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Boggs 🎙 @BoggsCS Southern California

Freelance Caster, Observer, and Producer experienced in CSGO, Valorant, Apex, PUBG(Mobile). Great broadcasts make my day. Business email:

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@koi_csgo Shortest player to lift the US Open incoming 🤣May. May is gonna be my first tennis tournament. Will I win? Probably not but it'll be a good challengeHosting this in ~1hr30min with @DarfMike & @JRTTVee! Tune in and I give you pats for being good (see below).…
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@DucksNPucks I hope he does but since he didn't come back in the first I'm a little concerned @DucksNPucks Think Jones comes back tonight? @RealStrongLegs StrongLegs Academy taught me a ton in my early cs days @GrtBambrough True... still bad management and absentee owners making both teams irrelevant in recent years thoughThe Anaheim Ducks are the Chargers of the NHL
I think @RealStrongLegs has convinced me to play skye @MistyxInori @EsportsEng Congrats Jordan! You're gonna kill it mate! @PythianLegume @BeyondTheSummit Good work lad!
Wait what? Ruling is the play was "stick was not above the normal height of his shoulders"
Retweeted by Boggs 🎙 @onevoltage If "fish" is defined as "the act of doing fish-like things" then fish do indeed fish
Ok this is a really cool stat
It's time for more obs! First up I have @SpotUpVAL vs. @Complexity on NSGB! It's gonna be some more fun #VCT action… button time! AND PEARL REMAKESSSSSSSS YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS @SullyCasts @Alex_Ruskii Thanks Sullymeister!Got a ton of love tonight on my obs. It's an amazing feeling and I am still a little speechless about it. Thanks t… it while it's on sale! All of the GGPR esports merchandise is currently on sale through the end of the month.…
Retweeted by Boggs 🎙 @onevoltage Be there in 10MTU is now scouting for CS:GO! - Players - Managers/Analysts - Coaches We’re looking to expand the current CSG…
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@RealStrongLegs Yes, but you said confident. Confidence doesn't necessarily equate to soundIt has been done. @RealStrongLegs Maybe some sort of colossal space ship? Your argument is highly convincing though. I think I might… @mehzyVAL But glitchpop has better aim stats thoGlitchpop Vandal in my store. Do I cop?Really happy we were able to make this happen :) We're aiming to cover as many teams as possible so keep your eyes…
Retweeted by Boggs 🎙.@FlippyBitsGG butyon?If you or someone you know is interested in collegiate CSGO, please reach out to me via Twitter DM or discord (Koi#…
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Retweeted by Boggs 🎙After 2 and a half years with VPEsports, the site is closing its doors. I and other members of the staff are now lo…
Retweeted by Boggs 🎙What a series as @RISE_ESC snipe a map from @ExtraSaltGG! Had a fantastic time with the lads @Upmind_ and… @RISE_ESC @Upmind_ ❤️Also shout out to @Upmind_ & @BoggsCS for a great cast tonight as well!
Retweeted by Boggs 🎙Rise aiming to rise to the top as they take us to a third map! @Upmind_ and I on the call @pilskicasts hosting! @benccce @pilskicasts @Upmind_ @MC_csgo Thanks!Live hosting this in ~10 minutes! Come tune in and listen to the boys @Upmind_ & @BoggsCS 😊
Retweeted by Boggs 🎙Weird to think that this channel hosted IEM Katowice just a few days ago, just feels surreal. Can't wait for this…
Retweeted by Boggs 🎙Let's go! It's game time! On the mic with @Upmind_ and @pilskicasts for another great NA match! @Upmind_ @ESLCS @pilskicasts @ExtraSaltGG @RISE_ESC I don't envy him🤣I'm extremely curious to see how roles and everything works out! Will be on the mic with @Upmind_ for this on… THIS TONIGHT ON ESL_CSGO ME AND @BoggsCS ON THE MIC MY MINDS BEEN BLOWN
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@RelyksOG @Alchemister5 Yeah I think they all did. Don't care for most of them @Alchemister5 I will say I havent been too pleased with many of the Adidas uniforms they've out out. As a non blues… @Alchemister5 If I remember right it's a retro sweaterIt's time!
