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bomBARDed @bomBARDedcast Where music meets adventure

DFW band Lindby brings you a musical D&D podcast adventure following 3 bards every other Tuesday! Find us wherever you get podcasts.

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@Starry1086 😅😅😅 @AuroraBirdialis @Starry1086 Thanks Ellen! And thanks for checking us out! @unphilosophize 😄🎶😄 @Chrissyluvrw Hit up @bardcord and they can get you in! Everyone in there is awesome, too!! 😄 @Chrissyluvrw That seriously means so much to us!! 😭Like seriously - inspiring others to get into music or find a w…
@lousybren Haha!! I guess that’s for @Boognish_Theory to decide! Maybe Garreth was trying to combine “great” and “u… @tanner4105 @beefyness @DocPop Killin iiit! @alice_ruthless @illusionangel34 @tanner4105 @okdeppi Prob by this weekend at the latest! Spotify says it can take up to 5 days @marstonland @illusionangel34 @Boognish_Theory @dungeonsanddads @anthony_burch Haha that would rock! 😄 @ginkohs Thank you so much! And you totally nailed it and they all look fantastic! 😄🎶
Chaos Sauce vol 6 is out! Check out at and spread the jams around! Thanks again to…
Here’s a look at the album art for Chaos Sauce Vol 6, which is dropping Tuesday on for ever…
Last year I drew witchy Yashee with a giant spoon, and now she makes a return!!! 🥄✨ #myart #bardcast @bomBARDedcast
Retweeted by bomBARDed @Laurocoronatus Ahhh yes!! She is still as precious and adorable as ever with her giant spoon! Also it’d be awesome…
@CrankyOldWizard Thank you so much for checking us out and giving it a listen!! Glad you’re digging it! 😄 @SuperIdolsRPG 😄🎶🎵
“Ep. 61 - Hello, Goodbye” is out! The bards prepare for their next move by making a few calls, getting PUMPED, and…
the Yashee mallets that I've been working on took a little longer than I anticipated because I kept fiddling with t…
Retweeted by bomBARDed @adina_znyc Whoooah those rock!! Love the runes and the color and even the awesome tethers on the end that she got…'s watch the stars Yashee ✨ @bomBARDedcast İ don't have elf ears yet but i was so excited aaa
Retweeted by bomBARDed @ilaydaofz Yes! You look absolutely amazing! Your hair rocks and your sweater rules and the uke!! And love the star…
@Twearing Thank you and thanks for listening!! 😄🎶🎵 @devmanbobble 😄😸 @DustinYourEyes Haha heck yea!! Classic Wayne lol
@awesmazingj Hahaha no way!!! That’s incredible! And yes for your health it’s prob best you did! 😂🎶
spoilers for Chaos Sauce Battles the Pink row-BOT's, Mvt. 2 . . . . . when tabs and yashee were ready to fight the…
Retweeted by bomBARDed @clayaffinity Hahaha that rocks! Getting ready to throw down for Mayoral Kombat! Their confidence is freaking inten… @alice_ruthless It’s dirty nasty and awesome!! 😆
Tabitha sketch ✨ (doodled in pen, added some color in pencil) #bardcast
Retweeted by bomBARDed @darkmysterycat Love it! 😍🎵🎶🌌🌠
@GaleTheFloof Hooray! Thank you for listening and welcome aboard!Idk if I have the time and energy to make an Actual Drawing of this instead of a quick sketch but I had to get it o…
Retweeted by bomBARDed @darkmysterycat @Boognish_Theory Haha she’s adorable! Tabitha only has 2 gears - adorable and precious, or...well w…“Chaos Sauce Battles the Pink row-BOT’s, Mvt. 2” is out! What will be done with the rest of the time that our fair-…
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“Chaos Sauce Battles the Pink row-BOT’s, Mvt. 2” is out! What will be done with the rest of the time that our fair-…
POV: You and your girlfriend are out on the first date that your two best friends/best bandmates/best wingmen set u…
Retweeted by bomBARDed @penguinisia This looks incredible!! That’s so perfect!! @WobbegongKnight Haha hooray!! 😅😂 @melclairephoto 😂 Yes that was so amazinggg!!!
@danger5tv @divadybhsa @dariodactyl @SJMtweets @AKSimons84 Whooooooooah
Me at the start of the last @bomBARDedcast: This is love story about Yashee and Tabitha 🥰🥰 Me minutes in: This is a…
Retweeted by bomBARDed @EHCB Hahaha it’s all true! Yashee would absolutely lose it at the TX state fair where they just deep fry everythin… @clayaffinity Ahhh they all look awesome!! 🤩🤩🤩 love all of the designs and LOVE how the bards are looking at them! @penguinisia Haha classic!
