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@HoeZaay Report any issues on the GitHub 😅 Thanks for checking it out! 😁 @SadlyItsBradley My bank account is quivering. The fear is real. @vr_sam At first I read this as "physical harm" risky and was wondering what type of crazy activities you take part…
@BobbyBlackwolf 4AM... 😅 I will, uhm, catch the VoD. 😬 @hmltn @amazon @JeffBezos If this is what it looks like, it's disgusting. @David_Jagneaux @YoungHorses @popagendaco Removed that other message as it was pointed out to me what I had read ab…
@GennaBain I mostly stream VR, and when it's single player titles, it just feels nice having someone else there, ev… @SalsaKstream Dude, you have a dinner table with electrified legs! Awesome! 🤣 @BobbyBlackwolf Whoa congratulations! 😁
@SadlyItsBradley The racing god. @ALEXEIMARTOV Love how they had to tape up the shield as to not reflect the studio and/or the green screen 🤣 @David_Jagneaux @YoungHorses @popagendaco Thanks for asking in any case, the dream of VR modes in main stream games lives on! @tovanbo @BeatSaber Maybe invisible Tetris is a better example 😗 @tovanbo New game++ would be the pieces going transparent after insertion so you cannot see where you have put ones already... 😱 @tovanbo New game+ 😅 @goofrope @benz145 Mission successful 🤣
@gameism This would make sense, that random embeds and libraries would cause it. I wish they would just not request… @gameism I'm just wondering if all of the random websites that pop this actually has VR content at all? That said,… @nimazeighami This is perfect as I need to get some practice being around people after all this self isolation! @SanbornVR Video description makes it sound like... everything? @benz145 I'll do another one. I think ports of old shooters is a great source of content for VR. I've gotten so ma… @SanbornVR As someone who has enjoyed many ports of games to VR, I'm happy to see more of them. There are of course… @Anticleric @JonVirtual @benz145 I've personally found things I expected to be crap to be fun as well as the opposi… @Anticleric @JonVirtual @benz145 The first statement suggests you're playing and testing a lot though, which then t… @Anticleric @JonVirtual @benz145 Maybe your "don't like anything VR" is really "don't play anything VR"? 🤣 @benz145 I enjoyed social VR way more before Eternal September, now I mostly ignore it. At the same time I neglect… @Xenotopos @FreyaHolmer In context, this is hilarious 🤣 @LiamBME 😱 @WoodsieGames Not super surprised. For myself I played gamepad games in VR for years in the devkits so I had been t… @cnlohr @waveshare00 As a reference, here's what I saw when zooming in on the picture, which is why I mentioned it… @FreyaHolmer Seems natural as those would be one's peers, with a lot in common you speak the same language, and in… @WoodsieGames 🤬 Honestly, mostly curious about not enough gamepad games. @cnlohr @waveshare00 Second language, it's what I could come up with 😅 @cnlohr @waveshare00 Looks gorgeous, then I read up on it, then I zoom the picture. It does look nice at a distance…
@Anticleric @corey_king Yeah, but isn't it just a guess now who would take it or not? Is there any information at a… @Anticleric @corey_king I only ever see the survey like once every two years, and in the past it would often not ev… @Anticleric @corey_king I own like... double the max option, but then I only have _one_ connected and in use on my…'m hoping this person finds the advice they need, saw this on the @StressLevelZero subreddit. Still not sure if it… @dr_oculus @SculptrVR It actually also supports multiplayer so it's possible to collaborate in real time 👀 @MajorMcDoom Sell them on the black market. @thE_rZA_Cons Search for Handskalad in your regional IKEA store, it was 99:- SEK for me, about €10 🤔I recently, with the help of my 3D printing guru brother, got my 3D printer up and running. I have been printing In… @kapowaz Crazy how much nostalgia this immediately smashed my face with. Adorable and memorable. @LucaMefisto Thanks again, my plans are to get a standing desk for home as we got recommendations to continue that… @LucaMefisto Cheers, yeah the speed is expected from the use case and price, really 😁 I know people at the office h… @LucaMefisto That sounds affordable, is it powered or one of those friction based things? 🤔😯
@_jamesoloughlin @IKEA 👀 Haven't actually tried the pancake kitch… @Moike_the_Squid This seems both terrific and terrifying. I like it. @benz145 I want to frame this comment 🤣 @CyberspaceVR Of course I'm in, this interests me a lot, hopefully I'll have time and energy for the beta when it o… @VladCoho I wanted to have them paired up with the headsets, but it is starting to look difficult 😅 Having them in… @Bounty_V Nah these are from the UK, or well, that's where I ordered them from 😬Standing them up on the shelves, not so much. This was the step my brain didn't take into consideration. IKEA has a… controllers in the hands first seemed unlikely to work well, as the fingers don't swivel, they just curl. W… saw this IKEA decorative wooden hand being used for controller storage on Reddit. Figured hey, maybe that would l… @ParadiseDecay I have played titles that seems like they would be shallow and simplistic, but which has surprised m… @OlivierJT_SU @eminus @EricPresidentVR @TheMarjan @CymaticBruce @BenPlaysVR Yeah, I can imagine being a VR content… @OlivierJT_SU @eminus @EricPresidentVR @TheMarjan @CymaticBruce In my experience there's just too many things being… @EricPresidentVR Sounds like what we had back in the Oculus devkits, demos with wild experimentation right and left…
@MajorMcDoom Before triangulation you can have almost any flat shape as a polygon right? It is 👉poly👈gon, where tri… @MajorMcDoom I... I guess triangles are polygons. Yeah.
