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Closing off this broadcast from Traición with a welcomed return to the BR: Berlin's Ziúr. Don't go anywhere. her energy to the Traición dancefloor for the next 90 min is Argentian Tayhana. Tune in. up now at our collab show with Traición is NAAFI's Mexican Jihad. we're reminiscing on our summer celebration of the best queer talent in music with Traición. Opening the ro…! y Maoupa: 'Truenos' (Editions Gravats) Dir: Juliette Lizotte @MaoupaM @low_jack_mob
Retweeted by BOILER ROOM🔥 Mall Grab destroying Glitch Festival with a set of 100% unreleased fire 🔥
Retweeted by BOILER ROOMDo it‼️
Retweeted by BOILER ROOM To Vote. 26/11/19 is the deadline ➢ off our last studio show of 2019 in style with @pxssypalace co-founder Nadine Artois 🔥 b2b @boilerroomtv with @IvanSmagghe at @OpiumVilnius last weekend x
Retweeted by BOILER ROOMTNGHT: 'Gimme Summn' (WARP/Luckyme) Dir: Cole Kush @TNGHT @WarpRecords @LuckyMe
Retweeted by BOILER ROOMAn essential MC of the Dutch rap scene & beyond: Winne in effect at our Rotterdam cypher w/ @AXE_NL🍑 @itspeach_ 🍑 in the Gwana groove with @mrjamesholden & Maalem Houssam Gania at Atlas Electronic. return to Shanghai this weekend for an off-camera event with 44KW.
Dubai: Last up from The Grid: Berlin boys Booka Shade. Next up, Morroco's @djaminek–– live from The Grid. The Grid's resident & founder MadLou is live for the next hour. Fantome de Nuit founder & Beirut icon, Nesta––live from The Grid. Next up from The Grid is Beirut mainstay Rita Haddad. We collaborated with The Grid for our first-ever warehouse rave from the Middle East. The program kicks off… don't sleep on @okwilliams_ 🔥
Retweeted by BOILER ROOMAbu Dhabi: Check the full programme for our link up w/ @ManaratSaadiyat next Friday & jump on tickets here:… Scanner: 'AS Acá' (ft. Lalita) (PAN) Dir: PWR @amnesiascanner @PAN_hq
Retweeted by BOILER ROOMMore than OK @okwilliams_ 👌⁠ ⁠ DOWN in full flow is a wonderful thing. New ENERGY is live now:… to know rap punk Ray Fuego at our show with @AXE_NL We're coming through for a late night beachside session this December. Lineup detail will drop very soon. For… @amnesiascanner vid is mental @PAN_hq We're coming back for our first warehouse party in Asia & our last show of the year. Sign up for pre-sale t…
Retweeted by BOILER ROOM.@ceephax returning to the BR booth for another live set. Tune in for the final hr at Hanging Gardens Plymouth. up, taking over Hanging Gardens Plymouth is a UK veteran's techno funk alias: Freakenstein. recently teamed up with Hanging Gardens Plymouth to throw a student party for the books! Kicking-off proceedings… throw our last @Eristoffvodka rave of 2019 at a massive Lisbon warehouse next month w/ @jochempaap
Retweeted by BOILER ROOMAngel-Ho: 'Chaos' (Prod. Rivermoon) (Hyperdub/Adult Swim) Dir: Angel-Ho, Haneem Christian & Jabu Nadia Newman…
Retweeted by BOILER ROOMMad new @Hyperdub + @adultswim compilation incoming ft. new Burial ✔️ new Ikonika ✔️ new Dean Blunt ✔️ new Laurel… 1 🔥 reloaded with fresh damage from Joy Overmono, @haaidj, @ShantiCeleste, Buttechno, @violetakaviolet + more.… John and crew raising the levels at our Dutch rap cypher with @AXE_NL. were blessed to have @jimmyedgar & @Machine_Drum do their @_J_E_T_S_ thing on Crowdsourced last week.…🐊🐊🐊🐊
Raw Congolese energy from @KOKOKOmusic
One of the best BR debuts of 2019: @sicariasound ATB Röhrscheid 😎 duo is closing our night with their minimal house signature sound.'s one and only Foodman is live for the next 45 minutes next here at Nagoya Castle is Free Babyronia with an experimental live set legend rapper C.O.S.A. is up next for a quick 15 is up next here in Nagoya, live for the second time on Boiler Room is opening our first Nagoya show, with a 45 minutes dj set.
