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my main goal is to blow up & then act like I don't know nobody | He/Him | | @mythologybot | @etruscanceramic |

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Joined Twitter 5/30/08 crown jewel of Combo Breaker, the Mystery Games Top 8, is about to begin #CB2019 @notquitereal well you'd make more money, first thing @mattlaschneider @mrfb @catacalypto I have not! Aside from a couple passes to pull out slur s and other questionabl… @guihirasawa @AlexHoffmanX9 what you never watched Deadwood @AlexHoffmanX9 similar energy? rules check in 2019, foh @hypirlink
Real games only. @AyachiiTaki great pull @goomvi for certain definitions of "cliff", sure @POOPDOGGYBALLS nice pikachuCombo Breaker's "No Coast No Kings" tagline is one of the strongest brands in organized gaming events imo. @acosmos I'm indoors listening to podcasts, I don't know what's happening outside.I was walking through Prospect Park and was like “why do I hear a helicopter??”
Retweeted by BooDoo @acosmos oh. well that explains that, then. @rulesofcards F @ButICanSwim !charity take 999999 !charity take 1000000 !gamble all rinse, repeat. @tsiro :egg-1: @tsundere_asuka
Retweeted by BooDoo so don't feel too bad, Sora. eyes are wide because his brother was obliviously walking down the hallway and into defensive swiping range @rollplusweird "I'm not here to make friends" — Sanders (I-VT)The classic fits/sits @DanxDeathcore Ambien Dan strikes againLate night friend spotted out bedroom window @nataliewatson @bebiburi sugar daddies busy paying their own subs @smoochbot good instincts @austin_walker I've always thought Rob had the potential to be a great Employenteer @JustinTalksF1 beard: six months ago head: Keep Going. #24309's time to completion was: 56:25:43 -- your Galactic Rank is: 2/3 @Aldowyn "Lunch Provided" is queer cultureIdiot likes sneaking into the fridge, this could never go wrong. @Vroenis Well bad news it's from an anime about lawyers who are also WizardsYeah I believe ACAB. All Cats Are BabiesWe went through all the work of naming the cats but now 80% of the time I just call them Big Baby and Little Baby
@kaborso Me, too. I can't publicly confess to federal crimes between the hours of 9PM and 10PM Eastern time on Sundays anymore.*spins the take wheel* [trimming your nose hairs] is [emotional labor] because [the irish invented it] @jiuluoshichu @goomvi if we don't embarrass our partners from time to time what's even the point of being in a loving relationship @jiuluoshichu @goomvi r chair @audiosprite ok I guess tbf that's pretty consistently the project folks will elevate so maybe some day I can get over it and try @MinovskyArticle a Renaissance Man, was one of the most painful vibe mismatches I've ever seen at a concert and I will never forget it and the pain it caused me to witness.People I respect like Mike Patton's work, but I never liked Epic and then the next time I thought about him was see… @_yungslav_ @transgamerthink SecOps: the LIdle games are bad, gambling is bad, but text adventures are good so it's impossible to say if SmileBot is good or not.Games for Chat for Gamers. @James__Carey I'm your sweet baby brother 30 under 30 media luminary Dave Strider.Homestuck's original Japanese title was TROLLS 2 @FauxBen @headfallsoff when you hold hands and intertwine your fingers, that's digital congressBoys. @bcjbcjbcj no the boar statue is a perfect cinnamon roll. but the person who made the tweet about the boar statue......scientist (shows me photo of a raccoon eating garbage): please identify the animal in this picture me: big mood sci…
Retweeted by BooDoo @spammm @ZizekTheEchidna we have to remember the boar vessel itself has done nothing wrong. it is still perfect. @ZizekTheEchidna boar vessel etruscan ceramic. it pains me to say some tea first thing in the morning to really wake me uptfw the meme that inspired your bot was born of a tradcath and now it will be stripped of its attribution. @winelorax ....uhhhhhhhhTaken with my RT's of Naomi's great captures of games I played but didn't get any images etc for, this ends my NYU… TV is a fighting game with an emphasis on repeated takedowns, control and recovery.
Retweeted by BooDooLadders is easy to learn and hard to master; you have to jump off each ladder to an adjacent one before you reach t…
Retweeted by BooDoo"Maniac Miki" is a frenetic top-down arcade-style flicker with simple visual style. iOS Testflight available via li… lol this is me explores futbol in urban spaces and social interactions, going from day to night through the eyes (and ha…
Retweeted by BooDooI would love to see 2v2 "Haze Era" competitions, which I say because a random woman I'd never met was game to be my… didn't get hands on "Mim" but it's a platformer in a very attractive visual style and the outside-the-monitor sta… @marhom I was pretty into it, yeah!"Dial a Demon" is the text message-based (and hinted at phone call-based) with an in-UI ouija interface for dialog… @tsiro toward the end I was wrecking him so bad the game designer was like "if your opponent keeps spamming upgrade… is one round (in a best-of-5) of the competitive farming game Aggroculture!! Yes, this is the music of the gam… @mattlaschneider @ibogost , Spell ofOh right and a mobile twitch touch top down shooter, and a ouigi-based Mystic Messenger style D/s(?) dating simNYU Game Center showcase was very cool. Co-op game with two DDR pads, splitscreen competitive farming game, slick l…
@WarrenIsDead not about how I somehow managed to fuck up typing "horse_ebooks"'The Diamond Age' is about @dhorse_ebooks, I will not be taking any questions.gonna adapt some early Neal Stephenson into prestige television so when I go off-source for the endings everyone wi… to all my reply guys and girls: the topic of discussion for this week is the new skincare products i've swit…
Retweeted by BooDoo @ckunzelman Joke's on you, I say "you all" instead. @ckunzelman fake y'all sayer @tsiro ....granola?people who aren't even old enough to remember Left4Dead calling me "Boomer coded" smdh @AyachiiTaki that sounds good, actually. @AyachiiTaki imo with memory of the "Gen X"'s hey-day as a thing people called hip youth it is 1000x funnier than b… @guihirasawa @coolranchzaku also tbf this tweet murdered me in cold blood @guihirasawa @coolranchzaku being boomer coded is the real SENIORITY ERROR#SmileBot in a nutshell: @AyachiiTaki @goomvi Pickle Rickwe invited this vampire into our home, and now it is too late to cast it outEveryone was smarter than me and now I hate the SmileBot with my life @PackBenPack congrats on your graduation to giant fetish dom guy
reduced to panhandling for smiles in the discord @MinovskyArticle From my anecdotal sample the degree to which someone likes that game is directly related to how big/nice their TV is. @SullyKWP love to send a copy of my passport to a video game company!gamble all