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Knowing that garlicky peanut sauce is just a click away sparks great joy.'ve all got our thing. better not be wasting a fortune deep-frying in olive oil. this chart to become the charcuterie master of your next dinner party. future of protein supplements is powered by cricket powder. (via @healthy_ish) turn to collagen supplements for healthier skin, nails, and hair. But what is collagen, and is it right for you?…
It's like a colander, but on a stick! (via @basically) you're worth it. mashed an avocado into this turkey burger to bring some moisture back into it takes her eggs with maple syrup and Tabasco. (via @healthy_ish) pork chop tho this to your sniffles and Judge Judy marathon the casseroles they serve on your favorite '60's sitcoms can make almost any slow-roasted fish in under 30 minutes. Just memorize this technique. (via @healthy_ish) shrimp kind of day yourself a dang quesadilla soup that changed one editor's mind about what constitutes as dinner. (via @basically) sounds fancy, but it is literally NBD. (via @basically) butter+ toffee is only here to make your chocolate chip cookies even better.’s tangy and it’s rich and it's pretty much the best sauce ever. al limone is here to take your cacio e pepe’s place on the weeknight pasta shelf recipe requires 1/4 cup of white wine so on the plus side, there will be leftover wine for you Parm, no foul Detroit bakery was kind enough to share their secrets for the perfect plate of scrambled eggs and the best pist…
Like the sweatpants of food just for potatoes.“When I saw certain snacks that I grew up with, like murukku and the peanuts smothered with black salt and cayenne,… two become one't. Stop. Looking. At. These. Plantains. little can or tube of tomato paste holds some serious flavor. But with great power comes great responsibility.… soup with rice is the best. Everyone knows that is called the California veggie sandwich and it just took the 101 to the 10 to the 405 to get to your feed… the new rich, tangy weeknight red sauce that combines two of our favorite noodle dishes.'s get it started in here old school was cool as hell. These aren't going out of style any time soon."I love all winter braises, but this is the one I make all. the. time." cake is important old school was cool as hell. These aren't going out of style any time soon. ramen noodles and a vegetable-packed miso pesto have us itching for pasta night. (via @healthy_ish) means ultra-crispy chicken skin ridiculously quick., there are rules to sandwich making (via @healthy_ish)'s the juiciest, most flavorful turkey burger we've ever had. (via @healthy_ish) a little body to the whole thing.
Why you should pick up every rotisserie chicken at the store before purchasing one (not a joke)… call this soup French-ish because it’s not fancy or fussy., braise-y, beautiful. (via @healthy_ish) ingredient that fueled your obsession with hummus is good for much, much more. (via @basically) found a home for those extremely ripe bananas on your counter to be. a throw-together pantry sauce became @smittenkitchen’s secret weapon."Should I be worried?" won't even remember meat was ever supposed to be on sandwiches start doing this immediately if you don't already don't even need a thermometer to know when it's done.'s the juiciest, most flavorful turkey burger we've ever had. (via @healthy_ish) than pie. touring nationally and writing a memoir, Michelle Zauner somehow finds time to cook.
This hyper-seasonal Chicago cafe has been quietly rejecting and rethinking restaurant culture...while turning out s… crispy bits make us fall in love wonder why are we so drawn to the snap of a potato chip or the crackle of fried chicken? Biology, psychology,… promise we haven't betrayed you. goals: Eat more avocado. Here are 56 awesome recipes to make it happen. Recommend: Cachou Lajaunie for the freshest breath. advice from @Alex_Beggs on how to behave at the grocery store. your time for more important things, like scrolling through Westminster Dog Show photos. you know how to store vegetables in the fridge? Not so fast. (via @healthy_ish) comforting than your favorite fuzzy blanket the dumplings your grandma used to make, this pie has a cornbread crust. secret to braises and sauces that truly sing? It might be the same stuff you use to clean your stove. (via… proof is in the bread pudding to your coffee upon reading this recipe: "We were on a break!!!" fuss. No muss. Just crispy, juicy chicken thighs on Sriracha mayo-slathered buns. reader recipe so delicious, we just had to have it casserole of a lifetime's modern life
Sometimes, homemade isn't better *gasps* (via @basically) recipes have never let us down get the best of both worlds this salad formula're far from the shallow now fools will never know. Recommend: Hedley & Bennett's chef socks. everything you need to know about the workhorse pantry staple. You can run errands while it cooks. kind of meal you want to eat under a cozy blanket butter in your fridge has been waiting its whole life for this moment lost in this sauce chicken pot pie and classic Caesar salad to brownies and cookies. me, love me, say that you love me those cauliflower steaks but 1000% better.'t spell queso fundido without FUN, oh honey honey hot honey chicken thighs 5x fast
If Lisa Frank sold tea, it would look like this. are golden. your Dutch oven collecting dust in a corner? It's time to give it some love with one of these hearty recipes. Recommend: Literally everything on the menu at Bread and Salt bakery. with giving free massages to stubbornly tough greens.