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“Universal remote, put down on docking station.”

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Need to be escorted to my fainting couch. chatting with a good friend tonight about MLS’ return to play and I don’t think I could’ve put it better myself:
Retweeted by BonesofHoudini @McClutherness Of for sure. It’s an awful story but just a little misleading. Mother should be put in a stock and pelted with rotten fruit. @McClutherness @McClutherness Think this has been debunked as fake canoes already.
Cc every American sports league chasing its tail rn. @scottEweinberg Flannery O’Connor too. @TeamThirstTrap The woman that used to work at Reddit. @Matteau23 Tbf, still a big hit by DJ. @JoeBags720 She had linked a Guardian story attempting to defend herself before the lock too. @miggiesmalls Damn you got the Leatherman razor blade?Tweeting racism at a NASCAR driver at 5:30 am is totally normally behavior. @McClutherness :Hughes: I burned my paynus in the shower but I’d still eat off of the floor at a crowded restaurant yesterday.“Party Down” lasting only two seasons is a crying shame. @TeamThirstTrap got a contender for the Michael Phelps of the Ratio Olympics.
There are so many brain-sick people out there. a truly horrific story. “How Wigan Athletic were torn apart by an invisible owner” @REDROMINA Vietnam vet is kicked out of town attempting to visit an old friend. He camps in the woods of the Pacific Northwest instead. @Hiieeeuuuu We saw it in the theater at the mall, baby! @scottEweinberg Kentucky Fried Movie? Tales from the Darkside: The Movie?“Face/Off” for the 37th time tonight on cable?
@BokLooLangLLP Put some respect on Wes Bryant. @JoeRiveraSN Subway footlongs. @WFANTrades can I get a Metamusil cup?? @McClutherness This Munzi? @KF13_NJ @McClutherness Imagen other countries being able to start up major sports because people are doing the right thing. @brianbuck13 Give me Roger Dorn or give me death. @brianbuck13 I wonder if they’ll pull down “Major League.” I hope not, but I think I have my VHS copy somewhere.Bring back the Cleveland Naps or gtfo. @sec308 @BokLooLangLLP @BillSimmons Looking inward.
@puckluckbitch That’s above my pay grade. A bunch of morons that can’t copy and paste correctly is funny though. Es… @puckluckbitch They’re still the dumbest dum-dums that ever dumbed. Politics are sadly pretty cultish nowadays.When the dumbest people in America start a cult... @graciopp @brianbuck13 I honestly forgot he existed until today. @brianbuck13 Whatever Gregg Easterbrook used to call em... DC Indigenous Persons? @DestroVega Have you ever seen a play? Hahahaha.Better nominate him for a Nobel. @DestroVega In the words of Joe B., “I guess, bro.”Kids, don’t try to pass your next history test with these ‘facts’
Retweeted by BonesofHoudini @DestroVega I saw some video where he’s stopping whatever show he’s on and moving from Bristol to DC. I don’t know… @DestroVega I don’t get that reference. I don’t care if he lives in Bristol, DC or Aden though.Imagine caring about where Scott Van Pelt lives in 2020?How are the elected officials in the White House all Garbage Pail Kids?
@sec308 @JoeBags720 @Matteau23 Me neither, far from it. I believe in Occam’s Razor. But this just faded into Bolivian in the words of Mike Tyson. @Matteau23 I mean, they still don’t his motive and people just forgot about it like they’re wont to do. @metsFanscotty This game is a flaming pile of shite. Didn’t miss much.*disallowedI’ve taken a solid 5 minutes to digest that disallows goal and my takeaway is I’d rather have a year of continuous… @TeamThirstTrap The Golden Girls.
@YankeeApologist “Foden can play wide.” @TheSportsHernia That’s a bike helmet, no? @YankeeApologist They didn’t have a lot of leverage. If Sane is healthy he’ll score 30 goals next term. If City use… @YankeeApologist I was just messing about... City is in a little trouble. They lost all of the young guys like Sanc… @YankeeApologist Don’t worry they’ll use the money on Ake.“For Reasons Unknown.” @bilmcgee It was a little weiyd. @bilmcgee Ah I didn’t maximize the photo. I got Arkham Asylum from the library. It was good but not my favorite. @bilmcgee The Year One... luckily you’re BIL has it. @MetsOfficials This is almost too scorching. think Pete Alexander and David Lynch might be tulpas. @Mr______Snrub Yes. Five stars. Rereading “The Things They Carried” now.
@Mr______Snrub Heard there was an OG in Guadalcanal. @brianbuck13 Simmons? @McClutherness Can I call Anthony’s Coal Fiyah Pizza in Darryen?Cheating scum. done.
Man, what a bad look out of Rachel Hill. Embarrassment to the University of Connecticut. If the NWSL doesn’t work o… @JoeBags720 @Matteau23 The wooden deck is my favorite part. Hahaha.
@brianbuck13 Any chance he realizes he finally went too far with this one? @brianbuck13 Surprised he hasn’t cooked up any lies about it yet. @DestroVega Damn. Willie and NIN.This is really horrible. Hopefully he can get the help he needs. @justin_cohen Has to be, right? @JoeBags720 No wonder Drew Brees is a supporter.President Cuck allowing Ivan to put bounties on the heads of American troops. I can’t believe this is real life. @IneffectiveMath @Matteau23 Saw that it would convey to Toronto in that outcome. It was fun thinking about it briefly though. @Matteau23 @Matteau23 I’ve been burned far too many times..... @Matteau23 If it weren’t the Rangers, I would dare to dream. But the fact that scenario is even in play is incredible. @Matteau23 Erase the Fauxlers anyway.
@McClutherness I wouldn’t be surprised if he tried that. Very cool and very legal, President T. @McClutherness Vincent K. McMunz. @McClutherness Now he says positive tests from athletes shouldn’t be reported. @DannyVietti Albert Belle. @SEliasB Stoker. Goddamn it. @QT_NoContext Reservoir Dogs. @SEliasB That is Gary Oldman in “Bram Stokes’s Dracula” which I definitely watched on cable last night after 4 casual Miller Lites. @kylerrobbins “Dance, Dance.”
@metsFanscotty I’ve been watching wall-to-wall Premier League and Bundesliga. More than usual and I’m a heavy futbol viewer. @metsFanscotty I’m not fan of Liverpool but hats off to them. They earned it. Always dominat like Panarin. @JMintzHoops Ugh. That was an awful one even by NYK standards. @JMintzHoops Starchild balled out. Just awful team around him. @sec308 @brianbuck13 @McClutherness Galaxy brain munz @McClutherness He’s tweet about the PGA yesterday infuriated me. Webb Simpson’s child allegedly has the virus. @McClutherness He’s second dumbest. @miggiesmalls Pictures of Toothpicks on them. @YankeeApologist Georgie unable to wear one due to all of the beatings sustained.