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Yall should be relegated for this bottle job @LCFC @dr2xter Wittle kitten Kordell @Avalanche100T That shot so humbling i go buy at another store cant do all that to meBRENDAN RODGERS YOU UTTER SHITE MANAGER BOTTLE JOB RETARD HOPE THEY BLACK LIST YOU FROM THE PREMBrendan Rodgers fr the biggest bottle job ive ever seen holy fuck @big_business_ She said this fishy as hell United got someone with a hard blackmailNeed an investigation instantly this is worse than City breaking FFP!No way United getting every result they need bro @notedub Dont think he cares about being more respectable, and that intensity is probably why hes such a huge leade… @notedub He isnt elite but hes above average, and his intensity makes it that bit much better, but yeah id never put him in elite defenders @dogboneberries Weird i was talking to Lakers fan since the dont have a Marcus Smart/Pat Bev type! @KurdishMandingo Lakers fans were all over his dick before he resigned with us now hes a bum yeah ok @dogboneberries Wow great argument man! @KurdishMandingo @SamManlol 1000% @notedub He talks shit against everyone and his defense is more than enough of backing up. Only game he didnt was t… @KurdishMandingo Weird considering he guards 1-4 and does it very well. Also saying hes loud as a bad thing is so d… @KurdishMandingo He really aint but because hes a clipper yall will say anything @notedub They got a vandetta against him cuz he chose to stay with us over joining them 100% @notedub Lakers fans were literally begging for him 💀 Pat Bev was on the Lakers theyd treat him like a god lol they so jealous @Yuhuuur 6 game series with a healthy warriors team from the 8 seed and he 100% was a huge reason why, and Bron onl… @Yuhuuur Held KD for most of the GSW series last year, is trusted with guarding bron when we have PG and Kawhi, eve… @Yuhuuur People only hate him cuz he chose to stay with the clippers instead of joing the lakers fr @ijdawg998 Better finisher too, better teammate, better shagger etc etc2️⃣ @ijdawg998 Ofc, Vardy the best british striker of the modern era, no competition whatsoever @ijdawg998 Better at everything except diving and taking pens that other teammates won, and always has been betterSo your saying Vardy scored today and Kane didnt???? We might need to open a discussion on this matterAgenda is so dogshitAUBA WHO?? LMFFFFMustafi think he Bale LMAOOOOOTHIAGO x KEÏTA - Mask Off (remix)
Retweeted by Eli @Huebuecue Pepe @resolute All he do on the field is twerk and occasionally fire ome in top binsPepe is so average LOLLaca a stripper in an alternate universe @SamManlol Troopz is a kingYou know its bad when the Don gets angry vs Spurs 2020 // North London Derby // The FUTURE of the Prem??? // Full Highlights @AubieAnderson Need an oil money owner frfr @resolute LMAOOOO @AubieAnderson Yup @resolute Playing Arsenal brand football mothing new there @Huebuecue That pass was dreadfulBro its gotta be TOUGH being an arsenal fan son @Huebuecue That was all kolasinacFuture Liverpool winger Son right thereThis game is deadass 2 retards fighting LMAOOOOOBRO NO WAY LMAOOOOONorth London derby fighting for Europa League LMFFFFSPURS LET LACA DO THAT???? LMAOOOOO @MyFavsTrash You
Retweeted by Eli @wtfshaay Cool @wtfshaay Yeah?Lacazette @LazasBautista @MyFavsTrash For sure. My hard work, character, and integrity to tye craft is unmatched. Should be p… @LazasBautista @MyFavsTrash And still willed myself to sit in my chair and load up valorant to grind. I am an inspi… @MyFavsTrash Id give up every sport for esports. We are athletes. We are grinders. @SkreetMan @LazyBautista LMAOOOOOPickford is trending? @LazasBautista Gate keeping women from sports is top tier first ballot hall of fame battyman behaviour @LazasBautista Look at the losers in the comments lolScored against Everton and I have him in fantasy @CrypticNoOne @KOT4Q @LazasBautista Mmmm have a good day kitten @LazasBautista Gm @Zilla_RT UFC judging is based on rounds, most of Volks damage was in the 2 rounds he won @Mako @HarryButAverage @Mako God bless @Zilla_RT Easily 3-2 hollowayUsman aint beating Burns, amd Holloway 100% beat Volk @wtfshaay I wear an XL (since im 6'7 250 4% body fat)Holloway won that fight lol @wtfshaay mood being hungry? @wtfshaay Twitter user wtfshaay in a hoodie @SamManlol @moodkip2 @chinesefoodb Its his wife thats white
@Blankzy_ wow dude... thought we left the racism jokes behind... @dqzlol 👎 @oklesliev2 oh ok using the parking lot as intended good job 👍 @oklesliev2 maybe park?LEGEND KING @oklesliev2 I see you blood 🤞🖖🤘🤙 @oklesliev2 yupCome to Liverpool please we need you @oklesliev2 wow @wtfshaay Depends how bad it is @wtfshaay Ankle might be dislocated idk @YungSouup No? @YungSouup Haha? @SamManlol @Huntrelol It @wtfshaay Do you not see why i took a pic