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Angel @Boltzy__ New Jersey, USA

18 | VALORANT F/A | @WVUEsports ‘26 | DM for Inquires |

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@TroIIman_ its why i do it , sometimes.. @TroIIman_ so IGLing in T2/3/below is 98.99% of the time hard? got it. @harmfoo @TealSeam @Morgausse_ so why didnt u get the 5th @Morgausse_ @GoldenPhilly @SOFAFN @eVoL_FPS @DinxxVAL @HydraaVAL dinxx fan boy here @OhgrrYT @Murdoc_18 @TicSteel @KillerMillerGG @ONiGlobal @Cloud9 oh. @RestFPS vouch @KillerMillerGG @ONiGlobal @Cloud9 FFW vs oni?? @VernoFPS @RunItDownVal best sova na @Ban_Val @ScrewFaceVAL @Governor_Val @FrostyValorant u tagged urself instead of harmful LOL @FraggVAL vouch @AeroValorant thank you @cryptXVAL trying to get like u bro @6syfi ive honestly felt better @6syfi i eat about 6-8 pieces of meat a day + 4 26g protein shakes @6syfi yep @TeddyTran_ @JKronicFPS :)
liveski twitch .tv/boltzyval @tokyoVALORANT 4 very large meals a day , shakes , snacks & lots of protein bars @DubbinVAL of course , ill see it in my face if it happens. Thats normally the first place fat goes for me & i can easily lose it @DubbinVAL 2500 was my normal & i was constantly losing weight. My metabolism is abnormally fast & i also burn abou… @ohaaiii @snirot LMAOBeen in the bathroom every hour but i think its been worth it , closer to my goal of 175 before 2023 @neT_valorant hes a piece of shit , keep doing you bro. IM proud of you @snirot 1280x960 @gg_frantic @480wrap summer + well known city is prob the reason @DnorValorant @crunchyyworld @Nurfed @realmocking @Virtyyyy this was the first thing i noticed.. @TeamSerenity Thank you for giving us our first home in valorant , #SRNWIN🔮 4ever🖤. @Ban_Val @Jonaaa6_VAL @Scrounge_ @triskkkk @480wrap almost 1000 a night😭 @480wrap this for nsg chicago? @in0Xfps u forgot T1 @Warbirds_ need what??? @NotReduxx strawberry lemonade refresher @realmocking @T1 GRATS @Jonaaa6_VAL @DerrekOW @valyngod billion dollar smiles @cohburg @_vexel @BlackHeartVAL @TrickAIM LOL @cohburg @_vexel @BlackHeartVAL @TrickAIM wtf are we supposed to do with .6 credits coh @witnessqq 1000 @vora_fps @Dasnerth bro😭😭😭😭😭😭 @AgilityVAL dms noah @JPARKJMC no need to be nervous, if u weren’t ready u wouldn’t have gotten it. You got this shit , have full confidence💪🏾 @Nurfed @witnessqq XD @EnjoyRTT @Jonaaa6_VAL @Bjorlulu @minaweeb @Lear_VAL jeezzzzzcan i play ranked on apex right away or do i have to play a tutorial or something @stigxd why rofl , they could be #1 or #2 in korea in a few months @OfficialXETA @zecK_VAL goodluck xeta🥳🖤
@steeFPS i am not one of said people. @steeFPS none , thats discrimination 🙂 @ApothVal @Cloud9 take them off and you’ll win 100% @hyjinxVAL dont need it , im grown nowthis is my dads CBR 600rr , im trying to get my own ninja ZX6rFeelin goodddddd @902Creed my b🥲 @GcxxiVAL me on split @_vexel @BlackHeartVAL @TrickAIM fk that make it free @FNS voice is a little deeper version of ethan’s LOL @juliaaiis @AeroValorant @tupperwareplays GO , u wont regret it @tomaselli_nick 2400 for 5 days😭😭😭😢 @NiSMO_VAL ur so good @BlackHeartVAL @TrickAIM 350 at the very max @steeFPS @TrickAIM shut up u sit back site and press buttons for kills, cringe ass kj players😤😂 @Social_Val which 5k lan was in philly?? @Glorinsz u deserve the world mitch , truly one of a kind soul @9nerve @akrewhq @boomtv MIKE @TkazFPS @akrewhq wp guys @6syfi @akrewhq SHEE
@nillyazVAL congrats🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳 @Xeppaaa @Zellsis LMAO @SyykoNT @koalanoob @f1ukie @RsN_cs @Fade4756 @its_royalG @Dukkhacs justice for fade & f1ukie @jrush512 @Ban_Val @VLRdotgg The ppl on reddit/vlr/twitch chat genuinely baffle me like i cant believe these are re… @jrush512 @Ban_Val @VLRdotgg yeah its ashame they haven’t done anything , joseph is genuinely a good person & very… @zoestol @Mach5VAL one of the best F/A smoke players on the market rn @Ban_Val We started our val careers together on SRN & i can easily say ur one of the best ppl ive met in this scene… interested in playing sova/flex , currently a top 4 sova past 60 days. Not many rounds but only going to get b… @C0Mtweets handsome beast @st9llar @GeorgeCGed why not @CooperCSGO nasty austin @snxperlou @KingFPS__ lou dude get a room😤🤮Any ladies want @bdog2916 ? Hes used the same knife for over a year now & has never switched. Husband material @DerrekOW @valyngod 50k already???? 100t BUFF @frostyZK and dcop , they both farmed today @bdog2916 @Sentinels ur insane dude @truoVAL @endgamegear ive been waiting for a month now , i want itttttt
I cant wait to leave to WVU , having to walk away from opportunities bc of family issues is so depressing 😞 @EsportsDoug yeah ur different , extremely impressed. Goodluck , i know it’ll work out for you💪🏾 @valyngod @DerrekOW @100Thieves goodluck to both of you 🥳🖤 @TeddyTran_ aight bet , i’ll probably play tonight after practice @GMANVAL hbd fam @GeorgeCGed everyone makes mistakes , we’re human. Constantly bashing other reporters when they make mistakes just… @ShyJim_ unlucky really , i was up at 4 for work 😂😂😂 u are seriously struggling @steeFPS @ARIANARCHIST for me i stay in mains/lurk a decent bit so it gets little to no value for me compared to classic @ShyJim_ ?! @ShyJim_ trying to sleep at 7:45 am jim! @TeddyTran_ only deathmatching & playing scrims/tourneys for the near future w val so i need something to do on my free time :) @TeddyTran_ wanna play sometime? @werewulv @mrfunhaver @VolatileGaming9 weirdos , thats like ur job removing 16 whole hrs from ur paystub & u not getting mad about it. @Teagu3_Val hbd buddy
@TeddyTran_ @NahsieTV @MoonRaccoonsgg doesn’t he always tho👁👄👁 @ImJoviGG woooooo