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@WhosBreezyUK @SamManlol @DavidDobrik Samman threw fr @WhosBreezyUK @SamManlol @DavidDobrik You were bottom frag!!!
@Blankzy_ Addison rae @YuhuuurSpam This not you @wtfshayy HAHAHAHA im not wrong!!! @FavsPriv @LazasBautista LMAOOOOO @FavsPriv Everyone still does @Josh_Tries Jakku deadass got a .45 kd @Yuhuuur @Blankzy_ @Josh_Tries @daiptix Im crying he said almost @notchaselyons Funny man make me laugh @Huebuecue @SamManlol ?????? @Leo__ffs Good luck king @AIexIoI @SamManlol LEts goooo @AIexIoI @SamManlol Ill give you Kalen Ballage tho @AIexIoI @SamManlol Trade me nick chubb @SamManlol That tearadactil grip probably r word @SamManlol Id go fuck a dinosaur @SamManlol @fucksherwin @lyssiu LMAOOOPO @silvasalavisa AYE AYE AYEEE @wtfshayy Gn @may_wedda Gn @TommyThroatEm HAHAHAHAHA @Mako @may_wedda @Froste Dawg LMAOOOOO @resolute @dr2xter @notchaselyons With an axe LMAOOO @privshiv By meeting them @privshiv So stop using it innit bruv @privshiv Tinder innit😭😭😭
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@privshiv Luv you too queenSksksks he’s trying to remember what Pep wrote on the white board back in 17/18
Retweeted by Eli @silvapriv_ @privshiv Bro i thought she made a typo LMAOOO @privshiv Why r u so mean to me @resolute #ArtetaIn#ExtendArteta @privshiv This took me like 10 minutes LMAOOOO @YuhuuurSpam So good @SkreetMan @SamManlol @YuhuuurSpam If youve ever seen it but dont know the name @fucksherwin Gn @YuhuuurSpam 😍 @ohGav keep the facial hair too harlow @ohGav curls look better on you nglim crying Darien gave his teammate a vandal skin so he wouldnt throw @KurdishMandingo @LazasBautista Hes gonna be here for next week watch @LazasBautista Make it 300 LMAOOOO @LazasBautista Bro the chargers twitter acc tweeted like a min ago the final score and they already have like 150 c… @Chargers Fire Lynn @LazasBautista About what @DarienBMG LMAOOOOO WELCOME TO BRONZEyeah its overnice oregon herbert is backJosh Allen stanksANTHONY LYNN WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING @DarienBMG bronze 1 #soon @Boltsiola @SamManlol Samman
Retweeted by EliDerrick Henry look like me out there @SamManlol ??????Get out the way lil bro @SamManlol!!!! srs rn? thats maga im magaOH YEAH MAGA BOSA COMING OUTI appreciate good CB play sorry🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️
Retweeted by Eli @SamManlol Yeah ole best out of the 3 for sure @SamManlol Nah ole arteta and lamps bottom 3 for sure @SamManlol @giulestina__ Tell giu to acceptYou are SHAMELESS give frank all this money to spend on offensive creative players just to have them playing this boring sideways football @itsWaddles_ Hes up there for sureFat Frank is a horrible manager @DarienBMG @SamManlol FRAUDDamn they just gave Kordell a yellowncard @dr2xter Gn @dr2xter @100Tjdawg If you feel you are then you probably are :) @100Tjdawg @dr2xter ^ @AIexIoI They posted that like them 2 fatasses aint trynna get herbert k*lledYou deadass had the audacity to post that 2nd pic???? @dr2xter @100Tjdawg He got it by listening to the people around him finally, maybe you should start doing the same... @100Tjdawg YESSIR @oFabz -the son @100Tjdawg :)Fat Franks sideways footy 😍 @fucksherwin Good to know not to watch it ty @fucksherwin What are you watchinfWhen he retires the portugese ric flair will get the respect he deserves @LazasBautista He elevates them and turns them into ballersJose the greatest manager of all time debate a wallListen man, look at what Jose is doing with these players and tell me he just plays boring footballMendy is an actual keeper Absolute baller.Free this man from the shackles of Ole FINEST MY GOD LOOK AT MY BOY RODON GO cannot keep getting away with this!!! @Chargers @DarienBMG FOUR???? @fucksherwin Dps mercy ‼‼‼ @fucksherwin Ow support is fun but i cant play any other games support @_miyamoto__ @wtfshayy Oh shit yeah mmm