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Jordan Hunter @BoogieDeBeast Anywhere you need me

MilitaryVet ⚓️ Actor Host of Say it loud podcast! I will continue to create until others are inspired to do the same God did with me

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wow. i think about crazy taxi VERY often!
Retweeted by Jordan HunterThere have only been two Black actresses to win the #Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series. Ever. H…
Retweeted by Jordan HunterEveryone is focused on @Zendaya’s age as the youngest Best Actress in a Drama Series winner... but let’s not forget…
Retweeted by Jordan Hunter.@Zendaya wins lead actress in a drama series for her role in "Euphoria," becoming the youngest-ever winner of the…
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Retweeted by Jordan Hunter👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀 @NISHATIA She saw his future... he was a virgin to the Korean womanYou know it’s bad when you volunteer to go to war just to get away 😕 #LovecraftCountry
Retweeted by Jordan HunterI new she was a damn monster when she lit all thise candles at once 😂😂😂😂 #LovecraftCountry
Retweeted by Jordan HunterAtticus having sex for the first time #LovecraftCountry
Retweeted by Jordan HunterThis might be the first time I've seen a straight black man who's a virgin depicted with humanity and vulnerability…
Retweeted by Jordan HunterTonight through the queer theory lens on #LovecraftCountry, we have an extremely queer-coded Ji-Ah (Jamie Chung) ma…
Retweeted by Jordan HunterAtticus and Ji Ah had parental trauma in common. We must be careful not to be a harbor of our parents failures and…
Retweeted by Jordan HunterAtticus losing his virginity and becoming nutty buddies with 99 other finessed souls #LovecraftCountry
Retweeted by Jordan Hunter#LovecraftCountry  episode 6 without spoilers
Retweeted by Jordan HunterWhy is no one talking about Montrose having a whole arc without saying a word #LovecraftCountry
Retweeted by Jordan HunterSeeing Attitcus have sex with this woman upsets me. It feels like he’s cheating on Leti and they don’t even know ea…
Retweeted by Jordan HunterMe at the end of every episode #LovecraftCountry
Retweeted by Jordan Hunter @Encor3 Rattlers were solid!! And AZ sting ( lacrosse) but the Suns & cardinals have always just done their players so wrong outside of Fitz @Encor3 Love the Mercury ❤️✨ lolZendaya deserves.
Retweeted by Jordan HunterA lil less ratchet more sophisticated MySpace pages😂😭
Retweeted by Jordan HunterZendaya (#Euphoria) joins Viola Davis (#HTGAWM) as the only Black actresses to win Primetime Emmy Award for Outsta…
Retweeted by Jordan HunterY’all IPhone layouts lookin like MySpace pages with all the widgets and colors NostalgiaDanny Green and Caruso at a Lakers game in 2050 joking about cooking the Nuggets
Retweeted by Jordan Hunterthis is when I left faith for the day to the rook 🤝 - 311 passing yards - 18 rushing yards - 2 touchdowns
Retweeted by Jordan Hunter @g_philla And I also never talk bad about my city.. just the sports to be very clear @g_philla You don’t have to love and support all sports organizations to make a change in the city you’re from. @g_philla Hostility within the bird cage I see, ain’t no one say anything about the chargers yet y’all be so fast t… @yonnas_r @_KDsburneracct @Kountry_K @Babyy_Jess Ahh man... I’ll try again later Dr. was deadass talking to @_KDsburneracct and then the Phoenix clan came outta nowhere 😂😂 and i honestly don’t even know who one of them is @yonnas_r @_KDsburneracct @Kountry_K @Babyy_Jess Idk how we got to basketball and I’m actually confused but sure T… have common sense, have you ever met a cardinals fan outside of Phoenix Arizona? @d_peralta09 @yonnas_r @_KDsburneracct @Kountry_K @Babyy_Jess Oh, okay cool the 40 was wrong 😂🤷🏾‍♂️BINGO RIGHT HERE 👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾 😂😂😂😂😂😂 aye chill 😂 but yes. My mom is a big sports fan.