Vilnius: Tonight closes on a powerhour: @OpiumVilnius's V going head-to-head with Tuff City Kids' Lauer. Mano-a-mano for the next hour at @OpiumVilnius are two of our long-time favourites: @manfredasb &… Our @OpiumVilnius love-in continues with Tadas Quazar & Animals Dancing's Nick Murray. Go nowhere. Our next double-team comes from Lithuanina legend Saulty & Potato Head's Johnny Hiller–– live from… We're back at Lithuania's @OpiumVilnius –– this time for a back-to-back marathon. Easing us in: whypeopled… the Uppercut crew, Cape Town OG The Alvhinator in control at our Crayons dance w/ @ballantines.… Dhabi: We’re heading over for the very first time to lock hands cultural hub, @ManaratSaadiyat. Hold tight for… Radio is a crucial platform for Bristol's music community @noodsradio Keep Bristol Weird:…
.@_J_E_T_S_ = @JimmyEdgar & @Machinedrum - making music LIVE from sounds you send in. Add your own @… last night @SippinTia @SteamDown_'s new recorded session for @boilerroomtv's latest instalment of their 'ENERGY' live series >>>
Retweeted by BOILER ROOMPlaying a Speedy J set @boilerroomtv in Lisbon!
Retweeted by BOILER ROOMThis new @MosesSumney video 😮
Retweeted by BOILER ROOMBUFO at Dekmantel Festival was one for the ages. @benufo @dkmntl returns with front-runners of the UK jazz renaissance @SteamDown_ blessing us with a raw performance of new… of Fusion Mes Couilles, one of the most ratchet Paris parties atm, Emma DJ is up next on HARD DANCE w/ 1… 'Gentle To You When You’re Low' (@MetronRecords) Dir: Zoya Bassi (BFF - Best Films Forever Collective)
Retweeted by BOILER ROOMLISBON: Next month we're throwing our last @eristoffvodka rave of 2019 at a massive warehouse w/ @jochempaap,… snapshot of the energy at our CPT function w/ @Ballantines + Crayons c/o @Kay_Faith_SA. is BACK! We've got @_J_E_T_S_ (@Machine_Drum x @jimmyedgar) coming in to do some wild shit with YOUR…
Retweeted by BOILER ROOMCrowdsourced returns this week with @_J_E_T_S_ aka BR royalty @jimmyedgar & @machine_drum. Just Expect Transmiss…
Retweeted by BOILER ROOMHARD DANCE hits Madrid to lock Devil's Horns w/ local crew Daga + headline reinforcement from @kablam__ 😈… years to the day after @_J_E_T_S_ @boilerroomtv debut, we return tonight for #crowdsourced . Send your samples n…
Retweeted by BOILER ROOMLondon: We return to the @southbankcentre tomorrow night for the sixth edition of Concrete Lates w/ @TheonCross,… pleased to announce this after months of trying to keep my mouth shut. Joy Overmono out 22nd Nov on…
Retweeted by BOILER ROOMRSVP now for The Takeover – House of Vans Chicago. See heavyweight rap legend @iamkevingates and local star…
Multi-faceted party starter OK Williamss taking charge for the closing hr tonight. Stay where you are. fave bringing the heat in our HQ now, it's @bbz_london's @sippintia. up tonight; 4:3's LESBIENNALE curator, @pxssypalace co-founder & Balamii resident Nadine Artois. Stay tuned. Radio mainstay & 6 Figure Gang's Dobby making her overdue return to BR. France resident & Overtone co-founder @Holl0way_ kicking off our last studio show of the year. Get locked. party 999
Retweeted by BOILER ROOMNorwich: Bring your energy. 6 Figure Gang—Dobby, @itsFAUZIA, @jossymitsu, @lucyproducti0n, @iamsherelle, @yazzuss—a…🔥 @AuroreJunior 🔥 Records off to a flyer @gillespeterson COMING EARLY NEXT YEAR
Retweeted by BOILER ROOMBANGER ALERT @vtss_pl @surrealsessions crew hyping up our Cape Town broadcast w/ @ballantines & Crayons website is down - we working on itCrew Bristol Weird STUDIO SHOW OF 2019 TONIGHT WITH THIS BUNCH OF HEROES🎶 Duh Doo Doo, Duh Doo Doo, Duh Doo Doo, Duh Doo Doo 🎶✊ FOLD ✊
Omar Souleyman at our Chemnitz broadcast was a huge vibe. IDA's in town next Saturday as she continues her BR tour, serving up acid, wonky electro & high-intensi… techno strictly for the Headstrong @clouds. 'Lost/Found' (@SwingTing) Dir: @Tarnish_vision
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