@mmedvsaa Dang those notes are epic! Way better than any of our notes, unfortunately 😂😅girls :~) #bardcast
Retweeted by bomBARDed @amnestylodge Adorable! Love their hair especially! 😄🎶
Sketch of Tabby Hawk Pro Sk8ter from @Boognish_Theory ‘s stream bc I couldn’t get this image out of my head 😅…
Retweeted by bomBARDed @shoujok_art @Boognish_Theory Hahaha yes! Thrashin to the max and prob in the middle of one of her specials - maybe… @ninjagoaty It’s so much fun! @MissElisaFace Glad we could make it a little better! We’re always here for ya! 😄 @Elizabizabee Thank you so much!! And thank you for listening! 😄🎶 @bunnimal It’s here on Spotify: Or on YouTube: Glad you’ve joined u…
“Chaos Sauce Battles the Pink row-BOT’s, Mvt. 1” is out! It’s a Flaming Lips-themed fall festival one-off DM’d by G… sketches and i dont like how these turned out but wesley #bardcast
Retweeted by bomBARDed @amnestylodge Yes! And the cloak/braid combo rock! 😄
@penguinisia Absolutely!! Glad we could keep you company!! 😄 @Becauseiwanted1 Got for it!! 😄🎶🎵trying to make a #bardcast warrior cat au :P rootclaw i dont think the design really fits razul, but i wanted to sh…
Retweeted by bomBARDed @amnestylodge Ahh they look awesome!! 😄
@mmt2431 @mleebross @CatsKPopCrazy 😄🎶🎵
Yet another Tabitha because I can't stop drawing her apparently 😂 @bombardedcast #bardcast #doodle #painting
Retweeted by bomBARDed @darkmysterycat Ahhhh the fall/autumn vibes in this are sooo gooood! PachaExcellenence.gif lol. And love all of blu…
I had this piece of paper covered in paint laying around for almost a year, and bc I needed to Do Stuff With My Han…
Retweeted by bomBARDed @darkmysterycat Adorable! And she looks so cozy! 🥰😄🎶 @rpg_casts Drinking tea and listening to (well, more like “working on”) to bomBARDed is what’s going on over here,… @AlwaysRolls20 @JoinThePartyPod Hooray! Thank you for listening and yes JTP rocks!
@_missmyk_ @DiceEnvy YES!! @CarakWonder Those look AWESOME!!Yashee showing Tabitha her birthmark both “slightly” blushing #bardcast
Retweeted by bomBARDed @JustStevie2 @AliBoBali_89 @Boognish_Theory Love those study buddies - they’re both so cute! And Tabitha’s sweater… art redraw but make it #bardcast not gonna finish it but nya
Retweeted by bomBARDed @amnestylodge Ahhhh that looks amazing!! Tabitha totally deserves her own solo album (esp after recent events lol)… @WobbegongKnight @lindbymusic Thank you and thank you for listening! 😄🎶
ilda mikey and gareth #bardcast
Retweeted by bomBARDed @amnestylodge Yessss! Gareth’s glasses and hair are so on point. Absolutely awesome always lol. And Mikey and Ilda…
i'll chill out with the spamming after this tweet BUT i do like this one from the bardcord event so....... hehe tak…
Retweeted by bomBARDed @clayaffinity Yes!! So statuesque! Bronze never looked so good - we’d stay there all day if we could! But seriously… @basser26 @GoingLast Thank you so much! I think Ep 32 was when we learned about different keys, too. And there had…
day 4 : glamor!! Of the bardcord event. the way I draw symbol is so inconsistent 😢 im totally getting somewhere tho…
Retweeted by bomBARDed @clayaffinity Yesss that pink and purple combo freaking rule! And their glorious hair billowing out behind them is…
I'm deciding to post some of my drawings from the "symbol selebration 2020" bardcord event ☺. This was Day 2: Hugs!…
Retweeted by bomBARDed @clayaffinity Haha this is wonderful! Everyone needs a hug esp now!! And they look so amazing and happy and just li… @clayaffinity Thank you! 🥰😄
I just can't get over that beautiful scene and beautiful song in ep 59 of @bomBARDedcast! I just had to draw it. Ya…
Retweeted by bomBARDed @Ginny_Vos This looks amazing!! All the details and reflections of the moonlight and stars and constellation is per… #symbolselebration2020 Day 7: ☑️names / ❎family I made more B R A C E L E T S to go with the ones I made…
Retweeted by bomBARDed @ToddOnTheHill They’re awesome!! “Sovereign of Slap” esp makes it - Symbol embodying Kyle’s bassin is always excellent. Love them! 😀 @DMsTreehouse @plantmamajess 🥰thank you!! @JHamlett1991 Haha heck yea that’s throwing it back! Math and proportions! It’s all you need!Episode 59 spoilers for Bombarded . . . . . My interpretation of the lake scene ^^; i know i misinterpreted the ar…
Retweeted by bomBARDed @clayaffinity Ahhh this looks absolutely amazing!!😭 this is more romantic than we could have dreamed and it looks s…
#symbolselebration2020 #bardcast I'm tired of looking at this, please take it. Sorry for repost. DAY 6: Performance…
Retweeted by bomBARDed @ToddOnTheHill Love it!! That could totally be the cover for one of Symbol’s albums! Or a sweet scene from one of t… I was going to do just a quick painting of Symbol for the glamour prompt of #symbolselebration2020 but it ende…
Retweeted by bomBARDed @darkmysterycat Ahh they’re practically glowing!! That looks amazing! That glamorous hair billowing everywhere is p…
“Ep. 60 - Baby One Lore Time” is out! You can bet the bards start putting their knowledge of the future to use and… and symbol :] #bardcast
Retweeted by bomBARDed @amnestylodge Snack friends 4everrr! And they both look so happy! 😄😄zzz #bardcast
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