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Hire me for freelance illustration and icon design. Previously @opentable @square @surveymonkey @lushltd.

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@arb I don't know the first two I got, but damn if I'm not a combo of Carrie Bradshaw and Leslie Knope. @JulianBurford Love this so hard @iamharaldur Yep same. I realized last week that all my headaches are psychosomatic and that I really have have to… @rschroed That's me!! I'm an illustrator and brand designer. I work directly with start-up companies to build and d…
@workazra Sameeeee @GreysonSofia @courtney271 @britmoline Yes please! I'm newly job searching and my portfolio needs more love. @workazra @joeyabanks @KariaYoungEagle @figmadesign 😂😂😂😂😂😂 @workazra @joeyabanks @KariaYoungEagle @figmadesign I am not surprised this tweet got no loveToday I found out why when you adopt a dog they want to see the height of your yard's fence. Apparently he can jum…
@workazra THIS @bfigas_ @aalexdee I weirdly know the exact moment both these gifs happen in the show. @bfigas_ @aalexdee GoDaddy didn't quite get the joke, but for 12 bucks..... @workazra @joeyabanks @KariaYoungEagle @figmadesign Azra be nice to Joey when he does nice things @KateApostolou I'm interested! I'm a brand designer and illustrator. @aalexdee Underrated tweet ^ @skuwamoto No limit. But I can tell you from experience there is a limit to the amount of cottage cheese you should give your dog.Today I did my first ever interview in pyjamas. I am a professional. @alexmuench @dribbble Yes @workazra @aalexdee @bfigas_ @rogie made this great resource, so I also remixed it with my own resume template based on his!…
@aalexdee @bfigas_ @rogie @workazra Youuuuuu @alexeinars @skuwamoto @figmadesign Yeah that's what I was having to do and just turning auto layout on and off to turn the grid on and off @skuwamoto @figmadesign I forget the exact use case but I know I was using it when using fixed width and doing web design @TatianaTMac @skuwamoto @figmadesign Question! Once I add auto-layout to a frame, I can no longer add a grid. Why is this? @Handsome_Frank YES 👏 PAY 👏 PEOPLE 👏 @nlevin @figmadesign I change it when I'm designing something to be used in Figma (like my Codenames file), or when… @blong928 I was trying to use Kaiser. I have a lot of weird health problems and staying on Kasier gives me the best… @ldy_jupiter You are now in the land of actual health insurance! I know some people struggle with the NHS, but when… @ldy_jupiter It wasn't going to be a problem because I would have started a new job in 6 days, but now that I am un… I'm trying to buy health insurance using COBRA, we realized my last job only gave me options for dental and visi… @luismendo @dribbble As far as I know! It was just a normal marketing email. @sortino Sameeeeee
@round @BrevilleUSA You also have the best board game designers. @round @BrevilleUSA Question. Are you English?If I have learned anything about Twitter, it is that I can message anyone at @figmadesign and within two messages,… @nlevin That's a painter's brush because you can still see your upper lip. And yes, I am a moustache expert. You kn… @kelseymwhelan @davidhoang Dang that is sexy @kelseymwhelan You work at Figma and you sew! How are we not already best friends?Guys what is the job for helping talented people find work and build the design community up and also you still get to draw?Today @dribbble sent me an email with 3 months of their Pro product for free. This is how you respond to a crisis.… @arb I'm the guy by the pool. Do not know who he is. But I like his pool. @rsms @SlackHQ You are just too good at your job and perhaps too nice? People seem to want to talk to you. @karvaugh @figmadesign It works!! @joeyabanks I'd love to have lunch virtual style! @joeyabanks I get headaches every day multiple times a day now. I used to get two a year. No joke this thing is hard. @golovashkina Just laughing and then that laughing turns into cryingI got an intern but honestly he isn't working very hard.
