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@ktern thank you T__T I really needed this turkey day break to wind down holy cow! it will be nice to stress less aaaa @LunaAmatista THE MAYBE LIST IS TOP TIER WTFPuri is amazing, check out her apparel launch!! 🥺 @Purilly ZOOMS TO ORDER
@TheFluffyBlue CONGRATS YESSSSS LET’S GOOOO @goodnight_yunny yunny art blessing my TL thank uI have been so absent from social media because of classes, but I hope you have all been doing good 🥺 Eat well, sm…🎇STORE UPDATE🎇 Genshin Impact smols Holo Stickers and Print SET now available! Designs include; Klee, Diona, Paimo…
Retweeted by Angela @Xelalanana ALEX THESE ARE CUTEEEEE!! 🥺
@hanubuu I hope you can get some rest soon :( you deserve it @HydeTweets excellent I will bring a truck for my haul @HydeTweets omw I would like 20
This this this!! Seriously... even if you’re excited about it, it’s never a good idea.
@lyrratic @bisoulovely cuuuuute!! (also i love the penguins in the back--) @wenylli Trashy blegh that’s so frustrating @Merobub A QUEEN最高のワクワクをありがとうございます! #ORAS6周年
Retweeted by Angela @yutencha omg... may i have some, i'll teleport over-- T__TAHHH I MADE IT IN TIME-- Happy birthday to one of the best friends and sisters in the world!! @Sorachuru I am sti… @AstralShiftPro It’s looking and sounding gorgeous!! ❤️ @marikyuunn I hope you’ve been well and are surviving thesis hell!! Uni life is hard but we’re getting through it! 😭Witches in disguise!! ✨🎵 Ojamajo Doremi screenshot redraw 💖 #おジャ魔女どれみ
Retweeted by Angela @marikyuunn MARI I THOUGHT THIS WAS FROM THE ANIME OMG KFKDNSJS YOU ARE INCREDIBLE AS ALWAYS 🥺🥺🥺Thank you to @noiszgame for all the goodies, it’s such a pleasure to be able to lend my voice for this game! I’m s…
@jessicahkim @TeamLiquid BLESSED @hanibeelicious THANK YOU HANIIIIII I'm sitting here like OOF but I just gotta hope for the best!! ;__; <333 @Sakiseshy T__T Thank you Saki bby, hopefully one year left....!I’m 🐥 so 🐥 stressed🐥 BUT I BELIEVE IT’LL ALL WORK OUT.... I just wanna graduate smoothly!! @Z4K1NR IT GETS ME SO MOTIVATED like I wanna play volleyball now??? @RiotOhmu (crashes in thru the ceiling) YESGot some Lap Cheong and Tocinos/eggs. Sausage and bacon what else would I need. nomnomnomnomnom 🤤
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@LilyPichu happy birthday Lily! 🎂💞 @AliciaDoesnt if I have more than one cup of coffee I get so jittery jfskldf but I still love coffee... :') @SojiroYT it’s so good I was missing out @Akiriously YAAAAAS @MchanPlayz LOVE IT @catsgomao big proud of uI STARTED WATCHING HAIKYUU
@Doomfest i feel it @catsgomao @xiaobonjour i concur @xiaobonjour I'M FANCLUB PRESIDENT WE WILL WAVE LIGHTSTICKS AT UR EVERY WORD MY QUEEN u vu)9 turnip energy is the… @xiaobonjour YOU WILL BE LOVELY AND COOL STREAMING @sleepyruu oh thats a big mood kfkdksks— @laichachan omg MARTH I legit didn’t know anything about FE but I just really liked Marth HAHA @gmcosmo_Rebirth This is so cool!! Thank you cosmo, you are so kind! ❤️Art of me and my NOISZ character ahhh!! This just made my morning happier 😭 @_EnaMeii ENA happiest of birthdays to you!! Have a wonderful day 😭❤️ @QueenCamelliaIV Really cool idea!! @kirariinn I LOVE YOU TOOO FJSDFKSL ; A ; I've been good!! Super busy bc I'm in my last of university finally but ALMOST DONE AHHH @kirariinn GORGEOUS AS ALWAYS I will always be such a huge fan of ur art Kira... 🥺
@catsgomao tfti this looks DELISH @Purilly UH PURI.... PURI CAN WE SING TOGETHER... UR SO GOODCOMING IN HOT WITH A SPICY CHORUS BATTLE ENTRY Our wonderful team "Concern! in the Chorus Battle" did a cover of "…
Retweeted by Angela @saevoury KJFJSKS I’ve been building them on my team and they’re so strong... powerful women YES
