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brennuary bones @BonniePuns Los Angeles, CA

former pastry chef and current regular chef, tells little jokes - host of food variety hour podcast @mouthholepod - mother to a human child, Luna

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@StevenRayMorris Do you mean nudes or just regular photos @vampire_xtine I do too even though I know 3 engine planes have a big time history of accident ms and incidents - b… @mattapodaca @hayesdavenport @TheMuppets Is @hayesdavenport actually @yayforzig’s verified burner account?Just loved to see teamwork and be like “how would it be?” @vampire_xtine I mean I guess if 2 of them fail?For me when it came to understanding teen movie tropes, it’s not that cheerleaders were hot, it’s that anyone doing… Wanda Vision I’m watching the trailer for Loki - just want to say that as an aviation nerd I love the accurat… Wanda Vision time @CeleneBeth Like do you want to call mr or should we record it @PollyKotowski @CoreyA1 you again? @notSoIrishAmy5 Yeah she, is under a spell. The powerlessness I felt when I just wanted to go pick up my own baby a… @PollyKotowski @CoreyA1 @NerdHeather THIS ISSSS The story of a girl @PollyKotowski @CoreyA1 @RaxKingIsDead Proud of u @ayobrobro Fully agree @notSoIrishAmy5 :( but I’m looking forward to it! I love pain @CeleneBeth Celene all of this is lies LIES @CeleneBeth I didn’t say it but several people have said it they are only comparing these two movies @notSoIrishAmy5 Can you please describe how the hot the cheese in the crustHEY CPAS / if you are able to take on more people to do taxes for and you want to help the gig economy get the best… @gthreepio I just said this to him before I tweeted it and he immediately said “Promising Young Velociraptor” which is why I love him @SpinsterEmily Oh zeke hadn’t told you? @IMTHELANERD That’s fun, like a lazy river @GoodnightGoldie The color palette I like. The foot? Though?I fell for this last week and I might fall for it again 🥲 are going to have a big year I can taste itGoogling “dumbest shaped pools” made me feel good about myselfAnybody want a quick boost? @gheedstreasure CPA is usually only like $50-100 more and can keep you from owing money AND can often help you get more money backI had the most beautiful conversation with a CPA yesterday who has told my about many benefits I’m entitled to that… guys stop using Turbo Tax fucking STOP it, hire a millennial CPA dedicated to gaming it and getting you maximum… @DivaLaci He’s the big boy boss of his own year like a big boyTaco Bell suddenly acting like they invented potatoes @A_Angell29 That’s amore @bitterbuffalo86 Incredible @Barbara1313 :(Promising young woman holllyyy shit wow wow wow wowI think wedding cakes should be the size of a coffee tableI meant TV but this is next level comedyAbsolutely screaming at my RVThese are definitely troll videos I’ve made videos like this I should have known @JVillaBella Is this a good podcast?The Paris Hilton song falling in love montage is
Omg omg omg I’ve reached the Molina scene omg omg omgBaby you can be my sandwich meat and I’ll be your brioche buuuuun Do you know that song @heyadamroberts That’s like 19 days away which is several years in current time @dontatme___ I think they’re joking but I’m not sure @CoreyA1 Thanks for the tip to the drop ! @bossegirl666 Rented on Amazon!!I have decided to like and subscribehappy Friday everyone @ipedaltahoe I feel like my description is a trigger warning!! @DinolaurRexnut I think their cooking videos are trolls @precatlady @lauren_reney Sorry we make it just like grandma did! If she was wearing a sweater she’d mash the buttered bread wi… @gthreepio Send pics - if you use the JM app and use code Mikes25 it’s 25 percent off the order!I truly want to live here so bad sub (any) mikes way @BradJost I would DEFINITELY eat itI just order a big sandwich from Jersey Mike’s and I’m going to watch Promising Young Woman I love Sundays @guacsnotglocks Lol yes WHY the forearms!!!! @erichwithach This is fine @erichwithach Also it seems like it’s skim??? Yes WHY the milk?? The only binder is cheese??? @erichwithach Before *** lolol begore @erichwithach I don’t understand what happens when they cut it??? Also smashing the bread with her forearms after i… @lindsaykatai Oooooooo @steelydamnnn Yesss @ColesTwitt3r !! Happy Birthday Madison ❤️❤️❤️ @cwirvi I love ice cream gyoza @urchaoticgf I mean this in the nicest @JadeNovah Okay I am a fuckin chef and I still think parchment is expensive??? It is fancy somehow. Ill Amazon her parchment as a fun gift @urchaoticgf This was meant for the general public @lilgrapefruits Damn she better be careful she’s gonna fall in that hole !!! @TotallyAllen 50 years ago was 1971 and that’s when cocaine came inWhen I die I hope I am reborn one of those neon green aliens with big eyes and slinky bodies freakin everybody out… @prof__simp @choppedjrfan AprilIf you haven’t heard the Mouth Hole theme song I feel sorry for you (you can listen on most platforms) @prof__simp I’m hi I went the North Carolina for @choppedjrfan’s marriage 2 yrs ago and truly had the best time @eugoogolizer Im not following @RileyWryly Let’s use the fish tube system @prof__simp ... t @prof__simp North Carolina is only Charlotte I though @tjchambersLA Dm me w what hood u live in @JVillaBella What’s .... oooo apple valley? Seems far @prof__simp Charlotte? I know a guy @ColiseumSewage Haaa @prof__simp If you’re in nyc I’ll make my brother do it @GianmarcoSoresi @Atom_Murray I love Buffalo so much @michelleatlaw VERY FAMILIAR @JenMckiness It’s all good no one saw! I backed right up @kbenwrites Sorry he had to goWould it have been better if I wrote “my cousin vinny-grette” @choppedjrfan Does my food look whackLol air pod I meanEXCEPT for when I misplace an ear bud and chaos ensuesI think I just realized I love my job as a Chef because cooking chills me out and I feel 100% in controlAlso salad had Roma toms and shaved fennelwhat I cooked today, today edition: Chicken piccata with crispy pan fried potatoes and steamed asparaguy Mostly v… @VINatPT I did we talked