The Ducks should be playing Trevor Zegras tonight! Let's hope the kid brings some life, point production, and most… @JordanRogers09 @GGPResports Yo 10 bucks for shirt 29 for a jersey 👀 @DuckMoriarty @Wolves @WolvesEsports Grats mate! Good luck with my favorite football club!🎦 @lowridercs once again showed us his defensive skills yesterday with this huge 4k to stop the A rush during dust2…
Retweeted by Boggs 🎙 @Noot_CS @AtomiKCSGO @Wilkycsgo @BrenReports Glad the guys got picked up permanently. The squad is starting to come together well @zaannzz Zander i got you I dropped 100adr in my last open match I'm ready @3ARK00Zcsgo @HSKingsGG @GGPResports @lowridercs You had some nuts plays mate! GG! @doltnn @GGPResports @HSKingsGG @lowridercs Big brain doltnGo get yourself a pot o' gold! @lowridercs @GGPResports @HSKingsGG I'll take your word on that lol! @doltnn @GGPResports @HSKingsGG @lowridercs Those mid b splits were solid @doltnn @GGPResports @HSKingsGG @lowridercs Chin up! You guys put up an amazing ovp and a great start to dust too g… can't believe @GGPResports pulled that one off. Things looked pretty rough after @HSKingsGG demolished them on Ov…
It's time to break out the mic for some DreamHack Open Qual action! @GGPResports are taking on @HSKingsGG! GGPR:… @DarfMike @ESLCS You guys did amazing! Keep it up Mike!Big day today: heading into the @DreamHackCSGO NA Qualifier Semi-Final @ 6:00 pm EST! Winner advances to the closed…
Retweeted by Boggs 🎙 @giraffley I've wondered this myself
@tommaynards @jakeyboypro @GapProjekt @skysnotmyname @melanie_mhs It was a pleasure! Thanks!Had a fun bo3 on @GapProjekt with @melanie_mhs & @jakeyboypro! Was a great time for a great cause. Thanks for having me on! @melanie_mhs @jakeyboypro Honestly watching from the opposite pov I had no idea how that happenedOur CSGO match against @CyberstormGG is LIVE! 🚨 Tune in to the stream and watch the squad go to work 💪 🖥️…
Retweeted by Boggs 🎙It's time for some good ole Advanced! @RectifyEsports vs. @CyberstormGG! Rectify: @twin_csgo @CuZ1H @pewpew2x
I need pros and cons for owning a Medieval warhammer.Wahoo! CS! sure I want to come back to comp, but just to see what's out there (on top of what's msg'd me!): LFT (?) -4x…
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Thank you to our talent and community streams! @etohKP @Tanner_Metro @BoggsCS @Pineboy_Supreme @FlippyBitsGG
Retweeted by Boggs 🎙One more series to close things out with @PineBoy_Supreme! I better see you there👀've reached the final four! Next up: PROJECT XY -vs- WEEBOO Come watch these 10 VALentines battle it out for…
Retweeted by Boggs 🎙LIVE NOW! TUNE IN! PROJECT XY [ @benitanov @NaomiSuave @DA_PRDTR @c4Lypso_ @NlBBLER ] vs WEEBOO [ @thi9f
Retweeted by Boggs 🎙I forgot to tweet before the first game but @PineBoy_Supreme and I are casting some Valorants in the @KnightsGG Val… gone for too long but I’m back on the OBS! Starting on main stream W/ the amazing crew of: 🎙…
Retweeted by Boggs 🎙 @DarfMike @deanbrownie Kill it Mike!That was an @OfficialAproto farm in the #KnightsGauntlet Upper Semis! @PineBoy_Supreme and I will have the upper…
@RyanAtRBM CA doesn't have the best power situation eitherLate Nite Vmix calls 🌶️ @MagicHelmetTV @MagicHelmetTV @vooCSGO Hockey is superior but soccer is still good
I gotta say surgeon has gotten more publicity in the past few days than his entire life. We stop giving him the i… VALORANT observers interested in observing tomorrow's VALentines event? (Paid) Tag them here!
Retweeted by Boggs 🎙This. My DMs are always open.
@JRTTVee Happy Birthday John! 🥳 @RealStrongLegs ❤️💙❤️My boy @RealStrongLegs and Renegades 1 bo3 from top 4 let's go!
@AnaheimDucks @7UP I'm glad Jones is back in the lineup @nurfed25 @dignitas Way to go!
@ImZephyr_ Happy Birthday Mr Zeph @DarfMike Congrats Mike! You deserve it mate @ElliottTeaford How is Dostal when it comes to lateral movement and rebound control?I've been eagerly awaiting the conclusion of Roy's cryptic tweet! I can't express how happy I am for Roy to get sig…
@sfX_x1 Baby Steps is a good more realistic tennis anime