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SHE WILL: finally, a movie that understands what Alice Krige has to offer. #FantasticFest
THE BLACK PHONE is rather rude. Its mean streak, from the vicious world its kids come from to the brutal one they f…
Programming bucket list item = checked off Hope to see you on 10/19 as we hang out with Mary Hobbes on 35mm!
Retweeted by Anya StanleyLAMB is a mock-A24 film that, for some reason, is presented seriously. Taken seriously, it goes nowhere with its pr…
@ryanbloomquist @brockwilbur @jennyleighx33 And the pink hair! INNOCENTS has some of the best child actor performances I’ve seen in a minute. Given the evil kid subject matte…’S SOMEONE INSIDE YOUR HOUSE can be boiled down to I KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER— fair enough. But this teen… genre trivia: Fifteen years after playing Gozer the Gozerian in GHOSTBUSTERS, Slavitza Jovan, a Yugoslavian…
Retweeted by Anya Stanley#FantasticFest thread incoming, I’ll add to it over the weekend. First up is TITANE— which is the good stuff, truly… @mechamelissa So I DID see you outside! I wasn’t sure, your back was turned and I was walking into the lobby
A stellar prize, from a good egg, for a rad cause. Please consider donating! @BrianWCollins If you feel popcorn hit the back of your head, I want you to know that was me @bastylefilegirl These peaches are JIGGLING but I’m soft and I can’t get enoughI’ll see you all in hell @robotviking Yep, they pulled me in first. A dirty trick but I respect it @danirat That’s the one!I would do the “I promise I won’t scream. It’s just a single frame from a horror movie” thing but the one that got… level of sustained scalp torment can only be achieved by opening up one of these bad boys… piece by @chrisvognar about going back to Venice after losing his wife and travel companion is just beautiful.…
Retweeted by Anya StanleyI’ve counted seven straw hats and sixteen Hawaiian shirts so far. Lots of gauzy linens, one unfortunate self-tanner… @FanciFiction If I ring a bell it’ll launch a riot @_HeatherBuckley I’m in Austin for FF!I’d be ok with it if this was the Secret ScreeningI’m sitting between two airport gates across from each other w/ two different airlines, each departing to Cancun, w… @videocoven Fair! I think I just want the mosquitoes to leave me alone. Would like to show off my lovely gams witho… @Filmiliarity I overheard a boomer in Austin call it a billfold and I got curious! @omarthegrouch Now see, I have one of these in my purse and I call it a pocketbook is calling a wallet a “billfold” (which I fully understand) a regional thing or a generational thing @thepaintedman That’s a great call! @purpurinastitch 😂😂When it’s the first day of fall but you live in SoCal
Retweeted by Anya Stanley @YvisC Looking at my cardigans @DoNatoBomb @Shudder I hid my coffin chocolates in a lil corner of the fridge under a bag of baby carrots and if th… “Feels like fall!” posts hit different in California day you’re a child and then one day the lyrics to Landslide make sense and you’re crying in a car wash
Retweeted by Anya Stanley @TheMike31 Never realized until now that Nolte has a T*cker C*rlson stare (or the other way around)It’s awful. 4 stars @GaylyDreadful TITANIC’s Propeller Man is a perfect depiction of man’s ultimate insignificance, in line with cosmic… @laptop_lasane YES @BrianWCollins 👋🏻 @PhilNobileJr @Afis8 @DoNatoBomb Absolutely not @ChrisWards I think I forgot spoilers, too? Maybe that’s it @jmacfee Guy Fieri also blessed me on the way to Flavortown @DoNatoBomb 35 years old over here; I still check my slippers before putting them on because of ONE (1) scene in this movie @SeanWhitmore It seems like it was formative for a lot of people back in the day @ChrisWards And now that I think of it, those spoilers didn’t ruin DONT LOOK NOW for me. Still a fave @HorrorFilms101 Put Riggle on EVERY COMMENTARYyearly reminder to consider adding the wildly witchy terror trip HAGAZUSSA to your October watchlists you haven't a…
Retweeted by Anya Stanley @georgixray It is! From @middleofbeyond @HomicidalKaci @Alexa_Lynnne I feel like Shudder is our best bet hereI should mention for the uninitiated that this special spoils a whole lotta horror movies. They play the entire fin… YouTube) @HomicidalKaci @kinky_horror HANG ON YOU BAKE EDIBLES’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, @flanaganfilm is this generation’s Darabont.
