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Christian app and backend developer. Most my spare time is spent in VR or working on weird VR projects. Been doing paid and unpaid VR user testing since 2014.

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@Azadux I enjoyed it, more than the movie, but all the references did feel a bit... overdose. Didn't recognize ever… @immersivt @Krylke Har ljuduppsättning hemma så borde fungera 😋 Är tanken att vi spelar samma spel och sen diskuter… @Azadux I think my main problem with this is that most VR films and passive content has, unless I've missed somethi… @rrza I mean, maybe it didn't seem believable, or people didn't get what your source was? 😬 Might have looked like… @The_Lionheart People are very different when it comes to their amount of empathy and the ability of reading people… @The_Lionheart This just means less distraction from Half-Life: Alyx, until that is also delayed 🤣 @ValveNewsNetwor Nah. We who bought it early will already have waited a year for a bespoke first party title, I think that's enough 😤 @ValveNewsNetwor I only really care for the Half-Life+Aperture universe 😐 @iBrews @tiltfive @mitrealityhack I can't wait to experience the always in focus retro-reflected image. Ingenious a… @rrza @jetscott As someone with a 2/5 viscosity rating on my sadness, I mean tears, that has had problems wearing dailies… @LiamBME Half-Life: Alyx 😫😤
@tuxedolabs Just let us sit inside it in VR and everything is fine! Uhm. 🤣 Otherwise, I like the soft-clipping, no… @David_Jagneaux Haha, it was awesome 30 years ago, I promise you 😋 So many memories from the Amiga 500 😗👌 @David_Jagneaux Wings of Death, obviously. @TechConnectify Meanwhile when I have autoplay on in the browser for music it stops it and asks if I'm still watching 😅 @TimoSchmidt_ @UploadVR Like adventure puzzlers, and then you can stick games anywhere on the scale. 🤔 Puzzler |--… @TimoSchmidt_ @UploadVR It's not as clear for me, felt more like a puzzle game to me as that was the points where I… @UploadVR A few here I have not played, even if I own couple of them 😅 guess I should get going. Also, hard to draw… @Hero_Kvatch Wat? @fusedotcore Oh crap, I can't follow you a second time 👀💦 @Krylke Bäst vi startar en podcast då 🤔 uhm. Eller så kanske dom borde ta med lite folk som spenderar mycket tid i…
@SadlyItsBradley @PolyarcGames @oculus @UploadVR @OculusGaming @razialo Would work, maybe randomizing what to play somehow? There's still the problem of finding what to play ever… @nchan The angled mirror in the back is a key element, took me a few times seeing these to understand what was goin… @DevRelCallum Meanwhile I'm the opposite, because it goes ding ding ding ding ding until the person gets muted or I… @gavanw Megaman for NES (PAL), first game I bought using my own money. @alfredo_xr Comic Sans, done! @David_Jagneaux This game sucks. @cnlohr I still wish for cheaper trackers straight from Volvo, or if @hive_tracker were ready, actually haven't che… @Samueltates @LowSpec_Gamer That games can look hilarious when hunting frames on low spec systems. I do enjoy the kind of explo… @RtoVR Does make it fairly clear why I've been waiting more than a month for a replacement base station 😅 Yipes. Be…
Does this exist? I want to get a list of my owned Steam games, playing those 6 second trailers, and I step through… @MrZulubo @Anticleric @TonyKabooch @UploadVR The kind of puncture you need for that to happen catastrophically probably gives… @DevRelCallum How many cats makes a herd? @ValveNewsNetwor I wonder what kind of age rating this game will have... not that it matters for old me, but still.… in the last SteamVR beta that Valve has again boosted maximum brightness of the Index 🤔 I think… @WoodsieGames
@bguenther (It's a parody account!) @KPaul I live in Sweden and usually that's what it should look like here right about now, but uh... currently it's… @Fr0z3nR Oh, it's a parody account. 😑 @Fr0z3nR Is it April 1st? Wait... what... is this real? What... I don't.. uh... 🤯 @ValveNewsNetwor Sudden need to escape reality as globally conflict escalated... 😬 @eminus Whoa dude! Will you try to run them? Every time I see old gear like this I ponder how much work it would be… @Zimtok5 It was fast. @SuicideFLip @deprecatedcoder There's so many VR games now one can actually pick and choose, depending on what genr…
