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SUN|DESTROYER|2020 @bombsfall The Paris of Appalachia

Scott Benson. Animator / Illustrator / Writer / Video Game Person • @theglorysociety • @l8nightworkclub • @nightinthewoods. High fives til death takes us.

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maybe if the cops weren't the cops there'd be slightly fewer nights like these. who can say. it's a mysterywow sure am glad i decided to check in on the state of things before heading to bed. good choices, i'm making themi'm currently talking to @Seemo and this was basically something he said, this is me crediting him*jerry seinfeld voice* bazinga!You can just log onto this website and tell someone you know more about their father than they do
Retweeted by SUN|DESTROYER|2020it was very good too but whateverI also did a dance against oppression and racism but Madonna didn't see fit to post mine :\ @AliceHachi Hey everyone I'm actually a hologramThe twitter no reply thing is going to be so horribly misused. In a year's time it will have led to at least one ar… don't have the option to disable replies yet. I'm out here fending for myself
delete the social media you massive pile of shit, free me of this hell, do it
Retweeted by SUN|DESTROYER|2020 @CassFenrir In cube form too @naomimaria Fake bread @austin_walker This is so good @PK_PDX Finallydid Trump make twitter illegal I wasn't paying attention today @ICELEVEL Oh no that was my favorite endcap display of Tide @ICELEVEL I cannot imagine caring much about any grocery store I worked at being lootedhow do we get back to this
Retweeted by SUN|DESTROYER|2020that summer..
Retweeted by SUN|DESTROYER|2020i have seriously seen like 10 foot wide trump flags draped over the fronts of houses and entire yards dedicated to… of trump ones though! and several bernies. that's anecdotal so whatever but just sayingi saw more bloomberg than biden signs this year. nobody cares right now @bombsfall All hail to the new king cube bread
Retweeted by SUN|DESTROYER|2020I was on the fence about watching "Contact" until I found out it featured Hollywood's brightest new star, Matthew.
Retweeted by SUN|DESTROYER|2020Drinking in the void.
Retweeted by SUN|DESTROYER|2020 @innesmck looool @bombsfall
Retweeted by SUN|DESTROYER|2020 @alex_navarro alex you have not lived until you have encountered the bread cubei feel like if you dried this out you could make some very good stuffing out of it @SabrinaSpiher superfood things, apparentlythis is the stuff. it's expensive so idk how often i'll get it but hey i'm diabetic and this is bread untoasted it's like a very soft, dense multigrain bread. It's totally workable for a sandwich if you crisp… the cube to reveal the bread food bread has like 2 carbs a slice. I am attempting a grilled cheesecube bread. @aqueerwolf yeah if you want to talk about just generic "don't stereotype" shit you probably shouldn't ground your… @aqueerwolf this doesn't really do anything because ye olde predators weren't on drugs, and this is all based in th… @StampedeLucky nah @onidavin brampton please fetch your skull collection @gpike_ i refuse to take on the responsibility of explaining anything to the furriesif i ever show that to a future child i'm gonna be like ok so we need to do a quick talk about race science i guess"listen some people are just inherently predators ok they got the teeth for it and everything and we have a history… this isn't really the movie you want to be showing cops to teach them about why racism is bad"What was cool was so many officers have seen the movie so many times and they never saw the parallels with real li… @gracebruxner oh i see diving right back into the discourse again huhThis quote is incomplete. What Harry actually says in the film after stepping into the tent is, "I love magic. It c…
Retweeted by SUN|DESTROYER|2020 @bombsfall when i use my wealth from a roguelike with microtransactions to buy a megahorse and go around yanking th…
Retweeted by SUN|DESTROYER|2020 @bombsfall If you just bought a powerful enough horse, you wouldn't need money to bail people out.
