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What happens when you let kids try 100 years worth of pastries ne sais quoi chicken was braised right than delivery and 10x more delicious meatballs with lemony kale, because green things and health
How To Cook Tofu 101 (via @basically) puff pastry + shredded cheese = the easiest, flakiest, most irresistible dinner party snack of all time this pastry chef does BEFORE all of the cakes on chocolate on chocolate you rock and sweet you shrimp roll you need more butter-roasted things in your life. pasta doesn’t need to take every pot in your kitchen or lots of different steps word of the day is: Salmon good thing about one-bite apps is that you have one hand free to hold a glass of champagne dinner inspo have a date with these noodles tonight food editor's attempt to recreate his Grandma Minnie's Christmas cookies hash browns *just* won an award for best hash browns (judged by us) this bowl looks cozy season survival soup is called wedding chicken and we just stalked all of its engagement photos may need a bib looks like you're hosting brunch this weekend Negroni for those people who always end up spilling their drink on the rug favorite soup, all grown up very good excuse to watch turn on an episode of The Golden Girls whole new world of wine awaits greens deserve a little cheese (via @basically) may want to double batch these, they're gone in a flash
If you just paid your rent and the funds are low, look here up to these crispy chicken thighs. (via @healthy_ish)'s lemony, garlicky, and you'll never have to wonder whether or not it's done 1: Learn how to make the best frittata of your life Step 2: Invite everyone you know over for brunch you're still mincing garlic?’s more comforting than saucy chicken over buttered egg noodles?? Nothing (via @basically) bad boy does NOT like being called a burger secret remedies opera singers use to avoid getting a cold the foods you wish to eat in the world yeah, that's not salt on top of these bad boys the roof most flavorful, hearty, and warming meal you've ever made with (almost) exclusively pantry staples is the only way to make the laciest, crispiest eggs very very very addictive you're craving chicken nuggets but are an adult with a kitchen will make this spaghetti about two million times a year Creminis. Chantarelles. But what are they? And how do we cook them? (via @basically) us all of the Cubanos hating of the best inventions were created through laziness. This one isn't an exception coffee in your smoothie is the smartest thing you will do all day other genius strategies for never wasting food—or money—again (via @healthy_ish)
Because the best gifts are the ones you can eat. (A lot of.) SZN to the epic citrus pillows that are these grapefruit bars."Fuzzy slippers, a mud mask, and two heads of garlic in a pot are my religion." books made us quit ordering takeout and miss our subway stops. at her D.C. restaurant Himitsu, she's not afraid to set her guests straight. everyone over, you're making a five-course feast this Christmas Eve the Dutch oven are our jam they're healthy(ish), too! pancakes make the world go 'round, please, American cheese a brownie meets a cookie only acceptable reason to use the drool-face emoji dish is like a healthy hug the season to eat lots of chocolate truffles cookies are so beautiful even Santa would stop to Instagram them can put whatever you want in it, and you don't even need to turn on your oven. potato chips and caviar to Peking duck
Give your body a vacation from intense eating ultimate last-minute appetizer. your potato with the stuff @pkgourmet grew up with: green chilies, chutney, and chaat masala. break down what it is, what it's good for, and what to do when you don't have any. rules for throwing a totally delicious, manageable, not-at-all stuffy holiday party., caramelized pork, a lemony apple and endive salad—that's our idea of romance (via @basically)'s Emily Fiffer and Heather Sperling can't get enough of these California goods. savory galette is everything you need leading up to the holidays. ahead eggs Benedict is here to change everything you knew about hosting brunch comforting it and sizzle it, sous vide isn't just for fancy restaurants or cooking competitions anymore on that Netflix yuletide and cuddle up with these pasta dishes"It's exactly what I wanted!!" - you unwrapping this halibut present shank you very much I want for Christmas is fooooood 🎶 like Netflix, this soup was made for lazy weeknights I'm back, to the red velvet underground chill gougères slow baby, baby (via @basically) sugar how'd ya get so fly? you stay if she promised you leaven? to start marinating your lamb chops in yogurt (via @basically), give us some of your tots
Brown butter is the ingredient that works wonders on foods you already love—and it's beyond easy to make.'t no party like a sandwich party (via @basically) boring old snickerdoodle gets a major upgrade thanks to toasty brown butter, toffee, a double dose of spice, an… more @MaiselTV? You can head to their revival of the classic Carnegie Deli in NYC from Dec. 1st through 8th (o…