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Alec Meer @bonzrat Brighton, UK

Freelance writer for games (Total War: Warhammer, No Man's Sky, secret things). Co-founded Rock, Paper, Shotgun. No longer a games journo.

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@MikeDiver In my experience it's great in slim slices for e.g. burgers but big chonky bits for a sarnie is a nuh-uh @James_Batchelor my eldest at least has to good grace to occasionally strop in front of grandparents now, but the b… @hipattack goddamn kids @ehmprah harrowingly familiar @jantonsson @RawFury Escape From Citytron (@escapecitytron) is a shape-shifting, high-speed robot roguelike about f… daily by my own baby; the unsleeping, perpetually shrieking nightmare of the house; the rosy-faced, chucklin… @FrogCroakley this is gonna be so useful for the infinite variations upon "kill them!" I have to write
Touring the streets with a car boot crammed with bin bags full of three-week-old nappies, looking desperately for a… @botherer (I'm on virgin and this doesn't happen to me, soz John)
I muted basically every political term I could think of last month, and now Twitter is basically a silent wasteland for me. It's so good. @NotNowRosie President Macron has it every TuesdayThe stream has started! Donate whatever you can to for the Australian Wildfire Relief Fund
Retweeted by Alec Meer @NotNowRosie and don't forget the single Hula-Hoop as an amuse-bouche @ievenden just a few strays in the head-hair so far, but beard/ears/nose another matter @BenParfitt ouch. I once found a near-transparent eyebrow hair that had grown down as far as my cheek. God knows ho… next month. Cannot believe the quantity and length of the hairs that increasingly sprout, unwanted, from various…
@higgyC Ian Hammer and his 39,998 brothersI used to think I knew a lot about Warhammer, but these days I know a *lot* about Warhammer @kierongillen I'll glue your toenails underneath a Snotling Pump Wagon if you like @Smingleigh alas the baby would destroy it within minutes @botherer I don't know but I do wonder how people in those shows' writers' rooms manage to say "why don't they save… of the many, many side-effects of working from home alone for years is that I frequently make proclamations suc… @jamesdevile It has indeed. A very different aspect of lives defined by children - you gradually lose contact with most folk you know @jamesdevile Yes. And then there is the enduring strangeness of knowing that the beloved child who is here is only… @jamesdevile It is true. I'm very sorry.
@MidoriChaos not sure but I would guess something soy-related. I've had a lot of faux-meat and it was pretty convin… had a Meatless Marina from that Subway, and honestly it made me a bit weepy. Been veggie for twenty years, at… @Tom_OBedlam it's an neat combo of big, poppy combat and gentle, genuinely charming storytelling with a refreshing…'s also a deeply charming lesson in how to attach evolving story to repeat-play proc-gen games, which I am findi… @NotNowRosie hah, hope you'll share that when it's done. Such a delightful place - can't think of any other game wh… @KommanderKlobb this has just the slightest touch of Soulsiness, but with a lovely family meta-plot too @NotNowRosie god, yeah, absolutely gorgeousHave struggled to play anything since Disco Elysium ate my soul, but finally Children of Morta proves a deft palate-cleanser
Today in Bizarre Items My Six Year Old Inexplicably Wants Me To Buy For Her But I Have No Idea How To Explain To He…
@CaptainBinky I basically used mine as an egg timer for three months then stuffed it in a draw because the tv kept setting it off.