Retweeted by Anya Stanley @JakeYadrich Flavor’s decent, tho. They know their customers really just want to day drink**to the tune of “When I Come Around”** AIRPORT WINE ‘N FRIES @justbrizigs I read it in his voice, I’m sorry, it’s all the quotes, I’m sorry
@scottEmovienerd When Ade Edmondson appeared on screen in one of the new Star Wars movies. A comedy legend from Th…
Retweeted by Anya Stanley @scottEmovienerd Yeaaaaah I’m going dark on social media until my Thursday screening, I don’t trust ppl to act rightSome real chump moves hereabouts on the tl today shared some very important news today, and @bjcolangelo did an exceptional job writing about it. Sh…
Retweeted by Anya Stanley @vogelmaniac 🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻Saw a post about NBA jerseys and had to bring up the first official jersey I ever had @craigengler I turned into Gollum when I got to the box of chocolates @Doliveros89 @Shudder It was a Halloween surprise, I wasn’t expecting to see this on my doorstep today🎃 Inside:
@PooEater @Shudder No tape, just a rad cover w/ candy insideAre you kidding me @Shudder thank you for the spooky package! Also, don’t show this to my kids, I’m hoarding the…
Retweeted by Anya StanleySlept in my Kajagoogoo shirt, woke up too shy 👀 tomorrow, darlings❤️ WRITER(S) NEEDED! The right writer will be full time within 30-45 days of hire. (please read the whole th…
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My early New Year's resolution is to be visible enough as a queer person to actually be considered a 'queer critic'…
Retweeted by Anya StanleyWe’re baaaack… @BrooklynHorror returns in-person next month: — Opening: MLUNGU WAM — Centerpiece: EARWIG — Closing…
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I made these figures of Tim Curry on the set of IT #pennywise
Retweeted by Anya StanleyI have pushed back the pub date of the book you had wanted to buy this winter. Forgive me. There so many supply chain issues.
Retweeted by Anya Stanley @brockwilbur The feed is reeeeeeal accurate latelyMy character design art for the Witch in the “Ding Dong” segment of “Tales of Halloween”.
Retweeted by Anya Stanley @TheWedgeSerpent 🤘🏻🤘🏻 @TheWedgeSerpent Peripheral to your theme, but did you get a chance to catch BROADCAST SIGNAL INTRUSION? @letterboxd @IndieWire All but THE LODGER, baybeeeee @DoNatoBomb All is well, it’s just another Friday out here At The Hookah Lounge! is both what happened to me tonight and also the name of my aughts scene-adjacent pop band @BBW_BFF Spoken like someone with a prominent fiveheadWe love our fictional monsters, but it’s the tiniest of reliefs that visit us when a real-world grotesquery is cond… @idkgravity We have our own Met Gala in the horror realm 😏 @SylvesterBarzey Rebuke it but also consume itOk. 2021 halloween costume is a lock. Heauxs and heifers consider yourselves on notice @AshleeTakesNote @letterboxd #LastFourWatched What can I say, @_HeatherBuckley Whatever this is going to be, 5 stars @ScottWamplerBMD “I know what they title it now and that’s all good, but real heads know it as FEBRUARY” @valhallabckgirl Ever since GHOSTBUSTERS, I refuse to believe that there aren’t horny ghosts @bureaukat Greatest invention since the handheld heat sealerPretty stoked to share this piece — my first for @LWLies — about @MichaelMann’s visionary masterpiece MIAMI VICE fo…
Retweeted by Anya Stanley @FakeRobHunter This is the one physical release I’m looking forward to @GrahamSkipper It’s a good omen @bureaukat Mannnn I can barely be bothered to hand wash the lace stuff; I stick it all in a mesh laundry bag in the… @LovelyZena Chairman Meow is a fat cat of few words, but he appreciates your ministry