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my main goal is to blow up & then act like I don't know nobody | He/Him | | @mythologybot |

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I'd like to thank you all for not sounding off in the comments with your fancasting of the major Arcana, the mere e… @onidavin The Hanged Man's famous catchphrase, "hoisted"Making my first million with a Kickstarter for a Tarot deck of the Bon Appetit Test Kitchen personalities. @acosmos this looks like it should have black ribbons on the corners @butch_ally
@tsiro i love that stuff
Jigen and Jack must have fell out of my pocket when I was out having a smoke and I've now ruined our relationship @onidavin might be something mindless I can do chores around. Likely Alita if I go that route.May be a movie afternoon, but not sure which. Amanda says no Knives Out because we need to watch that one together.replacing all the air circulation in my computer with Noctua fans so they can say their famous catchphrase. @Papapishu a real beaut @a_cado_appears @DJColdBreakfast this video is 2.5 seconds longer than it needs to be @thefirstseabird realizing your baby is a Gamer is the purest example of "we never question if the child has bad vi… @_yungslav_ hey congrats on the orbsmy (64M) new wickie (33M) says he's not fond of me lobster even though I've seen it, he's fond of me lobster
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Retweeted by BooDoo @NiallThaker undefeated, just like I expected.this is not a knock against any submissive dog girls with choker collars my dms are in fact open @NiallThaker what's ur mmranime awards is giving "best boy" to whoever this season's new shounen protagonist is, while "best girl" has to go… @hunktears that's fine, I think. As long as you never refer to it with the MTV part. @michelmcbride no sorry that is their right and proper name by god and country"The [Medium Name] Awards" is an overly ambitious naming convention and no one should be allowed to do it. Keighley… @winelorax you must already have a Sleep no More mask, why bother @nickisnixed Friendship endedHe feels safe in bag @Papapishu Hey unrelated what's your address and when are you likely to be out of the house
@ckunzelman hmmmmm maybe this will be a better time than going in and failing my own campaign's final mission..... @clairseoir .........OP,'ve been writing about Blizzard's treatment of women for 11 years now so I feel like I've been training my entire…
Retweeted by BooDoo @tsiro not supposed to be Excel tweeting on a Saturday, imo. This is indicative of deviant behavior. @JmacDotOrg As someone who abandoned two Ironman runs on "Normal" and before running one on "Easy"—the early game i…
@acosmos @rollplusweird meticulously engineered @rollplusweird what's the deal with those thighs @MammonMachine Well that one was beyond my ken but I'm sure you'll go to hell for it
@WarrenIsDead he is once again asking me to do targeted harassment online @MammonMachine another classic tweet that will surely come up in the inevitable reckoning you will face before god and your peers.Always winning. @DJColdBreakfast, Gawain's beheading game too 💣 @WarrenIsDead heck.,...damn @BidenInsultBot retire, bidench @butch_ally idk what part of your brain those thoughts come from but you need to have it isolated and removed @Lilli_F this is just first drafts, you know. spitballing. I'm not doing final product on spec, what kind of a fool would I have to be.I could edit your head onto the guy from DOOM 2016 and you'll be cutting into a Revenant labeled "THE DEFICIT" and… was SO FUCKING VIVID in my dream last night i had to recreate it
Retweeted by BooDooif anyone with a billion dollars wants to pay me to make a meme my dms are open
@crumpledlinen you are blessed @darksamusclone "the one from the television" is a shockingly powerful candidate position @darksamusclone we cannot sleep on mayor doomberg @goomvi can I get a black on black colorway and call them Air Max 9S @antumbral @USP_Talon cartoon fighter @antumbral @USP_Talon half-anime @antumbral @coolranchzaku that's not what anime means @USP_Talon they have air dashes?????? @coolranchzaku time someone calls Granblue Fantasy: VS an "anime" fighter I'm that angry guy with tears streaming down his fac… 10 minutes to stand on the sidewalk and observe a traffic stop so no one tries to plant anything is minimal praxis, but necessary.Went 0-2 at the Foiled tournament, but I don't think it was obvious this is the first time I've ever seen the game… @ScottMadin WHOMST?! @winelorax There was some video of it being sung for an SF win, though I have to assume it was at least 70% trolling @winelorax Come out ye' @konmarithanos what if I need The Needle @konmarithanos CNN won the SEO game this timeoh hell yes, I've been looking for this button. @AyachiiTaki Jeb! shit @Faux_Wren'm seeing double! Four boys!!
@10rdBeen that dark reveal is what put me in the mind to share it for suredidn't bother searching this one, turns out it's a relatively common riff, which I should've known but I was so exc…, if he: wears a disguise looks like human guys don't act like the other chickens do that's not… Songs is a fun listen, and the latest mini episode (~15minutes) on "Toss a Coin to Your Witcher" is a great… @audiosprite hello I don't know theory from a hole in the ground but this sounds like an effect those 2-part "eye c… @DJColdBreakfast sorry, you don't get to be THAT cool but you're about to deploy on your first mission please don't… @nickisnixed A fourth one boxed you in. Reaper kill, Reaper kill, Rupture Kill. squad cleared out the last one for…''s it going, @nickisnixed? #BOOCOM2Redux @RosePrinceTrey yeah you're pretty cool first Orb, and @RosePrinceTrey was ready when it rolled up into the scene. #BOOCOM2Redux<MUMMIFIED FERRETS>, each one dressed as a cast member of "The Little Rascals". the notable exception of Froggy renders the set incomplete
Retweeted by BooDoo @appleciderwitch in the discord's talking about halo; time to go file my tax return @nickisnixed v excited for postal 3 this year
@guihirasawa @coolranchzaku stealing vintage valor @nickisnixed @bcjbcjbcj I feel like it would be too busy and one of them would end up stealing the show, but i can't tell which it would belet Bong Joon-ho make a Joker movie and then everyone can be happy about what wins Best Picture that year. @strikeitup Character Pool export, yes. So not like with stats and builds or w/e, but as raw grist for the alien war mill, yeah. @coolranchzaku only there was a Salty Bet style integration with the game. Engagement like you wouldn't believe.Our Discord has three currently active XCOM2 playthroughs so our ad hoc streaming rotation approaches full coverage on a Sunday
Retweeted by BooDoo @DJColdBreakfast you're gonna get Brain Powers. @appleciderwitch @tylercolp it's called a CALLBACK and it is VALID, t hank you @tylercolp she should've thought about that before she named you "Viera"
@johnnemann Well I can't tell you how you solve the former: I'm still awful at anything like that. Saw a reply sugg… @johnnemann I feel like "UI design" is a problem space that is especially constrained here, while "sex fantasies" a… @johnnemann yeah dude, it's fucking awful🙃