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Christian app and backend developer. Most my spare time is spent in VR or working on weird VR projects. Been doing paid and unpaid VR user testing since 2014.

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@joewintergreen I've done stuff like this when I worked in IT, I always wondered if some bewildered person would be… @Diegobez I'm honestly pondering getting one or two additional Tilt5 glasses so I can do local multiplayer when the… @JulieHeyde @rebotsgame @FlatPonies Worm eating a berry... 🤔 @PotatoFaceJames Luckily it's claims and not strikes 😅 at least for me. Strikes are way more serious, I think three… @vr_oasis Just sneaking in a small notice here that I might look into this soon. Maximizing performance in VR leave… @artofjeffp @JarMustard Totally thought this was a new item for @UntilYouFallVR 🤣 Sorry, I've been playing that so…
@fenderf4i @Zimtok5 Nah, I discovered what it was. It's OBS acting up again. Something in my scene causes rampant k… @Zimtok5 Got an i9-9900K, still had garbage performance, but also had the Index at 120 Hz which I guess could creat… @SanbornVR It's not uncommon for people to get sick in a game and keep playing that forever. I have friends like th… @Andreas_Nesse @BrandonJLa It's the best, wouldn't you say? 😋 @SadlyItsBradley Still, it took them 3½ years to get better support for multiple screens... ValveTime™. Happy it fi… @ReckonerVR @retrocompmuseum Amiga... so many golden memories of the Amiga 500. 😗 Me getting over there might be in… @ShawnDesign Over here they still call it telegrams even if they're just reading printed out emails or postcards… @Buck3131 @hibbins @PistolWhipVR @BraddyBoyBlueYT @Nebrisirius This seems to be true for most things based on frien… @ReckonerVR @retrocompmuseum Uhoh, my employer is 1½ hours from there! I don't visit there very often (we're a remo… @BrandonJLa Ah, after office hours here in Sweden, so no need to call in sick! Ehm. Time to set my calendar 😗 Thanks!
@SadlyItsBradley Ah, someone reformatted your machine, so now you have space for new recordings! Awesome! 😮No thumbnail for a Reddit link? Here's the post in image form for posterity. Here is the full source on GitHub:… have to confess I haven't used JanusVR in a long while, I kind of forgot about it 😱 I did some neato experiments… @SadlyItsBradley Lol, someone has hijacked Brad's twitter account! 🤣😱Last weeks exploration now worthless as we have a camera height setting in the beta SteamVR settings. Figured out t… @SanbornVR Is this... what... uh... are these fold-able ViewMasters and we put like cards with static images on the… has finally been able to move past the trauma of missing out on a free Vive by not checking his email, and ac… @SThunderLight Similar to last time, just that then we had a really intense blue color everywhere. In this case the… @ValveNewsNetwor Happy that you find VR a compelling medium. I've mentioned it before, but doing HL2 in VR in 2013… @NathieVR This is ridiculous 🤣 @rectus_sa Oh yeah, I totally missed that grayed out button, good catch! 😅 Kind of nice to have a quick return-to-d…'s just go through the other panels. Video has same as general but other things at the bottom. Camera and audio… think the lack of icons can be explained with it being WIP, as mentioned in the update notes. One major problem?… is fixed size, scrollbars, makes sense to work as an overlay but the shown page on desktop can be different…'ve seen people ask for an easy way to reset seated position, now it's a big button on the first page of settings!… rolled back this update to the settings interface, but now in beta 1.9.7 they've launched the (WIP) revamped…
@goofrope @ragesaq @BeatSaber Same here, from the same claimant. Which was surprising 🤔 @OculusMedium @Adobe First thought: Oh, does it mean it might come to SteamVR? Second thought: Ah, does this mean… @mcp_VR @Kotaku It depends a lot on how people have it set up. I have talked to people that, for a VR session, phys… @Zimtok5 sure what the other pets are called, but this stuck in my mind, so uh, here goes. Vanilla Stripes. Might wor…
@benz145 Nothing that fixes Explorer, but something I've been using for years now is Everything, a file index with… @HanneyChris @DennyCloudhead @Anticleric I've done all achievements across the two current Gallery games, so I reca… @Zimtok5 Is... is this finally the reveal of the secret secret that was a secret so secret you couldn't talk about… @HanneyChris @DennyCloudhead @Anticleric That's where I got stuck anyway 😅 @Moike_the_Squid That's what I get for drawing premature conclusions 😅 Totally thought the pillars were the absolut… @Moike_the_Squid I tried doing that, bit figured I had to get outside first to like, lower the shroud around the po… @seanish0v Do you heat your scoops before digging? 😬 No idea if that destroys anything but a warm water bath is what the pros seem to use. 🤔 @Azadux Oh sunshine, I knew thee, but alas you left me... now there is only darkness. Uh, yeah, winter is cold an… @vr_oasis Night vision goggles 😅
