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godfather of the jewish mafia, he/him

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If all things go the way they seem they will next semester I’ll be living two minutes away from a Whole Foods I’m so fucking ready @SenhorRaposa Yes! @mschristie587 @BenAybar YESWhich tweet do we think was the final straw"Look who decided to come out of their room!"
Retweeted by Sam, Marxist-Giulianist 🦧 @wickedbitchin_ Iconic tbhThis is objectively hilarious @WhosePolitics Neither of them is from Pennsylvania but this guy is @LeftHandClutch We must protect him at all costs @LeftHandClutch This is all a dream. Ian Miles Cheongs dream. @LeftHandClutch No he did not @LeftHandClutch Exactly @LeftHandClutch Yes @LeftHandClutch Yes @LeftHandClutch @LeftHandClutch His rugged good looks
Retweeted by Sam, Marxist-Giulianist 🦧Fun fact: Since 2009 when he joined, Donald Trump has tweeted 58,700 times. Since 2010 when she joined, Neera Tande…
Retweeted by Sam, Marxist-Giulianist 🦧Did they just....
Retweeted by Sam, Marxist-Giulianist 🦧 @koshersemite This is fucking incredible @_valgraham YesCharlotte Clymer has just been nominated as Secretary of Defense
Retweeted by Sam, Marxist-Giulianist 🦧 @yamquiche I stand by it thoThe only place where horseshoe theory actually applies is with gun legislationEWBAITE is weezers third best album @CalTheReporter Any gun policy that disproportionately disarms working class and/or poc is just bad gun policy @2020consensus @SpareBostonian Yeah that’s fair t @Crawley4WV @CalTheReporter This is just bad policy though. It basically means only rich people get to keep their guns @Crawley4WV The data points to Paula Jean winning because Bernie won it in the 2016 primary right? @mschristie587 Absolutely @Crawley4WV Ok maybe that countsYou are not a campaign manager. You are a terminally online twitter user who thinks they are a pundit because they… @theslothsays222 @ContentedIndie Even if you believe that Bernie’s comments cost biden Florida than it is simultane… @MAsupremacy I’m dead @theslothsays222 @ContentedIndie Wow good thing Bernie wasn’t the nominee. We probably have a good shot at winning FloridaIf you think “Bernie and the squad” cost Dems seats in the house I don’t know what to say other than that you are utterly brain dead @2020consensus @SpareBostonian Yeah more or less. I like Biden better personally thoMan who thinks he knows how to win the south doesn’t know how to spell y’all. More at 11. @ContentedIndie Or, maybe, it was because it was a D+2 year instead of a D+8 year. Funny how these things workYou literally said NC SEN was safe DOk you don’t either so tweet @MichiganSock @chaselang11 This is literally the most menial thing I’ve ever seen @fprosk @ohheckerman Percy sucks @ricepuddingstan @ricepuddingstan 😏wtf
Retweeted by Sam, Marxist-Giulianist 🦧So true king Am Going To Become The Joker @ohheckerman ThomasmentumCenk has completed his transformation to resist libCenk...??????????????????????????????? he was great. Easily the most instrumentally talented member of the band. Incredible writer too Sopranos episodes when Tony, Tony B, AJ, and Artie are just hanging out together watching TV. Dudes rock @SpareBostonian Glad I’m not crazy ranking biden above Pete lol @muchanem @bottoms4ossoff There was that one guy who ran for Kansas sen idk what his deal was @StephieTheLefty K thanks thought so
@bottoms4ossoff I mean that doesn’t mean you can’t support that dem. if there are two choices, Murkowski and a gene… *coordinates an endorsement from Bernie Sanders based on internal data and thorough vetting, turnout analys…
Retweeted by Sam, Marxist-Giulianist 🦧 @bottoms4ossoff I mean if she’s politically similar to her dem challenger @bottoms4ossoff Even if politically they are similar, a vote for Murkowski in a general is a vote to keep Mitch McConnell in power @bottoms4ossoff I mean I don’t hate Murkowski and would prefer her to like palin but in a race between her and a dem I wouldn’t support her @bottoms4ossoff @muchanem I would have liked her to and hoped the ballot measure passed (which it did) so that she’… @bottoms4ossoff @muchanem He knew the process was fucked up and voted against her. Murkowski also knew the process… @bottoms4ossoff @muchanem Yeah but he didn’t @muchanem @bottoms4ossoff Voted for ACB tooWait youre telling me these are two different people @_sophiecoyne_ Oh my god college confidential is so bad @Albiglutide Or probably third party @Albiglutide Sasse over Janicek @socialism_stan @bottoms4ossoff @LucasGold06 With RCV and the new top 4 RCV system theres no reason not to support a indie/dem @PaulFor86 @GabeGuidarini @RyanGirdusky I don’t think it’s at risk of flipping and I don’t think Dems should target… was actually painful to see
Retweeted by Sam, Marxist-Giulianist 🦧 @Mujoebideen @PaulFor86 @GabeGuidarini @RyanGirdusky Lol @Mujoebideen @PaulFor86 @GabeGuidarini @RyanGirdusky I mean even if young was successfully primaried the seat would… @Mujoebideen @PaulFor86 @GabeGuidarini @RyanGirdusky Also he didn’t “retire”, that’s kinda the whole point of the tweet @Mujoebideen @PaulFor86 @GabeGuidarini @RyanGirdusky You do say @PaulFor86 @GabeGuidarini @RyanGirdusky Yeah Indiana is a blood red state. You should be safe primarying Dick Lugar… could Cori Bush cost Claire Mckaskill her senate seat @itsamemaxio Ikr lol @itsamemaxio He was like 100% convinced biden would win like Florida or smth soPlease go outside I’m begging you @SpareBostonian LMAO @SpareBostonian At least they have more than one commGiving yourself heart disease to own the libs @mahek___ Very confused @pllbtopgear Who knows @pllbtopgear You would think but I don’t even think it does @mschristie587 See I can work with that, but calling neera tanden is still real out there @mschristie587 Yeah idk what’s goin on thereHold up WHAT @NilesGApol Who isn’t neera tanden @BenAybar @mschristie587 our time has comeShould I do a minor in instrument repairShould... should I minor in instrument repairI’d like to become a luthier someday. I think that would be fun