@studioZAUM you guys deserve it all @tundrasretreat No, I get it. The bittersweetness of wanting to share how much something meant but fearing dilution in doing so @Rick_Lane I want them to take years and years over it. I want it to be sprawling, indulgent, unfathomable, brilliant.Complicated feelings about Disco Elysium being so big now, like when I little band I loved as teen suddenly went ma… @jericawebber when having a meal, I try and fit a little bit of every component on the plate onto each forkful. Pre… @GriddleOctopus Congrats, old chap! (and if you ever have any overflow...) @DevRelCallum amount invoiced = playing time plus writing time, so varies hugely depending on size of game and size… @DevRelCallum I've done a lot of these; it depends on the company, but generally I'm asked to quote my day rate. So…
@danoliver honestly, I'd just try fiddling with doing it on an android first, if you have one. @danoliver possibly, couldn't say without using it. Depends too on which versions of the games you want to play - e… @danoliver give this a nose. you'd need to find and copy over the roms but the system should handle the rest @danoliver I don't believe there's anything with legally watertight versions of those games, however @danoliver if you're thinking running roms/emulators, then there's a ton of raspberry pi-based thingers out there.…*Kentucky Route Zero dance* @ReiOnryou @Crusoe_trips I used this one, seems pretty solid thus far @Awesome_Claw PC's wired but I'll check the wireless @leach_jim It's been a thing for a while, but I hadn't realised you could just bluetooth an xbone pad and hit the ground rinning @frankelliott_ Samsung S9. Yep, works a treat
@MikeChannell The last time I tried anything like this it was purest misery, but seems like the tech + platform support is quietly there nowBought a cheapie controller clip for my phone to use with Steam Link (thanks for the suggest @MikeChannell) , and h… mean it's David Bowie Day several times a month in my house, but nevertheless Yeah, I know, I KNOW.Local pub wi-fi downloads stuff at 40 Mb per second. In related news, I will henceforth be working exclusively from the local pub. @waltdwilliams I'm so sorry @dislekcia heh, I was joking! Sorry to hear about the thievery though @dislekcia (sorry) @dislekcia can I have it @dislekcia I'd totally switch my slim jim for a chunky boi with a massive battery, to be honest @SupahSpankeh battery life will prob be what pushes me to something new eventually @Optimaximal @iainl7 tbf it's not once you've had a good old tinker (and made it more Pixel-like); why manufacturer… @Optimaximal yeah, my SO has an iphone SE which is perfectly fine performance-wise still, though iOS 12 assassinated its battery life @timbhison yep, plus the makers are broadly in lock-step with each other now, whereas a few years back it was still the wild westI have to use DaVinci Resolve to make monthly @escapecitytron progress videos. I don't know who made it, but I'm certain they hate humanity. @MattFlye I've been donating to Ian Samsung for past couple of years; it's going strong but whenever I do upgrade i… @AxleNapoleon aye, it all seems to be in the 'nice to have' rather than day-to-day improvement category @MattFlye I don't know how you can sleep at night, taking food from poor old Ian Apple's mouth like that @adelemeer you know full well I'll probably end up getting a new one next month now I've said thatFor the first time, I've hit two years with the same phone and can't find a reason to upgrade beyond generalised FO…
@Vahn16 tbh I think it needed to spend most of the season pitching Geralt as a monster hunter contracted to that ba… @Vahn16 (sorry, me again) I think this is at least partly a consequence of trying to do staggered timelines (a conc… @duncangeere heh, yeah; I've almost completed my brutal Guardian cold turkey now (plus have muted dozens of politic… @Vahn16 frustrating's the word - it does some really great stuff but doesn't seem to realise it, and wanders off to… up with all my invoicing from last year; sadly not allowed to charge for the dozens of working days wasted r… @MikeChannell ta! Cheap enough to take a punt *remembers Christmas* Maybe next month, eh? @RomerosSoldier Best of luck! Let me know if you/your clients ever need writing or media-eye-view consultancy services... I'm part-time on Total War: Warhammer for the foreseeable, but another big project wrapping up grants me s… @RomerosSoldier as (mostly) a freelancer, it's less about the feedback and more about how long I hold the door open… Bad Thing is when you interview for a role then never hear back, emails ignored etc. Tempted to name names cos it… @MikeChannell which one is it / is it any good, if you don't mind my asking? I've got an unnecessarily large phone… @MikeChannell aye it's fine for some things but it's really roguelites and whatnot I want to play. And balancing a… @demanrisu the failure of all these cool Razer concepts of yesteryear to ever become reality is why I don't think t… @ithayla Haven't looked for a while, but it all seemed a bit of mess last time I did. If there's something seamless… thinger, for reference. (n.b. It's the concept I'm eyeballing hungrily, not the cod-edgelord styling) @ithayla it's all about form factor though innit. Screen+controls all in the handsIt'll never actually happen, but that Alienware PC-based Switch knock-off concept is very much The Dream for me. A…
First day in two weeks without being besieged by my own children every millisecond. Just sat at my desk doing sweet…
Breakout is a good videogame, and to be honest we should have left it at that and saved everyone a lot of bother.
@Seffers007 It may well be overheating from dust build up - see if you can get casing off and spray with compresse…
The dead days between Christmas and New Year; listlessly filling time visiting country homes and their grey gardens…
@gonnas Chinny reckon.(I mean that mostly positively - genuinely joyous to see a high-budget show which evokes a darkened corner of a 199… is a fine, fine line between The Witcher TV show and Hawk The SlayerThe highlight of my Christmas was reclaiming the 5gb of storage space on my phone inexplicably filled by the Argos website