@DeeKej @AslanKhatib Hmm, is this the normal "Go live" feature we've had for a while? 🤔 Just checking, I use it pre… @Hero_Kvatch @ReckonerVR ... I recently started playing Warcraft 2... and otherwise it's VR 😅 Maybe it's not that uncommon... 👀💦⁉️ @ValveNewsNetwor Yup. Nothing is perfect! 🤐 @kertgartner It was stellar entertainment 😁 super impressive. It's 4AM here and I can't stop watching the stream. @marmishurenko This could very well be the first and only time I've seen game credits being posted to show off game… @gemisisDev @blakejharrisNYC @benz145 This whole discussion makes me think about how many hidden business decisions… @blakejharrisNYC @gemisisDev @benz145 I want to delete my original comment now, but will leave it up for posterity.… @MarkLedson Will definitely check it out after I wake up tomorrow 😁 Is this the same build as if giving you my emai… @gemisisDev @benz145 @blakejharrisNYC I might be mixing it up with Nintendo deciding which number of cartridges the… @gemisisDev @benz145 I'm pretty sure I heard about it in the book Console Wars by @blakejharrisNYC, unless my memor… @MarkLedson It's it only Oculus VR or also SteamVR? ⁉️😗⁉️ @benz145 @gemisisDev Blame Nintendo which systematically has employed artificial scarcity since the 80's, according… @s2bee @BigscreenVR Got a favorite yet? I've yet to jump in, but I watched 3D movies in VR already back in 2013 wi…
@runevision @David_Jagneaux Straight lines will appear curved if you're not in the sweet spot, which is really only… @runevision @David_Jagneaux Question in the end is if the effect is appreciable without having a wall sized monitor… @runevision @David_Jagneaux This is true, if we print a rectilinear photography at the scale it should be, and view… @David_Jagneaux Oh no, I meant people responding to your tweet! 😗 @andreintg @gavanw What is this black magic? Is this for a real time thing or for export? Crazy how it looks like a… @Hero_Kvatch @gameism When I got old enough to actually know about a few things, I noticed that news sites posts fa… @David_Jagneaux I'm surprised how many people I see saying there's no benefit to a curved screen at all 😅 Even peop… @David_Jagneaux As an example, I have a 32" non-curved display, and it is big enough that the edges of it looks dar… @David_Jagneaux It removes foreshortening, that things appear smaller at a distance. Basically if you're in the rig… @DevRelCallum @tipatat Whoops, I thought I replied directly to Tipatat's tweet, I see you're not either convinced a… @DevRelCallum @tipatat Is it just me that is annoyed that companies go for a glasses look, but then blacks out half… @ephtracy @ID_R_McGregor Another thing I wonder then, is if any configuration of vanishing points is actually valid… @ephtracy @ID_R_McGregor If I ever get back into drawing three point perspective impossible figures this will be us… @shen Hi Schen! Szhen? Chan? 🤔 @vr_oasis Meanwhile WW3 will be live streamed on social media 🤔Talking to a colleague about prescription lenses for his Vive. Whenever we get vari-focal VR headsets, they should…'t wait for AR glasses to be ubiquitous and my grocery shop get a virtual map overlay for everything on my shopp… @Rowdy_Guy You went grocery shopping 😬 @cnlohr Got halfway, but it's late and I'm falling asleep! Very interesting, and slightly cryptic, will continue tomorrow 😅
@SanbornVR @SiggiGG I totally thought you meant the compatibility options in Windows... @goofrope @Diegobez Not too surprising really, it's as with other things in life, balance brings harmony 😅 or something. Sa… @jilly_mackay @claudiakincaid @Diegobez Does the Pico do 6DoF? I know the Panasonic does not _yet_, and before that happens I won't be interested… @DevRelCallum You... you just did?! 🤣😱 @Zimtok5 @Vertigo_Games Not getting a timestamp on mobile but I think I know which situation you're talking about 🤣… @alexqgb Oh, and Panasonic makes cameras, I have like five of them! 🤣 Feels like this should have been so much more… @JonVirtual We do it at work with Skype 🤷‍♂️ privately over Hangouts, Discord and... Steam. So many opportunities f… @JamesNyeVRGuy Lol, wtf Nvidia! But yeah they can clock down, I monitor my hardware somewhat and it's how they save… @JamesNyeVRGuy Me: @JamesNyeVRGuy And the ones that will tell you are likely super sampling already 🤣 I do like to keep frame-rate too… @JamesNyeVRGuy He's a user, a player, one possible customer, this was when he was playing games 😅 unknowingly he bo… @JamesNyeVRGuy I know that too and already responded 😋 Typing on my phone sucks. @JamesNyeVRGuy Which I applaud you for, it's the hard work that is invisible to end users. I just don't think most… @JamesNyeVRGuy I know, I get notifications for all responses, and as your have seen me respond with that is one tho… @JamesNyeVRGuy So one thousands of a second? 🤣 I honestly did the first comment as a joke as I thought you mistaken… @JamesNyeVRGuy Still, if you vomit with 0.0001 additional frame time, I feel sorry for you 😅 @JamesNyeVRGuy 10000ths 🔍👀 🤔 90fps = 0.0111s/f 0.0111 + 1/10000 = 0.0112 1/0.0112 = 89.29fps Well, I mean, incr…