@laurenloprete Awesome @laurenloprete I didn't know you do woodworking!You'll need to DM me for the passcode because some jerk started streaming unpleasantries. So basically we can only… the Figma file: gang we start in 5 minutes here! wants to play Codenames in @figmadesign with me? I'm testing my file before it goes live to Figma Community. If… invite my Dad into ONE Figma file and already he is trolling me and leaving messages in the file while I sleep. @noturswamp Recoleta @rogie ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️🎆🦃 @whale I'm trying to figure this out too! I'm on cs6 but I'm going to need to upgrade my computer soon. Then I won'… @chromaphotog @JudsonCollier I was shopping not only for my household, but also for my parents. Simultaneously, I h…
@zack415 @dribbble I charge 50% upfront when I start a project because I've had clients cancel the project and refu… @ANoffsinger @figmadesign It's going to be great when it happens. @JudsonCollier I spent over $900 on groceries in March. I am hoping that some will last until next month. @AgainCarol @philmonkey @dhh @parcelforce @BrewDog It is mine yes! I knit, crochet, and sew!
@TatianaTMac As a non-product/eng person, my guess was 'Sent'... I was wrong. 😂 @JudsonCollier I am upset by this in so many ways. @whale I am gobsmacked. @Instacraam @MehrsaBaradaran @jack Could not agree more. When should I tell @zoink that it was a great choice for Figma to hire you?Bonnie Kate Wolf's Birthday Design Twitter Spectacular 12:00 PM PST Meeting ID: 488 618 85… @workazra Honestly it depends what you paint it with. @Instacraam @MehrsaBaradaran @jack Sometimes I forget you worked at Square. But I never forget what a champion of users you are. @efburke @rogie @iamharaldur See @rogie I told you we could do this. They are coming to us! @hoodzpahdesign This is GORGEOUS @rogie @iamharaldur Way better. I mean, you're already an expert at getting teams to adopt Figma, so I feel like we have a leg up. @rogie @iamharaldur Not to be weird but, Rogie, if we adopted someone together, they'd be Wolf King. Thoughts? @ricburton @ptonewreckin This is so true. @rogie Mostly just gathering at noon my time with anyone from the internet who wants to join! ♥️ @AgainCarol @philmonkey @dhh @parcelforce @BrewDog Luckily it was yarn so unbreakable. @rogie Rogie this is a wonderful birthday present 💗💗💗 @laurenloprete @figmadesign Basically going to be quantinis all dayOh and @HeyCoGo I expect Whiskey to be in attendance! ♥️♥️♥️🐾 @laurenloprete to my virtual birthday party tomorrow! From noon to 1pm PST, we will celebrate with fizzy drinks and design ch…
@philmonkey @dhh @parcelforce @BrewDog Our FedEx person threw a package over our gate and yelled "I think this is f… @JoinStrive I do! @paigefinnn @_hannahswann @TheYelitsa Thanks Paige! Yes, I am definitely interested! I can work in a variety of sty… @figmadesign please help! I can't submit a help request and I'm getting this error: We can't open this file becaus… @_tyoung YESSSSSSS @heyjustkatie Thank you stranger! You are kind and lovely. @thewzrdharry Thank you! I'm glad I'm not the only one who loves graphs! 🙏♥️ @JustinMezzell @rogie @aalimbuyuguen UM FIGHT ME? @davidhoang If you have too many folks and want to send more junior or mid-level brand designers my way, I am happy to help out! @UncleDerrickV @HalsallDoug Yep, San Francisco! @janereid73 @MadeBrave Thank you! I've reached out!
Guys guess what @byJoshuaDavis contacted me to get his portrait illustrated after seeing my tweet yesterday. Twitte… @paigefinnn Thank you so much!! @neversitdull @skuwamoto @figmadesign JOSH COMING THROUGH AS ALWAYS @skuwamoto @figmadesign Sho, there used to be a key command for 'Set Default Properties' that went away. I want it… didn't know who to send this to, but my LinkedIn post gave me some interesting information about who is looking a… @ClaudiaJNg This is how I do knitting. It isn't pretty, but...... LOOK AT THAT SHINY NEW YARN.