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my main goal is to blow up & then act like I don't know nobody | He/Him | | @mythologybot | @etruscanceramic |

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@goomvi that's what it REALLY isW3C please accept my literal translation of the CSS spec so we can start using the ":first-children" pseudo-class like god intended. @prolezone oh no this would be for like putting into Greasemonkey or some other thing that runs scripts in your bro… @prolezone Hiding "suggested tweets" and "promoted tweets" fingerprinted on the SVG icons used to identify them now… "svg" with svg:not(.r-daml9f) to avoid nuking favs from your Notifications tab, whoopsoh this ruins your Notifications tab lol @PAWGS4Palestine well you wouldn't be the firstrun periodically/on new tweet population to remove injected TL tweets from: - So-and-so(s) favorited - So-and…​.prototype​.​forEach.​call​(document.querySelectorAll( "article>div>div:first-child svg path[d^='M12'], arti… CAN HEAR THE KAZOO DESPERATELY FALL OUT OF MY MOUTH JUST SO I COULD GET THIS JOKE IN
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New(est) Twitter means my carefully built userstyles to hide all the dumb shit that tricks you into like favoriting… @findomearle I've started referring the the trips I make to pester my cat when he's on the other side of the room a… @StealthRapa @acosmos I could kick both of their asses but I WILL NOTI come back from walking to the café and @acosmos greets me with the concern for someone returned home on a ship fr… @christinelove ドMpaths @barbarabot maybe instead of "hiking trail" I meant "nature strolls" but you know what I'll get there @barbarabot I've got to start with really baby walks for babies like Arden Point or something because I am not actually A Hiker rnMy plans to get out to local hiking trails has been stymied by repeated 90+ degree weekends. Why is the Sky Orb so vengeful. @ckunzelman ah yes, right above the terlet @winelorax so just like your daugther, then @ckunzelman is this going in your salon or in the boudoir @basketogress finally, Evangelion has ever actually gotten good @Dauragon can i get a uhhhhhhhhhh princess king BooDude is pitching a potluck to another guy across the street and assuring him it is strictly "good vibes only" and t… do bash “dead-beat” dads for not being there for their kids but we never question if the child has bad vibes? O…
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shortly after these pictures were taken, he jumped up onto a box his brother was in, flinging the smaller boy acros… looking handsome, Jigen looking haughty.! (via @s_dot_mad glad you came around and saw the light on thishad a dream last night where I went for a walk not bothering to bring a camera and then suddenly it was Fall and ev… @acosmos @jia_ni_ @SIRrosen oh woah, congrats to cousin!!whoever did the Flavor Science at Polar Beverage Corp for their eventual "blueberry lemonade" seltzer was clearly w… Sketch Artist Has Clear Manga Influences
Retweeted by BooDoo @MinovskyArticle @acosmos I was wondering what you were thinking when you signed up for that glass blowing class at… @acosmos slimodoro time management method @acosmos IS THERE you did not answer me!! @tsiro was listening to a podcast in my headphones (connected to phone) and simultaneously checking a video (by sep… brings me no joy to have called this outcome, and it's worth noting that in the matches Christine took she was d… @Danielleri I've never been less surprised @Dauragon I was gonna talk shit but Amanda's got FF XIV on the PS4 so lbr I can't cash any checks I writeI got my answer, but it was a dicey search query in hindsight @appleciderwitch yeah of all the shit this one is what really gets me. like......fuck. Come on. Everyone (who posts videos) was using that! @konmarithanos ur greatest generation to me @Dauragon Orie and the Blind ReadI don't know who I _want_ to win, but in my heart I believe that Aevee is going to destroy Christine live and for t… @worstcontact Miyazaki is where Anno got the idea for Gendou
@StealthRapa block my ass, cowardI also would not bother giving an editing pass to a piece about a Jay and Silent Bob movie in 2019 @ShadowSkil1 TV+EoE, I think. No Rebuild. @AerialShading Most People Rejected His Message. They Hated Joel Because He Told Them The Truth.Kaji and Gendou are both visions of a Chad, as written by The Virgin Anno, and this explains 90% of what vexes the… @WillCarpenterJR [descending into Terminal Dogma, Mama Cass' "Make Your Own Kind of Music" plays muffled in the distance] @WillCarpenterJR Eva units 04, 08, 15, 16, 23 and 42I love hearing Patrick on Waypoints engaging with Evangelion like it's Lost, and I'm excited for him to be just as… weather: Soup Air plus Laser Sun. @acosmos @rollplusweird yeah there's a subreddit for this @findomearle maybe you should've made six episodes and quit, dumbasses.also. Don't die, first of all, but if you absolutely must die, do it near a toilet.I've been saying for years that recording and releasing podcasts is played out. You should be recording short "audi… @rollplusweird typical sour grapes from a [checks new vocabulary flashcard I just made] bantercaster @PastelChum Oh yeah I've got it set up and so it was telling me "Hey, you can get to all those areas" and me, a chi… @PastelChum oh if I had what I needed to get to Sanc side in DW in the first place I wouldn't have been confused. N… I was misunderstanding was: The Power of the Hookshot. ty @FauxBen. @PastelChum I ended up running Ag's and I had no idea how much DW opens after Ag with Hookshot but w/o Hammer, whic… am absolutely misunderstanding SOMETHING about this seed and I don't know what. @PastelChum I already did! The Orange is got ledge which is trash I forgot to strike off.Folks, you hate to see it. #ranDOOmizer
@DangOlWill can town ladies in the bag / doo-dah, doo-dah … @jintor_au @austin_walker @RobZacny Austin and Rob would never look at my posts, they know better. @clementeworks savoring this before the DM*A takedown
People would be less mad about MTA trains being unreliable if the stations had like a single fan @CGSaw i had no idea. I've been such a fool.I'm....very much...still to be good at Zelda.... #ranDOOmizer @miraimatt I was just sitting here and unprompted in my mind I heard Mali's delivery of "E VAN GELIONN ION ION" fro… the renewed interest in Evangelion I'm taking this opportunity to remind everyone of the incredibly unexpected… @propellors yeah I was like "should I paint over this" but no actually it's A Fit @patrickklepek @RosePrinceTrey no yours gets a pass because it was also a dumb shitpost, as god intended. @joshez_ [me as Faust, getting hit by my own meteor]I'd like to thank everyone in replies and/or QRTs engaging with this comparison as being in any way valid when the… @barbarabot You've only told me this Four Times, so no I had no idea @konmarithanos @RosePrinceTrey do not pursue Ulysses S Grant @kurogane that said, Lore Reasons: Code Geass @kurogane if they were an anime site instead of a games site it would be obligatory. As it stands I'm just happy with what we're getting. @hawwwlucha thank you for being brave enough to share this with the world todaycan't wait for the Waypoints crew to get through Evangelion and go on to its sequel, Oruchuban Ebichu @marhom thank you this reply applies to all of my tweetsreferring to the US Civil War as "the American Sengoku period" to enrage every person I've ever met. @BunchesOfBees i mean TECHNICALLYLack of numbers in the ALTTP name entry have me getting creative with my Daily file naming. @Danielleri oh hell yes 💪💪💪
time to fuck around and pay $100 for two t-shirts. @alixnovosi 😭my Friends at the Table OC: Catslap JoydivisionRiverdale Season 4 @joshez_ Partners are contractually prevented from doing this so their calculus is harder without support from a la…