@DennyCloudhead Would be nice to discuss things like this in some public forum perhaps less chopped up than Twitter… @DennyCloudhead From a user looking in, it's perhaps most surprising how many times problems that were solved or po… @DennyCloudhead Clearly it's still early on for the VR market, IMO, I have gaming friends who wants VR, but still c…
@wolfgang_xl @MattWhitmanTMBH It hasn't been in the past, but I think it's gained popularity in the last decade or… @t_animal Yeah, I wasn't the one googling, but it sounded like official information when read aloud to me. After do… @t_animal @MattWhitmanTMBH Dunno, it came up in a conversation recently and it sounded believable when it was googl… @JesseDamiani I've been busy today... pizza? I think I'll go back to being busy, to be honest. @MattWhitmanTMBH ... warmer weather and higher humidity, so just a weather change could also be causing this declin… @MattWhitmanTMBH Hello from Sweden! I've been in self isolation since end of March, so to me this seems reasonable.… @JesseDamiani A lot of fake things in the photograph, but not a fake photograph. @DeeKej Happi borfdai mon! 🎂 @Hero_Kvatch And the ability to skip all story sequences for when I replay it, nonskippable lengthy mission introdu… @goofrope @JonVirtual Are people actually complaining about the graphics on Quest? Not sure most people on PC even asked for… @migchavez_nyc Happy birthday man 😋 I mean, as happy as can be with the current circumstances. 🙄 🎂 @clayxels @demigiant This is fascinating and somewhat futuristic, in that I think about graphics systems based on a… @hmltn Feels like they should have a fidelity slider... on PC at least, so we can pull it up to approach old gfx. S…
@CharmGames Kid... Icarus?! 🤣❤ @MajorMcDoom Mhmmm... needs more layers. 🧐 @FreyaHolmer sv-se: kräk-käk @SadlyItsBradley @JamesNyeVRGuy This is not a picture of Bradman. Good night. @SadlyItsBradley @JamesNyeVRGuy Meanwhile in Sweden you can look up any person who doesn't have a protected identif… @SadlyItsBradley @JamesNyeVRGuy Bradley is sadly an expert on Chinese business practices, mostly due to raw exposure to the same. @SadlyItsBradley @JamesNyeVRGuy So it is the apocalypse. 💀 @SadlyItsBradley @JamesNyeVRGuy Come on companies, send me free stuff! I mean uh... this sounds like an expensive w…
Oh yeah, and that awful logo/icon is of course a plug, loosely based on the WebSockets logo, as well as being a VR… @JamesNyeVRGuy Yes, no yes, I mean, uh, thanks?! 🤣What triggered this development was mostly that I had figured out how to integrate the SteamVR input system with ac… use this for a number of components in my overlay. * Running application ID * Session time * Frame stats * Headse… recently made a new data acquisition application for my OBS overlay, this time it's a web socket server that both… @electricah @benz145 @Tsukinune Controller looks like HP Reverb G2 to me 😅 As the Touch ring is missing. @Buck3131 @SalsaKstream Bring a shoulder mounted phone so I can call in and participate as a digital remote presence shoulder... person. Uh. @SalsaKstream Mhmmmmmm, empty space, the best friend for a VR enthusiast, no? 🤣 I find it somewhat hilarious how it… @Azadux @NYTimesRD Some pretty stellar models as well, compared to what I've achieved anyway 🤣 Definitely super nea… @ZeenaAlobaidi @David_Jagneaux Still shocking how bad microphones gaming headsets have, it's a travesty after havin… @David_Jagneaux Moss sequel 😌💦 And AR? I wonder for what devices... only one I'm getting, which I guess counts as AR, is Tilt5. 🤔 @David_Jagneaux @BrianFargo @inXile_ent Not sure if brave or crazy to go for a multiplayer/VS game only for VR, so… @jilly_mackay Especially if the knowledge is incomplete or incorrect and still applied, that has happened to me per…