Retweeted by SUN|DESTROYER|2020 @xoxogossipgita that fucking movieMinneapolis bail fund, send some scratch
Retweeted by SUN|DESTROYER|2020I love sharing the beauty of nature with my friends. But when recreating outdoors, your actions can greatly impact…
Retweeted by SUN|DESTROYER|2020why are we all talking so much about the "vice president" when what We really need is a "Vibe president"
Retweeted by SUN|DESTROYER|2020 @auntsmarching yeah they didn't like go ransack some old lady's home bakery operation @bombsfall here’s me watching this thread
Retweeted by SUN|DESTROYER|2020 @sphere1897 lol yeah he's mad into that shitoh btw this is my pitch to the Maneater folks for a sequel. i'm doing crucial work as an ideas guy here
Retweeted by SUN|DESTROYER|2020 @serjordayne it's absurd how good some of these guys are @rutjake took like one or two little instruction videos on youtube just to see what was up but i've played guitar/b… beige lifestyle aspiration board-ass music @MrMandolino i feel like i have to meet and best the devil in there somewherebanjo's a cool instrument it's a shame about the mumfords being terminally wackbanjo update: i can play the bit i need to record. so that's progress. @EimhinMcNamara Oh god I haven't thought of this performance in a long time @bombsfall All those beloved characters from the hit movie Food Fight must be scared and crying right now and my he…
Retweeted by SUN|DESTROYER|2020 @bombsfall Absolutely gutted over the candle section.
Retweeted by SUN|DESTROYER|2020 @bombsfall First thing tomorrow I'm bringing a can of tuna to them to help in these tough times
Retweeted by SUN|DESTROYER|2020Can't sleep thinking about the innocent Target shelf stock. Torn up over the empty shelves in household goods, medi… @Ian_McMian Great movie @PureRatchet I weep for its plight and cheer its survival @hayleyglyphs not gonna lie i was high pretty much the entire time @Kw1q51lv3r i demand more acadian representation in media @hayleyglyphs combat is button mashy but once you get the hang of it, later on it's really fun and you just keep getting bigger and weirderfucked up monster tiger tearing through a Cabelas superstore with the flaming torches out front @JBanger5 i'm a heroteam up with other displaced exotic animals. attack oklahomaoh btw this is my pitch to the Maneater folks for a sequel. i'm doing crucial work as an ideas guy here @bombsfall phew I've been worried, scores of us were so unsure what your position on the cops was
Retweeted by SUN|DESTROYER|2020 @Adsinjapan run with the Tiger King reality show thing, you're a tiger escaped into somewhere in the US, and you are out for revengereally breaking new ground on this account by being critical of the copsi haven't tweeted about the events in Minneapolis and LA this week b/c i'm not a news service and frankly i just fe… @pseudofolklore this is dumbi'd be up for DLC. not sure what that would be. i feel like this sharkin' came to the appropriate end. also would l… @nicterhorst oh wow i forgot about golf story! i never played it. is it good?anyway, wholehearted endorsement. especially right now when you might need something fun to go sink into for a while. jam of the summeri've heard a few people be like "it's short!" and like idk where i'm at in my life 15 hours that flew past b/c i en… short list of open world action games of this sort that i really love are crackdown, just cause 2, and red facti… yeah i loved this game. fully recommend Maneater. i haven't played this kind of open world run around and fuck…'s my shark with the frankly ridiculous full bone set, goofing off under the sea hope you had the tiiiime of your liiife.... Maneater. 15.5 hours. i have like 2 or 3 things left to do to 100% it. good game. @ItsMyHeroZero @cushbomb lol trueCriminally slept on american accentA prominent character in Maneater has a thick cajun accent and honestly I don't know why we're not all doing one of those all the timeIf I was getting killed by lava I would probably just be like “these are some of the newest rocks in the world bein…
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@bombsfall "I would really prefer that this were not happening"
Retweeted by SUN|DESTROYER|2020 @pamwishbow i want some blocks pam @bravemule actual regular exercise @antitractionist i haven't used the electric one yet b/c i'm just shadow vs creatures and bone vs humans/boats