing on the cake for the political movement largely predicated on hati… @JoeMyGod People are getting to spend quality time with their dead family members. Winning. @TrumpsDisciple @texaninexile @Politics_Polls @CEAorg So glad you think Trump will lose Texas. @politico @laraseligman Surely against Trump’s wishes about a bloated military industrial complex? <—Snark. @Distopos @Jamie_Weinstein Totally destroyed by lifetime appointments. @Jamie_Weinstein The anti-snowflake right has a weeping wife high on their list of grievances. @WSJ Trump: It effects practically nobody. @ScottImmordino Bill Barr’s ad hoc death squads. @crampell Trump’s announced fight against the military industrial complex is going well. @davidhughes73 @gtconway3d I really don’t understand it. @Reuters One of the best leaders on Earth at this moment in time. @JimInhofe The GOP are prime advocates of situational ethics. @FreddieSJohnson @jaketapper @joshrogin What a perfect description. @gtconway3d He’ll tell you, he saved 2 million lives from a disease that effects virtually no one. @brianschatz @dandrezner Trump: I saved 2 million people from Covid Also Trump: Covid affects "virtually nobody"
Retweeted by Greg Boggis @jaketapper @barbarastarrcnn Sternly worded emails. @WCVB Give him a hand. @JRubinBlogger Wait till they find out how many abortions Trump has paid for. @GovRonDeSantis So,Nazi death squads. Taking Florida off the vacation list.GE: Industrial giant will stop building coal-fired power plants
Retweeted by Greg Boggis @nathanTbernard @ByYourLogic Oh, Pool Boy... @megynkelly Megyn is running cover for the ovary collectors.Forget access. Befriend researchers. Tell victims’ stories.
Retweeted by Greg Boggis @ChrisMegerian @daveweigel @DavidCloudLAT He’s big on the military industrial complex and their big spending ways.UNH COVID-19 testing lab hailed as model for rest of country
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