@dr_oculus My Oculus desktop application today told me I had to update drivers, might be related? 👀 maybe not 😅OK. People on here have cleared Asgard's Wrath already right? I got stuck last time I played a mission with the 3rd… @DennyCloudhead @SanbornVR @Anticleric I had to look up what to do at the look-out with the gun, is that the one? 🤣… @TimaAlta I can afford it. 🤣 Honestly, gamer since I could walk, escapist, VR was the Holy Grail of immersion. It… @ThomasPasieka @Anticleric Also don't forget that looking back... half of the car was missing! 🤣 @slysticksigil @Anticleric I just hope I still have my save 😅 We'll see how it goes. There is a steady flow of game… @CymaticBruce Eye tracking. One day I will have it. One day... 👀 @Anticleric On the other hand puzzle games are also the only titles so far which has 100% transported me, this as I… @Anticleric Puzzles is a tricky one for sure. A survival tactic I've tried to keep is to end a session after having… @Anticleric Other things can be: bad performance, menus that can only be used on desktop, technical issues, not eno… @Anticleric Many games might just not compel me, but I don't think that's the point here, and it would be too many… @MrPotam @Anticleric @PistolWhipVR Doesn't Red Matter have straight off teleporting as an option? The PC version has that at least 😲 @Anticleric Xing - huge clock puzzle and I wanted to make notes, but alas I'm in VR. Never got back into it. I shou… @SanbornVR Nah, all hands on deck for Half-Life: Alyx! 💪 Then go back and pivot Valley of Gods to VR 🤣 Erhm... will… @cnlohr For us wondering what i2c even is 😅
@Jonathan_Blow Just as a reference, how did you like The Lab? Valve's original experiments they pushed out at the r… @512Avx @Jonathan_Blow This would be interesting. I've played a lot of VR games, and now I wonder if those were all… @samred @Jonathan_Blow That said, if Valve has put as much attention on all interactions as they have on doors, col… @samred @Jonathan_Blow To me Asgard's Wrath proved that gorgeous assets doesn't mean engaging interactions, and han… @samred @Jonathan_Blow Here it is: @dr_oculus Halo.Dipped into Halo: Reach quickly. Can't say I recognize much, though got the achievement for Legendary Co-op so I gu… @SadlyItsBradley @valvesoftware Bradman, single-handedly driving the VR hype machine into overdrive! @UserID10T Well, of course I've talked about HL:A at work, I am the VR nerd #1 after all 🙄 BUT! The fact they're ac… @UserID10T They do know I did frequent VR user testing when I started there, through FishbowlVR (RIP), and I got th… @SadlyItsBradley Nurf. 🍄 @CrisBuck3D Oh yeah, they've talked many times how they pick people off the street for their user testing. Most tes… @CrisBuck3D Makes me wonder how many big time titles do any kind of remote testing at all, it makes sense to just p… @ValveNewsNetwor Yeah, I had not suggested there was a beta, colleagues just makes assumptions. Possibly because I…'m not sure what kind of reputation I have at work, but I was asked today if I have access to the Half-Life: Alyx… @SanbornVR With they'd release some source code so we could get VR mods/ports for the older Unreal games like we've… @sblomkamp Congratulations man, pro tip, run through this, it actually works: In my case… @jeriellsworth "About to feed glue sticks to grizzly bears."
@Viveport @SadlyItsBradley oshit... @AudiO9631 @ValveNewsNetwor @NathieVR Left 5 Dead 4 @SadlyItsBradley @Viveport Shill. @vr_sam Host and clients? @Zorklis @aldenkroll @Steam @Rowdy_Guy It's obviously Artifact VR and Ricochet VR... 👀 @kressnik @DennyCloudhead @pcgamer First I referred to your own tweet regarding games worth playing, and then tried… @JU5_PSVR @VRBugStream It's like nothing has happened since Google Cardboard, and when people find out about the te… @VRBugStream Lol I've helped people who already bought an Index headset understand that they _also_ need at least b… @_LucasRizzotto Wait, now I actually want this, I failed. Useless is hard... or well, it can be pretty but useless?… @_LucasRizzotto AR app that geometrically pulses reality with your heart beat, also rainbow hue. @RichardULZ I wouldn't bet on it 😅 But it would be lovely if they could be depressed even without anything happenin…
Nope, hair is not too hard, I just did not pay attention. G-man at the end has a head FULL of luscious, soft, delic… @PotatoFaceJames Oh yeah, I publish one video every six months and stream to an average of 1.8 viewers, that is wit… evening project was successful, generate 360 reference images at different camera heights in Unity to figure o… @chubbyemu I'm preeeeetty suuuure this is a picture of left-over pancakes... @DennyCloudhead @kressnik @pcgamer No worries Denny, they only think there are a couple of games worth playing in V… @dr_oculus People do that to get paid eh? I worked in a city center office at one point, we were tormented by a str… @Buck3131 * 13:42! @ReckonerVR Why... are you watching them? 😅