we are true g a m e r s please look at my animation. (also wish for better pulls.) ✨
Retweeted by Angela @alleahxkchan @YouTube POOG @furelies VOCALS ARE INCREDIBLE WOW amazing job jsflkdsfs @ktern oh you could NOT imagine how hard I cried when they released the MV for it LMAO-- I was crying for a good co… 25th anniversary is coming up and I kinda, sorta, really want to make a special "Acacia" cover project for… @jessicahkim @LogitechG YAAAAAY CONGRATSbehind the scenes of some sketches and assets I did for #KawaakariCB !!! Thank you for 1k views on RPG!! 💕
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@Kairuichan CONGRATS KAIRUI 💞💞💞 @yoojpls omg the poggers HAHA
@alleahxkchan HEHEHE imposter wife team >:))Dude we’re CRACKED
Retweeted by AngelaKANNAEVE here with our cover of ANIMA! Please check it out when you get a chance!! 👀👀👀👀👀 #KAWAAKARICB
Retweeted by Angela @aireealistic thanks Airi!! it was so so fun to do with everyone 😭💞 @gmcosmo_Rebirth thank you for watching cosmo!! ❤️ @katieheehee 😔 imposter wife team has failed but we die in peace togetherWill continue to promo my group in the morning but I want to express my undying love for my team!! I would play Ra… like games? 😏😏😏 If so, gotta check out my group's #KawaakariCB entry!
Retweeted by Angela✨ POOG!! WELCOME TO THE GAMER CLUB!!! ✨ got to work with such a wonderful team for #KawaakariCB / #KACBR1 !!! go c…
Retweeted by AngelaCOMING IN HOT WITH A SPICY CHORUS BATTLE ENTRY Our wonderful team "Concern! in the Chorus Battle" did a cover of "… @ContestCharlie THE GREATEST (RAID SHADOW) LEGEND TO EVER BE KNOWNYOU HOES AINT RDY FOR OUR GROUPS KAWACB ENTRY LIKE LEGIT!!!!!!!!! IM GONNA DIE ITS PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Retweeted by Angela「ローレライ」- naruno - - - - - - - - - - - vo/mix/illust: vivii - - - - - - - - - - - probably wont finish this
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I am..... so tired What will give me energy @yuke_sing thank you ;__; maybe I will get salmon today!! you have inspired me heheAfter trying to learn more about art and how to draw things I am so incredibly inspired by my friends and their art… @yuke_sing omg... I want salmon now... 😭 @Renananadesu same @goodnight_yunny YESYESYES @zeipun soooo nice zei!!I might simply be in love with Childe sdjsldklsfdds GENSHIN YOU'VE GOT MY HEART AND MY WALLETletters home #chilumi
Retweeted by Angela @ContestCharlie SHAKES POMPOMS FURIOUSLY IN YOUR DIRECTION we love char
@goodnight_yunny this is so pretty UR BOIS ARE HOT I LOVE THISAre you ready for our group "Concern! in the Chorus Battle" entry for #KACBR1 bc I am sure feeling the concern!…
Retweeted by Angela @gmcosmo_Rebirth thank you!! your power gave me strength ^__^ @RiotOhmu THANK YOU this gif saved my laptop and I no longer sound like a robotLove it when I’m trying to get work done but all my equipment is horribly failing oh yes :D (help I need the power…
@OpposeArtworks kkfdnjsdI nono not powerful.. but would love to help out in any way 😭 it’s a really neat concept, I… @OpposeArtworks Happy to audition, this sounds cool... 👀 @OfficialTooru I didn’t stream this!! My monitor keeps shutting down whenever I do so I haven’t streamed in so long…
@RiotOhmu HE CAME HOME 😭 now I gotta get his mats to make him STRONG BOI @SpiralDesu LOL my scream pierced the heavens- thank you I’m going to have so much fun playing as him!! 🥺 @chiikadayo anime figures @SojiroYT a-ah..... yes geo hubby is worth SAVE THAT PITYI can finally announce that I voice Aether (Male Traveler) in Genshin Impact!!! Check out his updated character pro…
Retweeted by Angela @waterpixieva YES I’m so glad!! Now to save for earth husband too... 😭