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Christian app and backend developer. Most my spare time is spent in VR or working on weird VR projects. Been doing paid and unpaid VR user testing since 2014.

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@gameism I get my real exhaustion one day after one with lack of sleep, the day before I would still function even… @bbhart_ca eBay? @marmalade_tim I'd just add an optional Action<T> as input parameter and execute it where needed 😋 But if you rea… @eminus @StarvrCorp I saw it only supported two base stations though?! Making me think they're using older revision… @eminus @StarvrCorp Cyber punk to the max. I've only heard good things about it, but yeah, not consumer facing right now 😅I really hope Steam profiles will get an update soon. I can have _one_ achievement showcase. I have tons of empty s…'s happening again people! From Friday to Monday you can add Transpose to your library for FREE and keep it forev…
@benz145 Will you get a review unit? 🤣I'm so happy I try to run my mouth mostly always though, it was worth all that time talking to myself to have me do… theory my application I haven't updated in a while should alert of raids, follows, all of it. But, clearly I did… I got my first raid on Twitch, @VRBugStream was nice enough to nuke me, sadly that also bombed my chat applic… @Zimtok5 Is this Zim, wut? 🤔 @SadlyItsBradley Missed this, sorry. 🙄 @Puffycheeks288 @ValveNewsNetwor I haven't used Hammer since CS 1.6, I wonder how I'll fare 😅 Was it Worldcraft bac… @zach_wendt @kentbye Yup, I quite enjoyed that one already when it was posted, I was way too hyped for this game to…, dreams sometimes come true people, Water Bears VR is currently free on Steam! 😲💦 I know, mad isn't it? It's an… @psychicparrot Jeff has accrued certain associations now, it'll go down in history, eventually becoming a taboo nam… @kentbye I listened to the Half-Life soundtracks that are available on Steam and Spotify, dreaming about replaying… @NathieVR While I loved my original Vive, and spent a lot of money on accessories for it, HTC didn't go in a direct… @Buck3131 I wish muting and sumall would actually hide these tweets but it doesn't work. Th… @HermitGaming2 @NathieVR @HotHorseHand I don't have one right now, used to be a lot of Gunheart though. I go from g…
Keep in mind, your capture rate and desktop display frequency will also affect the result, making 30 Hz only show t…, at a point where you only see one jittery bar, you are spinning at the rate frames are delivered, or a m… brain twisting today. WMR users (at least) are seeing sparse frame delivery in the VR View for SteamVR, reduci… @SadlyItsBradley @hmltn Now when I have so much spare time I could actually join in on more gaming I guess, even wi… @HermitGaming2 @NathieVR @HotHorseHand Everyone has different preferences, shouldn't be surprising, for myself I ne… @NathieVR Any tips for fun ways to play it? I got kind of burnt out after playing every day for a week, doing all a… @hmltn Just dumping what I've played a lot that I cannot find on the Oculus platform. * The Forest * Serious Sam V… @marc_laidlaw @ValveNewsNetwor Should join Mensa. @SanbornVR You think about this but not people with glasses? 😅
@chubbyemu Is a volcanic eruption natural? I'm not sure what is what anymore. @vr_oasis Just cleared Statik in a single sitting, good times. Even if it's from 2017 I just hadn't gotten to it. T… @sehurlburt I'd honestly have to see the conversation to vote in this poll 😅 @CJFerguson1111 Can't help but think that if you had never shared this, I would never have seen it, thus not thinki… @Buck3131 @dr_oculus @TheVRRealm @VRSoulspod commands in #HalfLifeAlyx can do fun things, like boost the SMG... that's not a spoiler right? Probably. Ch… @hmltn Curse Valve for calling it shifting and not dashing! Even hyperdashing! 😬 Haven't they played Crawl?! @UntilYouFallVR Oooooh, that's how people get custom art in there, crazy huge QR codes! 😅
@SadlyItsBradley @valvesoftware Please release Source 2... 🥺 @ValveNewsNetwor Almost as if some old curse has been lifted, hopefully they won't get cursed again. 😔 @benz145 I've finished all achievements now so have both, did leave him non-flat first playthrough though. It was n… @dr_oculus @VRSoulspod @Buck3131 @TheVRRealm Always 😱
