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@RoachHorseworth if the most common read on "optional" in a workplace context is that it's coercive in practice, wh… @PastelChum this is why I'm friends with so many gamedevs despite not making games myself#FlatFuckFriday'm not watching the debate but someone tell me if either candidate speaks to the unfair suspension of Coco and Haato. @a_cado_appears cats are comradeswhen a take by someone you have muted in response to a post by someone you have blocked is circulating, that's amoré.「草」is Japanese for "LULW"*seeing my reflection in a shattered mirror, I hardly recognize the man I have become* found a new guy
Retweeted by BooDoo @mcclure111 I'm just about to!!!someone post a photo of themselves putting a cast iron skillet in the dishwasher or something so we don't have to talk about the debate
Retweeted by BooDooOne. Three if you count our cats. @goblin_sorcerer thanks for watching my videos but please like and subscribe too, it really helps @spammm well exc @Faux_Wren well is he @JeffGrubb Will It BlendALSO I'm happy for every one of you.Every person I follow has succeeded in at least one run in Hades so far and I wonder what is wrong with me. Am I the baby gamer. @darksamusclone it's pretty sick as a randomized game, just to put my two cents in as someone who only played the vanilla once or twice. @Bboy_Izilla I'd want that from him, whatever's in the way I'd like to see moved. @AyachiiTaki that's cottagecore probably, ok that's not great. @AyachiiTaki Mike's stock has gone down since he has Business Concerns and speaks accordingly. I haven't heard shit about El,'s El-P's politics. Are we still going with "Killer Mike and his horny little friend" for RTJ or do we have caus…'m hopeful that if I play more this will be confirmed by in-canon dialog. @MomAleph "Listen, you do it or we're breaking the band up. Think I'm kidding? I can't throw my shield down here wi… @bombsfall land of contrasts [theatrically wiping my hands off gesture]
waiting is the hardest part. started the forum thread about whether Wario was a liberatarian @crumpledlinen but it got you to think about Satoshi Kon for a few minutes so it's a net positive probably @DonutShoes ok but you were watching a digital recording: whatever the source, you were hearing and responding to the "audio", yeah? @SullyKWP its smug aura mocks me @WealthyAardvark yeah we've all gotten pretty familiar with force majeure in the past 6 months, but her tweet didn'… @James__Carey @Danielleri this is MY game of the year, not my game of THIS year. prescriptivist. also that was only early access. @Danielleri hoop-and-stickif your safety measure is not "cancel the con" , then you are fooling yourself. There were 100,000 people last year…
Retweeted by BooDoo @EdibleToaster my OLED is totally watchable in sunlight; you're undercutting its value proposition (infinite contra… @Ionagisbeyx that's called indentured servitude?? @VidaHonrada holy shit actually this is a different Peepo video than the one I was referencing. I never could have… @VidaHonrada if I hadn't been referencing this I'd be buying a powerball ticket rn @barbarabot more people should be talking about thisSharing @findomearle fuck @findomearle I've only got like 10 days left on my dead pool. Someone has to come for her. @findomearle @findomearle well I just don't see how that's possibleIf I got banned from a Twitch chat at the age of 23, I would simply make a short film with a treacly score represen… in Headline
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@rollplusweird skelly the real mvpcasey frey dancing to woke up this morning (the sopranos mix) by alabama 3
Retweeted by BooDoo @antumbral "yearning to marry or embarrass me" has such a good cadence @Dansplainer oh hey well then let me tell you about "school" - you're gonna fucking love this place @againthemartyr ohhhhhh the little chirrupsWhen asked what name Taiwan should use when engaging in foreign affairs, 51.2% answered "Taiwan"; 33% responded wit…
Retweeted by BooDoo @freezydorito you better start believing in universes made out of tortilla chips, you're in one @420degree samehere is a list of vtubers I would like to be my mom some day and here is a copy of that list etc etcI reflexively underestimated Korone because she was popular but I've come to appreciate her prop work, deep lore, d… @AyachiiTaki this tweet did more psychic damage than her death @bigmutuals 🤝Twitter dot com: BECOME! AS! MODS! BECOME! AS! MODS!
Retweeted by BooDoo @laevantine I got my first job some time that year but like yeah 14 is a kidMostly video games and IRC. It was very different from 2020, you see, because back then I was pirating Dreamcast… @whitneyarner real adult hours
@SullyKWP @_yungslav_ tony hawk ass wheel, fuck @blushinegames No shame, but no honor either @SullyKWP @_yungslav_ don't listen to them shawn. it probably doesn't even do the like 900 degree spins you need for Initial D arcade stage @SullyKWP @_yungslav_ ok thank you that is enough money that I will continue to Resit but I hope you're enjoying it. @SullyKWP @_yungslav_ so no reason or anything but like what one @vf31f vtubers with a fat ass are the MOST valid @zandravandra yeah most of the skins I've downloaded are anime nightmares but this VHS tape package design ass skin really compelled me @SullyKWP @_yungslav_ 🙉🙈 @_yungslav_ Yeah after every session I'm like hitting myself with sticks to purifying my thoughts and avoid buying a setupI have too many cars already, though. A Class and above are really hard for me to appropriately feather "pedals" (t… out Forza Horizon 4 is a great podcast game. This should surprise no one to hear. @AyachiiTaki say the line, BartThis is better if you don't bother looking at the tweet of mine they were responding to @NmSlSbLjNlLGhN1 thank you this is the best reply I've ever received to a tweet. @_yungslav_ normal societyAh, the healthy way Minecraft lends itself to being played. would be nice if he did this in bed instead of making me lie down in the hallway for him. @Papapishu you are like unto a godi'm glad I'm unemployed so I can focus on personal projects like this
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Me: When I was your age there was a band called Hoobastank Grandson: His mind is clearly degraded. That cannot be true. The old man is dying
Retweeted by BooDoo @deathimouto ty @MinovskyArticle pretty sure the only people excited by that are whoever on the marketing team decided to include them @findomearle "Mountain Dew Violent" would probably be pretty sick thoughOne must imagine Sisyphus simply vibing
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Retweeted by BooDooThat is a horror movie, to me. @GilesPink @barbarabot fuck you @sarahargodale I haven't seen it before, and wow this is so much harder to watch, moment-to-moment, than I was expecting.streaming to twitch like to podcasts like man's on the /r/crtgaming reddit for sure. night: Joker (2019) @_yungslav_ solid 0 on the sus-o-meter @freemancrouch Mazda: You can get it in any color, as long as it's red. Gamers: hey, watch this @Lilli_F Horizon 5 is going to come out soon. Do I really need to shrimp for her on a ded gaem? no.I will just use the Itasha that others have labored to create.