Retweeted by Jordan HunterI love arguing sports with people from Phoenix 😂 they be the only ones stuck in 602 @yonnas_r @_KDsburneracct @Kountry_K @Babyy_Jess Suns lost Didn’t make the playoffs yon @g_philla Born and raised in AZ I’ll give you but I need proof of being outside of AZ and being a fan lol😂😂😂😂 ain’t a single soul person on here been a fan until they were winning they do.. but you didn’t know where the cardinals played before they went there right? 😂 @yonnas_r @_KDsburneracct @Kountry_K @Babyy_Jess Thanks Doc, and I don’t think it aged horribly at all The Suns di… don’t exist they favorite player been Larry for years ... ima sock the first person who say Kyle
Retweeted by Jordan HunterCardinals fans don’t exist outside of west Phoenix man.. @_KDsburneracct @yonnas_r @Kountry_K @Babyy_Jess No Chris.. Yonnas told me to sit back and watch them win and make… @BoogieDeBeast Get ready ... they flocking in
Retweeted by Jordan Hunter😂😂😂😂😂 you see this? And then come week 10 it’s gonna be a ghost town and cardinals flags taken down @yonnas_r @Kountry_K @_KDsburneracct @Babyy_Jess Hey Yon nice to see you again, you went prett quiet after the Suns… @Kountry_K @_KDsburneracct @Babyy_Jess I don’t understand what does selling out and having fans have to do with y’a… @Babyy_Jess @Kountry_K @_KDsburneracct And when y’all do what you do everything I’ll be here to tweet you Next yea… @Kountry_K @_KDsburneracct @Babyy_Jess It’s funny, you continue to bring up the chargers instead of Defending the W…’t no such thing as an Arizona cardinals fan outside of west Phoenix @Kountry_K @_KDsburneracct @Babyy_Jess The Arizona cardinals DONT HAVE FANS 😂😂.. people in Arizona gravitate to the… @Kountry_K @_KDsburneracct @Babyy_Jess A lot of people do.. and yes I was in itAttention Twitter, Has ANYONE, EVER MET An Arizona Cardinals fan outside of AZ? I’ll wait... @_KDsburneracct @Babyy_Jess Atleast the Cardinals have fans in the state.. because it’s just y’all who root for the… @Babyy_Jess @_KDsburneracct Ain’t no one sleep, the cardinals are ass and have been woken up 😂😂 @_KDsburneracct @Babyy_Jess Yup.. followed by winning again the Washington football team 😂😂 And we beat the Bengle…
@_KDsburneracct @Babyy_Jess Wait until y’all have to play teams that matter lol @_KDsburneracct @Babyy_Jess are to blame @MelvinIngramWe deadass let Mahomes run down the middle of the field to get that field goal...Niggas be Whole NERDS when they playing the Game😂That Shit will bring the LAME out of you 😭😩
Retweeted by Jordan HunterHe read the wrong way... cmon manSUNSHINE FOR THE CHARGERS BABYWOWWWWWWWWWWWW THATS BSThis is an actual felony in all states.
Retweeted by Jordan HunterHe got thirsty for the damm yards when he had a wide open 1st down...CMON FAM @celenerd @SophieGalate @Soulection I can just tell this sounds amazing and smoothcash. @SoFi | @MikeBadgley15
Retweeted by Jordan Hunter“We will continue amplifying the voices of the unheard.” The Hoop Bus has driven across the country to spread awar…
Retweeted by Jordan HunterBest player in the NATIONAL BASKETBALL LEAGUE indeed 😳 @Keenan13Allen | #BoltUp
Retweeted by Jordan HunterALLEN!!!! @emeka__o Too soon? 😂Target: 4x Receptions: 0’all got a lot in common huh? you in or near Owensboro, Kentucky? My classmate has opened her BLACK owned Beauty Supply store! Please go supp…
Retweeted by Jordan HunterWe win this game I’m getting a Herbert jersey If we lose, I’m gettin a Bosa jerseyLETS GO!!!! #GoBoltsMy guy was OUT 😂😂 a Chargers Fan, And someone who drafted Mahomes... this is a lotHERE WE GO BOLTS👀👀👀👀👀 IS THIS NIGGA?!?! 😂😭
Retweeted by Jordan HunterDamm... @devonthedoula !!!!! AmenThere’s so much power in community. It truly takes a village
Retweeted by Jordan HunterThat explains a lot... happy to see bro turn his life back around
Retweeted by Jordan HunterI’d love to see y’all join Transformation church this morning online 😊❤️ @TheyCallMeAunj 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 why @theycallmechckb Me too! @kari_weis_ ☺️☺️✨ it’s magic I promiseIf you can sang, you have me in a trance If you can sing, I’ll listen to you @vicadesanmi 🥰✨ awaiting my contract from Fenty coming soon @ixina Thank you Xina-San ✨✨