@BobbyBlackwolf @TommyTallarico @Intellivision Looool what decade is this? Brilliant 😁 @kapowaz That's... that's dense 😬 Is this like right now? Domestic flight are still going strong yeah? 🤔 Haven't ha… @runevision I made it easy for myself didn't I? 😅 @VRSoulspod @Buck3131 @dr_oculus @TheVRRealm Who did this? 😐 @Scubasteve2365 @ReckonerVR Do you know if achievements still work after modding? I would assume not, but not sure… @jashan I'm somehow still looking forward to playing it again. After I've cleared it on hard I might feel done with… @ReckonerVR @Scubasteve2365 If I have never played Skyrim at all, would you still recommend modding it the first time or go in vanilla? 😗 @MartinRisbyVR @dr_oculus Yes, how does this work? Is it using the mirror tool with specific parameters to show a s…, that wasn't that bad. Or I mean, it wasn't terribly upsetting, while the start of it was dramatic, they stoppe… @TheVRRealm @VRSoulspod @Buck3131 @dr_oculus Watching Contagion, this is what I get recommended to watch, thanks friendos. Well, hopefully I'll be fine c… @Kampftroll1 @TG0info @AntonHand 🤣 Colorful commentary indeed. I've also been a proponent for binary input, any inp… @Kampftroll1 @TG0info @AntonHand Trying to find which tweet, but cannot find it, plz link? 🤣 I might find it tomorr… @Kampftroll1 @TG0info Thus my "which titles they will be most suitable for" concern. I think I'd have to actually u…'m intrigued by the @TG0info etee controllers. I have no idea how they'll work with my paddle hands, if they'll be…
@SadlyItsBradley I've seen people ask for it, but then mostly streamers, although there's a bias as I mostly social… @MadScientistRCT I just updated, sure does! @SadlyItsBradley Yipes, snap turning is even more disorienting in videos than I feel they are in VR. I'm... I... I… @germanrifter Say hi from me! Just keep social distancing in mind! 😅 @ReckonerVR I was terrified my first playthrough, but had then been in there for hours already. Darkness let's my m…, has anyone else gotten this to work yet? I might have to do another RMA 🤔 @Zimtok5 And here I thought you messed up Cosmic Trip 🤣 @tipatat @valvesoftware My older brother just told me that when all this is over he'll visit my place to play Half-… @Buck3131 But, I'm in a car! Planning man! 😭 @GrumpyDuckVR Lately it has of course been Half-Life: Alyx, before that The Forest. Otherwise I play a plethora of… @Zimtok5 @valvesoftware I think what blows my mind the most is the whole presentation. How the common sharp edges b… @GrumpyDuckVR Basically stop buying new clothes, cook at home, don't smoke or drink alcohol. Yeah! 💰💰💰 They've bee… @fasttravelgames @CuriousTaleGame I still fail at the doors 😞 Wondering if it's possible if I've cleared the levels… @Zimtok5 I was impressed actually, how far you made it, stuck around for the whole stream 😁 We had to shoot down a… @Zimtok5 I've ignored news for a while to Dave my sanity, caught up with numbers today and it's... looking grim. 😐… @Hero_Kvatch I'm just thinking about the original being twice this without talked controllers. Does feel like a goo… @sblomkamp Go ahead, head will grow out again. @benz145 Wireless? If so it could be restricted by amount of WiFi traffic or simply how many devices are connected…
@goofrope @GrumpyDuckVR Uuuuuuh... *takes a deep breath* Various Google Cardboard GearVR Daydream View Rift DK1 Rift DK2 Rif… @vr_oasis Hmm... does it come with software that reads what would be the haptic output for the controller to trigge… @jashan @PMS_Jordan I want a game without replayability before I start playing it, to be done for real, and then I… @Heaney555 @vr_oasis @anshelsag @oculus Just sell an optional $299 charging dock as well. @David_Jagneaux That's all. Bye. 😅 @David_Jagneaux In the end I think this is why word of mouth works, because you likely know your friend's preferenc… @David_Jagneaux I've seen this discussion again and again, that it's a disservice to short great games. Meanwhile I… @David_Jagneaux Regardless of how much you talk about game design, assets and performance, play time will likely al… @vr_oasis @anshelsag @oculus Uh... just make the charge time the same as the headset and charge at the same time? 👀 @benz145 Isn't that like every holiday kind of? Let's instead have a social distancing holiday lest we forget how it is done. @benz145 Oooooh yeah, I remember seeing this, had no idea new parts had come out, time to rewatch it I guess 😁 Also… @cnlohr I still have my platforms, a bit buried in stuff, but still 😅 VR has kind of taken over my interests 👀💦 Ste…
@cnlohr Nope, didn't know that was possible. Was mostly on 3.9 though as whenever I upgraded I'd have stability issues 😱This would be historically, I don't play any of them right now, really. All of them can be played in multiplayer or… me as a gamer, this is hard. I feel like I should take games I've spent lots of time in historically, but ma… @Tojiro He's a kind soul that is just misunderstood. He's protecting the vodka from head crabs, just don't get in his way. 😔 @DeeKej Thanks for the reminder, I'm behind in the manga, or whatever we call it, so maybe watching the animated ve… @EricPresidentVR A generation that grows up using it.
@pete_the_duck Took me a bit more than four hours in one go, it was quite mentally taxing, will be some time until I get back in for more 😅 @MartinRisbyVR @dr_oculus
Here's my error report regarding it: No idea if going DND will avoid things crashing, poss… hysterical and trolly issue with SteamVR that has existed for a while now, I first bumped into it last August, if… @hmltn I'm wrong apparently 😋 But then I am never able to have just one favorite so I will not say one game is the…